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Boston, Baron (GB, 1761)


Creation: let. pat. 10 Apr 1761


Family name: Irby




Argent fretty Sable on a Canton Gules a Chaplet Or


A Saracen's Head in profile proper wreathed round the temples Argent and Sable


On either side an Antelope Gules each gorged with a Chaplet Or


Honor Fidelitatis Praemium (Honour is the reward of fidelity)



William [Irby], 1st Baron Boston

only son and heir of Sir Edward Irby, 1st Bt. MP, of Whapload and Boston, co. Lincoln, by his wife Dorothy Paget, sister and cohrss. of Brig Gen Thomas Paget, and 2nd dau. of Hon Henry Paget (by his second wife Mary O'Rorke, dau. of Col Hugh O'Rorke, Sheriff of Leitrim), 2nd son of William [Paget], 5th Baron Paget


8 Mar 1706/7


26 Aug 1746 Albinia Selwyn, a Maid of Honour to the Princess of Wales (b. 1719; d. 1 Apr 1769; bur. at Whiston, co. Northampton), dau. of Henry Selwyn, of Matson, co. Gloucester, by his wife Ruth Compton, dau. of Anthony Compton, of Gainslaw, co. Northumberland


1. Hon Frederick Irby, later 2nd Baron Boston

2. Hon William Henry Irby (b. 29 Aug 1750; d. 1830), mar. 1781 Mary Blackman, yst. dau. and cohrss. of Rowland Blackman, of Antigua, and had issue

1. Hon Augusta Georgiana Elizabeth Irby (b. 15 Jul 1747; d. 28 May 1818), mar. 30 Apr 1772 Thomas [de Grey], 2nd Baron Walsingham, and had issue


30 Mar 1775 (bur. at Whiston, co. Northampton)


10 Apr 1761 Baron Boston, of Boston in the County of Lincoln

suc. by



suc. his father 11 Nov 1718 as 2nd Baronet styled "of Boston"' Page of Honour to King George I 723/4 and to King George II 1727/8; Equerry to the Prince of Wales 1728-36; Member of Paliament (Tory) for Launceston 1735-47 and for Bodmin 1747-61; Vice-Chamberlain to the Princess of Wales 1736-51; Lord Chamberlain to the Princess Dowager of Wales 1751-72; Chairman of Committees of the House of Lords 1770-75


Frederick [Irby], 2nd Baron Boston


9 Jun 1749


15 May 1775 Christiana Methuen (d. 9 May 1832), only dau. of Paul Methuen, of Corsham House, co. Wiltshire, by his wife Catharine Cobb, 2nd dau. and event. sole hrss. of Sir George Cobb, 3rd Bt., of Adderbury, co. Oxford


1. Hon George Irby, later 3rd Baron Boston

2. Rear-Admiral Hon Frederick Paul Irby CB, of Boyland Hall, Long Stratton, co. Norfolk (b. 18 Apr 1779; d. 24 Apr 1844), mar. (1) 1 Dec 1803 Emily Ives Drake (d. 7 Aug 1806), yst. dau. and cohrss. of William Drake, of Amersham, co. Buckingham, and had issue:

1a. Frederick William Irby, of Boyland Hall, Long Stratton, co. Norfolk (b. 28 Jul 1806; dsp. 1 Jun 1877), mar. 7 Mar 1846 Isabella Harriet Bruce (d. 13 Apr 1906), only child of Robert Nicholson Bruce, of Chester Square, London (by his wife Harriet Elizabeth Williams, dau. of Richard Williams, of Eaton Hall, co. Shropshire), 2nd son of Patrick Craufurd Bruce (by his wife Jane Smith, dau. of Edmund Smith), 2nd son of Sir Michael Bruce of Stenhouse, 6th Bt.

Rear-Admiral Hon Frederick Irby mar. (2) 23 Jan 1816 Frances Wright (d. 16 Jan 1852), 2nd dau. of Ichabod Wright, of Mapperly Hall, co. Nottingham, and had further issue:

2a. Charles Paul Irby RN (b. 17 Jun 1818; dvp. 14 May 1836)

3a. Montagu Henry John Irby (b. 18 May 1828; d. 13 Dec 1893)

4a. Lt Col Leonard Howard Loyd Irby, served in the Crimea and the Indian Rebellion (b. 13 Apr 1836; d. 14 May 1905), mar. (1) 31 Aug 1864 Geraldine Alicia Mary Magenis (d. 18 Apr 1882), dau. of Rev J Magenis, and had issue:

1b. Lt Col Frederick Arthur Irby JP, of Boyland Hall, Long Stratton, co. Norfolk (b. 23 Jun 1865; d. 19 Sep 1930), mar. 9 Apr 1907 Louisa Christian Fellowes (d. 20 Jan 1942), 3rd dau. of Col James Fellowes, and had issue:

1c. Christian Geraldine Mary Irby (b. 6 Aug 1913; d. 21 Apr 1967), mar. 14 Sep 1939 Lt Cdr Victor George Hargrave Ramsay-Fairfax DSC RN, 2nd son of William George Ramsay-Fairfax, and had issue

2b. Lt Col Leonard Paul Irby OBE (b. 9 Jan 1871; d. 26 Nov 1936), mar. 11 Jan 1896 Ethel Maud Boteler (d. 20 Sep 1957), 1st cdau. and cohrss. of Capt William John Casberd Boteler RN. of The Elms, Taplow, co. Buckingham, and Brook House, Eastry, co. Kent, and had issue:

1c. Gerald Howard Boteler Irby, later 9th Baron Boston

2c. Maj Hon Anthony Paul Irby TD, barrister Lincoln's Inn 1932, granted the style and precedence of the younger son of a Baron by Royal Warrant 1976 (b. 21 Mar 1908; d. 1986), mar. (1) 20 Sep 1934 Countess Mary Apponyi (d. 1 Apr 1952), 1st dau. of Count Anton Apponyi, and (2) 8 Jun 1957 Mrs Beryl Harrison, yst. dau. of Harold Mayman, of Bramsgore, co. Hampshire, and had issue by his first wife

1c. Frances Dorothy Irby (b. 24 Mar 1901; d. 21 Nov 1951)

Lt Col Leonard Irby mar. (2) 22 Jan 1884 Mary Brandling (d. Jul 1939), dau. of Col John James Brandling CB, and had further issue:

1b. Frances Margaret Irby (b. 1 Dec 1884; d. 4 Jan 1950), mar. (1) 12 Dec 1905 (div. 1910) as his first wife Sir Morgan George Crofton, 6th Bt. DSO JP, of  Mohill, co. Leitrim, (2) 22 Oct 1910 (div. 1921) James Fountayne Montagu, of Papplewick Hall, co. Nottingham, and Cold Overton Hall, Oakham, co. Rutland, 2nd son of James Montagu, of Merton Park, Doncaster, co. York, and (3) 5 May 1922 John [Wodehouse], 3rd Earl of Kimberley, and had issue by her first and third husbands

1a. Frances Harriet Irby (dsp. 27 Jan 1902), mar. 19 Jun 1845 Lewis Lloyd JP, of Monk's Orchard, co. Kent (dsp. 19 Jul 1891), 1st son of Edward Lloyd, of Coombe House, co. Surrey, banker

2a. Margaret Amelia Irby (d. Dec 1873), mar. Feb 1843 Henry Kett Tompson, of Witchingham Hall, co. Norfolk (d. Nov 1872)

3a. Adelaide Paulina Irby (d. 15 Sep 1911)

3. Rev Hon William Augustus Irby (b. 28 Nov 1781; dvp. 10 Mar 1807)

4. Lt Col Hon Henry Edward Irby (b. 27 Aug 1783; dvp. 9 Mar 1821)

5. Rev Hon Paul Anthony Irby, Rector of Cottesbrook, co. Northampton (b. 16 Dec 1784; d. 10 Feb 1865), mar. (1) 2 Dec 1814 Patience Anne de Crespigny (d. 22 Mar 1831), 1st dau. of Sir William Champion de Crespigny, 2nd Bt., (2) Sep 1836 Wilhelmina Powell (d. 28 Jul 1872), dau. of David Powell, of Loughton, co. Essex, and (3) 9 Aug 1849 Augusta Cowell (dsp. 25 Aug 1870), dau. of John B Cowell, and had issue by his first and second marriages

6. Hon Edward Methuen Irby, Army officer (b. 21 Mar 1788; killed in action vp. at the Battle of Talavera 27 Jul 1809)

7. Capt Hon Charles Leonard Irby RN (b. 9 Oct 1789; d. 3 Dec 1845), mar. 8 Feb 1825 Frances Mangles, dau. of John Mangles, and had issue

8. Rev Hon Adolphus Frederick Irby (b. 1797; d. 29 Apr 1863)

1. Hon Charlotte Irby (d. 1848)

2. Hon Albinia Irby (d. 21 Aug 1839)

3. Hon Christian Elizabeth Irby (d. 5 Feb 1875)

4. Hon Augusta Matilda Irby (d. 4 Apr 1877), mar. 20 Jan 1853 Rev William Holdsworth, Vicar of Notting Hill, co. Middlesex

5. Hon Anne Maria Louisa Irby (b. 2 Oct 1792; dsp. 19 Dec 1870), mar. 21 Oct 1817 Henry John [Peachey], 3rd Baron Selsey


23 Mar 1825

suc. by



a Lord of the Bedchamber 1780-1825


George [Irby], 3rd Baron Boston


27 Dec 1777


17 Oct 1801 Rachel Ives Drake (d. 6 Sep 1830), 1st dau. and cohrss. of William Drake, of Amersham, co. Buckingham, by his second wife Rachel Elizabeth Ives, only surv. dau. and hrss. of Jeremiah Ives, of Norwich, co. Norfolk


1. Hon George Ives Irby, later 4th Baron Boston

2. Hon William Drake Irby (b. 18 Sep 1808; dvp. 18 Oct 1839)

3. Hon Augustus Anthony Frederick Irby, of Hillingdon Grove, Uxbridge, co. Middlesex (b. 13 Feb 1820; d. 5 Apr 1870), mar. 22 May 1866 Jessie Augusta Montgomery-Cuninghame (d. 13 Jul 1908), 1st dau. of Sir Thomas Montgomery-Cuninghame of Corsehill, 8th Bt., and had issue:

1a. Charlotte Augusta Irby OBE (d. 8 Jul 1949), mar. 31 Jul 1888 Edward Neil Baynes FSA (b. 1 Apr 1861; d. 20 Jan 1951), 7th son of Sir William John Walter Baynes, 3rd Bt. JP, by his wife Margaret Stuart, 3rd dau. of Daniel Stuart, of Wykham Park, co. Oxford, and had issue

2a. Cecila Constance Irby (23 Feb 1870; dsp. 10 Jan 1938), mar. 13 Mar 1890 her first cousin once removed George Florance [Irby], 6th Baron Boston

4. Rev Hon Llewellyn Charles Robert Irby, Rector of Whiston, co. Northampton (b. 14 Nov 1822; dsp. 11 Feb 1911), mar. 1 Jul 1845 Margaret Emily Bullock (d. 13 Mar 1913), dau. of Jonathan Bullock, of Faulkbourn, co. Essex

1. Hon Rachel Emily Irby (d. 9 Jul 1873), mar. 7 May 1840 Capt William Jones Prowse RN (d. 1860)

2. Hon Charlotte Isabella Irby (b. 11 Mar 1807; d. 7 Sep 1883), mar. 14 Mar 1826 Thomas John Hamilton [FitzMaurice], 5th Earl of Orkney, and had issue

3. Hon Frances Matilda Irby (d. 25 Nov 1879)

4. Hon Frederica Maria Louisa Irby (d. 13 Jul 1885), mar. 17 Dec 1840 Edward Horatio Hussey, of Rathkenny (d. 1 May 1876), only son of Edward Thomas Hussey, and had issue

5. Hon Georgina Albinia Irby (d. 20 Jun 1900)

6. Hon Catherine Cecilia Irby (d. 25 Mar 1894), mar. 11 Mar 1852 Col Walter Caulfeild Pratt JP DL (d. 9 Jun 1900), 4th son of Col Joseph Pratt, of Cabra Castle, co. Cavan, and had issue


12 Mar 1856

suc. by



George Ives [Irby], 4th Baron Boston


14 Sep 1802

mar. (1)

25 Jan 1830 Fanny Elizabeth Hopkins-Northey (d. 14 Apr 1860), 1st dau. of William Richard Hopkins-Northey, of Oving House, co. Buckingham, by his wife Anne Elizabeth Fortescue, dau. of Gerald Fortescue, of Dromiskin, co. Louth

children by first wife

1. Hon Florance George Henry Irby, later 5th Baron Boston

1. Hon Rachel Fanny Anne Irby (dsp. 27 May 1909), mar. 26 May 1857 Augustus Arthur Vansittart, of Bisham Abbey, co. Berkshire (d. 17 Apr 1882)

2. Hon Alice Frederica Irby (b. 7 Jul 1839; dsp. 12 Oct 1896), mar. 25 Jul 1861 as his first wife John Wingfield [Malcolm], 1st Baron Malcolm

mar. (2)

20 Jul 1861 Hon Caroline Amelia Saumarez (b. 9 Sep 1839; d. 20 Dec 1927), 1st dau. of John St Vincent [Saumerez], 3rd Baron De Saumerez, by his first wife Caroline Esther Rhodes, 1st dau. of William Rhodes, of Bramhope Hall, co. York

children by second wife

3. Hon Maud Caroline Irby (b. 1 Sep 1873)

4. Hon Dorothy Gwendoline Irby (dvp. an infant 1865)


22 Dec 1869

suc. by

son by first wife


Florance George Henry [Irby], 5th Baron Boston


9 Mar 1837


17 Oct 1859 Hon Augusta Caroline Saumerez (b. 25 Nov 1841; mar. (2) 16 Apr 1883 as his second wife Sir Henry Percy Anderson KCB KCMG;  d. 16 Feb 1929), sister of his father's second wife and 2nd dau. of John St Vincent [Saumerez], 3rd Baron De Saumerez, by his first wife Caroline Esther Rhodes, 1st dau. of William Rhodes, of Kirkstall and Bramhope Halls, co. York


1. Hon George Florance Irby, later 6th Baron Boston

2. Capt Hon Cecil Saumarez Irby JP (b. 3 Feb 1862; d. 21 Feb 1935), mar. 31 Jan 1885 Florence Augusta Dormer (d. 7 Mar 1947), dau. of Clement Opton Cottrell Dormer, of Rousham, co. Oxford, and had issue:

1a. Greville Northey Irby, later 7th Baron Boston

2a. Hon Cecil Eustace Irby, later 8th Baron Boston

1a. Hon Evelyn Augusta Irby, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of a Baron by Royal Warrant 1948 (b. 25 Sep 1887; d. 19...)

3. Hon Gilbert Neville Irby later Smyth, of Braeside, Bangor, North Wales, Hon Attaché in the Diplomatic Service, took the name of Smyth in lieu of that of Irby by Royal Warrant 1915 (b. 23 Oct 1864; d. 13 Feb 1940), mar. 1 Jan 1891 Esmé Edwards (d. 1 May 1946), dau. of George Odham Edwards, by his wife Emily Frances  Way (mar. (2) 24 Apr 1884 Sir J Henry Greville Smyth, 1st Bt., of Ashton Court), 1st dau. of Rev Henry Hugh Way JP, of Alderbourne Manor, Gerrards Cross, co. Buckingham, and had issue

1. Hon Alice Fanny Catherine Irby (d. 1953), mar. 31 Jul 1890 Gordon Frederick Deedes (d. 11 Nov 1933), 1st son of Rev Canon G F Deedes, Vicar of Heydour, co. Lincoln, and had issue

2. Hon Winifred Mary Irby OBE (d. 8 Jul 1933), mar. 15 Oct 1896 Sir Harry Hamilton Johnston GCMG KCB (d. 31 Jul 1927), 3rd son of John Brookes Johnston

3. Hon Evelyn Maud Mary Irby (b. 22 Oct 1875; dvp. 2 Apr 1876)


4 Jan 1877

suc. by



George Florance [Irby], 6th Baron Boston, DL


6 Sep 1860


13 Mar 1890 his first cousin once removed Cecilia Constance Irby (b. 23 Feb 1870; dsp. 10 Jan 1938), 2nd dau. of Hon Augustus Anthony Frederick Irby, of Hillingdon Grove, Uxbridge, co. Middlesex (by his wife Jessie Augusta Montgomery-Cuninghame, 1st dau. of Sir Thomas Montgomery-Cuninghame of Corsehill, 8th Bt.), 3rd son of George [Irby], 3rd Baron Boston


s.p. 16 Sep 1941

suc. by



a Lord in Waiting 1885-86


Greville Northey [Irby], 7th Baron Boston


24 Aug 1889

mar. (1)

29 Sep 1913 (div. 1954) Constance Beryl Lester (d. 17 Jan 1969), 1st dau. of William Richard Lester, of Alderley, Llandudno, co. Carnarvon

children by first wife

1. Hon Rachel Elizabeth Cecily Irby (b. 30 Aug 1914), mar. 15 Jun 1940 Lieut Darsie Rawlins ARBS ARCA, of 11 Framers Court, Lane End, High Wycombe, co. Buckingham, son of George Edward Hawkes Rawlins, of King's Lane, Great Missenden, co. Buckingham, and has issue

2. Hon Isobael Caroline Irby (b. 4 May 1917), mar. (1) 3 Nov 1946 (div. 1950) Maj Vernon Owain Roberts, only son of Rev Robert Oswen Roberts, of Llantrisant Rectory, Anglesey, and (2) 1950 S/Ldr Edward Horatio Sales (d. 1988), only son of Joseph Edward Sales, of Chesney Hall, Madras, India, and has issue by her second marriage

3. Hon Christian Florance Irby (b. 27 Nov 1921; d. 1987), mar. 11 Oct 1947 Etienne Adolphe Joseph Humblet (d. 1971), 2nd son of Amedée Humblet, of 74 Rue St Bernard, Brussels, Belgium, and had three adopted children

mar. (2)

6 Feb 1954 Irene Francis Mills (widow of Harry Mills;  d. 1987), only child of Francis Holt, of Ewell, co. Surrey


s.p.m. 16 Sep 1958

suc. by



Cecil Eustace [Irby], 8th Baron Boston, MC


14 Jul 1897


12 Oct 1972

suc. by

3rd cousin once removed


granted the style and precedence of the younger son of a Baron by Royal Warrant 1948


Gerald Howard Boteler [Irby], 9th Baron Boston, MBE


29 Aug 1897

mar. (1)

14 Aug 1926 (div. 1931) Katherine Gertrude Edwards, dau. of Capt C M H Edwards

only child by first wife

1. Hon Anne Pauline Irby, painter and printmaker (b. 28 Feb 1927), mar. 8 Dec 1951 Prof Sydney James Crews MB FRCSE (d. 3 Sep 1994), son of Sydney Kirby Crews, and has issue

mar. (2)

8 Feb 1936 Erica Nelly Hill (d. 1990), dau. of T H Hill

only child by second wife

1. Hon Timothy George Frank Boteler Irby, later 10th Baron Boston


17 Feb 1978

suc. by

son by second wife


Timothy George Frank Boteler [Irby], 10th Baron Boston


27 Mar 1939


25 Feb 1967 Rhonda Anne Bate, dau. of Ronald Albert Bate, of Balgowlah, New South Wales, Australia


1. Hon George William Eustace Boteler Irby, later 11th Baron Boston

2. Hon Jonathan Charles Timothy Irby (b. 30 May 1975)

1. Hon Rebecca Frances Anne Irby (b. 4 Apr 1970)


3 Feb 2007

suc. by



George William Eustace Boteler [Irby], 11th Baron Boston


1 Aug 1971


1998 Nicola Sydney Mary Reid, dau. of William Reid


1. Hon Tom Irby

2. Hon Alexander Timothy George Irby (b. 28 May 2005)

1. Hon Hannah Irby

2. Hon Olivia Irby


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11th Baron Boston, of Boston in the County of Lincoln

(Great Britain, let. pat. 10 Apr 1761)

12th Baronet, styled "of Boston"

(England, let. pat. 13 Apr 1704)



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