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Ashfield, Baron (UK, 1920 - 1948)


Creation: let.pat. 9 Jan 1920


Extinct: 4 Nov 1948


Family name: Stanley




Azure a Pegasus rampant in chief three Estoiles Or


A Demi Stag proper gorged with a Wreath of Oak Vert resting the sinister foot upon a Bugle Horn Or


On either side an Electrical Mechanic, that on the dexter holding in the exterior hand a Coil of Wire and that on the sinister holding in the exterior hand a Pair of Pliers all proper


 In alta tende



Albert Henry [Stanley], 1st Baron Ashfield, PC

son of Henry Stanley, of Detroit, Michigan, USA, by his wife Elizabeth Twigg, dau. of George Twigg, of Derby


8 Nov 1874


5 Dec 1904 Grace Lowrey Woodruff (d. 21 Jun 1962), dau. of Edward Lowrey Woodruff, of Detroit, Michigan, USA, by his wife Marian Bateman, dau. of John Frederick Bateman


1. Hon Marian Woodruff Stanley, mar. (1) 9 Jun 1927 (div. 1934) James Hart Rutland, son of Archibald Hart Rutland, of 34 Longridge Road, London, (2) 1934 (div. 1940) J H Royds, (3) 1940 (div. 1954) R A Hubbard, and (4) 1964 E J Bradford, and had issue by her third husband

2. Hon Grace Lowrey Stanley, mar. (1) 1928 (div. 1940) E J Barford, and (2) 1940 Capt H J Buckmaster


s.p.m. 4 Nov 1948


9 Jan 1920 Baron Ashfield, of Southwell in the County of Nottingham


General Manager, American Electric Railways; General Manager, Metropolitan District Railway and Tube Railways, 1907; Managing Director, Underground Group of Companies 1912 and Chairman 1919-33; knighted 1914; served in First World War 1914-18 as Col, Engineer and Railway Staff Corps; Member of Parliament (Unionist) for Ashton-under-Lyme 1916-20; Director-General of Mechanical Transport 1916; President of the Board of Trade 1916-19; Privy Councillor 1916; Member, Royal Commission on Railways and Transportation in Canada 1931; Chairman, London Passenger Transport Board 1933, and North Metropolitan Electric Power Supply Company; Director: Midland Bank Ltd, and Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd


On the death of the 1st Baron Ashfield the Barony of Ashfield became extinct.


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