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Essex, Earl of (E, 1461 - 1540)


Creation: let.pat. 30 Jun 1461


Extinct: 13 Mar 1539/40


Family name: Bourchier




Garter stall plate of Henry [Bourchier], 1st Earl of Essex, KG


(Plate LXI from W H St John Hope: The Stall Plates of the Knights of the Garter 1348-1485)



Quarterly: 1st and 4th, Argent a Cross engrailed Gules between four Water Bougets Sable (Bourchier); 2nd and 3rd, Gules billety Or a Fess of the second (Lovaine)


A Man's Head in profile proper ducally crowned Or with a Pointed Cap Gules



Henry [Bourchier], 5th Baron Bourchier later 1st Viscount Bourchier later 1st Earl of Essex, KG

1st son and heir of Sir William Bourchier, 1st Count of Eu, by his wife Lady Anne de Stafford, suo jure Countess of Buckingham, Hereford and Northampton, widow of Thomas and Edmund [de Stafford], 3rd and 5th Earls of Stafford, and 1st dau. of Thomas "of Woodstock", 1st Duke of Gloucester (by his wife Lady Alianore de Bohun, suo jure Countess of Essex, 1st dau. and cohrss. of Humphrey [de Bohun], 7th Earl of Hereford, 12th Earl of Essex and 2nd Earl of Northampton), 8th son of King Edward III


c. 1404


bef. 25 Apr 1426 his second cousin Lady Isabel Gray (b. 1409; widow of Sir Thomas Grey, of Heton, co. Northumberland; d. 2 Oct 1484; bur. with her husband in Bileigh Abbey, co. Essex - removed at its suppression to Little Easton), only dau. of Richard [Plantagenet], 3rd Earl of Cambridge (by his wife and first cousin twice removed Lady Anne de Mortimer, suo jure Countess of March and Ulster, sister and event. sole hrss. of Edmund [de Mortimer], 5th Earl of March, and 1st dau. of Roger [de Mortimer], 4th Earl of March (by his wife Lady Eleanor de Holand, 1st dau. of Thomas [de Holand], 2nd or 5th Earl of Kent), 1st son and heir of Edmund [de Mortimer], 3rd Earl of March, by his wife Lady Philippa Plantagenet, suo jure Countess of Ulster, only child of Lionel "of Antwerp", 1st Duke of Clarence (by his first wife and third cousin Lady Elizabeth de Burgh, suo jure Countess of Ulster, only child of William [de Burgh], 3rd Earl of Ulster, by his wife Lady Matilda Plantagenet, 2nd dau. by his first wife of Henry [Plantagenet], 3rd Earl of Lancaster), 3rd son of King Edward III), 2nd son of Edmund "of Langley, 1st Duke of York (by his first wife Isabella of Castile, 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Peter I, King of Castile, by his wife Maria Garcias de Padilla, dau. of John Garcias de Padilla), 5th son of King Edward III


1. Sir William Bourchier, styled Viscount Bourchier (dvp. after 12 Feb 1482/3), mar. bef. 15 Aug 1467 Lady Anne Wydville (mar. (2) Sir Edward Wingfield, and (3) as his first wife George [Grey], 2nd Earl of Kent; d. 30 Jul 1489), 2nd dau. and in her issue cohrss. of Richard [Wydville], 1st Earl Rivers, by his wife Jacquetta of Luxembourg, widow of John, 1st Duke of Bedford, and dau. of Peter of Luxembourg, Count of St Pol, and had issue:

1a. Sir Henry Bourchier, later 2nd Earl of Essex

1a. Lady Cicely Bourchier (d. betw. 9 Feb 1492/3 and 9 Jun 1493; bur. in the Church of St Michael Paternoster Row (Whitington College), London), mar. John [Devereux], 9th/2nd Baron Ferrers of Chartley, and had issue

2. Sir Henry Bourchier (dsp. Aug 1458), mar. as her first husband Elizabeth de Scales, suo jure Baroness Scales (mar. (2) bef. 23 Jul 1461 Anthony [Wydville], 2nd Earl Rivers; dsp. 2 Sep 1473), only dau. and hrss. of Thomas [de Scales], 7th Baron Scales, by his wife Ismayne Whalesburgh

3. Humphrey Bourchier, jure uxoris 4th Baron Cromwell (dsp. 14 Apr 1471), mar. bef. 14 Feb 1455/6 Joan Stanhope (mar. (2) Sir Robert Radclyffe, of Hunstanton, co. Norfolk; dsp. 10 Mar 1490), 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Sir Richard Stanhope, of Rampton, co. Nottingham, by his second wife Maud Cromwell, sister and hrss. of Ralph [Cromwell], 3rd Baron Cromwell, and only dau. of Ralph [Cromwell], 2nd Baron Cromwell

4. Sir John Bourchier (dsp. 1495), mar. (1) bef. 2 May 1462 as her second husband Elizabeth Grey, suo jure Baroness Ferrers of Groby (widow of Edward [Grey], jure uxoris 6th Baron Ferrers of Groby; d. c. 23 Jan 1482/3), only dau. and hrss. of Sir Henry Ferrers (by his wife Lady Isabel Mowbray, 2nd dau. by his second wife of Thomas [Mowbray], 1st Duke of Norfolk), 1st son and heir ap. by his first wife of William [de Ferrers], 5th Baron Ferrers of Groby, and mar. (2) bef. 6 Jul 1490 Elizabeth Assheton (widow of (1) John Kerielle, of Stockbury, co. Kent, and (2) Sir Ralph Assheton, of Kingsnorth and Cheriton, co. Kent; d. 2 Apr 1499), dau. of John Chichele, of Wimpole, co. Cambridge, Chamberlain of London, by his wife Margery Knolles, dau. of Thomas Knolles, grocer, twice Lord Mayor of London

5. Sir Thomas Bourchier (d. 26 Oct 1491), mar. (1) bef. 1472 Isabel Stafford (widow of Humphrey [Stafford], 1st Earl of Devon; d. 1 Mar 1488/9), dau. and hrss. of Sir John Barre, of Knebworth. co. Hertford, by his first wife Idoine Hotoft, dau. and hrss. of John Hotoft

6. Sir Edward Bourchier (d. unm.)

1. Lady Fulke Bourchier (d. young)

2. Lady Isabel Bourchier (d. young)


4 Apr 1483 (bur. with his wife in Bileigh Abbey, co. Essex - removed at its suppression to Little Easton)


14 Dec 1446 Viscount Bourchier

30 Jun 1461 Earl of Essex

suc. by



suc. his father as 2nd Count of Eu 28 May 1420; a banneret before 1426/7; suc. his cousin as 5th Baron Bourchier 1 Jul 1433; Knight of the Garter 1452; Lord High Treasurer of England 1455-56, 1460-62 and 1471-83; Chief Justice in Eyre, South of Trent 1461-83; Steward of the Household 1463-71; Chief Steward of the Duchy of Lancaster (Southern parts) 1471-83; Keeper of the Great Seal 1473; Master of the King's Hounds 1478


Henry [Bourchier], 2nd Earl of Essex, KG PC


c. 1472


c. 1498 Mary Say (d. after 5 Jun 1535), 1st dau. and cohrss. of Sir William Say, of Broxbourne and Essendon, co. Hertford, by his second wife Elizabeth Fray, dau. of Sir John Fray, Chief Baron of the Exchequer

only child

1. Lady Anne Bourchier, suo jure Baroness Bourchier (dsp. legit. 28 Jan 1570/1), mar. 9 Feb 1526/7 (div. by Act of Parliament 17 Apr 1543 declaring her children to be bastards) as his first wife William [Parr], 1st Marquess of Northampton, and had issue


s.p.m. 13 Mar 1539/40


Knight of the Bath 1477/8; Knight of the Garter c. 1499; Privy Councillor 1505; Captain of the Band of Gentlemen Pensioners1509-40; Constable of Windsor Castle 1511-24; Chief Captain of the King's Spears in France 1513; Marshal of the King's train at the "Field of Cloth of Gold" 1520


On the death of the 2nd Earl of Essex, the Earldom of Essex and the Viscountcy of Bourchier became extinct, the Barony of Bourchier passed to his only daughter and sole heiress, and the Countship of Eu passed to his cousin and heir male John [Bourchier], 2nd Earl of Bath


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