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Hyndford, Earl of (S, 1701 - 1817)


Creation: let.pat. 25 Jun 1701


Extinct: 18 Apr 1817


Family name: Carmichael




Argent a Fess wreathed Azure and Gules


A Dexter Hand and Arm in Armour erect holding a Broken Spear proper


Dexter:  A Knight armed at all points holding in his right hand a Marischal's Baton proper;  Sinister:  A War Horse Argent furnished Gules


 Toujours Prest



John [Carmichael], 2nd Lord Carmichael later 1st Earl of Hyndford, PC

only son and heir of Hon William Carmichael, Master of Carmichael (by his wife Lady Grizel Douglas, 3rd dau. by his first wife of William [Douglas], 1st Marquess of Douglas), 1st son and heir ap. of James [Carmichael], 1st Lord Carmichael, by his wife Agnes Wilkie, dau. of William Wilkie of Foulden


28 Feb 1637/8


after 9 Dec 1669 Hon Beatrix Drummond, 2nd dau. and cohrss. of David [Drummond], 3rd Lord Maderty, by his second wife Lady Beatrice Graham, 6th dau. of John [Graham], 4th Earl of Montrose


1. Hon James Carmichael, later 2nd Earl of Hyndford

2. Hon William Carmichael of Skirling (b. c. 1671; d. 29 Dec 1759), mar. (1) 1709 Helen Craig, only child of Thomas Craig of Riccartoun, and (2) Margaret Menzies, and had issue by his first wife:

1a. John Carmichael, later 4th Earl of Hyndford

2a. John Carmichael of Hailes (d. 1781)

3a. Thomas Carmichael (d. young)

1a. Elizabeth Carmichael (d. 1783)

2a. Helen Carmichael (d. 2 Jun 1787), mar. John Gibson of Durie (d. 18 Jan 1767), and had issue

3. Hon Daniel Carmichael of Mauldsley (d. Oct 1708), mar. Barbara Lockhart, dau. of Sir George Lockhart of Carnwath, and had issue:

1a. Daniel Carmichael of Mauldsley (d. 25 Oct 1765), mar. 1742 Emilia Hepburn, dau. of Rev John Hepburn, of Edinburgh, and had issue:

1b. Daniel Carmichael (d. unm.)

2b. John Carmichael (d. unm.)

3b. William Carmichael of Mauldsley (d. 27 May 1778)

4b. Thomas Carmichael, later 5th Earl of Hyndford

5b. Andrew Carmichael, later 6th Earl of Hyndford

1b. Grizel Carmichael, mar. Archibald Nisbet of Carfin, and had issue

4. Hon David Carmichael (d. young)

5. Hon John Carmichael (dsp.)

6. Hon Charles Carmichael (dsp.)

7. Hon Archibald Carmichael (d. young)

1. Lady Beatrix Carmichael, mar. 1700 John Cockburn of Ormiston

2. Lady Mary Carmichael, mar. John Montgomery of Giffen

3. Lady Anne Carmichael (d. c. 1720), mar. 8 Apr 1709 as his first wife Sir John Maxwell of Pollock, 2nd Bt., and had issue


20 Sep 1710


25 Jun 1701 Lord Carmichael of Carmichael, Viscount of Inglisberry and Nemphlar, and Earl of Hyndford, with remainder to his heirs male and of entail succeeding him in his lands and estates

suc. by



suc. his father 29 Nov 1672 as 2nd Lord Carmichael; a Commissioner for the Office of Lord Privy Seal; Privy Councillor [S]; High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland 1690 and 1694-99; Chancellor of the University of Glasgow 1692-1715; Col of a Regiment of Dragoons 1702; Secretary of State for Scotland 1696-1702; a Commissioner for the treaty of the Union 1705


James [Carmichael], 2nd Earl of Hyndford



25 Mar 1698 Lady Elizabeth Maitland (b. c. 1684; d. 27 Nov 1755), dau. of John [Maitland], 5th Earl of Lauderdale, by his wife Lady Margaret Cunningham, only dau. and hrss. of Alexander [Cunningham], 10th Earl of Glencairn


1. Hon John Carmichael, later 3rd Earl of Hyndford

2. Most Rev Hon William Carmichael, Archbishop of Dublin 1765 (d. 1765)

3. Hon James Carmichael MP (dsp. 1754)

4. Hon Archibald Carmichael (dsp. 1745)

5. Hon Charles Carmichael (dsp. 1732)

1. Lady Margaret Carmichael, mar. 24 Jan 1717 Sir John Anstruther of Anstruther, 1st Bt. MP, and had issue

2. Lady Mary Carmichael, mar. Charles O'Hara, of Annaghmore, co. Sligo

3. Lady Anne Carmichael, mar. Gerard Dusign, of Bath

4. Lady Elizabeth Carmichael (d. young)

5. Lady Rachel Carmichael (d. young)

6. Lady Grace Carmichael (d. young)


16 Aug 1737

suc. by



Col of a Regiment of Dragoons 1706; Brig General 1710; a Lord of Police 1715-37


John [Carmichael], 3rd Earl of Hyndford, KT PC


15 Mar 1700/1

mar. (1)

Sep 1732 Elizabeth Marsham, a Lady of the Bedchamber to the Princess of Orange (b. 2 Nov 1692; widow of Robert [Marsham], 1st Baron Romney; d. 17 Nov 1750), dau. and cohrss. of Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovel, by his wife Elizabeth Narborough, widow of Sir John Narborough and dau. of Capt John Hill RN, a Commissioner of the Navy

only child by first wife

1. Hon Frederick Carmichael (dvp. 13 Aug 1736)

mar. (2)

22 Dec 1756 Jean Vigor (b. c. 1726; d. 8 Feb 1807), dau. of Benjamin Vigor, of Fulham, co. Middlesex


s.p.s. 19 Jul 1767

suc. by



Capt, 3rd Foot Guards 1733; a Representative Peer (Whig) for Scotland 1737/8-61 and 1761-67; a Lord of Police 1738-67; High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland 1739 and 1740; Lord Lieutenant of Lanarkshire 1739-67; Envoy to Prussia 1741-42; Knight of the Thistle 1742; Envoy to Russia 1744-49; Privy Councillor 1750; a Lord of the Bedchamber 1752; Ambassador to Vienna 1752 and 1764; Vice Admiral of Scotland 1764


John [Carmichael], 4th Earl of Hyndford


5 May 1710


16 Jan 1749 Janet Grant (d. 6 Jul 1818), 1st dau. and hrss. of line of William Grant, of Prestongate, co. Haddington, a Lord of Session


s.p. 21 Dec 1787

suc. by

cousin once removed


a Member of the Faculty of Advocates 1737


Thomas [Carmichael], 5th Earl of Hyndford


c. 1750


14 Feb 1811

suc. by




Andrew [Carmichael], 6th Earl of Hyndford



18 Apr 1817


an officer in the 16th Light Dragoons 1776-94 and served in America


On the death of the 6th Earl of Hyndford the Earldom of Hyndford became extinct.


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