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Catharine Howard


1A. Catharine Howard (b. c. 1522; beh. 13 Feb 1542), mar. bef. 8 Aug 1540 as his fifth wife Henry VIII, King of England 1509-1547



1B. Lord Edmund Howard, Master of the Horse (d. 19 Mar 1538/9), mar.,

2B. Joyce Colepepper (d. after 1525)



1C. Thomas [Howard], 2nd Duke of Norfolk (b. 1443; d. 21 May 1524), mar. 30 Apr 1472,

2C. Elizabeth Tilney (d. 4 Apr 1497)

3C. Sir Richard Colepeper, of Oxenholt, co. Kent (d. 4 Oct 1484), mar.,

4C. Joyce Worsley (d. 18 Apr 1527)



1D. John [Howard], 1st Duke of Norfolk (b. c. 1430; d. 22 Aug 1485), mar. c. 1442,

2D. Katherine Moleyns (d. 1452)

3D. Sir Frederick Tilney, of Ashwellthorpe, co. Norfolk (bur. c. 1450), mar.,

4D. Elizabeth Cheney (d. 1473)

5D. Sir William Colepeper, of Aylesford, co. Kent (d. 20 Jul 1457), mar. c. 1412,

6D. Elizabeth Ferrers (d. 1460)

7D. Ottiwell Worsley, of Stanworth, co. Chester




1E. Sir Robert Howard, of Stoke Neyland, co. Suffolk, mar. c. 1420

2E. Lady Margaret Mowbray

3E. William Moleyns, of Stoke Poges, co. Buckingham (d. 14 Feb 1380/1), mar. bef. 12 Mar 1352,

4E. Margery Bacoun

5E. Sir Philip Tilney, of Boston, co. Lincoln (d. 1453), mar.,

6E. Isabella Thorpe

7E. Laurence Cheney, of Long Dutton, co. Cambridge, mar.,

8E. Elizabeth Cockayne

9E. Sir John Colepeper, of Oxenholt, co. Kent (d. 1414), mar. c. 1386,

10E. Catherine Charles (d. after 1424)

11E. William [Ferrers], 5th Baron Ferrers of Groby (b. 25 Apr 1372; d. 18 May 1445), mar. (1) after 10 Oct 1338,

12E. Philippa de Clifford (d. after 4 Jul 1405)

13E. Richard Worsley

14E. Katherine Clerk





1F. Sir John Howard, of East Winch, co. Norfolk, Sheriff of Essex and Hertfordshire

2F. Alice Tendring, dau. of Sir William Tendring, of Tendring, co. Essex

3F. Thomas [Mowbray], 1st Duke of Norfolk

4F. Lady Elizabeth Fitzalan, dau. of Richard [Fitzalan], 11th or 4th Earl of Arundel

5F. John de Moleyns

6F. Gilles Mauduit, dau. of Sir John Mauduit, of Somerford, co. Wiltshire

7F. Sir Edmund Bacoun

8F. Margery Poynings



11F. Sir Edmund Thorpe, of Ashwellthorpe, co. Norfolk




15F. John Cockayne, of Bury Hatley, co. Bedford




19F. Richard Charles

20F. Alice .....

21F. Henry [de Ferrers], 4th Baron Ferrers of Groby

22F. Joan de Hoo, dau. of Sir Thomas de Hoo, of Luton Hoo and Stapsley, co. Bedford

23F. Roger [de Clifford], 5th Baron Clifford

24F. Lady Maud de Beauchamp, 1st dau. of Thomas [de Beauchamp], 11th Earl of Warwick










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