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Balfour of Burleigh, Lord (S, 1607)


Creation: let. pat. 16 Jul 1607


Family name: Balfour later Bruce




Quarterly:  1st and 4th, Argent on a Chevron Sable an Otter's Head erased of the field (Balfour);  2nd and 3rd, Or a Saltire and Chief Gules the latter charged with a Mullet Argent (Bruce)


1st:  upon a Rock a Mermaid holding in the dexter hand an Otter's Head erased at the neck and in the sinister hand a Swan's Head also erased all proper (Balfour);  2nd:  a Dexter Arm in fess embowed in Armour couped at the shoulder the hand holding a Sceptre in bend sinister Or (Bruce)


Dexter:  an Otter proper;  Sinister:  a Swan also proper


Above the first Crest:  Cuis Solum Forti Patrium (Every land is the home of a brave man);  Above the second Crest:  Fuimus (We have been)



Michael [Balfour], 1st Lord Balfour of Burleigh

1st son and heir of Sir James Balfour of Pittendreich, co. Fife, President of the Court of Session, by his wife Margaret Balfour, dau. and hrss. of Michael Balfour of Burleigh Castle, Orwell, co. Kinross



Margaret Lundin (d. c.1626), dau. of ..... Lundin of that Ilk

only child

1. Hon Margaret Balfour, later suo jure Lady Balfour of Burleigh


15 Mar 1619


16 Jul 1607 Lord Balfour of Burleigh

suc. by



knighted bef. 1592; sat in convention 1599; had a charter of the Barony of Burleigh 1606; Ambassador to the Grand Duke of Tuscany and to the Duke of Lorraine 1606; Privy Councillor; one of the Scots peers summoned by writ to the Irish House of Lords 1613/4; had a charter of the Barony of Kilwinning 1614


Hon Margaret Balfour, suo jure Lady Balfour of Burleigh



after Sep 1606 Robert Arnot later Balfour, of Fernie, co. Fife (d. 18 Aug 1663; bur. in Burleigh Parish Church), jure uxoris Lord Balfour of Burleigh, Privy Councillor, defeated by Montrose at Aberdeen 1644 and Kilsyth 1645, opposed the "Engagement" to march into England to rescue King Charles I, a Col of co. Fife 1649, a Commissioner of the Treasury and Exchequer [S], son of Robert Arnot of Newton, Chamberlain of Fife


1. Hon John Balfour, later 3rd Lord Balfour of Burleigh

1. Hon Anna Balfour (dspm. 10 Nov 1649), mar. 4 Feb 1626/7 as his first wife David [Wemyss], 2nd Earl of Wemyss, and had issue

2. Hon Margaret Balfour (dsp.), mar. Sir John Crawford

3. Hon Isabel Balfour, mar. Thomas [Ruthven], 1st Lord Ruthven of Freeland, and had issue

4. Hon Jean Balfour, mar. James Arnot of Fernie


Jun 1639 (bur. at Orwell)

suc. by



John [Balfour], 3rd Lord Balfour of Burleigh



1649 Isabel Balfour, dau. of Sir William Balfour of Pitcullo, Lieutenant of the Tower of London


1. Hon Robert Balfour, later 4th Lord Balfour of Burleigh

2. Lt Col Hon John Balfour of Fernie, took part in the 1715 Rising and was attainted 1716 (d. 8 Sep 1725), mar. after 7 Oct 1684 Barbara Ross, dau. of Most Rev Arthur Ross DD, Archbishop of Glasgow, and had issue

3. Maj Hon Henry Balfour of Dunbog MP, mar., and had issue

1. Hon Margaret Balfour (d. 20 Oct 1734), mar. Nov 1670 Andrew [Rollo], 3rd Lord Rollo, and had issue

2. Hon Isabel Balfour (d. unm.)

3. Hon Emilia Balfour (d. 12 Jan 1733), mar. Sir John Malcolm of Innertiel

4. Hon Jean Balfour, mar. (1) bef. 16 Sep 1684 George Oliphant of Gask, and (2) Sir Robert Douglas of Kirkness, and had issue

5. Hon Susan Balfour, mar. Robert Douglas of Strathendry

6. Hon Anne Balfour (dsp.), mar. Capt Robert Sinclair


bef. Feb 1696/7

suc. by



Robert [Balfour], 4th Lord Balfour of Burleigh



Lady Margaret Melville (b. 28 Oct 1658), only dau. of George [Melville], 1st Earl of Melville, by his wife Lady Catherine Leslie, sister and hrss. of Alexander [Leslie], 2nd Earl of Leven, only dau. of Col Hon Alexander Leslie, styled Lord Balgonie (by his wife Lady Margaret Leslie, 2nd dau. of John [Leslie], 6th Earl of Rothes), 1st surv. son and heir ap. of Alexander [Leslie], 1st Earl of Leven


1. Hon Robert Balfour, later 5th Lord Balfour of Burleigh

1. Hon Margaret Balfour (d. 12 Mar 1769; bur. in the Canongate, Edinburgh)

2. Hon Mary Balfour (d. 7 Nov 1758), mar. 6 Aug 1714 Maj Alexander Bruce of Kennet, Major of a regiment raised in Glasgow to support the Hanoverians 1715 (d. 8 Aug 1747), 1st son and heir son of Brig Gen James Bruce of Kennet by his wife Mary Fletcher, widow of John Fletcher of Aberlady and dau. of Sir Alexander Swinton of Mersington, and had issue:

1a. Robert Bruce of Kennet, a Lord of Session under the style "Lord Kennet" 1764-1769 and a Lord of Justiciary 1769-1785 (b. 29 Dec 1718; d. 8 Apr 1785), mar. 21 May 1754 Helen Abercromby (d. 1786), sister of Sir Ralph Abercrombie KB and dau. of George Abercromby of Tullibody by his wife Mary Dundas, dau. of Ralph Dundas, and had issue:

1b. Alexander Bruce of Kennet, a merchant in China (b. 17 Jul 1755; d. 12 Jul 1808), mar. 13 Feb 1793 Hugh Blackburn (b. 13 Aug 1768; d. Dec 1851), dau. of Hugh Blackburn, of Glasgow, and had issue:

1c. Capt Robert Bruce of Kennet MP, entered the Army 1813, Capt in the Grenadier Guards 1820, served in the Peninsular war and was at the Battle of Waterloo 1815, Member of Parliament for Clackmannanshire 1820-24, his claim to the Lordship of Balfour of Burleigh was referred to the committee of the House of Lords 1861 (b. 8 Dec 1795; d. 13 Aug 1864), mar. (1) 12 Apr 1825 Anne Murray (dsp. 19 May 1846), 1st dau. of William Murray of Touchadam and Polmaise by his wife ..... Spiers, dau. of ..... Spiers, of Culcreugh, near Fintry, and (2) 22 Apr 1848 Jane Dalrymple Hamilton Fergusson, dau. of Sir James Fergusson of Kilkerran, 4th Bt., by his second wife Lady Henrietta Duncan, sister of Robert Dundas [Duncan later Haldane-Duncan], 1st Earl of Camperdown, and 2nd dau. of Adam [Duncan], 1st Viscount Duncan of Camperdown, and had issue by his second wife:

1d. Alexander Hugh Bruce, later 6th Lord Balfour of Burleigh

1d. Hon Henrietta Anne Bruce, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of a Lord of Parliament by Royal Warrant 1870 (d. 27 Jan 1911), mar. 26 Nov 1874 as his second wife Claud Hamilton Brown later Hamilton of Barns and Cochno, of Dunmore Park, co. Stirling (b 10 Apr 1823; d. 30 Aug 1900), son of Archibald Brown, a merchant in Glasgow, by his wife Grace Hamilton, 1st dau. of John Hamilton of Barns, and had issue

2c. George Abercromby Balfour (b. 8 Mar 1799; dsp. in the West Indies Mar 1817)

3c. Hugh Balfour, admitted to the Scottish Bar 1821 (b. 10 Jan 1800; dsp. 10 Jan 1874)

4c. Laurence Dundas Balfour, midshipman (b. 16 Nov 1800; dsp. at Deptford Nov 1817)

5c. William Balfour (b. 24 Mar 1806; d. 1858), mar. 1834 Louisa Hall (d. 1889), dau. of Thomas Hall, and had issue

1c. Helen Balfour (d. 13 Dec 1878), mar. 22 Mar 1848 Robert Handyside, a Lord of Session under the style Lord Handyside (d. 18 Apr 1858)

2c. Margaret Balfour (d. unm. 24 Jul 1881)

2b. Robert Bruce (dsp. vp. 1767)

3b. Laurence Dundas Bruce (dsp.)

4b. James Bruce (dsp.)

5b. Thomas Bruce (dsp.), mar. Margaret Ramsay, dau. of Robert Ramsay of Blackcraig

6b. Lt Col Ralph Bruce (dsp.)

7b. Burnet Bruce, advocate 1792 (dsp. 2 Jun 1813)

1b. Mary Balfour (d. unm.)

2b. Margaret Balfour, mar. 12 Oct 1792 Walter Watson of Southfield

1a. Margaret Bruce (d. 11 Oct 1802), mar. 9 Apr 1738 Sir Laurence Dundas of Kerse, 1st Bt., and had issue


Jul 1713

suc. by



Robert [Balfour], 5th Lord Balfour of Burleigh



s.p. 20 Mar 1757 (bur. in Grey Friars, Edinburgh)


tried for the murder of Henry Stenhouse, a schoolmaster of Inverkeithing, 1709 and was sentenced to be beheaded; he escaped from prison by changing clothes with his sister; took part in the Rising of 1715 on the side of the exiled Stuarts; failed to surrender himself by 1716 and was attainted 13 Nov 1715, whereby his estates and titles were forfeited


Alexander Hugh [Bruce], 6th Lord Balfour of Burleigh, KT GCMG GCVO PC JP DL


13 Jan 1849


21 Nov 1876 Lady Katherine Eliza Gordon (b. 16 Oct 1852; d. 28 Feb 1931), 3rd dau. of George John [Gordon], 5th Earl of Aberdeen, by his wife Mary Baillie, 2nd dau. of George Baillie MP, of Mellerstain and Jerviswood


1. Capt Hon Robert Balfour, Master of Burleigh, Capt Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders served in Boer War 1900-02, Sudan 1912 and in World War I attended the Egyptian Army 1910-14 (b. 25 Sep 1880; ka. vp. 26 Aug 1914)

2. Hon George John Balfour, later 7th Lord Balfour of Burleigh

1. Hon Mary Balfour OBE (b. 24 Aug 1877; d. 18 Feb 1957), mar. 26 Apr 1910 Sir John Augustus Hope of Craighall, 16th Bt. MP, and had issue

2. Hon Jean Hamilton Balfour, Woman of the Bedchamber to Queen Mary 1935-38 and Extra Woman of the Bedchamber 1938-39 (b.18 Mar 1879; d. 15 Jan 1939)

3. Hon Victoria Alexandrina Katherine Balfour, Probation Officer London Juvenile Courts 1931-37, Deputy Governor Borstal Institute 1937-40, Deputy Governor Manchester Prison 1940-43, Governor Duke Street Prison Glasgow 1946-51 (b. 13 Sep 1898; d. 25 Nov 1951)


6 Jul 1921

suc. by



the Committee for Privileges for the House of Lords resolved 23 Jul 1868 that his late father Robert Bruce of Kennet would have been entitled to the peerage but for the attainder of 1715; the attainder was reversed by Act of Parliament 19 Mar 1869;  a Representative Peer for Scotland (Conservative Free Trader) 1876-1921; Education Commissioner for Scotland 1882-90; a Lord-in-Waiting 1887-88; Secretary to the Board of Trade 1888-92; Privy Councillor 1892; Secretary of State for Scotland 1895-1903; Lord Rector of Edinburgh University 1896-99; President of the Highland and Agricultural Society 1899-1900; Chancellor of St Andrew's University 1900; Knight of the Thistle 1901; Governor of the Bank of Scotland 1904; Warden of the Stanneries 1908-21; Capt, Royal Company of Archers


George John Gordon [Bruce], 7th Lord Balfour of Burleigh, JP DL


18 Oct 1883


2 Jun 1919 (Violet) Dorothy Evelyn Done MBE, pioneer of anaesthetised childbirth (d. 28 Oct 1976), 2nd dau. of Richard Henry Done, of Salterswell, Tarporley, co. Cheshire


1. Hon Robert Bruce, later 8th Lord Balfour of Burleigh

2. (Hon) George John Done Bruce, of 6 Pembroke Walk, London W8, Hon Secretary Royal Society of Portrait Painters 1970-84, Vice-President 1984-89 and President 1991-94 (b. 28 Mar 1930)

1. Hon Laetitia Mary Bruce MBChB JP, Vice President North East Council on Addictions since 1983, President West Northumberland NSPCC 1988-2002 (b. 29 Dec 1920), mar. 8 Jul 1955 Ian Metcalfe Telfer MRCGP (d. 1988), 1st son of John Telfer, of Kingarth, Moorside, Fenham, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Co. Durham, and has issue

2. (Hon) Katherine Bruce (b. 27 Nov 1922), mar. 23 Nov 1946 (div. 1961) Capt Thomas Riviere Bland MC (b. 8 Feb 1921; d. 5 Feb 2014), 1st son of Charles Riviere Bland, of Debden Manor, co. Essex, by his wife Dulcie Katharine Bernard, yst. dau. of Arthur Mountague Bernard, of The Lodge, Copdock, co. Suffolk, and has issue

3. Hon Jean Bruce (b. 13 Jul 1924), mar. (1) 12 Nov 1949 (div. 1971) John Shirley Ward, 1st son of John Shirley Ward Jr, of Pasadena, California, USA, and (2) 1974 John Herbert Poole, of Pasadena, California, USA (d. c. 1998), and has issue by her first husband

4. Hon Margaret Bruce (b. 1 Sep 1934), mar. 24 Nov 1967 David Graham Worthy, of Keepers Cottage, Hare Warren Hollow, Merrow Down, Guildford, co. Surrey, 2nd son of Marcus Gerald Worthy, of Sunnyside, Minster Road, Godalming, co. Surrey, and has issue


4 Jun 1967

suc. by



Capt and Brevet Major Intelligence Corps and 7th Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders; a Representative Peer for Scotland 1922-63; Chairman, Lloyds Bank 1946-54; Freeman, Royal Borough of Kensington 1965


Robert [Bruce], 8th Lord Balfour of Burleigh


6 Jan 1927

mar. (1)

30 Oct 1971 (div. 1993) Jennifer Brittain-Catlin (former wife of John Edward Jocelyn Brittain-Catlin), dau. of E S Manasseh

children by first wife

1. Hon Victoria Bruce-Winkler (b. 7 May 1973), mar. 2002 Dr Mikhail Winkler, and has issue:

1a. Laetitia Bruce-Winkler (b. 3 Apr 2007)

2. Hon Ishbel Bruce (b. 28 Sep 1976)

mar. (2)

29 Aug 1993 Dr Janet Morgan (b. 5 Dec 1945), dau. of Dr Frank Morgan by his wife Sheila Sadler


Last updated 3 Jul 2014




8th Lord Balfour of Burleigh

(Scotland, let. pat. 16 Jul 1607)



Brucefield, Clackmannan FK10 3QF

10 Old Church Lane, Duddingston Village, Edinburgh EH15 3PX



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