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Charlemont, Viscount (I, 1665)


Creation: let. pat. 8 Oct 1665


Family name: Caulfeild




Quarterly:  1st and 4th, Barry Argent and Gules on a Canton of the second a Lion passant guardant Or (Caulfeild);  2nd and 3rd, Or a Chevron chequy Argent and Azure between three Martlets Sable (Houston)


A Dragon's Head erased Gules gorged with a Bar Gemelle Argent


On either side a Dragon Gules wings elevated each gorged with a Bar Gemelle Argent


Deo Duce Ferro Comitante



William [Caulfeild], 5th Baron Charlemont later 1st Viscount Charlemont, PC

3rd son of William [Caulfeild], 2nd Baron Charlemont, by his wife Mary King, dau. of Sir John King, of Boyle Abbey, co. Roscommon


c. 1624


1653 Hon Sarah Moore (bur. 3 Dec 1672), 2nd dau. of Charles [Moore], 2nd Viscount Drogheda, by his wife Hon Alice Loftus, yst. dau. of Adam [Loftus], 1st Viscount Loftus


1. Hon Charles Caulfeild (dvp. an infant)

2. Hon William Caulfeild, later 2nd Viscount Charlemont

3. Capt Hon Toby Caulfeild, of Clone, co. Kilkenny, mar. Rebecca Walsh, dau. of Oliver Walsh, of Ballykilcavan, Queen's County, and had issue

4. Lt Col Hon John Caulfeild, of Tullydowey, co. Tyrone (bur. 22 Nov 1752), mar. Sydney Somerville (d. 4 Jul 1725), dau. of James Somerville, of Tully Kilter, co. Fermanagh, and had issue

1. Hon Mary Caulfeild (d. 8 Aug 1724), mar. (1) Arthur Dillon, of Lismullen, co. Meath (d. Dec 1684), and (2) 1686 William [Blayney], 6th Baron Blayney, and had issue by her second husband

2. Hon Alice Caulfeild (d. 7 Oct 1731), mar. (1) John Margetson, of Sysonby, co. Leicester, son of Most Rev James Margetson DD, Archbishop of Armagh, and (2) 23 Jan 1693/4 George [Carpenter], 1st Baron Carpenter, and had issue by both husbands

3. Hon Elizabeth Caulfeild (d. 1694), mar. (1) John Chichester, and (2) Rt Rev Edward Walkington DD, Bishop of Down and Connor (d. Jan 1698), and had issue by her first husband


25 May 1671 (bur. in Armagh Cathedral)


8 Oct 1665 Viscount Charlemont

suc. by



suc. his brother 1 Jan 1643/4 as 5th Baron Charlemont; Privy Councillor [I] 1660 ; Capt of a Troop of Horse ; Governor of Fort Charlemont until 1664, when he sold the office to the Crown


William [Caulfeild], 2nd Viscount Charlemont, PC



11 Jul 1678 Anne Margetson (d. 1729), only dau. of Most Rev James Margetson DD, Archbishop of Armagh, by his wife Anne Bennett


1. Hon William Caulfeild (bapt. 28 Apr 1681; dvp. young)

2. Hon James Caulfeild, later 3rd Viscount Charlemont

3. Hon Toby Caulfeild (bapt. 6 Nov 1683; bur. vp. 18 Mar 1684)

4. Hon Thomas Caulfield (bapt. 26 Mar 1685; dvp. young)

5. Rev Hon Charles Caulfeild, Rector of Donaghenry, co. Armagh (bapt. 27 Dec 1686 ; d. Jan 1768), mar. Alice Houston (d. Apr 1760), dau. of John Houston, of Castlestewart, co. Tyrone, and had issue:

1a. James Caulfeild, of Drumcairn, co. Tyrone (d. 1825), mar. 1765 Catherine Burgh, dau. of Thomas Burgh, of Oldtown, and had issue:

1b. James Caulfeild, of Drumcairn, co. Tyrone, mar. 22 May 1806 Hon Harriet Crofton (d. 6 Jul 1837), 4th dau. of Sir Edward Crofton, 2nd Bt MP, of Mote Park, co. Roscommon, by his wife Anne Croker, suo jure Baroness Crofton, and had issue:

1c. Edward Houston Caulfeild, of Drumcairn, co. Tyrone (b. 28 Feb 1807; d, 7 Mar 1883), mar. 26 Apr 1828 Charlotte Geale (d. 11 Nov 1840), dau. of Piers Geale, of Dublin, and had issue:

1d. James Alfred Caulfeild, later 7th Viscount Charlemont

2d. Maj Hon Marcus Piers Francis Caulfeild CB, granted the rank and style of the younger son of a Viscount by Royal Warrant 1894 (b. 3 Nov 1840; d. 15 Apr 1895), mar. 15 Aug 1878 his cousin Louisa Gwyn Williams (d. 14 Nov 1918), 4th dau. of Capt Robert Griffith Williams (by his wife Mary Anne Geale, dau. of Piers Geale, of Dublin), 2nd son of Sir Sir Robert Williams, 9th Bt., and had issue:

1e. James Edward Geale Caulfeild, later 8th Viscount Charlemont

1e. Hon Dorothy Caulfeild, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of a Viscount by Royal Warrant 1914 (d. 27 Apr 1942), mar. 2 Jan 1906 Adml Philip Nelson-Ward CVO, of Crocker Hill, co. Sussex (d. 27 Jun 1937), son of Rev Horatio Nelson Nelson-Ward, Rector of Radstock

2e. Hon Rachel Caulfeild, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of a Viscount by Royal Warrant 1914 (d. 27 Apr 1942)

1d. Hon Harriet Charlotte Caulfeild, granted the rank and style of the daughter of a Viscount by Royal Warrant 1894 (d. 24 Dec 1909)

2c. William Gorges Crofton Caulfeild (d. 1838)

1c. Harriet Anna Caulfeild (d. 27 Feb 1890), mar. 1837 William John French (d. 24 Dec 1876), and had issue

2a. Thomas Caulfeild (d. 1826)

3a. Rev Charles Caulfeild, Rector of Killyman, mar. Margaret Wood, dau. of Hans Widman Wood, of Rosmead, co. Westmeath, by his wife Frances King, dau. of Sir Henry King, 3rd Bt., and had issue:

1b. Rev Hans Caulfeild, Rector of Kilmanagh, co. Kilkenny (d. Jun 1854), mar. 13 Mar 1803 Anne Rothe (d. 13 Apr 1852), dau. of John Rothe, of Bloomhill, co. Kilkenny, and had issue:

1c. Rt Rev Charles Caulfeild DD, Bishop of Nassau (b. 1804; d. 4 Sep 1862), mar. 6 Feb 1832 Grace Anne St George (d. 1 Dec 1896), 1st dau. of Sir Richard Bligh St George, 2nd Bt., by his second wife Bridget Blakeney, dau. of Theophilus Blakeney, of Abbert, co. Galway, and had issue:

1d. Richard St George Caulfeild (b. 30 Nov 1835; dsp.), mar. Margaret Bury

2d. Hans St George Caulfeild (b. 5 Aug 1837; d. 14 Feb 1899), mar. 1 Mar 1878 Emily Bertha James (d. 21 Aug 1932), dau. of Dr Edward James, of Edgbaston, Birmingham, and had issue:

1e. Charles Edward St George Caulfeild, later 9th Viscount Charlemont

1e. Lilian Mary St George Caulfeild (b. 5 Jul 1888; d. 19...), mar. 3 Jun 1911 William Henry Garside (d. 1965), 2nd son of Alfred Garside, and had issue

2e. Dorothy Gladys St George Caulfeild (b. 21 Mar 1890; d. 28 Jan 1954), mar. 20 Mar 1915 Austen Gordon Hutchins, only son of George D'Oyly Hutchins CBE, of Clive House, Oxshott, co. Surrey, and had issue

3d. Charles Edwin St George Caulfeild (b. 3 Aug 18471; d. unm.)

4d. Theophilus William St George Caulfeild (b. 30 Mar 1844; d. 1911), mar. 21 Dec 1876 Annie Florence Marsden (d. 1944), dau. of Frederick W Marsden, and had issue:

1e. Grace St George Caulfeild (b. 28 Sep 1877; d. 19...), mar. 18 Jun 1903 William McDonald (d. 7 Feb 1918), of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and had issue

2e. Linda St George Caulfeild (b. 14 Dec 1881 ; d. 13 Mar 1937), mar. 21 Dec 1909 Alfred George Henry Couchman, of St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (d. 23 Mar 1953), and had issue

5d. James Henry Caulfeild (d. 1875)

6d. Francis John Rothe Toby St George Caulfeild ISO (b. 20 Feb 1852; d. 17 Oct 1933), mar. 11 Nov 1880 Helen Isabel Simonds (d. 27 Apr 1958), dau. of Henry John Simonds, of Caversham, co. Surrey, and had issue:

1e. Maj Harry Frowd St George Caulfeild (b. 14 Aug 1881; d. Oct 1961), mar. 7 Dec 1914 Geraldine Marguerite Boyd (d. 17 Jan 1922), dau. of Lt Col Charles Boyd, and had issue:

1f. Geraldine St George Caulfeild (b. 3 Oct 1918), mar. (1) 27 Sep 1947 Maj Peter Lawry Matthews (d. 1970), only surv. son of H Matthews, of St Margaret's, Hayle, co. Cornwall, and (2) 1975 Hugh Alan Mason, of Emsworth, co. Hampshire (d. 1992), and has issue by her first husband

2e. Stuart Neil St George Caulfeild (dvp. an infant 1898)

1d. Anne Caulfeild (d. 9 Mar 1912), mar. 3 Oct 1861 Arthur Herbert Orpen, of Oriel, Grove Avenue, Blackrock, co. Dublin (d. 6 Mar 1926), and had issue

2d. Theodosia Mary Caulfeild, mar. 26 Sep 1866 Rev Thomas Cosgrave, and had issue

2d. Grace Ellen Sophia Caulfeild (d. 25 Jun 1943)

2c. James Caulfeild, Treasurer of Ceylon (b. 1805; d. 4 May 1861), mar. Eliza Thomas Rehé (widow of Maj ..... Rehé), dau. of Basil Grey, and had issue:

1d. Hans Charles Caulfeild (b. 6 Sep 1841; dsp.)

2d. James Campbell Caulfeild (b. 18 Jun 1843; d. 18...)

3d. Henry St George Caulfeild (b. 1 Sep 1851; d. 22 May 1943), mar. 14 May 1877 Jane Goldsmith (d. 22 Oct 1924), dau. of William Goldsmith, and had issue:

1e. Rev James Charles Russell St George Caulfeild (b. 26 Apr 1878; d. 1 Jan 1956), mar. 3 Feb 1934 May Jane Mitchell (d. 26 Apr 1959), dau. of Thomas Mitchell, of Moredur Station, Ben Lomond, New South Wales, Australia

2e. Robert Toby St George Caulfeild, later 10th Viscount Charlemont

3e. Charles St George Caulfeild, later 11th Viscount Charlemont

4e. Richard William St George Caulfeild, later 12th Viscount Charlemont

1d. Anne Ellen Caulfeild (d. 17 Jan 1937)

2d. Sophia Isabella Caulfeild (d. 11 Oct 1940), mar. 3 Oct 1872 George Francis Green (d. 9 Oct 1918), and had issue

3c. Capt Henry Caulfeild (dvp. 1846)

4c. Rev Wilberforce Caulfeild, Rector of St Mary, Kilkenny (b. 1806; d. 27 Apr 1872), mar. 1832 Catherine Butler (d. 2 Jun 1858), dau. of E Butler, and had issue:

1d. Rev Hans Caulfeild (b. 2 Dec 1833; d. 10 Dec 1874), mar. 4 Feb 1861 Rachel Reade (d. 1912), dau. of Thomas Reade, of Callan, co. Kilkenny, and had issue:

1e. Charles Hans Caulfeild (b. 8 Jun 1869; d. 2 Nov 1950), mar. 21 Mar 1898 Ethel Jessie Mann, dau. of D G R Mann, of Ottawa, Canada, and had issue:

1f. Charles Wilberforce Caulfeild, later 13th Viscount Charlemont

2f. Eric St George Caulfeild (b. 19 Apr 1900; d. 1975), mar. 3 Jun 1933 Edith Evelyn Day, dau. of F W Day, of Ottawa, Canada, and had issue:

1g. John Day Caulfeild, later 14th Viscount Charlemont

1g. Edith Jane Caulfeild (b. 19 Sep 1941), mar. 1963 Edward Cobean, of Walkerton, Ontario, Canada, and has issue

3f. Ven Arthur Edward Lampay Caulfeild DD, Archdeacon of St John, New Brunswick, Canada, heir presumptive to the Viscountcy of Charlemont (b. 21 Sep 1906), mar. 5 Jun 1940 Emilie Kathleen Irene Salmon, dau. of Rev E Frank Salmon DD, of Philadelphia, USA, and has issue:

1g. David Arthur Caulfeild (b. 9 May 1942), mar .4 Sep 1965 Diane Du Vernet, dau. of F W Du Vernet, of Ottawa, Canada, and has issue:

1h. Sean David Caulfeild (b. 14 Jun 1966)

2h. Derek Arthur Caulfeild (b. 1969)

2g. Charles Patrick Caulfeild, of Kingston, Ontario, Canada (b. 2 Jun 1946), mar. 18 Aug 1968 Marjorie Agnes Reid, dau. of Robert Reid, of St John, New Brunswick, Canada

1e. Catherine Caulfeild (b. 1 May 1863; d. 1947)

2e. Mary Rachel Caulfeild (b. 6 Feb 1865; d. 1967), mar. 11 Jul 1898 William Ayres McCarthy, of Cleveland, Ohio, USA (d. 1923), and had issue

2d. Charles Francis Caulfeild (b. 10 Mar 1835)

3d. Wilberforce Caulfeild (b. 9 Oct 1836)

4d. Edmund James Caulfeild (b. 20 Aug 1842)

5d. Francis Butler Caulfeild (b. 23 Dec 1845)

1d. Mary Anne Caulfeild, mar. 18 Oct 1860 Edward Blake Taylor (d. 3 Feb 1874), and had issue

5c. John Caulfeild, HEICS

6c. Dr Hans Caulfeild (b. 1814; d. 1863), mar. 1847 Mary Anne Ellis, dau. of Henry Ellis, and had issue

7c. Rev Abraham St George Caulfeild DD, Rector of Windsor (b. 17 Sep 1823; d. 17 Sep 1882), mar. 9 Dec 1846 Mary Anne Waring, dau. of William Waring, and had issue

3a. Col John Caulfeild, of Donomon, co. Roscommon, mar. Mary Irving, dau. of Henry Irving, and had issue

6. Hon John Caulfeild MP (d. 19 Oct 1764)

7. Hon Henry Charles Caulfield (bapt. 17 Jun 1697; d. 1728), mar. Mary Kelly (widow of ..... Kelly), dau. of Bryan Gunning, and had issue

1. Hon Anne Caulfeild, mar. 10 Apr 1699 John Davis, of Carrickfergus (d. 12 Mar 1743), and had issue

2. Hon Sarah Caulfeild (d. Dec 1742), mar. 258 Feb 1716 Oliver Ancketill, of Ancketill's Grove, and had issue

3. Hon Mary Caulfeild (d. 26 Jan 1769), mar. Jul 1724 as his second wife John Moore, of Drumbanagher, co. Armagh (d. 1 May 1752), 1st son of John Moore, of Drumbanagher, co. Armagh, and had issue

4. Hon Alicia Caulfeild (bur. vp. 5 Jan 1691/2)

5. Hon Letitia Caulfeild, mar. John Cooke (d. 24 Nov 1749), and had issue


21 Jul 1726 (bur. in Armagh Cathedral)

suc. by



Governor of Fort Charlemont and Custos Rotulorum for Counties Tyrone and Armagh 1689; Col of the 36th Regiment of Foot 1701-06; served with the Army in Spain, Brig Gen 1705 and Maj Gen 1708; Privy Councillor [I] 1726


James [Caulfeild], 3rd Viscount Charlemont


29 Jul 1682


Elizabeth Bernard (b. 21 Feb 1703; mar. (2) 9 Oct 1740 Thomas Adderley, of Innishannon, co. Cork;  d. 30 May 1743; bur. in Armagh Cathedral), only dau. of Rt Hon Francis Bernard, Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, of Castle Bernard, co. Cork, by his wife Alice Ludlow, dau. of Stephen Ludlow, Clerk of the Court of Chancery


1. Hon James Caulfeild, later 4th Viscount Charlemont later 1st Earl of Charlemont

2. Hon Francis Caulfeild MP (d. Nov 1775), mar. 11 Oct 1760 Hon Mary Eyre (d. Nov 1775), only dau. of John [Eyre], 1st Baron Eyre, by his wife Eleanor Staunton, dau. of James Staunton, and had issue:

1a. James Eyre Caulfeild (b. 14 Jul 1765; d. 17...)

1a. Eleanor Caulfeild (d. 2 Apr 1807), mar. 31 Mar 1787 William [Howard], 3rd Earl of Wicklow, and had issue

1. Hon Alicia Caulfeild (d. 17 Dec 1797), mar. 23 Apr 1764 John [Browne], 1st Baron Kilmaine, and had issue


21 Apr 1734 (bur. in Armagh Cathedral)

suc. by



Member of Parliament for Charlemont 1703-04 and 1713-26


James [Caulfeild], 4th Viscount Charlemont later 1st Earl of Charlemont, KP


23 Dec 1763 Earl of Charlemont


The Viscountcy of Charlemont was held by the Earls of Charlemont from 23 Dec 1763 until 12 Jan 1892, when on the death of James Molyneux Caulfeild, 3rd Earl of Charlemont, 6th Viscount Charlemont, etc., the Viscountcy passed to his 3rd cousin once removed,


James Alfred [Caulfeild], 7th Viscount Charlemont, CB


20 Mar 1830


2 Feb 1858 Hon Annette Handcock (b. 16 Apr 1828; dspm. 10 Nov 1888), 3rd dau. of Richard [Handcock], 3rd Baron Castlemaine, by his wife Margaret Harris, 2nd dau. of Michael Harris, of Dublin

only child

1. Hon Constance Elizabeth Caulfeild (b. 30 Nov 1858; d. 25 Jul 1932), mar. 10 Feb 1880 Uchter John Mark [Knox], 5th Earl of Ranfurly, and had issue


s.p.m. 4 Jul 1913

suc. by



Capt, Coldstream Guards; Hon Col, Royal Inniskillen Fusileers; High Sheriff for Co. Tyrone 1868; Comptroller of the Viceregal Household 1868-95; Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod to the Order of St Patrick 1879; CB 1892


James Edward Geale [Caulfeild], 8th Viscount Charlemont, PC


12 May 1880

mar. (1)

26 Nov 1914 (div. Apr 1940) Evelyn Fanny Charlotte Hull (d. 14 Oct 1940), 3rd dau. of Edmund Charles Pendleton Hull, of Park Gate House, Ham Common, co. Surrey, by his wife Fanny Maria Julius, dau. of Rev Archibald Aeneas Julius, Rector of Southery, co. Norfolk

mar. (2)

25 Jul 1940 Hildegarde Slock-Cotell (d. 22 Jan 1969), dau. of Rodolphe Slock-Cotell, of Malstapel, Ruislede, Belgium


s.p. 30 Aug 1949

suc. by

4th cousin


Representative Irish peer 1918-49; Vice Lieutenant for County Tyrone 1922-39; Minister of Education for Northern Ireland and Leader of the Senate 1926-37; Privy Councillor [NI] 1926


Charles Edward St George [Caulfeild], 9th Viscount Charlemont


12 Jul 1887


2 Sep 1911 Mabel Hawthorn (d. 15 Feb 1965), 1st dau. of James Frederick William Hawthorn


1. Hon Shelah St George Caulfeild (b. 24 Dec 1914 ; d. 5 Mar 1982), mar. 18 May 1946 John Arnold Hawkes, son of Arnold Hawkes, of Birmingham, and had issue

2. Hon Patricia St George Caulfeild (b. 17 Sep 1920)


s.p.m. 18 Jan 1964

suc. by

second cousin


Robert Toby St George [Caulfeild], 10th Viscount Charlemont


30 Sep 1881


26 Nov 1967

suc. by



Charles St George [Caulfeild], 11th Viscount Charlemont




24 Nov 1915 Lydia Clare Kingston (d. 1973), dau. of Charles James Kingston, of Aramac, Queensland, Australia


1. Hon Constance Ada Caulfeild (b. 16 Feb 1918), mar. 27 Feb 1943 Henry Edward Pearce, of Thorneside, Queensland, Australia, and has issue

2. Hon Janie St George Caulfeild (b. 9 Apr 1921), mar. 27 Jun 1942 David Dominic Moore, of Turramurra, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, and has issue


s.p.m. 18 Nov 1971

suc. by



Richard William St George [Caulfeild], 12th Viscount Charlemont


13 Mar 1887


7 Oct 1914 Dorothy Laura Giles (d. 18 May 1961), only child of Frank Giles ICS, of 24 The Grange, Wimbledon, London


1. Hon Dorothy Frances Lucy St George Caulfeild (b. 1915), mar. 1945 F/Lt Robert Hender Trowbridge RAAF, of Elmstead Market, co. Essex (d. 1993), and has issue

2. Hon Alicia St George Caulfeild (b. 1918), mar. 1939 G/Capt Gordon Hackworth Stuart MD RAF, of Lovel Hill, Windsor Forest, co. Berkshire, and has issue


s.p.m. 18 Jun 1979

suc. by

second cousin once removed


Charles Wilberforce [Caulfeild], 13th Viscount Charlemont


10 Mar 1899


24 Sep 1930 Dorothy Jessie Johnston, dau. of Albert Allan Johnston, of Ottawa, Canada


s.p. 14 Sep 1985

suc. by



John Day [Caulfeild], 14th Viscount Charlemont


19 Mar 1934

mar. (1)

15 Aug 1964 Judith Ann Dodd (d. 29 Apr 1971), dau. of James E Dodd, of Islington, Ontario, Canada

children by first wife

1. Hon John Dodd Caulfeild, later 15th Viscount Charlemont

1. Hon Janis Ann Caulfeild (b. 26 Aug 1968), mar. 1991 Stefan Charles Kremer, and has issue

mar. (2)

19 Aug 1972 Janet Evelyn Nancekivell, dau. of Orville Ross Nancekivell, of Mount Elgin, Ontario, Canada


10 Nov 2001

suc. by

son by first wife


John Dodd [Caulfeild], 15th Viscount Charlemont


15 May 1966


1991 Nadea Stella Fortin, dau. of Wilson Fortin


1. Hon Shane Andrew Caulfeild (b. 19 May 1996)

2. Hon Ryan James Caulfeild (b. 13 Feb 2001)


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15th Viscount Charlemont

(Ireland, let. pat. 8 Oct 1665)

19th Lord Caulfeild, Baron of Charlemont

(Ireland, let. pat. 22 Dec 1620)



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