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Life Peers - A


Acton of Bridgnorth, Baron, of Aldenham in the County of Shropshire

Rt Hon Richard Gerald [Lyon-Dalberg-Acton], 4th Baron Acton

created: 17 Apr 2000

extinct: 10 Oct 2010

Arms:  See Baron Acton


Adams of Craigielea, Baroness, of Craigielea in Renfrewshire

Mrs (Katherine Patricia) Irene Adams

created:  28 Jun 2005


Adeane, Baron, of Stamfordham in the County of Northumberland

Rt Hon Sir Michael Edward Adeane GCB KCVO

created: 20 Apr 1972

extinct: 30 Apr 1984


Adebowale, Baron (created 2001)


Adonis, Baron, of Camden Town in the London Borough of Camden

Andrew Adonis

created: 16 May 2005


Afshar, Baroness, of Heslington in the County of North Yorkshire

Prof Haleh Afshar OBE

created: 11 Dec 2007


Agnew of Oulton, Baron, of Oulton in the County of Norfolk

Sir Theodore Thomas More Agnew

created: 19 Oct 2017


Ahmad of Wimbledon, Baron, of Wimbledon in the London Borough of Merton

Tariq Mahmood Ahmad

created: 13 Jan 2011


Ahmed, Baron (created 1998)


Airey of Abingdon, Baroness (created 1979 - extinct 1992)


Alderdice, Baron (created 1996)


Alexander of Potterhill, Baron, of Paisley in the County of Renfrew

Sir William Picken Alexander

created: 2 Sep 1974

extinct: 8 Sep 1993

No arms


Alexander of Weedon, Baron (created 1988 - extinct 2005)


Allan of Hallam, Baron, of Ecclesall in the County of South Yorkshire

Richard Beecroft Allan

created: 22 Jul 2010


Allan of Kilmahew, Baron, of Cardross in the County of Dunbartonshire

Robert Alexander Allan DSO OBE

created: 16 Jul 1973

extinct: 4 Apr 1979


Allen of Abbeydale, Baron, of the City of Sheffield

Sir Philip Allen GCB

created: 12 Jul 1976

extinct: 27 Nov 2007

Arms: Barry of twelve Azure and Argent two Swords in saltire points in base proper Hilts Pommels and Quillons Or surmounted by a Representation of the Tower of Beauchief Abbey proper; Crest: Within a Wreath of Holly proper a Boar's Head erased behind the ears Argent holding in the jaws a Dice Or; Supporters: On either side a Tricolour King Charles Spaniel the Compartment comprising a Grassy Mount growing therefrom Sprigs of Holly all proper; Motto: Ad Recta Tende


Allen of Fallowfield, Baron, of Fallowfield in Greater Manchester

Alfred Walter Henry Allen CBE

created: 10 Jul 1974

extinct: 14 Jan 1985


Allen of Kensington, Baron, of Kensington in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Sir Charles Lamb Allen CBE

created: 2 Oct 2013


Alli, Baron, of Norbury in the London Borough of Croydon

Waheed Alli

created: 18 Jul 1998

Arms: Azure on a Cross Argent between four Suns issuing from the dexter and sinister chief and from the dexter and sinister base a Cross flory Gules each limb banded Or; Crest: A Scarlet Ibis proper grasping in the sinister claws a Rose Gules barbed seeded slipped and leaved Or; Supporters: On either side a Jaguar Or spotted Azure grasping in the interior forefoot a Sugar Cain Or; Motto: Pro multis non pro paucis; Badge: Out of a Rim Or fimbriated Argent the Jaguar Heads conjoined Or spotted Azure


Alliance, Baron, of Manchester in the County of Greater Manchester

Sir David Alliance GBE

created: 1 Jul 2004


Alport, Baron, of Colchester in the County of Essex

Rt Hon Cuthbert James McCall Alport TD DL

created: 16 Feb 1961

extinct: 28 Oct 1998

Arms: Barry wavy Argent and Azure on a Bend Or a Tudor Rose Argent on Gules between two Oyster Shells of the last; Crest: A Demi lion Or gorged with a Mural Crown Gules within a Norman Arch proper; Supporters: Dexter: a Representation of a Roman Centurion supporting a Vexillum of the XXth Legion proper; Sinister: a Representation of an Ancient Briton proper; Motto: Ferio tego


Altmann, Baroness, of Tottenham in the London Borough of Haringey

Rosalind Miriam Altmann CBE

created:  19 May 2015


Alton of Liverpool, Baron, of Mossley Hill in the County of Merseyside

David Patrick Paul Alton

created: 12 Jun 1997

No arms


Amery of Lustleigh, Baron, of Preston in the County of Lancashire and of Brighton in the County of East Sussex

Rt Hon (Harold) Julian Amery

created: 8 Jul 1992

extinct: 3 Sep 1996

No arms


Amos, Baroness, of Brondesbury in the London Borough of Brent

Valerie Ann Amos

created: 24 Sep 1997

No arms


Anderson of Swansea, Baron, of Swansea in the County of West Glamorgan

Rt Hon Donald Anderson

created:  28 Jun 2005


Andrews, Baroness, of Southover in the County of East Sussex

Elizabeth Kay Andrews OBE

created: 9 May 2000


Anelay of St Johns, Baroness, of St Johns in the County of Surrey

Dame Joyce Anne Anelay DBE

created: 14 Oct 1996

No arms


Annan, Baron, of the Royal Burgh of Annan in the County of Dumfriesshire

Noel Gilroy Annan OBE

created: 16 Jul 1965

extinct: 21 Feb 2000

No arms


Arbuthnot of Edrom, Baron, of Edrom in the County of Berwick

Rt Hon James Norwich Arbuthnot

created: 1 Oct 2015


Archer of Sandwell, Baron, of Sandwell in the County of West Midlands

Rt Hon Peter Kingsley Archer QC

created: 9 Jul 1992

extinct: 14 Jun 2012

No arms


Archer of Weston-super-Mare, Baron, of Mark in the County of Somerset

Jeffrey Howard Archer

created: 27 Jul 1992

No arms


Ardwick, Baron, of Barnes in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

John Cowburn Morgan Beavan

created: 16 Jan 1970

extinct: 13 Aug 1994

Arms: Or a Dragon passant between two Roses Gules barbed and seeded proper in chief and in base on a Pile reversed Gules an Owl Argent; Crest: A Cock criant standing upon a Hand Mirror proper the Frame and Handle Or; Supporters: On either side a Representation of an Angel holding in the superior hand a Shepherd's Crook proper; Motto: In omnia paratus (Prepared in all things)


Armstrong of Hill Top, Baroness, of Crook in the County of Durham

Rt Hon Hilary Jane Armstrong

created:  18 Jun 2010


Armstrong of Ilminster, Baron, of Ashill in the County of Somerset

Sir Robert Temple Armstrong GCB CVO

created: 26 Feb 1988

Arms: Paly of four Gules and Sable three lilies slipped in pale Argent between four Arms embowed in Armour issuing from the flanks Or; Crest: A Chough wings elevated and addorsed proper grasping in the dexter foot a Penner attached thereto two Cords reflexed over the back and terminating in an Inkhorn Or; Supporters: On either side a Black and White Cat reguardant proper gorged with a Plain Collar Or; Motto: Suaviter In Modo, Fortiter in Re; Badge: Three Arms embowed in Armour conjoined at the shoulder Or the hands gauntleted in pall reversed each grasping a Lily slipped Argent


Armstrong of Sanderstead, Baron, of the City of Westminster

Rt Hon Sir William Armstrong GCB MVO PC

created: 29 Jan 1975

extinct: 12 Jul 1980


Armstrong-Jones, Baron, of Nymans in the County of West Sussex

Rt Hon Antony Charles Robert [Armstrong-Jones], 1st Earl of Snowdon GCVO

created: 16 Nov 1999

extinct:  13 Jan 2017

Arms: See Earl of Snowdon


Arwyn, Baron, of Glais in the County of Glamorganshire

Arwyn Randall Davies

created: 29 Dec 1964

extinct: 23 Feb 1978


Ashby, Baron, of Brandon in the County of Suffolk

Sir Eric Ashby FRS

created: 6 Jul 1973

extinct: 22 Oct 1992


Ashcroft, Baron, of Chichester in the County of West Sussex

Sir Michael Anthony Ashcroft KCMG

created: 20 Oct 2000

Arms: Or gutté Sable two Barrulets dancetty acute each interlaced with a Bar Gules; Crest: A Baird's Tapir statant Sable gorged with a Plain Collar attached thereto a Line reflexed over the back and ringed Or; Supporters: On either side a Keel-Billed Toucan proper; Motto: Sleep wid you own eye; Badge: Two Keel-Billed Toucans volant in saltire their wings addorsed proper


Ashdown, Baron, of Chelwood in the County of East Sussex

Sir Arnold Silverstone

created: 3 Jan 1975

extinct: 24 Jul 1977


Ashdown of Norton-sub-Hamdon, Baron, of Norton-sub-Hamdon in the County of Somerset

Rt Hon Sir Jeremy John Durham Ashdown KBE

created: 10 Jul 2001


Ashley of Stoke, Baron, of Widnes in the County of Cheshire

Rt Hon Jack Ashley CH

created: 10 Jul 1992

extinct: 20 Apr 2012

No arms


Ashton of Upholland, Baroness, of St Albans in the County of Hertfordshire

Catherine Margaret Ashton

created: 2 Aug 1999


Asquith of Yarnbury, Baroness, of Yarnbury in the County of Wiltshire

Dame Helen Violet Bonham-Carter DBE

created: 21 Dec 1964

extinct: 19 Feb 1969


Attenborough, Baron, of Richmond upon Thames in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

Sir Richard Samuel Attenborough CBE

created: 30 Jul 1993

extinct:  24 Aug 2014

No arms


Aylestone, Baron, of Aylestone in the City of Leicester

Rt Hon Herbert William Bowden CH CBE

created: 20 Sep 1967

extinct: 30 Apr 1994

No arms




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