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Jocelyn, Viscount (I, 1755)


Creation: let.pat. 6 Dec 1755


Family name: Jocelyn




See Earl of Roden



Robert [Jocelyn], 1st Baron Newport later 1st Viscount Jocelyn, PC

only son of Thomas Jocelyn, of Sawbridgeworth, co. Hertford (by his wife Anne Bray, dau. of Thomas Bray, of Westminster), 3rd son of Sir Robert Jocelyn, 1st Bt., of Hyde Hall, co. Hertford, by his wife Jane Strange, dau. and cohrss. of Robert Strange, of Somerford, co. Wiltshire


c. 1688

mar. (1)

after 24 Jul 1720 Charlotte Anderson (d. 23 Feb 1747; bur. at Donnybrook, co. Dublin), dau. and cohrss. of Charles Anderson, of Worcester

only child by first wife

1. Hon Robert Jocelyn, later 2nd Viscount Jocelyn later 1st Earl of Roden

mar. (2)

15 Nov 1754 Frances Parsons (widow of Richard [Parsons], 1st Earl of Rosse; d. 25 May 1772), dau. of Thomas Claxton, of Dublin


3 Dec 1756 (bur. at Sawbridgeworth, co. Hertford)


29 Nov 1743 Baron Newport, of Newport in the County of Tipperary

6 Dec 1755 Viscount Jocelyn

suc. by

son by first wife


admitted to Gray's Inn 1709; Member of Parliament for Granard 1725-27 and for Newtonards 1727-39; Third Serjeant-at-Law [I] 1726-27; Solicitor-General [I] 1727-30; Attorney-General [I] 1730-39; Privy Councillor [I] 1739; Lord High Chancellor of Ireland 1739-56


Robert [Jocelyn], 2nd Viscount Jocelyn later 1st Earl of Roden, PC


1 Dec 1771 Earl of Roden, of High Roding in the County of Tipperary


The Viscountcy of Jocelyn has been held by the Earls of Roden since 1 Dec 1771.


 First written 12 Aug 2007



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