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Heytesbury, Baron (UK, 1828)


Creation: let. pat. 23 Jan 1828


Family name: Court later Holmes Court




Quarterly:  1st and 4th, Barry wavy of six Or and Azure on a Canton Gules a Lion of England (Holmes);  2nd and 3rd, Per fess Or and paly of six Erminois and Azure in chief an Eagle displayed Sable beaked and membered Gules charged on the body with two Chevronels Argent ( Court)


1st:  Out of a Naval Crown Or an Arm embowed in armour the Hand proper grasping a Trident Azure headed Or (Holmes);  2nd:  An Eagle displayed Sable charged on the body with two Chevronels Or and holding in the beak a Lily slipped proper ( Court)


On either side an Eagle wings elevated and displayed Sable beaked and membered Gules and holding in the beak a Lily slipped proper


Grandescunt Aucta Labore (Increased by labour, they grow large)



William [ Court], 1st Baron Heytesbury, GCB PC

1st son of Sir William Pierce Ashe Court, 1st Bt. MP, of Heytesbury, co. Wiltshire, by his second wife Laetitia Wyndham, dau. of Henry Wyndham, of Salisbury


11 Jul 1779


3 Oct 1808 Maria Rebecca Bouverie (b. Oct 1783; d. 6 Oct 1844), 2nd dau. of Hon William Henry Bouverie MP (by his wife Lady Bridget Douglas, only dau. by his second wife of James [Douglas], 14th Earl of Morton), 1st son by his second wife of William [Bouverie], 1st Earl of Radnor


1. Hon William Henry Ashe Court later Court Holmes, later 2nd Baron Heytesbury

2. Hon Frederick Ashe Court (b. 15 Dec 1818; dvp. 28 Jan 1840)

1. Hon Cecilia Maria Court (b. c. 1811; d. 25 Dec 1889), mar. 27 Dec 1845 Hon Robert Daly (d. 15 Jan 1892), 5th son of James [Daly], 1st Baron Dunsandle and Clanconal, by his wife Maria Elizabeth Smyth, 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Rt Hon Sir Skeffington Smyth, 1st Bt. MP, and had issue


31 May 1860


23 Jan 1828 Baron Heytesbury, of Heytesbury in the County of Wiltshire

suc. by



Secretary of Legation at Naples 1801-07; Secretary to special mission to Vienna 1807; Envoy to the Barbary States 1813 and to Naples 1814-22; suc. his father 22 Jul 1817 as 2nd Baronet of Heytesbury House;  Privy Councillor 1817; GCB 1819; Envoy to Spain 1822-24; Ambassador to Portugal 1824-28 and to Russia 1828-32; nominated Viceroy of India 1835 but never took office owing to the resignation of the Peel Ministry, by whom he had been appointed; Lord Lieutenant of Ireland 1844-46; Governor of the Isle of Wight 1841-57


William Henry Ashe [ Court later Court Holmes], 2nd Baron Heytesbury


11 Jul 1809


3 Oct 1833 Elizabeth Worsley-Holmes (b.c. 1815; d. 30 Jun 1874), 1st dau. and cohrss. of Sir Leonard Thomas Worsley-Holmes, 9th Bt. MP, of Westover, Isle of Wight, by his wife and first cousin once removed Anne Redstone Delgarno, dau. of John Delgarno, of Newport, Isle of Wight


1. Hon William Leonard Court Holmes later Holmes Court (b. 19 Jan 1835; dvp. 16 Dec 1885), mar. 24 Sep 1861 Isabella Sophia Beadon (d. 24 Sep 1908), 1st dau. of Rev Richard Court Beadon, Vicar of Cheddar, co. Somerset, and had issue:

1a. William Frederick Holmes Court, later 3rd Baron Heytesbury

2a. Hon Leonard Holmes Court, later 4th Baron Heytesbury

3a. Hon Richard Henry Holmes Court (b. 23 Jan 1866; d. 7 Jan 1930)

4a. Hon Charles Holmes Court (b. 16 Dec 1867; d. 21 Dec 1922), mar. (1) 13 Apr 1893 Marion May Busfeild (d. 17 Feb 1913), 1st dau. of Walker Busfeild, of Charlton, co. Somerset, and (2) 7 Mar 1918 Lydia Gertrude Manning (mar. (2) 4 Jul 1927 her brother-in-law Vice Admiral Hon Herbert Edward Holmes Court; dsp. 19 Nov 1987), 2nd surv. dau. of William Manning, of Wing, co. Buckingham, and had issue by his first wife:

1b. Capt Richard William Herbert Holmes Court (b. 25 Sep 1897; d. 31 Jan 1939)

5a. Vice Admiral Hon Herbert Edward Holmes Court (b. 16 Feb 1869; dsp. 21 Oct 1934), mar. 4 Jul 1927 his sister-in-law Lydia Gertrude Holmes Court (widow of Hon Charles Holmes Court; dsp. 19 Nov 1987), 2nd surv. dau. of William Manning, of Wing, co. Buckingham

6a. Hon Alfred Holmes Court (b. 24 Apr 1870; d. 18 Jan 1941), mar. 4 Oct 1900 Constance Isabel Newton (d. 1963), dau. of Charles John Newton, and had issue:

1b. Bridget Holmes Court OBE, Chief Commander ATS World War II (b. 27 Aug 1901)

7a. Hon Henry Worsley Holmes Court (b. 1 Sep 1871; d. 5 Oct 1924), mar. 23 Apr 1901 Evelyn Spencer Woolley (d. 31 Jan 1947), 3rd dau. of W Edward Woolley, of The Red House, Loughborough, co. Leicester, and had issue:

1b. Robert Anthony Pierce Holmes Court (b. 7 Jul 1905; d. 19...), mar. 6 Mar 1930 Mrs Edith Clarice Mason, dau. of J W Elworthy

2b. Peter Worsley Holmes Court (b. 15 Apr 1912 ; d. 23 Jul 1966), mar. (1) 2 Oct 1936 (div. 1950) Ethnee Celia Cumming, dau. of H R Cumming, of Gwelo, Southern Rhodesia, and (2) 12 Jun 1951 Hilda Rose Hunt, and had issue by his first wife:

1c. (Michael) Robert Hamilton Holmes Court (b. 27 Jul 1937 ; d. 1990), mar. 18 May 1966 Janet Lee Ranford, dau. of F H Ranford, of Perth, Western Australia, Australia, and had issue:

1d. Peter Michael Hamilton Holmes Court, heir presumptive to the Barony of Heytesbury (b. 1968), mar. 17 Jun 1995 Divonne Jarecki, of New York, USA

2d. Simon Antony Holmes Court (b. 1972)

3d. Paul William Holmes Court (b. 1973)

1d. Catherine Elizabeth Holmes Court (b. 1969), mar. Robert Mather, and has issue

2c. Simon Roger Holmes Court, game ranger (b. 26 Oct 1939)

1b. Marjorie Sophie Holmes Court MBE (b. 23 Jul 1903)

1a. Emily Caroline Holmes Court (b. 16 Jul 1864; d. 14 Aug 1892)

2a. Hon Edith Mary Holmes Court (b. 24 Apr 1874; d. 15 Sep 1961), mar. 31 Dec 1907 Frederick John Press, of Clifton (d. 26 Sep 1944), and had issue

3a. Hon Elizabeth Ann Holmes Court (b. 28 Apr 1878; d. 10 Nov 1962), mar. 12 Jul 1900 Arthur Stanley Rogers (d. 1916), and had issue

2. Lieut Hon Frederick Court Holmes (b. 24 Aug 1839; d. 1919)

3. Capt Hon Henry Court Holmes (b. 26 Jun 1841; dvp. 4 Jan 1885)

4. Hon Charles George Court Holmes (b. 8 Dec 1843; d. 10 Jan 1924), mar. (1) 8 Apr 1874 Mary Anderson (d. 22 Feb 1875), dau. of John Henry Anderson, (2) 12 Apr 1877 Mary West Howe (d. 29 Oct 1889), only child of William Howe, of Glenlee, New South Wales, Australia, (3) 1 Jan 1895 Martha Clowes (dsps. 22 Jun 1899), dau. of Herbert W Clowes, and (4) 26 Jun 1901 Mary Are Johnstone Ralfe (widow of Henry Ralfe; d. 28 Dec 1944), dau. of R L Jenkins, of Nepean Towers, New South Wales, Australia, and had issue by his first, third and fourth wives

5. Lt Col Hon Edward Alexander Court Holmes, Chief Constable of Oxfordshire (b. 23 Oct 1845; d. 23 Jun 1923), mar. 21 Dec 1880 Adelaide Sophie Hamersley (d. 6 May 1945), yst. dau. of Hugh Hamersley, of Pyrton Manor, co. Oxford, and had issue

6. Hon Arthur Wyndham Court Holmes, Surveyor of Public Works Antigua 1872-1903 (b. 7 May 1848; d. 2 Oct 1915), mar. 23 Oct 1873 Ann Berkeley Hartman-Berkeley (d. 7 Apr 1935), 2nd dau. of Hon Thomas Berkeley Hartman-Berkeley CMG, Vice-President of the General Council of the Leeward Islands, and had issue

1. Hon Elizabeth Court Holmes (d. 20 Aug 1902), mar. 16 Jun 1859 Edward Wilkes Wand, of Manston Hall, co. York, son of Edward Wand, of Manston Hall and Chester Court, co. York, and had issue

2. Hon Emily Court Holmes (d. 3 Jan 1868), mar. 21 Aug 1862 as his first wife Edward Donough [O'Brien], 14th Baron Inchiquin, and had issue

3. Hon Gertrude Anne Court Holmes (d. 1 Sep 1933), mar. 25 Jan 1882 Hugh Hamersely, of Pyrton manor, co. Oxford (d. 2 Nov 1884)

4. Hon Margaret Court Holmes, a nun (d. 21 Feb 1933)


21 Apr 1891

suc. by



Member of Parliament (Conservative) for the Isle of Wight 1837-47


William Frederick [Holmes Court], 3rd Baron Heytesbury


25 Jun 1862


19 Nov 1887 Margaret Anna Harman (d. 7 Jan 1920), 2nd dau. of John Nixon Harman, of Tadmarton, co. Oxford


1. Hon William Leonard Holmes Court (b. 14 Aug 1889; dvp. 16 Nov 1889)

1. Hon Margaret Elinor Holmes Court (b. 22 Aug 1888; d. 3 Mar 1957), mar. 4 Apr 1907 Ven Henry Edward FitzHerbert, Archdeacon of Derby 1943-52 (b. 29 Dec 1882; d. 3 Apr 1958), 4th son of Rev Sir Richard FitzHerbert, 5th Bt., by his wife Mary Anne Arkwright, yst. dau. of Edward Arkwright, of Hatton, and had issue


s.p.m.s. 15 Aug 1903

suc. by



Leonard [Holmes Court], 4th Baron Heytesbury


11 Jun 1863


9 Sep 1896 Sybil Mary Morris (d. 20 Apr 1937), dau. of Capt Frank B Morris


1. Hon William Leonard Frank Holmes Court, later 5th Baron Heytesbury

1. Hon Sybil Nancy Holmes Court (b. 20 Jun 1897; d. 4 Jun 1970), mar. 12 May 1933 Lt Col Geoffrey Richard Marriott Bowly, of Manor Lodge, Aller, nr. Langport, co. Somerset, and had issue

2. Hon Betty Mary Holmes Court (b. 9 Jun 1902; d. 19...), mar. (1) 31 Jul 1923 (div. 1946) Cdr Vivian John Robinson RN, and (2) 18 Sep 1956 Alfred Esmond Robinson CBE MC, only son of Alfred Roberts Robinson, of Blackwell House, co. Somerset, and had issue by her first husband


2 Feb 1949

suc. by



William Leonard Frank [Holmes Court], 5th Baron Heytesbury


17 Apr 1906


11 May 1926 Beryl Crawford (d.8 Oct 1968), yst. dau. of Albert Edward Bredin Crawford, of Aston Clinton House, co. Buckingham

only child

1. Hon Frances William Holmes Court, later 6th Baron Heytesbury


27 Nov 1971

suc. by



Francis William [Holmes Court], 6th Baron Heytesbury


8 Nov 1931


22 Sep 1962 Alison J Balfour, 1st dau. of Michael Graham Balfour CBE, of Prince Arthur Road, Hampstead, London NW3


1. Hon James William Holmes Court, later 7th Baron Heytesbury

1. Hon Sarah Camilla Holmes Court (b. 20 Apr 1965), mar. 1989 James T C Dobell, of Montagu Mansions, London, and has issue


5 Oct 2004

suc. by



James William [Holmes Court], 7th Baron Heytesbury


30 Jul 1967


The heir presumptive to the Barony of Heytesbury is Peter Michael Hamilton Holmes Court, a great-great-great-grandson of the 2nd Baron Heytesbury and third cousin of the present Baron.


 Last updated 9 Oct 2004




7th Baron Heytesbury, of Heytesbury in the County of Wiltshire

(United Kingdom, let. pat. 23 Jan 1828)

8th Baronet, styled "of Heytesbury House"

(Great Britain, let. pat. 4 Jul 1795)



The Manor House, Tarrant Keyneston, Dorset



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