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Colwyn, Baron (UK, 1917)


Creation: let. pat. 22 Jun 1917


Family name: Smith later Hamilton-Smith




Per chevron Gules and Argent in chief two Cocks of the second in base a Whale spouting proper


Upon a Whale a Cock both as in the Arms


Dexter:  a Miner holding in his exterior hand and resting on his shoulder a Pick-Axe suspended from his belt a Miner's Lamp all proper;  Sinister: a Female Weaver holding in her exterior hand a Shuttle also proper


Gratias Ago (I give thanks)



Frederick Henry [Smith], 1st Baron Colwyn, PC

1st son of Joshua Smith, of Eccles, co. Lancaster, by his wife Elizabeth Whallet, dau. of John Henry Whalley, of Trawden, co. Lancaster


24 Jan 1859


3 Apr 1882 Elizabeth Ann Savage (d. 26 Jan 1945), dau. of Hamilton Savage, of Eccles, Manchester


26 Jan 1946


9 Jul 1912 Baronet of the United Kingdom, styled "of Colwyn Bay"

22 Jun 1917 Baron Colwyn, of Colwyn Bay in the County of Denbigh

suc. by



[Hon Frederick Henry Hamilton Smith]

1st son and heir app. of Frederick Henry [Smith], 1st Baron Colwyn


5 Jun 1887


14 Oct 1913 Hilda Ross (mar. (2) 20 Dec 1932 J F Hardy-Smith, of Cirencester;  d. 4 Sep 1964), 1st dau. of John Ross, of Alexandria, Egypt


v.p. 7 Jan 1931


father of Frederick John Vivian [Smith], 2nd Baron Colwyn


Frederick John Vivian [Smith], 2nd Baron Colwyn


26 Nov 1914

mar. (1)

21 Dec 1940  (div. 1951) Miriam Gwendoline Ferguson (f. 8 Jan 1996), only dau. of Victor Bruce Ferguson, of Abbotsdene, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, co. Gloucester

mar. (2)

18 Jul 1952 (div. 1954) Hermione Sophia O'Bryen Hoare (d. 1989), only dau. of Cyril Bertie Edward O'Bryen Hoare, of D'Avigdor House, Hove, co. Sussex, by his wife Isabel Mary Fielder, 2nd dau. of Edward Fielder

mar. (3)

8 Jan 1955 Beryl Reddington (former wife of Edward Chorley Cookson MBE, and widow of Mortimer Reddington;  mar. (4) 1969 Sir George Taylor;  d. 1987), dau. of Harvey Walker, of Heathgates House, co. Salop


29 May 1966

suc. by

son by first wife


Ian Anthony Hamilton [Smith later Hamilton-Smith], 3rd Baron Colwyn, CBE


1 Jan 1942

mar. (1)

30 May 1964 (div. 1977) Sonia Jane Morgan (d. 4 Sep 2006), 2nd dau. of Peter Henry Geoffrey Morgan, of Upton-on-Severn, co. Worcester

children by first wife

1. Hon Craig Peter Hamilton-Smith (b. 13 Oct 1968)

1. Hon Jacqueline Jane Hamilton-Smith (b. 5 Mar 1967)

mar. (2)

24 Mar 1977 Nicola Jeanne Tyers, dau. of Arthur Tyers, of The Avenue, Sunbury-on-Thames, co. Middlesex

children by second wife

2. Hon Kirsten Antonia Hamilton-Smith (b. 17 Jan 1981)

3. Hon Tanya Nicole Hamilton-Smith (b. 14 Jan 1983)


elected hereditary peer (Deputy Speaker - Conservative), House of Lords 1999


 Last updated 24 Oct 2006




3rd Baron Colwyn, of Colwyn Bay in the County of Denbigh

(United Kingdom, let. pat. 22 Jun 1917)

3rd Baronet, styled "of Colwyn Bay"

(United Kingdom, let. pat. 9 Jul 1912)



53 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8YH



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