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Life Peerages - C


Caccia, Baron, of Abernant in the County of Breconshire

Sir Harold Anthony Caccia GCMG GCVO GCStJ

created: 11 May 1965

extinct: 31 Oct 1990

Arms: Per bend barry of six Gules and Argent and Or in base a Lion's Gamb erased of the first; Crest: An Eagle wings elevated Sable gorged with a Collar paly Argent and Gules resting the dexter claw on a Roundel Argent charged with a Fleur-de-lys Gules; Supporters: On either side a Lion Gules supporting between the fore paws a Staff at the head a Fleur-de-lys Or; Motto: Seguo ed inseguo


Caine, Baron, of Temple Newsm in the City of Leeds

Jonathan Michael Caine

created:  2 Sep 2016


Callaghan of Cardiff, Baron, of the City of Cardiff in the Royal County of South Glamorganshire

Rt Hon Sir (Leonard) James Callaghan KG

created: 5 Nov 1987

extinct: 26 Mar 2005

Arms: Quarterly Vert and Azure in the former a Portcullis Or in the latter a Lymphad with an Anchor at its prow and masted Or the Sail set Argent and Pennants flying Gules overall a Fess Or to the sinister thereof a Grassy Mount with a Hurst of Oak Trees and issuing therefrom passant to the dexter a Wolf proper; Crest: A Seadragon sejant Gules langued and scaled Or its Tail of the last and scaled Gules the Dorsal Fin also Gules about the neck a Mural Crown Or masoned Gules and supporting to the front with the fin of the dexter foreleg a Portcullis Gold; Motto: Malo laborare quam languere


Callanan, Baron, of Low Fell in the County of Tyne & Wear

Martin John Callanan

created:  24 Sep 2014


Cameron of Balhousie, Baron, in the District of Perth and Kinross

Marshal of the RAF Sir Neil Cameron KT GCB CBE DSO DFC AE

created: 14 Mar 1983

extinct: 29 Jan 1985


Cameron of Dillington, Baron, of Dillington in the County of Somerset

Sir Ewen James Hanning Cameron

created: 29 Jun 2004


Cameron of Lochbroom, Baron, of Lochbroom in the District of Ross and Cromarty

Rt Hon Kenneth John Cameron QC

created: 8 Jun 1984

Arms:  Gules three Bars Or overall two Flaunches Ermine at the honour point also overall a Fleur-de-lys Sable, a Label of three points for difference;  Crest:  A Kittiwake alighting wings expanded proper;  Motto:  Et Regi Et Legi Servire


Campbell of Alloway, Baron, of Ayr in the District of Kyle and Carrick

Alan Robertson Campbell ERD QC

created: 2 Jun 1981

extinct:  30 Jum 2013

No arms


Campbell of Croy, Baron, of Croy in the County of Nairne

Rt Hon Gordon Thomas Calthrop Campbell MC DL

created: 9 Jan 1975

extinct: 26 Apr 2005

Arms: Gyronny of eight Or and Sable overall on a Fess Ermine two Pheons point upwards Gules; Crest: Between two Sprays of Red Roses barbed and leaved proper and tied in base with a Riband Or a Lyre Sable; Supporters: Dexter: An Osprey; Sinister: A Curlew, both proper; Motto: Dulce patriae servire


Campbell of Eskan, Baron, of Camis Eskan in the County of Dunbartonshire

Sir John (Jock) Middleton Campbell

created: 14 Jan 1966

extinct: 26 Dec 1994

Arms: Gyronny of eight pieces Or and Sable and in chief a Mullet counterchanged of the field all within a Bordure embattled Vert charged with eight Buckles of the first; Crest: A Boar's Head erect and erased Or; Supporters: On either side a Jaguar proper gorged of Chaplets of Bog-Myrtle also proper; Motto: Fac et spera (Do and hope)


Campbell of Loughborough, Baroness, of Loughborough in the County of Leicestershire

Susan Catherine Campbell CBE

created:  10 Nov 2008


Campbell of Pittenweem, Baron, of Pittenweem in the County of Fife

Rt Hon Sir Walter Menzies Campbell CH CBE QC

created: 13 Oct 2015


Campbell of Surbiton, Baroness, of Surbiton in the Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames

Dame Jane Susan Campbell DBE

created: 30 Mar 2007


Campbell-Savours, Baron, of Allerdale in the County of Cumbria

Dale Norman Campbell-Savours

created: 4 Jul 2001


Caradon, Baron, of St Cleer in the County of Cornwall

Rt Hon Sir Hugh Mackintosh Foot GCMG KCVO OBE

created: 27 Oct 1964

extinct: 5 Sep 1990

Arms: Or an a Chevron engrailed Sable between three Lions' Gambs erect and erased Gules three Wheels Or; Crest: Perching on a Tower Sable supported by two Lions' Gambs erect Gules a Cornish Chough proper; Supporters: On either side an African Lion proper charged on the shoulder with the Head of a Trident Or within a Wreath a two Olive Branches leaved and the Stems crossed in saltire Argent, the whole on a Compartment of Rock in the middle thereof a Pit proper; Motto: Pro lege et libertate (For law and liberty)


Carey of Clifton, Baron, of Clifton in the City and County of Bristol

Rt Rev & Rt Hon George Leonard Carey DD

created:  1 Nov 2002


Carrington of Fulham, Baron, of Fulham in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

Matthew Hadrian Marshall Carrington

created:  11 Sep 2013


Carington of Upton, Baron, of Upton in the County of Nottinghamshire

Rt Hon Peter Alexander Rupert [Carington], 6th Baron Carrington, KG GCMG CH MC DL PC

created: 17 Nov 1999

Arms: See Baron Carrington


Carlisle of Berriew, Baron, of Berriew in the County of Powys

Alexander Charles Carlisle CBE QC

created: 27 Jul 1999


Carlisle of Bucklow, Baron, of Mobberley in the County of Cheshire

Rt Hon Mark Carlisle QC DL

created: 2 Nov 1987

extinct:  14 Jul 2005

No arms


Carmichael of Kelvingrove, Baron, of Camlachie in the District of Glasgow

Neil George Carmichael

created: 10 Oct 1983

extinct: 19 Jul 2001

No arms


Carnegy of Lour, Baroness, of Lour in the District of Angus

Elizabeth Patricia Carnegy of Lour DL

created: 14 Jul 1982

extinct: 9 Nov 2010

Arms: Or an Eagle displayed Azure beaked and membered Sable within a Bordure Gules; Crest: A Demi-Leopard rampant proper; Supporters: Dexter: A Leopard proper having a Collar charged with three Torteaux; Sinister: A Greyhound proper having a Collar Gules charged with three Escallops Argent; Motto: Tache sans tache (Spot without spot)


Carr of Hadley, Baron, of Monken Hadley in Greater London

Rt Hon (Leonard) Robert Carr

created: 15 Jan 1976

extinct: 17 Feb 2012

No arms


Carron, Baron, of the City and County of Kingston-upon-Hull

Sir William John Carron

created: 11 Jul 1967

extinct: 3 Dec 1969

Arms: Azure a Pile Or charged with a Pile Gules thereon a Passion Cross Argent overall on a Chief Or a Carronade proper the whole surmounted by a Chain in Orle Argent; Crest: An Eagle rising proper gorged with an Ancient Crown Or the dexter paw resting on a Cogwheel Sable in the beak a Trefoil Vert; Supporters: Dexter: A Beaver; Sinister: A Wolf, both proper and gorged with an Ancient Crown Or; Motto: In Veritate Atque Fortitudine


Carter, Baron, of Devizes in the County of Wiltshire

Rt Hon Denis Victor Carter

created: 23 Mar 1987

extinct: 18 Dec 2006

No arms


Carter of Barnes, Baron, of Barnes in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

Stephen Andrew Carter CBE

created: 15 Oct 2008


Carter of Coles, Baron, of Westmill in the County of Hertfordshire

Patrick Robert Carter

created: 8 Jun 2004


Carter of Haslemere, Baron, of Haslemere in the County of Surrey

Harold Mark Carter CB

created:  30 Oct 2019


Carver, Baron, of Shackleford in the County of Surrey

Field Marshal Sir (Richard) Michael Power Carver GCB CBE DSO MC

created: 15 Jul 1977

extinct: 9 Dec 2001

No arms


Casey, Baron, of Berwick in Victoria in Australia and of the City of Westminster

Rt Hon Sir Richard Gardiner Casey KG CH GCMG

created: 16 May 1960

extinct: 18 Jun 1976


Cashman, Baron, of Limehouse in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Michael Maurice Cashman CBE

created:  23 Sep 2014


Castle, Baron, of Islington in Greater London

Edwin Cyril Castle

created: 18 Jun 1974

extinct: 26 Dec 1979


Castle of Blackburn, Baroness, of Ibstone in the County of of Buckinghamshire

Rt Hon Barbara Anne Castle, Lady Castle

created: 16 Jul 1990

extinct: 3 May 2002

No arms


Cavendish of Furness, Baron, of Cartmel in the County of Cumbria

Richard Hugh Cavendish DL

created: 17 May 1990


Cavendish of Little Venice, Baroness, of Mells in the County of Somerset

Hilary Camilla Cavendish

created:  6 Sep 2016


Cayzer, Baron, of St Mary Axe in the City of London

Sir (William) Nicholas Cayzer, 2nd Bt.

created: 8 Feb 1982

extinct: 16 Apr 1999

Arms: Per chevron Azure and Argent two Estoiles Or and an Ancient Ship with three masts Sails furled Sable Colours flying Gules on a Chief of the third three Fleurs-de-lys of the first; Crest: A Sea Lion erect proper gorged with a Naval Crown holding in his dexter paw a Fleur-de-lys Gold; Supporters: On either side a Golden Retriever Bitch sejant proper having a Collar Azure buckled edged and garnished Or and in the shoulder from between the forelegs a Lily reflexed behind the head also proper; Motto: Caute sed impavide (Cautiously but without fear)


Chadlington, Baron, of Dean in the County of Oxfordshire

Peter Selwyn Gummer

created: 16 Oct 1996


Chakrabarti, Baroness, of Kennington in the London Borough of Lambeth

Sharmishta Chakrabarti CBE

created:  6 Sep 2016


Chalfont, Baron, of Llantaruam in the County of Monmouthshire

Rt Hon Alun Arthur Gwynne Jones OBE MC

created: 11 Nov 1964

Arms: Gules a Sword point downwards proper Pommel and Hilt Or within an Orle of two Branches of Olive fructed Gold; Crest: A Dragon sejant Gules supporting a Column Sable charged with nine Bars Argent the Capital also Argent; Supporters: Dexter: A Private of the Grenadier Company 24th Foot (South Wales Borderers) in the uniform of circa 1751 supporting with the exterior hand a Bamboo Cane leaved proper; Sinister: a Herald vested in a Tabard of the Arms proper and holding in the exterior hand a Sprig of Olive fructed Or; Motto: Dedant arma togae (Arms yield to the toga)


Chalker of Wallasey, Baroness, of Leigh-on-Sea in the County of Essex

Rt Hon Mrs Lynda Landa (formerly Chalker)

created: 24 Apr 1992


Champion, Baron, of Pontypridd in the County of Glamorgan

Rt Hon Arthur John Champion JP

created: 11 May 1962

extinct: 2 Mar 1985


Chan, Baron, of Oxton in the County of Merseyside

Prof Michael Chew Koon Chan MBE

created: 2 Jun 2001

extinct: 21 Jan 2006

Arms: Barry of ten Argent and Sable on a Bend engrailed Or three Hibiscus Flowers Gules Stamens bendwise upwards Gules; Crest: A Feng Huang wings displayed and inverted beaked and legged Gules feathered Or Gules Sable and Argent grasping in the beak a Rod of Aesculapius bendwise sinister Sable the Serpent Or; Supporters: On either side a Chinese Lion guardant Or the Crown Eyebrows Muzzle and Underside Sable resting the interior hindfoot upon a Ball Or; Motto: To Live Is Christ; Badge: A Rod Or entwined with a Chinese Dragon Gules langued armed and whiskered spined and tail-tufted Or


Chapman, Baroness, of Leeds in the County of West Yorkshire

Nicola Jane Chapman

created: 24 Jun 2004

extinct: 3 Sep 2009


Chapple, Baron, of Hoxton in Greater London

Francis (Frank) Joseph Chapple

created: 4 Feb 1985

extinct: 19 Oct 2004

No arms


Charteris of Amisfield, Baron, of Amisfield in East Lothian

Rt Hon Sir Martin Michael Charles Charteris GCB GCVO QSO OBE

created: 7 Feb 1978

extinct: 23 Dec 1999

Arms: Quarterly: 1st and 4th, Argent a Fess Azure within a Double Tressure flory counterflory Gules (Charteris); 2nd and 3rd, Or a Lion rampant Gules armed and langued Azure (Wemyss), over all at the fess point a Crescent Sable for difference; Crest: A Dexter Hand issuant paleways holding between the thumb and forefinger in bend sinister a Pair of Sculptor's Callipers all proper; Supporters: Dexter: A Scribe soberly attired holding in his exterior hand a Quill Pen proper; Sinister: An Officer of the King's Royal Rifle Corps in the uniform worn circa 1904 proper; Motto: Ecce charta mea (Behold my charter)


Chartres, Baron, of Wilton in the County of Wiltshire

Rt Rev and Rt Hon Richard John Carew Chartres KCVO, lately Bishop of London

created: 7 Nov 2017


Chelmer, Baron, of Margaretting in the County of Essex

Sir Eric Cyril Boyd Edwards MC TD JP

created: 31 Jan 1963

extinct: 3 Mar 1997

Arms: Sable a Lion rampant Or on a Chief of the second two Martlets of the first; Crest: In front of a Sun rising Or A Bull's Head and Neck Gules armed Or; Supporters: Dexter: A Lion rampant proper; Sinister: A Peacock in his pride proper


Chelwood, Baron, of Lewes in the County of East Sussex

Sir Tufton Victor Hamilton Beamish MC

created: 7 May 1974

extinct: 6 Apr 1989

Arms: Argent a Lion rampant between three Trefoils slipped Gules; Crest: [On a Wreath of the Colours] a Demi-lion rampant Gules charged on the shoulder with a Trefoil slipped Or; Mantling: Gules doubled Argent; Supporters: Dexter: A Maiden proper draped around the shoulders with a Veil Argent holding in the dexter hand a Roundel Azure charged with a Martlet Or; Sinister: A Bull quarterly Gules and Argent charged with a Garland of Flowers proper; Motto: Virtus insignit addentes


Cheshire, Baron, of Woodhall in the County of Lincolnshire

Grp Capt Geoffrey Leonard Cheshire VC OM DSO DFC

created: 17 Jul 1991

extinct:  31 Jul 1992

No arms


Chidgey, Baron, of Hamble-le-Rice in the County of Hampshire

David William George Chidgey

created: 17 Jun 2005


Chilver, Baron, of Cranfield in the County of Bedfordshire

Prof Sir (Amos) Henry Chilver FRS

created: 14 Jul 1987

extinct: 8 Jul 2012

No arms


Chitnis, Baron, of Rydale in the County of North Yorkshire

Pratap Chidamber Chitnis

created: 18 Jul 1977

extinct:  12 Jul 2013

No arms


Choudrey, Baron, of Hampstead in the London Borough of Barnet

Zameer Mohammed Choudrey CBE

created:  9 Oct 2019


Christopher, Baron, of Leckhampton in the County of Gloucestershire

Anthony Martin Grosvenor Christopher CBE

created: 30 Jul 1998


Christopher of Owlpen, Baroness, of Owlpen in the County of Gloucester

Hon Caroline Elizabeth Chisholm

created:  16 Sep 2014


Chuter-Ede, Baron, of Epsom in the County of Surrey

Rt Hon James Chuter-Ede CH JP DL

created: 1 Jan 1965

extinct: 11 Nov 1965

No arms


Clark, Baron, of Saltwood in the County of Kent

Sir Kenneth MacKenzie Clark KCB OM CH

created: 24 Jul 1969

extinct: 21 May 1983


Clark of Calton, Baroness, of Calton in the City of Edinburgh

Dr Lynda Margaret Clark QC

created: 21 Jun 2005


Clark of Kempston, Baron, of Kempston in the County of Bedfordshire

Rt Hon Sir William Gibson Haig Clark

created: 21 Jul 1992

extinct: 4 Oct 2004

Arms: Erminois on a Pile Azure between two Quills pilewise points in base argent penned Or a Portcullis chained in centre in chief Or and five Roundels in pile of the last; Crest: A Demi Unicorn Azure winged horned crined and unguled Or collared chequy Argent and Azure and supporting with the forelegs a Thistle Plant flowered proper; Supporters: Dexter: a Lion Gules gorged with a Collar chequy Argent and Azure pendent therefrom by a Cord Or an Escallop Argent and resting the inferior hind paw on a Portcullis Gold; Sinister: an Unicorn Azure winged horned unguled and crined Or gorged with a Collar chequy Argent and Azure pendent therefrom by a Cord Gold an Escallop Argent and resting the interior hoof on a Bezant; Motto: Perseverantia Cum Perceptione


Clark of Windermere, Baron, of Windermere in the County of Cumbria

Rt Hon David George Clark

created: 2 Jul 2001


Clarke of Hampstead, Baron, of Hampstead in the London Borough of Camden

Anthony James Clarke CBE

created: 29 Jul 1998


Clarke of Stone-cum-Ebony, Baron, of Stone-cum-Ebony in the County of Kent

Rt Hon Sir Anthony Peter Clarke QC

created:  29 May 2009


Cledwyn of Penrhos, Baron, of Holyhead in Isle of Anglesey

Rt Hon Cledwyn Hughes CH

created: 16 Jul 1979

extinct:  22 Feb 2001

No arms


Clement-Jones, Baron, of Clapham in the London Borough of Lambeth

Timothy Francis Clement-Jones CBE

created: 17 Jul 1998

Arms:  Sable an Orle fracted and there conjoined to two Chevronels couped all per pale Or and Argent three Fleurs-de-Lys that in dexter chief Argent that in sinister chief Or and that in base per pale Argent and Or the chevronels enclosing a Chevron couped per pale Argent and Or;  Crest:  [Upon a Helm with a Wreath Argent and Sable] a Lion sejant Sable grasping in the dexter forepaw a Fleur-de-Lys per pale Argent and Or;  Motto: Fide et Diligentia


Clinton-Davies, Baron, of Hackney in the London Borough of Hackney

Rt Hon Stanley Clinton Clinton-Davis

created: 8 May 1990


Cockfield, Baron, of Dover in the County of Kent

Rt Hon Sir (Francis) Arthur Cockfield

created: 14 Apr 1978

extinct: 8 Jan 2007

Arms:  Chequy Azure and Gules two Flaunches conjoined to three Barrulets Or;  Crest:  A Globe rising Or issuing therefrom a Lymphad Sail furled Azure flying from the main and stern mast Flags Gules therein two Human Figures that in the stern pulling an Oar Or;  Supporters:  On either side a Cock Azure combed wattled beaked and legged Gules gorged with a Mural Crown Or;  Motto:  Prorsum Specta Nec Rursum;  Badge:  A Square Billet embattled chequy Azure and Or


Cocks of Hartcliffe, Baron, of Chinnor in the County of Oxfordshire

Rt Hon Michael Francis Lovell Cocks

created: 6 Oct 1987

extinct: 26 Mar 2001

No arms


Coe, Baron, of Ranmore in the County of Surrey

Sir Sebastian Newbold Coe CH KBE

created: 16 May 2000


Coggan, Baron, of Canterbury and Sissinghurst in the County of Kent

Rt Rev & Rt Hon Dr (Frederick) Donald Coggan MA DD

created: 28 Jan 1980

extinct: 17 May 2000

No arms


Cohen of Brighton, Baron, of Brighton in the County of Sussex

Lewis Coleman Soper

created: 13 May 1965

extinct:  21 Oct 1966

Arms: Per chevron flory at the top Gules and Or in chief two Bees volant and in base a Lion rampant counterchanged; Crest: Issuant from a Pavilion Or lined and embellished Sable with a Forked Pennant flying therefrom to the dexter Gules a Lion passant supporting with the dexter forepaw a Branch of Coral Gules; Supporters: On either side a Dolphin Sable finned Or the dexter charged on the shoulder with a Tower the sinister likewise charged with a Martlet Or


Cohen of Pimlico, Baroness, of Pimlico in the City of Westminster

Janet Cohen

created: 3 May 2000


Cole, Baron, of Blackfriars in the County of London

Sir George James Cole GBE

created: 24 Mar 1965

extinct: 29 Nov 1979


Collins of Highbury, Baron, of Highbury in the London Borough of Islington

Raymond Edward Harry Collins

created: 20 Jan 2011


Collison, Baron, of Cheshunt in the County of Hertfordshire

Harold Francis Collison CBE

created: 14 Dec 1964

extinct: 29 Dec 1995

No arms


Colnbrook, Baron, of Waltham St Lawrence in the County of Berkshire

Rt Hon Sir Humphrey Edward Gregory Atkins GCMG

created: 16 Oct 1987

extinct: 4 Oct 1996

Arms: Per pale Azure and Or a Fret on a Bordure three Anchors all counterchanged; Crest: An Indian Elephant's Head erased Azure armed and holding aloft with the trunk a Grapnel with three flukes Or; Supporters: Dexter: A Barrister-at-law in Bands Wig and Gown; Sinister: A Rating of the Women's Royal Naval Service in uniform of circa 1944, both proper


Condon, Baron, of Langton Green in the County of Kent

Sir Paul Leslie Condon QPM

created: 27 Jun 2001

Arms: Sable three Piles reversed embowed inwards couped at the apex the base of that in the centre surmounting the bases on those either side Argent each charged with two Bars compony counter-compony Azure and Argent and ensigned with an Estoile Or; Crest: Salient over two Oars in saltire blades upwards Sable a Horse Argent unguled maned and tailed Or; Supporters: On either side a Meerkat sejant Azure gorged with a Chain pendant therefrom a Portcullis Or; Motto: Honour, Service, Courage; Badge: A Meerkat sejant Azure supporting with the forefeet a Portcullis chained Or


Constantine, Baron, of Maraval in Trinidad and Tobago and of Nelson in the County Palatine of Lancaster

Sir Learie Nicholas Constantine MBE

created: 24 Mar 1969

extinct: 1 Jul 1971

No arms


Constantine of Stanmore, Baron, of Stanmore in Greater London

Sir Theodore Constantine CBE AE DL

created: 21 Jul 1981

extinct: 13 Feb 2004

No arms


Cooke of Islandreagh, Baron, of Islandreagh in the County of Antrim

Victor Alexander Cooke OBE

created: 11 Aug 1992

extinct: 13 Nov 2007

No arms


Cooke of Thorndon, Baron, of Wellington in New Zealand and of Cambridge in the County of Cambridgeshire

Rt Hon Sir Robin (Brunskill) Cooke KBE

created: 3 Apr 1996


Cooper of Stockton Heath, Baron, of Stockton Heath in the County Palatine of Chester

John Cooper JP

created: 11 Jul 1966

extinct: 2 Sep 1988



Cooper of Windrush, Baron, of Chipping Norton in the County of Oxfordshire

Andrew Timothy Cooper

created:  17 Sep 2014


Cope of Berkeley, Baron, of Berkeley in the County of Gloucestershire

Rt Hon Sir John Ambrose Cope

created: 4 Oct 1997


Corbett of Castle Vale, Baron, of Erdington in the County of West Midlands

Robin Corbett

created: 5 Jul 2001

extinct: 19 Feb 2012


Cormack, Baron, of Enville in the County of Staffordshire

Sir Patrick Thomas Cormack

created: 18 Dec 2010


Corston, Baroness, of St George in the City and County of Bristol

Rt Hon Jean Ann Corston

created: 29 Jun 2005


Cotter, Baron, of Congresbury in the County of Somerset

Brian Joseph Michael Cotter

created: 30 May 2006


Coussins, Baroness, of Whitehall Park in the London Borough of Islington

Jean Elizabeth Coussins

created: 23 Mar 2007

Arms: Gules on each of two Pallets Argent between three Goblets in fess Or a Pallet Purpure; Supporters: On either side an Heraldic Dolphin Argent finned Or holding in the beak a Quill Argent spined Or; Motto: Quicquid Facias Fac Optime; Badge: A Chef's Hat Argent irradiated Or


Coutanche, Baron, of St Brelade in Jersey and of the City of Westminster

Sir Alexander Moncrieff Coutanche

created: 11 Jul 1961

extinct: 18 Dec 1973



Couttie, Baroness, of Downe in the County of Kent

Philippa Marion Roe

created:  5 Sep 2016


Cowdrey of Tonbridge, Baron, of Tonbridge in the County of Kent

Sir Michael Colin Cowdrey CBE

created: 18 Jul 1997

extinct: 4 Dec 2000


Cox, Baroness, of Queensbury in Greater London

Mrs Caroline Anne Cox

created: 24 Jan 1983

Arms: Azure a Sword in fess the blade couped at the point Argent the Hilt Pommel and Quillons to the sinister Or between two Ancient Lamps also Or enflamed proper; Supporters: Dexter: A Horse Argent crined and hoofed Or; Sinister: An Unicorn Argent armed crined and unguled Or; Motto: Think and thank


Craig of Radley, Baron, of Hellhoughton in the County of Norfolk

Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir David Brownrigg Craig GCB OBE

created:  30 Jul 1991

Arms: Ermine an Arrow in bend Gules feathered Or the Point upwards proper transfixing a Mullet Vert over all on a Chevron Sable three Delta Figures Argent; Crest: Rising from an Astral Crown Or a Knight on horseback in Full Armour his dexter hand holding a Broken Tilting Spear all proper his helm surmounted by three Ostrich Plumes Gules Argent and Sable; Supporters: On either side a Double Headed Eagle displayed per pale Gules and Azure beaked and legged Or that to the dexter charged on the breast with two Keys in saltire wards upwards also Gold and that to the sinister charged on the breast with a Rose Argent barbed and seeded proper, the whole upon a Compartment comprising a Grassy Mound traversed palewise by a Runway both proper bordered by four Crosses Formy Gules; Motto: Nec Degenero


Craigton, Baron, of Renfield in the County of the City of Glasgow

Rt Hon (Jack) Nixon Browne CBE

created: 3 Nov 1959

extinct: 28 Jul 1993

Arms: Per pale Argent and Or on a Pale Sable between dexter three Leopards' Faces Vert and sinister as many Leopards' Faces Gules a Lion rampant of the first armed and langued of the fifth; Crest: A Demi-Knight in Tilting Armour Argent garnished Vert and helmet grilled Or with a Wreath of these liveries Argent and Vert and thereon for crest a Plume of five Feathers Gules Argent Gules Argent Gules holding in his dexter hand a Crossbow Bolt Or feathered Argent and in his sinister hand a Garb Or banded Vert across his sinister shoulder; Supporters: On either side a Knight in Tilting Armour Argent garnished Vert their helmets grilled Or and on a Wreath of the liveries Argent and Vert Plumes as in the Crest, that on the dexter holding a Crossbow Bolt Or feathered Argent and that on the sinister sustaining a Garb Or banded Vert resting upon his sinister shoulder; Motto: Try again


Crawley, Baroness, of Edgbaston in the County of West midlands

Christine Mary Crawley MEP

created: 24 Jul 1998


Crawshaw of Aintree, Baron, of Salford in the County of Greater Manchester

Richard Crawshaw OBE

created: 17 May 1985

extinct: 16 Jul 1986

No arms


Crickhowell, Baron, of Pont Esgob in the Black Mountains and County of Powys

Rt Hon (Roger) Nicholas Edwards

created: 15 Oct 1987

extinct:  17 Mar 2018

No arms


Crisp, Baron, of Eaglescliffe in the County of Durham

Sir Nigel Crisp KCB

created: 28 Apr 2006

Arms: Argent three Piles issuing in base each per pale Azure and Gules and terminating in a demi Eagle displayed also per pale Azure and Gules and beaked Or; Crest: [Upon a Helm with a Wreath Argent Gules and Azure] a Caladrius wings elevated and addorsed Argent beaked and legged and supporting with the dexter foot a demi Sun-in-Splendour Or; Supporters: On the dexter a Dragon reguardant Gules armed and gorged with a Crown Rayonny Or and on the sinister a winged Unicorn reguardant Azure armed unguled and gorged with a Crown Rayonny Or; Mantling: Party Gules and Azure lined Argent; Motto: Profundus Definitus et Aequus; Badge: A demi Dragon displayed Gules and conjoined in base with a demi Dragon displayed and reversed Azure


Croham, Baron, of the London Borough of Croydon

Sir Douglas Albert Vivian Allen GCB

created: 8 Feb 1978

extinct: 11 Sep 2011

Arms: Argent on a Base checky Or and Azure an Oak Tree proper fructed Or the trunk supported by two Crows respectant proper beaked and legged Gold; Crest: An Alaunt proper gorged with a Crown Or reposing its dexter paw upon a Purse Azure corded and tasselled the cords tied over the paw in a bow Or; Supporters: Dexter: A Griffin Azure semy of Roundels Or and Argent winged beaked legged and tufted Or; Sinister: A Pantheon Azure semy of Mullets of six points Or and Argent winged and hooved Or; Motto: Semper paratus (Always ready)


Crowther, Baron, of Headingley in the West Riding of the County of York

Sir Geoffrey Crowther

created: 28 Jun 1968

extinct: 5 Feb 1972


Crowther-Hunt, Baron, of Eccleshall in the West Riding of Yorkshire

Norman Crowther Hunt

created: 9 Jul 1973

extinct: 16 Feb 1987


Cuckney, Baron, of Millbank in the City of Westminster

Sir John (Graham) Cuckney

created: 25 Jul 1995

extinct: 30 Oct 2008

Arms: Vert on each of two Flaunches Argent cotised rayonny on the outer edge Or a Flaunch Vert; Crest: Two Dragons' Heads addorsed the necks entwined and conjoined in base the whole winged Or; Supporters: On either side a Seadragon Vert supporting a Trident Or; Motto: Whither the fates call


Cudlipp, Baron, of Aldingbourne in the County of West Sussex

Sir Hugh Kinsman Cudlipp OBE

created: 8 Jan 1975

extinct: 17 May 1998

No arms


Cullen of Whitekirk, of Whitekirk in East Lothian

Rt Hon Sir William Douglas Cullen KT, Lord Justice-General and Lord President of the Court of Session

created: 17 Jun 2003


Cumberlege, Baroness, of Newick in the County of East Sussex

Mrs Julia Frances Cumberlege CBE DL

created: 18 May 1990


Cunningham of Felling, Baron, of Felling in the County of Tyne and Wear

Rt Hon John Anderson Cunningham

created: 27 Jun 2005


Currie of Marylebone, Baron, of Marylebone in the City of Westminster

Prof David Anthony Currie

created: 1 Oct 1996


Curry of Kirkharle, Baron, of Kirkharle in the County of Northumberland

Sir Donald Thomas Younger Curry CBE

created: 13 Oct 2011


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