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Life Peerages - D


Dacre of Glanton, Baron, of Glanton in the County of Northumberland

Prof Hugh Redwald Trevor-Roper

created: 27 Sep 1979

extinct: 26 Jan 2003

Arms:  Quarterly:  1st and 4th, per fess Azure and Or a Pale and three Roebuck's Heads erased counterchanged (Roper);  2nd and 3rd, per bend sinister Ermine and Ermines a Lion rampant Or and for distinction a Canton Sanquine thereon an Escallop Argent charged with a Cross flory of the fourth (Trevor)Crests:  1st:  a Lion rampant Sanquine holding in his right paw a Ducal Coronet Or (Roper)2nd: on a Chapeau Gules turned up Ermine a Wyvern wings elevated Sanguine and for distinction on the breast an Escallop charged as in the Arms (Trevor)Supporters:  Dexter:  a  Bull Gules ducally gorged armed and unguled Or;  Sinister:  a Lion Sable ducally gorged Or langued Gules;  Motto:  Spes mea in Deo (My hope is in God)


Dahrendorf, Baron, of Clare Market in the City of Westminster

Prof Sir Ralph Dahrendorf KBE FBA

created: 15 Jul 1993

extinct: 17 Jun 2009

No arms


Dainton, Baron, of Hallam Moors in the County of South Yorkshire

Sir Frederick Sydney Dainton

created: 14 Feb 1986

No arms


Dalton, Baron, of Forest and Friton in the County Palatine of Durham

Rt Hon Edward Hugh John Neale Dalton

created: 28 Jan 1960

extinct: 15 Mar 1962

Arms: Azure semée of Cross Crosslets a Lion rampant guardant Or; Crest: A Griffin or Demi-Dragon issuant Vert wings ouvert; Motto: Inter Cruces Triumphans In Cruce


Darling of Hillsborough, Baron, of Crewe in the County of Cheshire

Rt Hon George Darling

created: 3 Jul 1974

extinct: 18 Oct 1985


Darling of Roulanish, Baron, of Great Bernera in the County of Ross and Cromarty

Rt Hon Alistair Maclean Darling

created: 1 Dec 2015


Darzi of Denham, Baron, of Gerards Cross in the County of Buckinghamshire

Sir Ara Warkes Darzi KBE

created: 12 Jul 2007


David, Baroness, of Romsey in the City of Cambridge

Mrs Nora Ratcliff David JP (née Blakesley)

created: 28 Apr 1978

extinct: 29 Nov 2009

No arms


Davidson of Glen Clova, Baron, of Glen Clova in Angus

Neil Forbes Davidson QC

created:  22 Mar 2006

No arms


Davies of Abersoch, Baron, of Abersoch in the County of Gwynedd

Evan Mervyn Davies CBE

created:  2 Feb 2009


Davies of Coity, Baron, of Penybont in the County of Mid Glamorgan

(David) Garfield Davies CBE

created: 1 Oct 1997


Davies of Leek, Baron, of Leek in the County of Staffordshire

Rt Hon Harold Davies

created: 28 Sep 1970

extinct: 28 Oct 1985


Davies of Oldham, Baron, of Broxbourne in the County of Hertfordshire

Bryan Davies

created: 3 Oct 1997


Davies of Penrhys, Baron, of Rhondda in the County of Mid Glamorgan

Gwilym Elfed Davies

created: 8 Jul 1974

extinct:  28 Apr 1992

No arms


Davies of Stamford, Baron, of Stamford in the County of Lincolnshire

John Quentin Davies

created: 7 Jul 2010


Dean of Beswick, Baron, of West Leeds in the County of West Yorkshire

Joseph Jabez Dean

created: 28 Sep 1983

extinct: 26 Feb 1999

No arms


Dean of Harptree, Baron, of Wedmore in the County of Somerset

Rt Hon Sir (Arthur) Paul Dean

created: 5 Oct 1993

extinct: 1 Apr 2009

No arms


Dean of Thornton-le-Fylde, Baroness, of Eccles in the County of Greater Manchester

Rt Hon Mrs Brenda McDowall

created: 12 Oct 1993

extinct: 13 Mar 2018

No arms


Dear, Baron, of Willersey in the County of Gloucestershire

Sir Geoffrey James Dear QPM DL

created: 15 Jun 2006

Arms: Quarterly embattled Argent and Azure in the second and third quarters two Keys in saltire wards upwards and outwards Or; Crest: A stag courant Or attired Azure resting the dexter hind hoof upon a Martlet wings elevated and addorsed also Azure; Supporters: On either side a Labrador Sable gorged with a plain Collar attached thereto a Chain reflexed over the back Or holding in the mouth a Snowdrop Argent slipped and leaved Or; Motto: To Thine Own Self Be True; Badge: Two Keys in saltire wards upwards and outwards Or surmounted by a Labrador's Face Sable


Dearing, Baron, of Kingston-upon-Hull in the County of the East Riding of Yorkshire

Sir Ronald Ernest Dearing CB

created: 13 Feb 1998

extinct: 19 Feb 2009


Deben, Baron, of Winston in the County of Suffolk

Rt Hon John Selwyn Gummer

created:  21 Jun 2010


Deech, Baroness, of Cumnor in the County of Oxfordshire

Dame Ruth Lynn Deech DBE

created: 5 Oct 2005


Deedes, Baron, of Aldington in the County of Kent

Rt Hon Sir William Frances Deedes KBE MC DL

created: 23 Sep 1986

extinct: 17 Aug 2007

Arms: Per fess nebuly Gules and Argent three Martlets counterchanged; Crest: An Eagle's Head erased per fess nebuly Gules and Argent between two Wings expanded Sable


Delacourt-Smith, Baron, of New Windsor in the Royal County of Berkshire

Rt Hon (Charles) George Percy Dealcourt-Smith JP

created: 13 Oct 1967

extinct: 2 Oct 1972


Delacourt-Smith of Alteryn, Baroness, of Alteryn in the County of Gwent

Mrs Margaret Rosalind Blackton JP (formerly Lady Delacourt-Smith)

created: 5 Jul 1974

extinct: 8 Jun 2010

No arms


Delfont, Baron, of Stepney in Greater London

Sir Bernard Delfont (né Winogradsky)

created: 29 Jun 1976

extinct: 28 Jul 1994

Arms: Per pale Or and Gules two Haunches and three Mullets in fess all counterchanged; Crest: A Billet fesswise Or thereon a Large Elephant Hawk Moth displayed proper; Supporters: On the dexter Pierrot and on the sinister Pierrette both proper vested and capped Argent with pompoms Gules; Motto: Entertainment enriches


Denington, Baroness, of Stevenage in the County of Hertford

Dame Evelyn Joyce Denington DBE (née Bursill)

created: 10 Jul 1978

extinct: 22 Aug 1998

No arms


Denton of Wakefield, Baroness, of Wakefield in the County of West Yorkshire

Mrs Jean Denton CBE

created: 11 Jun 1991

extinct: 5 Feb 2001

No arms


Desai, Baron, of St Clement Danes in the City of Westminster

Meghnad Jagdishhandra Desai

created: 5 Jun 1991

No arms


Dholakia, Baron, of Waltham Brooks in the County of West Sussex

Navnit Dholakia OBE

created: 24 Oct 1997


Diamond, Baron, of the City of Gloucester

Rt Hon John Diamond

created: 25 Sep 1970

extinct: 3 Apr 2004

No arms


Dixon, Baron, of Jarrow in the County of Tyne and Wear

Rt Hon Donald Dixon DL

created: 9 Jun 1997

extinct:  19 Feb 2017

No arms


Dixon-Smith, Baron, of Bocking in the County of Essex

Robert William Dixon-Smith DL

created: 11 Oct 1993

No arms


Dobbs, Baron, of Wylye in the County of Wiltshire

Michael John Dobbs

created: 18 Dec 2010


Donaghy, Baroness, of Peckham in the London Borough of Southwark

Rita Margaret Donaghy CBE

created: 26 Jun 2010


Donaldson of Kingsbridge, Baron, of Kingsbridge in the County of Buckinghamshire

John George Stuart Donaldson OBE

created: 20 Nov 1967

extinct: 8 Mar 1998

Arms: Or a Double Headed Eagle displayed Azure beaked and membered Gules surmounted of a Lymphad with two masts Sails furled Sable flagged on the fore mast with a Banner of Scotland proper (Azure a Saltire Argent) and on the main mast with a Pennon in the dexter chief point a Hand couped of the third and on the sinister chief point a Book expanded proper all within a Bordure also of the third; Crest: a Dexter Hand holding a Sword proper; Motto: Aut pax aut bellum (Either peace or war)


Donaldson of Lymington, Baron, of Lymington in the County of Hampshire

Rt Hon Sir John Francis Donaldson QC

created: 15 Feb 1988

extinct: 31 Aug 2005

Arms:  Sable two Bars Or in chief three Petasi argent winged Gold;  Crest:  A Sealion erect Sable Scales Fins and Tail Or holding a Lymphad also Or the Mainsail displaying the Arms , viz. Sable two Bars Or in chief three Petasi Argent winged Gold each mast ensigned by a Cross Formy Gules;  Motto:  Pro Libertate Per Leges (For liberty through the Law)


Donnet of Balgay, Baron, of Balgay in the District of the City of Dundee

Alfred Mitchell Donnet CBE

created: 19 May 1978

extinct: 14 May 1995


Donoughue, Baron, of Ashton in the County of Northamptonshire

Bernard Donoughue

created: 21 May 1985

No arms


Doocey, Baroness, of Hampton in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

Elizabeth Deirdre Doocey OBE

created: 21 Dec 2010


Dormand of Easington, Baron, of Easington in the County of Durham

John Donkins Dormand

created: 13 Oct 1987

extinct: 19 Dec 2003

No arms


Douglass of Cleveland, Baron, of Cleveland in the County of Yorkshire

Sir Harry Douglas

created: 22 Sep 1967

extinct: 5 Apr 1978


Drake, Baroness, of Shene in the County of Surrey

Jean Lesley Patricia Drake CBE

created:  20 Jun 2010


Drayson, Baron, of Kensington in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Paul Rudd Drayson

created:  1 Jun 2004

Arms: Sable a Mullet of eight points gyronny Or and Argent between four Strands of DNA issuing in saltire Argent and four Strands of DNA issuing in cross Or; Crest: A Wolf statant Sable supporting with the dexter forepaw a Driving Wheel Or; Supporters: On either side a Jaguar Sable holding in the interior forepaw a Rapier Argent Hilt Pommel and Guard Or; Motto: See Knowledge; Badge: A Jaguar rampant Sable holding in the dexter forepaw a Rapier Argent Hilt Pommel and Guard Or


D'Souza, Baroness, of Wychwood in the County of Oxfordshire

Dr Frances Gertrude Clair D'Souza CMG

created: 1 Jul 2004


Dubs, Baron, of Battersea in the London Borough of Wandsworth

Alfred Dubs

created: 27 Sep 1994

No arms


Duncan-Sandys, Baron, of the City of Westminster

Rt Hon Duncan Edwyn Sands CH

created: 2 May 1974

extinct: 27 Nov 1987



Duncan of Springbank, Baron, of Springbank in the County of Perth

Ian James Duncan

created: 14 Jul 2017


Dunlop, Baron, of Helensburgh in the County of Dunbarton

Andrew James Dunlop

created:  26 May 2015


Dunn, Baroness, of Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong and of Knightsbridge in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Dame Lydia Selina Dunn DBE

created:  24 Aug 1990

No arms


Dykes, Baron, of Harrow Weald in the London Borough of Harrow

Hugh John Maxwell Dykes

created: 21 Jun 2004


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