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Booth, of Dunham Massey, co. Chester (E, 1611 - ?1797)


Creation: let.pat. 22 May 1611


Dormant: 7 Jan 1797


Family name: Booth




See Earl of Warrington



Sir George Booth, 1st Bt.

1st surv. son and heir of Sir William Booth, of Dunham Massey, co. Chester, by his wife Elizabeth Warburton, dau. of Sir John Warburton, of Warburton and Arley, co. Chester


20 Oct 1566

mar. (1)

18 Feb 1577/8 Jane Carrington (bapt. 10 Dec 1562; dsp.), dau. and heir of John Carrington, of Carrington, co. Chester, by his wife Ellen Holford, dau. of Thomas Holford, of Holford, co. Chester

mar. (2)

c. 1590 Katherine Anderson (bur. 26 Feb 1638/9 in the Booth Chapel, Bowdon Church, co. Chester), dau. of Sir Edmund Anderson, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas 1582-1605, by his wife Magdalen Smith, dau. of Christopher Smith, of Annables, co. Hertford

children by second wife

1. William Booth, of Dunham Massey, co. Chester (dvp. 26 Apr 1636; bur. in the Booth Chapel, Bowdon Church, co. Chester), mar. 1619 Vere Egerton (d. 4 May 1629; bur. in the Booth Chapel, Bowdon Church, co. Chester), 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Sir Thomas Egerton (by his wife Elizabeth Venables, dau. of Thomas Venables, of Kinderton, co. Chester), 1st son and heir ap. of Thomas [Egerton], 1st Viscount Brackley, Lord Chancellor of England, by his first wife Elizabeth Ravenscroft, dau. of Thomas Ravenscroft, of Bretton, co. Flint, and had issue:

1a. Thomas Booth (dvp. an infant)

2a. Sir George Booth, 2nd Bt., later 1st Baron Delamer

3a. William Booth (dvp. an infant)

4a. Nathaniel Booth, of Mottram Hall, co. Chester (b. 1627; d. 1692), mar. Anne Ravenscroft, 3rd dau. of Robert Ravenscroft, of Bretton, co. Flint, and had issue:

1b. George Booth (bapt. 29 Sep 1657 ; dsp. "lost at sea")

2b. Thomas Booth (b. 1661; dvp. 24 Aug 1687)

3b. Nathaniel Booth, Treasurer of Gray's Inn (b. 1662; dsp. 9 Oct 1745), mar. Jane Dixon, dau. and cohrss. of Henry Dixon, of Hilden Park, co. Kent

4b. John Booth, of Newcastle Place, Clerkenwell, co. Middlesex (b. 8 Feb 1668; d. 1725), mar. Mary Pickering (d. 1742), dau. of Gilbert Pickering, citizen and draper of London, 2nd son of Sir Gilbert Pickering, 1st Bt., of Tichmarsh, co. Northampton, by his wife Sidney Montagu, sister of Edward [Montagu], 1st Earl of Sandwich, and only dau. by his first wife of Sir Sidney Montagu, of Hinchingbrooke, co. Huntingdon, and had issue:

1c. Rev Sir George Booth, 6th Bt.

5a. Charles Booth (dvp. an infant)

1a. Catherine Booth (b. 11 May 1624; d. 1667), mar. c. 1653 as his first wife Sir John Jackson, 1st Bt., of Hickleton, co. York, and had issue

2. Francis Booth (b. 1603; dvp. 1616)

3. Thomas Booth (b. 1604; dvp. 1632 from a riding accident)

4. Edmund Booth (b. 26 Dec 1608; dvp. 1617)

5. Col Sir John Booth, Governor of Warrington (b. 1610; d. 9 May 1678; bur. in Chester Cathedral), mar. (1) Dorothy St John, dau. and sole hrss. of Hon Sir Anthony St John (by his wife Mary Herbert, widow of Sir William Herbert and dau. of ..... Aubrey), yr. brother of Oliver [St John], 1st Earl of Bolingbroke, and 2nd son of Oliver [St John], 3rd Baron St John of Bletso, by his wife Dorothy Rede, dau. and hrss. of Sir John Rede, of Odington, co. Gloucester, and had issue:

1a. George Booth, of Woodford, co. Chester, barrister (b. 26 Oct 1635; d. 21 Dec 1719), mar. 17 Oct 1661 Martha Hawtrey (d. 6 May 1718), dau. of Ralph Hawtrey MP by his wife Barbara de Grey, dau. and cohrss. of Sir Robert de Grey, and had issue:

1b. George Booth (b. 1664; dvp. 31 Mar 1665)

2b. John Booth, of Woodford, co. Chester (b. 1669; dspms. 18 Jun 1722), mar. 3 Jun 1695 Elizabeth Proger (dvp. 1707), dau. of Edward Proger MP, and had issue:

1c. George Booth (b. and dvp. 1700)

1c. Elizabeth Booth (d. 1748), mar. 4 Feb 1724 Edmund Maskelyne, of Purton Down, co. Wiltshire, barrister (d. 1744), and had issue

3b. Capt George Booth (b. 7 May 1671; dvp. 4 Apr 1708; bur. in the Round Church, Dublin)

4b. Robert Booth, barrister (b. 1679; dvp. and sp. 21 Nov 1711), mar. 19 Dec 1705 Thomasin Hanmer (dvp. 1712), 2nd dau. of Sir Thomas Hanmer, 2nd Bt., of Hanmer, co. Flint, by his second wife Susan Hervey, dau. by his first wife of Sir William Hervey, of Ickworth, co. Suffolk

1b. Mary Booth, mar. Capt George Breholt RN

2b. Katherine Booth (b. 1672; dspms. 1765; bur. in Chester Cathedral), mar. (1) Edward Hodgson (dvp. 1695), only son and heir ap. of Sir Thomas Hodgson, of Bramwith, co. York, and (2) 1698 Capt James Howard, of Boughton Hall, co. Chester (b. 1 Mar 1679; d. 13 Jun 1722), only son of Col Hon Philip Howard (by his wife Mary Jennings), 7th son of Thomas [Howard], 1st Earl of Berkshire, and had issue by her second husband

3b. Elizabeth Booth (d. 14 Nov 1768), mar. 1699 Thomas Tyndale, of Bathford, co. Somerset (b. 2 Jun 1667; d. 18 Oct 1747), and had issue

2a. Sir St John Booth, of Woodford, co. Chester (bapt. 8 Jan 1637; d. 3 Dec 1687), mar. 1661 Anne Owen, dau. of Ralph Owen, of Condover, co. Shrewsbury, by his wife Hon Alice Gerard, 2nd dau. of Gilbert [Gerard], 2nd Baron Gerard, and had issue:

1b. John Booth (bapt. 12 Aug 1662; d. after 1690)

2b. Thomas Booth (bapt. 14 Aug 1663; d. 11 Oct 1736), mar. 1695 Mary Cooke (d. 21 Jan 1723), dau. of Hon Mordecai Cooke, Judge of the County Court and High Sheriff of Gloucester County, Virginia, British North America, and had issue

3b. Nathaniel Booth (bapt. 28 Jun 1667; bur. vp. 22 Feb 1673)

1b. Mary Booth (bapt. 5 Oct 1672)

2b. Elizabeth Booth

3b. Catherine Booth, mar. her cousin Roger Owen, of Condover, co. Shrewsbury (d. 10 Jan 1717), and had issue

3a. John Booth, of Southold, New York, British North America (b. 1638; d. 15 Aug 1689), mar. 1654 Hannah Child, and had issue:

1b. Thomas Booth (b. 1655)

2b. John Booth (b. 1657)

3b. William Booth (b. 1660)

3b. Charles Booth (b. 1662), mar. Abigail Mepham

4a. Capt Thomas Booth (dvp. 17 Sep 1677)

Col Sir John Booth mar. (2) 1657 Anne Rigby (widow of (1) Thomas Legh, of Adlington, co. Chester, and (2) Col Alexander Rigby, of Middleton, co. Lancaster; d. 1678), dau. of John Probert, of Bosworth Hall, co. Leicester

1. Mary Booth (d. unm.)

2. Alice Booth, mar. Sir John Vernon, of Haslington, co. Chester, Judge of the Common Pleas

3. Frances Booth (d. unm.)

4. Susan Booth (d. May 1637; bur. in the Booth Chapel, Bowdon Church, co. Chester), mar. c. 1623 as his first wife Gen Sir William Brereton, 1st Bt., of Handforth, co. Chester, and had issue

5. Katherine Booth (d. unm.)

6. Cecily Booth (dvp. young)

7. Elizabeth Booth, mar. as his second wife Richard [Byron], 2nd Baron Byron


24 Oct 1652 (bur. in the Booth Chapel, Bowdon Church, co. Chester)


22 May 1611 a Baronet of England, styled "of Dunham Massey, co. Chester"

suc. by



knighted 1599; Sheriff of Cheshire 1621-22; Sheriff of Lancashire 1622-23


Sir George Booth, 2nd Bt. later 1st Baron Delamer


20 Apr 1661 Baron Delamer, of Dunham Massey in the County of Chester


The Baronetcy of Booth of Dunham Massey was held by the Barons Delamer (Earls of Warrington 1690 - 1758) until 9 Jan 1770 when on the death of the 4th Baron Delamer the Barony of Delamer became extinct and the Baronetcy passed to


Rev Sir George Booth, 6th Bt.


20 Mar 1724

mar. (1)

1745 Hannah Turner (dsps. 30 Mar 1764), dau. of Henry Turner, of Botwell, co. Middlesex

mar. (2)

Letitia Pate (dsp. 17 Sep 1823; bur. at Cotterstock, co. Northampton), 1st dau. and cohrss. of John Pate later Pate-Rose, of Cotterstock Hall, co. Northampton, and Rose Hall, Jamaica


s.p.s. 7 Jan 1797 (bur. at Cotterstock, co. Northampton)


Chaplain to his cousin Nathaniel, 4th Baron Delamer; Rector of Ashton-under-Lyne, co. Lancaster, 1758


On the death of the 6th Baronet the Baronetcy of Booth of Dunham Massey became dormant. It is open to the senior male representative of Col Sir John Booth, if any exists, to make a claim to the baronetcy.


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