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(A)bergavenny, Baron (E, 1604 - dormant 1641)


Creation: writ of sum. 25 May 1604 (precedency of 1392)


Dormant: bef. 24 Dec 1641


Family name: Nevill







Edward [Nevill], 1st Baron Bergavenny

1st son and heir of Sir Edward Nevill, of Newton St Loo, co. Somerset, and of the Castle and Honour of Abergavenny (by his first wife Catherine Brome, dau. of Sir John Brome, of Halton, co. Oxford, by his wife Margaret Rowse, dau. of John Rowse, of Ragley, co. Warwick), 1st son and heir of Sir Edward Nevill, of Addington Park, co. Kent (by his wife Hon Eleanor le Scrope, widow of Ralph [le Scrope], 9th Baron Scrope of Masham, and dau. of Andrew [Windsor], 1st Baron Windsor), 3rd son by his first wife of George [Nevill], 2nd and 4th Baron Bergavenny


c. 1550


Rachel Lennard (bur. 15 Oct 1616), 3rd dau. of John Lennard, of Knole, nr. Chevening, co. Kent, by his wife Elizabeth Harman, dau. of William Harman, of Ellam, in Crayford, co. Kent


1. Hon Henry Nevill, later 2nd Baron Bergavenny

2. Hon Edward Nevill (d. unm.)

3. Hon Sir Christopher Nevill KB (d. 1649), of Newton St Loo, co. Somerset, mar. Mary Darcy, 1st dau. and cohrss. of Thomas Darcy, of Tolleshunt Darcy, co. Essex, by his wife Camilla Guiciardini, dau. of Vincent Guiciardini, of Florence, Italy, and had issue:

1a. Richard Nevill, of Newton St Loo, co. Somerset (d. 1643), mar. Sophia Carew, dau. of Sir George Carew, and had issue:

1b. George Nevill, of Sheffield, co. Sussex, mar. Mary Whitelocke, dau. of Sir Bulstrode Whitelocke, and had issue:

1c. George Nevill, later 1st Baron Bergavenny

2c. Cdr Edward Nevill RN (d. 12 Sep 1701), mar. Hannah Thorp, dau. of Jervoise Thorp, and had issue:

1d. William Nevill, later 1st Baron Abergavenny

1d. Mary Nevill, mar. Charles Chamberlain Rebow, of Smallfield Place, co. Surrey

1a. Anne Nevill (b. c. 1611; d. 22 Aug 1660), mar. after 17 Dec 1628 John [Lucas], 1st Baron Lucas of Shenfield, and had issue

4. John Nevill (d. young)

5. Thomas Nevill (d. young)

6. Charles Nevill (d. young)

1. Hon Elizabeth Nevill, mar. (1) Sir John Grey, 1st son and heir ap. of Henry [Grey], 1st Baron Grey of Groby, and (2) Sir John Bingley, and had issue by her first husband

2. Hon Mary Nevill (bur. 15 Jul 1648), mar. bef. 1608 George [Goring], 1st Earl of Norwich, and had issue

3. Hon Catherine Nevill, mar. Sir Stephen Lessour, of Chiswick, co. Middlesex

4. Frances Nevill (d. young)

5. Margaret Nevill (d. young)


1 Dec 1622


by writ of summons 25 May 1604

suc. by



Henry [Nevill], 2nd Baron Bergavenny


bef. 1580

mar. (1)

bef. 1601 Lady Mary Sackville, 3rd dau. of Thomas [Sackville], 1st Earl of Dorset, by his wife Cecily Baker, dau. of Sir John Baker, of Sissinghurst, co. Kent

children by first wife

1. Hon Sir Thomas Nevill (bur. vp. 7 May 1628), mar. Hon Frances Mordaunt (mar. (2) Sir Basil Brooke, of Madeley, co. Shropshire), 2nd dau. of Henry [Mordaunt], 4th Baron Mordaunt, by his wife Hon Margaret Compton, sister of William [Compton], 1st Earl of Northampton, and only dau. by his first wife of Henry [Compton], 1st Baron Compton, and had issue:

1a. Henry Nevill (d. 1639)

2a. Charles Nevill (d. 1637)

1a. Margaret Nevill, later suo jure Baroness Bergavenny

1. Hon Cecily Nevill, mar. FitzWilliam Coningsby, of Hampton Court, co. Hereford

2. Hon Anne Nevill, Abbess of Pontoise, France

3. Elizabeth Nevill (d. unm.)

4. Mary Nevill (d. unm.)

mar. (2)

bef. 1616 Catherine Vaux (bur. 10 Jul 1649), sister and cohrss. of Henry [Vaux], 5th Baron Vaux of Harrowden, and 3rd dau. of Hon George Vaux (by his wife Hon Elizabeth Roper, dau. of John [Roper], 1st Baron Teynham), son and heir app. by his second wife of William [Vaux], 3rd Baron Vaux of Harrowden

children by second wife

2. Hon John Nevill, later 1st Baron Bergavenny

3. Hon George Nevill, later 1st Baron Bergavenny

5. Hon Frances Nevill (d. unm.)

6. Hon Catherine Nevill, mar. (1) sic? Sir Robert Howard, 2nd son of 2nd Earl of Suffolk, and (2) Robert Berry, of Ludlow, co. Shropshire

7. Hon Elizabeth Nevill, mar. 1651 Thomas Stonor, of Stonor Park, co. Oxford (b. 1626; d. 1683), 1st son and heir of Sir William Stonor, of Stonor Park, co. Oxford, by his wife Elizabeth Lake, dau. of Sir Thomas Lake, Secretary of State, and had issue5


24 Dec 1641

suc. by



Margaret Nevill later Brooke, suo jure Baroness Abergavenny



Thomas Brooke, of Madeley, co. Shropshire (b. c. 1614)


suc. by

not known


 On the death of the 2nd Baron Bergavenny the peerage was assumed by Hon John Nevill, 1st son of the 2nd Baron Bergavenny by his second wife and heir male of the 1st Baron Bergavenny, on the assumption that the Barony of Bergavenny was not a barony in fee. As has been shown (see note on the Barony of Bergavenny created in 1450) the writ of summons of 25 May 1604 to Edward Nevill created a new barony in fee. On the death of the 2nd Baron Bergavenny any barony in fee would have vested in his grand-daughter, Margaret Brooke, and after her death in her numerous descendants.


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