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Blyth, Baron (UK, 1907)


Creation: let. pat. 19 Jul 1907


Family name: Blyth




Azure on a Mount Vert a Bull statant Argent ringed and chained Or on a Chief arched of the fourth a Stag's Head erased proper between two Annulets Gules


In front of a Stag's Head erased gorged with a Wreath of Vine Leaves proper three Roses Argent


On either side a Stag proper semée of Annulets Or each gorged with a Wreath of Vine Leaves fructed proper


Spero Meliora (I hope for better things)



James [Blyth], 1st Baron Blyth

1st son of James Blyth, of Chelmsford, co. Essex, by his wife Caroline Gilbey, 1st dau. of Henry Gilbey, of Bishop's Stortford, co. Hereford


10 Sep 1841


29 Aug 1865 Eliza Mooney (d. 12 Dec 1894), dau. of William Mooney, of Clontarf, co. Dublin


1. Hon Herbert William Blyth, later 2nd Baron Blyth

2. Hon Audley James Blyth (b. 20 Feb 1874; d. 21 Mar 1908), mar. 20 Jan 1903 Ethel Jane Brunner MBE (b. 16 Apr 1881; d. 17 Nov 1931), 2nd dau. of Rt Hon Sir John Tomlinson Brunner, 1st Bt. MP, by his second wife Jane Wyman, yst. dau. of Dr William Sanderson Wyman, of Kettering, co. Northampton, and had issue:

1a. Ian Audley James Blyth, later 3rd Baron Blyth

3. Capt Hon Rupert Alfred Blyth (b. 14 Jun 1877; d. 10 Mar 1951), mar. 6 Nov 1924 Charlotte May Gibson (d. 1 Jan 1956), only dau. of William Gibson, and had issue:

1a. Louisa Juliet Blyth (b. 22 Mar 1929 ; dvp. 22 Sep 1942)

1. Hon Nora Beatrice Blyth (d. 5 Jan 1944), mar. 29 Apr 1885 Col Alan Coulston Gardner DL JP, of Clearwell Castle, Coleford, co. Gloucester, and had issue

2. Hon Grace Loudenne Blyth (d. 11 Jul 1952), mar. 24 Oct 1905 Brig Gen Claude Stuart Rome CMG DSO (d. 17 May 1956), 1st son of Thomas Rome JP, of Charlton House, Charlton Kings, co. Gloucester, and had issue

3. Hon Gladys Ellen Blyth (b. c. 1879; d. 22 Nov 1967), mar. 17 Feb 1898 Gerald Gilbey Gold (d. 14 Jan 1939), son of Sir Charles Gold, of Birchanger, co. Essex, and had issue

4. Hon Millicent Catherine Blyth (d. 1940)


8 Feb 1925


30 Aug 1895 Baronet of the United Kingdom, styled "of Blythwood"

19 Jul 1907 Baron Blyth, of Blythwood in Stansted-Mountfitchet in the County of Essex

suc. by



Director, W & A Gilbey; Chairman: Organising Committee Franco-British Exhibition 1908, Japan-British Exhibition 1910 and Coronation Exhibition1911; President: Latin-British Expedition 1912


Herbert William [Blyth], 2nd Baron Blyth


1 Mar 1868


12 Jan 1927 Sylvia Mary Cole (former wife of Ronald Lionel Fitzroy Cole;  mar. (3) 5 Jun 1947 Maj Chave Charles Nainby-Luxmoore, of Summers, Bembridge, Isle of Wight;  d. 15 Jun 1974), only dau. of Edwin Edward Dennis


s.p. 27 Feb 1943

suc. by



Director, W & A Gilbey


Ian Audley James [Blyth], 3rd Baron Blyth

only son of Hon Audley James Blyth (by his wife Ethel Jane Brunner, 2nd dau. by his second wife of Rt Hon Sir John Tomlinson Brunner, 1st Bt.), 2nd son of James [Blyth], 1st Baron Blyth


28 Oct 1905


30 May 1928 Edna Myrtle Lewis (d. 1952), dau. of Ernest Lewis, of Wellington, New Zealand


1. Hon Anthony Audley Rupert Blyth, later 4th Baron Blyth

2. Hon Adrian Ulrick Rupert Blyth, heir presumptive to the Barony of Blyth, engine reconditioner and agricultural engineer (b. 23 Oct 1944), mar. 22 Oct 1966 Patricia Maureen Southey, dau. of Desmond C Southey, of Northampton, co. Northampton, and has issue:

1a. Mark Terence Blyth (b. 1969), mar. 2 Jun 1995 Ann Christina Callanan, and has issue:

1b. Sophie Ellen Blyth (b. 1 Apr 1999)

2a. Ian Christopher Blyth (b. 1975)

1a. Sarah Ursula Blyth (b. 20 Oct 1967), mar. 1995 John Murphy

2a. Verena Rosemary Blyth (b. 1971)

3a. Natasha Rachael Blyth (b. 1973), mar. 20 Jul 1996 William Hemmings, 1st son of Peter Hemmings, of Pasadena, California, USA, and has issue

1. Hon Tanya Ormond Audley Blyth (b. 1 Sep 1929)

2. Hon Barbara Edna Patricia Blyth (b. 20 Oct 1936), mar. 1966 Aidan William Doyle MRCVS (d. 1991), yst. son of Martin E Doyle, of Hill View, Athy, co. Kildare, and has issue

3. Hon Anne Shelagh Jennifer (b. 20 Oct 1936)


29 Oct 1977

suc. by



Anthony Audley Rupert [Blyth], 4th Baron Blyth


3 Jun 1931

mar. (1)

1954 (div. 1962) Elizabeth Dorothea Sparrow, dau. of Robert T Sparrow, of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

children by first wife

1. Hon Riley Audley John Blyth (b. 4 Mar 1955; dvp. 23 Jun 1996), mar. 1979 (div. 1984) Peggy Scanlon, dau. of John Scanlon

1. Hon Marcia Edna Dorothea Blyth (b. 1956)

2. Hon Alexandra Blyth (b. 1957)

mar. (2)

1963 Oonagh Elizabeth Ann Conway, 2nd dau. of William Henry Conway, of Dundrum, Dublin, Ireland

children by second wife

2. Hon James Audley Ian Blyth, later 5th Baron Blyth

3. Hon Lucinda Audley Jane (b. 10 Nov 1966)


20 Jan 2009

suc. by

son by second wife


James Audley Ian [Blyth], 5th Baron Blyth


13 Nov 1970


The heir presumptive to the Barony of Blyth is Hon Adrian Ulrick Rupert Blyth, second son of the 3rd Baron Blyth and uncle of the present Baron.


 Last updated 7 Apr 2009




5th Baron Blyth, of Blythwood, Stansted-Mountfitchet in the County of Essex

(United Kingdom, let. pat. 19 Jul 1907)

5th Baronet, styled "of Blythwood"

(United Kingdom. let. pat. 30 Aug 1895)



Blythwood Estate, Athenry, co. Galway



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