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Clancarty, Earl of (I, 1803)


Creation: let. pat. 11 Feb 1803


Family name: Trench




Quarterly:  1st and 4th, Argent a Lion passant Gules between three Fleurs-de-lis Azure on a Chief of the third the Sun in Splendour Or (Trench);  2nd and 3rd, Argent a Chief indented Sable (Le Poer);  over all an Inescutcheon Or ensigned with the Coronet of a Marquess of the Netherlands and charged with a Wheel of six spokes Gules


1st:  An Arm in armour embowed holding a Cutlass all proper;  2nd:  a Lion rampant Or imperially crowned holding in his dexter paw a Sword Argent pommelled and hilted Or and in his sinister paw a Sheaf of Arrows of the last;  3rd:  a Stag's Head cabossed Argent attired Or between the attires a Crucifix


On the dexter side a Lion Gules semée of Fleurs-de-lis Or, and on the sinister side a Stag guardant proper holding a Banner per chief dancetty Sable and Argent, being the arms of Le Poer, between the Antlers Sable a Cross Gules thereon Our Saviour proper


Consilio Et Prudentia (By counsel and prudence)



William Power Keating [Trench], 1st Baron Kilconnel later 1st Viscount Dunlo later 1st Earl of Clancarty

1st son of Richard Trench MP, of Garbally, co. Galway, by his wife Frances Power, only dau. of hrss. of David Power, of Coorheen, co. Galway




30 Oct 1762 Anne Gardiner (b. 13 May 1746; d. 8 Jul 1829), sister of Luke [Gardiner], 1st Viscount Mountjoy, and 1st dau. of Rt Hon Charles Gardiner MP, of Dublin, by his wife Florinda Norman, dau. of Robert Norman, of Lagore, co. Meath


1. Francis Trench (dvp. an infant)

2. Hon Richard le Poer Trench, later 2nd Earl of Clancarty

3. Charles Trench (dvp. an infant)

4. Most Rev Hon Power Trench DD, Archbishop of Tuam (b. 10 Jun 1770; d. 26 Mar 1839), mar. 29 Jan 1795 his cousin Anne Taylor (d. 15 Aug 1844), yst. dau. of Walter Taylor, of Castle Taylor, by his wife Hester Power Trench, 2nd dau. of Richard Trench MP, of Garbally, co. Galway, and had issue

5. Rear Admiral Hon William Le Poer Trench (b. 4 Jul 1771; d. 14 Aug 1846), mar. (1) 1800 Sarah Cuppage, dau. of John Loftus Cuppage, and (2) 1 Feb 1837 Margaret Handcock (widow of Arthur Handcock; d. 4 Mar 1885), dau. of Dawson Downing, of Rosegift, co. Londonderry, and had issue by both wives

6. Ven Hon Charles Le Poer Trench DD, Archdeacon of Ardagh (b. Dec 1772; d. 1839), mar. 1806 Frances Elwood, 2nd dau. of Thomas Elwood, of Ashford Park, co. Mayo, and had issue

7. Thomas Trench (b. 1774; dvp. 1795)

8. Hon Luke Henry Trench (b. 1775; dvp. 1799)

9. Hon Frederick Trench (b. 1778; dvp. 1800)

10. Col Hon Sir Robert Le Poer Trench KCB KTS (b. 1782; d. 14 Mar 1823), mar. 21 Nov 1805 Hon Letitia Susanna Dillon (d. 25 Mar 1865), 2nd dau. of Robert [Dillon], 1st Baron Clonbrock, by his wife Letitia Greene, only dau. and hrss. of John Greene, of Old Abbey, co. Limerick, and had issue

1. Lady Florinda Trench (b. 3 Aug 1766; dsp. 9 Feb 1851), mar. 20 Mar 1782 William [Handcock], 1st Viscount Castlemaine

2. Lady Anne Trench (b. 1766), mar. 1789 William Gregory

3. Louisa Trench (dvp. 1785)

4. Lady Elizabeth Trench (b. 1784; d. 30 May 1877), mar. 15 Apr 1805 as his second wife John McClintock MP, of Drumcar, co. Louth (b. 14 Aug 1770; d. 5 Jul 1855), 1st son and heir of John McClintock MP, of Drumcar, co. Louth, by his wife Patience Foster, dau. of William Foster MP, of Rosy Park, and had issue

5. Lady Harriet Trench (b. Sep 1785; d. 17 Nov 1855), mar. Jan 1805 Sir Daniel Toler Osborne, 12th Bt., and had issue

6. Lady Frances Trench (b. Oct 1787; dspms. 22 Nov 1843), mar. 28 Jul 1806 Henry Stanley [Monck], 1st Earl of Rathdowne, and had issue


27 Apr 1805


25 Nov 1797 Baron Kilconnel, of Garbally in the County of Galway

29 Dec 1800 Viscount Dunlo, of Dunlo and Balinasloe in the Counties of Galway and Roscommon

11 Feb 1803 Earl of Clancarty

suc. by



Member of Parliament for co. Galway 1768-97; Sheriff of co. Kilkenny 1777


Richard Le Poer [Trench], 2nd Earl of Clancarty, GCB


19 May 1767


9 Feb 1796 Henrietta Margaret Staples (b. c. 1770; d. 30 Dec 1847), 2nd dau. of Rt Hon John Staples MP (by his first wife Harriet Conolly, 3rd dau. of Rt Hon William Conolly MP, of Castletown, co. Kildare, by his wife Lady Ann Wentworth, sister and cohrss. of William [Wentworth], 2nd Earl of Strafford, and 1st dau. of Thomas [Wentworth], 1st Earl of Strafford), 1st son and hr. of Rev Thomas Staples, Rector of Derryloran (by his wife Grace Houston, dau. of John Houston, of Castle Stewart, co. Tyrone), 3rd son of Sir Robert Staples, 4th Bt. MP, of Lissan, co. Tyrone


1. Hon William Thomas Le Poer Trench, later 3rd Earl of Clancarty

2. Hon Richard John Trench (b. 1805)

3. Cdr Hon Frederick Robert Trench RN (b. 23 Jul 1808; d. Apr 1867), mar. 14 Apr 1847 Catherine Maria Thompson (d. 7 Sep 1874), dau. of John Thompson, of Clonfin, co. Longford, and had issue

1. Lady Louisa Augusta Anne Trench (b. 1796; d. 7 Feb 1881), mar. 25 Dec 1830 her cousin Rev William Trench, Rector of Cloone (d. 11 May 1854), only son and heir of Most Rev Hon Power Trench DD, Archbishop of Tuam (by his wife and cousin Anne Taylor, yst. dau. of Walter Taylor, of Castle Taylor), 4th son of William Power Keating [Trench], 1st Earl of Clancarty, and had issue

2. Lady Harriet Margaret Trench, mar. 28 Feb 1825 as his second wife Thomas Kavanagh MP (d. 20 Jan 1837), and had issue


24 Nov 1837


4 Aug 1815 Baron Trench, of Garbally in the County of Galway (Peerage of the United Kingdom)

8 Dec 1823 Viscount Clancarty, of the County of Cork (Peerage of the United Kingdom)

suc. by



Member of Parliament for Newtown Limavady 1796-97, of co. Galway 1797-1805 and (Tory) for Rye 1807; a Commissioner for Indian Affairs 1804-05; Governor of co. Galway 1805; Privy Councillor [GB] 1807 and [I] 1809; Joint Postmaster General of Ireland 1807 and solely 1807-09; Custos Rotulorum of co. Galway 1808-37; a Representative Peer for Ireland 1808-37; Master of the Mint 1812-14; President of the Board of Trade 1812-18; Ambassador to the Hague 1813-15 and 1816-23; Joint Postmaster General [GB} 1814-16; one of the Plenipotentiaries at the Congress of Vienna 1814; GCB 1815; created 18 Jul 1818 Marquis of Heusden by the King of the Netherlands; GCH 1821; Vice Admiral of Connaught 1822


William Thomas Le Poer [Trench], 3rd Earl of Clancarty


21 Sep 1803


8 Sep 1832 Lady Sarah Juliana Butler (b. 29 Jul 1812; d. 28 Apr 1905), 1st dau. of Somerset Richard [Butler], 3rd Earl of Carrick, by his first wife Anne Wynne, 1st dau. of Owen Wynne MP, of Haslewood, co. Sligo


1. Hon Richard Somerset Le Poer Trench, later 4th Earl of Clancarty

2. Maj Hon Frederick Trench (b. 10 Feb 1835; d. 17 Dec 1913), mar. (1) 6 Feb 1883 Hon Harriet Mary Trench (dsp. 16 Jul 1884), 2nd dau. of Frederick Mason [Trench], 2nd Baron Ashtown, by his first wife Harriet Georgiana Cosby, yst. dau. of Thomas Cosby, of Stradbally Hall, Queen's County, and (2) 1891 Catherine Simpson (d. 18 Feb 1925), dau. of George Simpson, and had issue by his second wife

3. Col Hon William Trench CVO, Member of Parliament for Galway 1872-74 (b. 17 Jun 1837; d. 16 Sep 1920), mar. 21 Apr 1864 Harriet Maria Georgina Martins (d. 24 Feb 1909), only dau. and hrss. of Sir William Martins, and had issue

4. Hon Power Henry Trench, Secretary at the Berlin Embassy 1888-93, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary at Mexico City 1893-94 and Tokyo 1894-95 (b. 11 May 1841; d. 30 Apr 1899)

1. Lady Anne Trench (d. 12 Mar 1924), mar. 30 Apr 1867 Hon Frederick Sidney Charles Trench (18 Apr 1839; dvp. 2 Mar 1879), 1st son and heir ap. of Frederick Mason [Trench], 2nd Baron Ashtown, by his first wife Harriet Georgiana Cosby, yst. dau. of Thomas Cosby, of Stradbally Hall, Queen's County, and had issue


26 Apr 1872

suc. by



Richard Somerset Le Poer [Trench], 4th Earl of Clancarty


13 Jan 1834


29 Nov 1866 Lady Adeliza Georgiana Hervey (b. 17 Aug 1843; d. 7 Nov 1911), 2nd dau. of Frederick William [Hervey], 2nd Marquess of Bristol, by his wife Lady Katherine Isabella Manners, 4th dau. of John Henry [Manners], 5th Duke of Rutland


1. Hon William Frederick Trench, later 5th Earl of Clancarty

2. Hon Richard John Trench (b. 25 Dec 1877; d. 10 Aug 1960)

1. Lady Katherine Anne Trench (b. 12 Aug 1871; d. 25 Feb 1953)


29 May 1891

suc. by



William Frederick [Trench], 5th Earl of Clancarty


29 Dec 1868

mar. (1)

10 Jul 1889 Isabel Maud Penrice Bilton, an actress at the Empire Theatre (d. 31 Dec 1906), dau. of John George Bilton, of Charlton, co. Kent, an assistant in Woolwich Dockyard, by his wife ..... Pennie, of Kilvernough, co. Glamorgan

children by first wife

1. Hon Richard Frederick John Donough Le Poer Trench, later 6th Earl of Clancarty

2. Hon Power Francis William Trench (b. 27 Dec 1891; dvp. 9 Jun 1894)

3. Hon Roderic Charles Berkeley Trench MC (b. 19 Oct 1895; d. 23 Jan 1937)

4. Hon Greville Sydney Rochfort Le Poer Trench, later 7th Earl of Clancarty

1. Lady Beryl Franziska Kathleen Bianca Trench (b. 8 Oct 1893; d. 17 May 1957), mar. (1) 18 May 1914 Capt Hon Richard Philip Stanhope (b. 16 Jan 1885; d. 15 Sep 1916), 2nd son of Arthur Philip [Stanhope], 6th Earl Stanhope, by his wife Evelyn Henrietta Pennefather, only dau. of Richard Pennefather, of Knockeevan, co. Tipperary, (2) 5 Jul 1917 (div. 1927) Lt Cdr Walter Raleigh Gilbert RN (d. 26 Jan 1977), 1st son of Rev Walter Raleigh Gilbert, of The Priory, Bodmin, co. Cornwall, and (3) 2 Dec 1931 Francis Edward Selby Groves, of Westfield, Leasingham, Sleaford, co. Lincoln, son of Herbert John Groves VD, of Weymouth, co. Dorset, and had issue by her second husband

mar. (2)

7 Oct 1908 Mary Gwatkin Ellis (d. 1974), dau. of William F Ross-Lewis Ellis, of Fulford, co. York, barrister

children by second wife

5. Hon (William Francis) Brinsley Le Poer Trench, later 8th Earl of Clancarty

6. Hon Power Edward Ford Trench (b. 22 Jan 1917; d. 29 Jan 1975), mar. Jocelyn Louise Courtenay (d. 1962), and had issue:

1a. Nicholas Power Richard Le Poer Trench, later 9th Earl of Clancarty

1a. Caroline Jessica Mary Trench (b. 3 Dec 1954), mar. (1) 1981 (div. 1984) Alan Rodger, and (2) 1991 Robert Richard Hill, and has issue by her second husband

2. Lady (Sibell) Alma Kathleen Trench (b. 21 May 1918), mar. 28 Jun 1938 Stewart Croft Jolly, son of Henry Stewart Jolly, Chief Registrar of the Supreme Court, and has issue


16 Feb 1929

suc. by

son by first wife


Richard Frederick John Donough Le Poer [Trench], 6th Earl of Clancarty


27 Dec 1891

mar. (1)

28 Oct 1915 (div. 1918) Edith Constance Rawlinson (mar. (2) 30 Jul 1921 1921 Beresford Cecil Bingham [Annesley], 8th Earl Annesley;  d. 7 Jul 1950), only dau. of Maj Albemarle Alexander Rawlinson, of 4 Aldford Street, Park Lane, London

mar. (2)

12 Mar 1919 Cora Maria Edith Spooner (d. 1993), 1st dau. of H H Spooner, of Thornton Hall, co. Surrey

children by second wife

1. Hon William John Hervey Trench (b. 6 Mar 1926; dvp. 5 May 1926)

1. Lady Maureen Isabel Trench (b. 20 Dec 1923), mar. 16 Mar 1949 Christopher Colin Cooper, only son of Maj colin Cooper, of Barnwell Castle, co. Northampton, and has issue

2. Lady Patricia Ann Trench (b. 20 Jan 1928), mar. (1) 24 Aug 1946 Eugene Nicodemus de Szpiganowicz (d. 30 Dec 1965), only son of Baron Klemens de Szpiganowicz, of Dobrynie, Poland, and (2) 1977 Alan Sidney Andrews

3. Lady Caragh Seymour Trench (b. 20 Feb 1933), mar. (1) 6 Jun 1953 (div. 1961) Lt Cdr John Anthony Lake RN, only son of Vice-Admiral Walter John Challoner Lake CBE, of 40 Roehampton Gate, London SW15, (2) 25 Nov 1961 (div. 1966) Lt Arthur Jay Oken USAF, twin son of Dr H M Oken, of New York, USA, (3) Capt Donald Van Horn Lee USAF, (4) 19... ..... ....., and (5) 19... ..... Jefferson, of San Antonio, Texas, USA, and has issue by her first husband


s.p.m.s. 5 Jun 1971

suc. by



Greville Sydney Rochfort Le Poer [Trench], 7th Earl of Clancarty


10 Dec 1902


26 Jul 1926 Beatrice Georgiana Miller (d. 8 Jul 1979), yst. dau. of Capt James Gordon Miller, of Thurlow Park, Little Thurlow, co. Suffolk


s.p. 15 Sep 1975

suc. by



(William Francis) Brinsley [Trench], 8th Earl of Clancarty


18 Sep 1911

mar. (1)

6 Jun 1940 (div. 1947) Diana Joan Younger (mar. (2) 21 Apr 1947 Hanford Wentworth Eldredge, of Tarn House, Norwich, Vermont, USA), 2nd dau. of Sir William Robert Younger, 2nd Bt., of Auchen Castle, co. Dumfries, by his first wife Joan Gwendoline Bempde-Johnstone, 2nd dau. of Hon Louis Vanden-Bempde-Johnstone (by his wife Gwendoline Mary Elizabeth Talbot, 1st dau. of Maj Henry Charles Talbot), 5th son of Harcourt [Vanden-Bempde-Johnstone], 1st Baron Derwent

mar. (2)

16 Jun 1961 (div. 1969) Wilma Dorothy Millen Belknap (former wife of William Burke Belknap, Jr.), dau. of S R Vermilyea, of USA

mar. (3)

1974 Mrs Mildred Alleyn Spong (d. 1975), dau. of R Bensusan

mar. (4)

Apr 1976 Mary Agnes Beasley (b. 10 Jan 1904; widow of (1) ..... Wilson, and (2) Cmdr Frank M Beasley RN; d. 26 Dec 2003), only dau. of R Radonicich


s.p. 18 May 1995

suc. by



Nicholas Power Richard Le Poer [Trench], 9th Earl of Clancarty


1 May 1952


elected to the House of Lords (Cross Bench) 2010


There is no heir to the Earldom of Clancarty.


 Last updated 28 Jul 2010




9th Earl of Clancarty

(Ireland, let. pat. 11 Feb 1803)

9th Viscount Dunlo, of Dunlo and Balinasloe in the Counties of Galway and Roscommon

(Ireland, let. pat. 29 Dec 1800)

8th Viscount Clancarty, of the County of Cork

(United Kingdom, let. pat. 8 Dec 1823)

9th Baron Kilconnel, of Garbally in the County of Galway

(Ireland, let. pat. 25 Nov 1797)

8th Baron Trench, of Garbally in the County of Galway

(United Kingdom, let. pat. 4 Aug 1815)

8th Marquess of Heusden

(Netherlands, 1818)



22 New Orleans Walk, London N19 3ST



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