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Altrincham, Baron (UK, 1945)


Creation: let. pat. 1 Aug 1945


Family name: Grigg




Sable three Owls Argent a Chief Azure issuant from the base thereof a Sun in Splendour Or


A Grenade Sable fired proper between two Roses Argent barbed and seeded also proper


On either side a Lion Gules gorged with a Chain Collar pendent therefrom a Portcullis Or and supporting a Date Palm fructed proper


Servire et Servare (To serve and to preserve)



Edward William Macleay [Grigg], 1st Baron Altrincham, KCMG KCVO DSO MC PC

son of Henry Bidewell Grigg CIE, Political Resident in State of Travancore, by his wife Elizabeth Deas-Thomson, 1st dau. of Sir Edward Deas-Thomson, Colonial Secretary of New South Wales


8 Sep 1879


31 Jan 1923 Hon Joan Alice Katherine Dickson-Poynder (d. 1987), only child of John Poynder [Dickson later Dickson-Poynder], 1st Baron Islington, by his wife Anne Beauclerk Dundas, dau. of Henry Robert Duncan Dundas, of Glenesk


1. Hon John Edward Poynder Grigg, later 2nd Baron Altrincham

2. Hon Anthony Ulick David Dundas Grigg, later 3rd Baron Altrincham

1. Hon Annabel Desirée Grigg (b. 19 Nov 1931)


1 Dec 1955


1 Aug 1945 Baron Altrincham, of Tormarton in the County of Gloucester

suc. by



DSO and MC 1918; CMG 1919; CVO 1919; Military Secretary to Prince of Wales 1919-21; KCVO 1920; Private Secretary to Prime Minister 1921-22; Member of Parliament (National Liberal) for Oldham 1922-25 and (Conservative) for Altrincham 1933-45;  Director of Reuters 1923-25; Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Kenya 1925-30; KCMG 1928; Parliamentary Secretary Ministry of Information 1939; Financial Secretary War Office 1940; Joint Under-Secretary of War 1940-42; Privy Councillor 1944; Minister Resident in the Middle East 1944-45


Hon John Edward Poynder Grigg, formerly 2nd Baron Altrincham


15 Apr 1924


3 Dec 1958 (Marian) Patricia Campbell, only dau. of Harold Ernest Campbell, of Newcastle, co. Down

adopted children

1. Hon Alexander Henry Campbell Grigg (b. 4 Apr 1966)

2. Hon Edward William Jonathan Grigg (b. 3 Apr 1969)


31 Dec 2001

suc. by



disclaimed his peerage for life 31 Jul 1963


Anthony Ulick David Dundas [Grigg], 3rd Baron Altrincham


22 Jan 1934


2 Mar 1965 Comtesse Eliane de Cassagne de Beaufort, 2nd dau. of the Marquis de Miramont


1. Hon (Edward) Sebastian Grigg (b. 18 Dec 1965), mar. 1993 Rachel Sophia Kelly (b. 19 Sep 1965), 2nd dau. of Laurence Charles Kevin Kelly (yst. son of Sir David Victor Kelly GCMG, of Tara House, Inch. Co. Wexford) by his wife (Alison) Linda McNair Scott, 2nd dau. of Maj Ronald Guthrie McNair Scott by his wife Hon Mary Cecilia Berry, 1st dau. of William Ewart [Berry], 1st Viscount Camrose, and has issue:

1a. Edward Laurence Dundas de Miramont Gregg (b. 11 Feb 1995)

2a. Anthony George Seymour Sebastian Grigg (b. 10 Mar 1997)

1a. Katherine Grigg (b. 10 Dec 1999)

2. Hon Steven Thomas Grigg (b. 13 Mar 1969)

1. Hon Anne Casilda Grigg (b. 1 Mar 1967)





3rd Baron Altrincham, of Tormarton in the County of Gloucester

(United Kingdom, let. pat. 1 Aug 1945)



11 Horbury Mews, London W11 3NJ



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