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Life Peerages - G


Gadhia, Baron, of Northwood in the County of Middlesex

Jitesh Kishorekumar Gadhia

created: 31 Aug 2016


Gaitskell,Baroness, of Egremont in the County of Cumberland

Mrs Anna Dora Gaitskell

created: 23 Jan 1964

extinct: 1 Jul 1989


Gale, Baroness, of Blaenrhondda in the County of Mid Glamorgan

Mrs Anita Gale

created: 4 Aug 1999


Gallacher, Baron, of Enfield in Greater London

John Gallacher

created: 28 Mar 1983

extinct: 4 Jan 2004

No arms


Galpern, Baron, of Shettleston in the District of the City of Glasgow

Sir Myer Galpern

created: 10 Jul 1979

extinct: 23 Sep 1993

No arms


Ganzoni, Baron, of Ipswich in the County of Suffolk

Rt Hon John Julian [Ganzoni], 2nd Baron Belstead, PC

created: 17 Nov 1999

extinct: 3 Dec 2005

Arms: See Baron Belstead


Garden, Baron, of Hampstead in the London Borough of Camden

Air Marshal Sir Timothy Garden KCB

created: 3 Jun 2004

extinct: 9 Aug 2007


Garden of Frognal, Baroness, of Hampstead in the London Borough of Lambeth

Lady Susan Elizabeth Garden

created: 16 Oct 2007


Gardiner, Baron, of Kittisford in the County of Somerset

Rt Hon Gerald Austin Gardiner CH

created: 15 Jan 1964

extinct: 7 Jan 1990

Arms: Gules a Plain Fess with Cottises engrailed Argent between four Roses three in chief and one in base of the last; Crest: A Stag proper gorged with a Collar Argent charged with three Lozenges conjoined Gules and supporting with the dexter leg an Escutcheon also Argent charged with four Lozenges conjoined in fess Gules between two Barrulets Sable and in chief a Rose also Gules; Supporters: Dexter: a Pegasus Argent; Sinister: a Dragon Gules; Motto: In Deo Confidecti Age (Trust in God, act rightly)


Gardiner of Kimble, Baron, of Kimble in the County of Buckinghamshire

John Eric Gardiner

created:  23 Jun 2010


Gardner of Parkes, Baroness, of Southgate in Greater London and of Parkes in the State of New South Wales and Commonwealth of Australia

Mrs (Rachel) Trixie Anne Gardner JP

created: 19 Jun 1981

Arms: Per fess Azure and Vert in chief a representation of the constellation of the Southern Cross Argent issuing in base a Sun in Splendour Or all within a Bordure indented Gold; Supporters: Dexter: a Kangaroo Or gorged with a Crown Pallisado Vert grasping in the sinister forepaw a Branch of Tudor Roses slipped and leaved proper; Sinister: a Lion Or gorged with a Crown Pallisado Vert grasping in the dexter forepaw a Branch of Wattle slipped and leaved proper, the whole upon a Compartment comprising a Grassy Mount growing therefrom two Waratah Flowers slipped and leaved proper; Motto: Keep Going


Garel-Jones, Baron, of Watford in the County of Hertfordshire

Rt Hon (William Armand Thomas) Tristan Garel-Jones

created: 22 Oct 1997

No arms


Garner, Baron, of Chiddingley in the County of Sussex

Sir (Joseph John) Saville Garner GCMG

created: 21 Feb 1969

extinct: 10 Dec 1983


Garnier, Baron, of Harborough in the County of Leicestershire

Rt Hon Sir Edward Henry Garnier QC

created:  22 Jun 2018


Garnsworthy, Baron, of Reigate in the County of Surrey

Charles William Garnsworthy OBE JP DL

created: 19 Sep 1967

extinct: 5 Sep 1974


Gascoyne-Cecil, Baron, of Essendon in the County of Rutland

Rt Hon Robert Michael James [Gascoyne-Cecil]. 13th Baron Cecil of Essendon, PC (styled Viscount Cranborne)

created: 17 Nov 1999

Arms: See Marquess of Salisbury


Gavron, Baron, of Highgate in the London Borough of Camden

Robert Gavron CBE

created: 6 Aug 1999

extinct: 7 Feb 2015


Geddes of Epsom, Baron, of Epsom in the County of Surrey

Sir Charles John Geddes CBE

created: 4 Aug 1958

extinct: 2 May 1963


Geidt, Baron, of Crobeg in the County of Ross and Cromarty

Rt Hon Sir Christopher Edward Wollaston MacKenzie Geidt GCVO KCB OBE

created: 3 Nov 2017


Geoffrey-Lloyd, Baron, of Broomfield in Kent

Rt Hon Geoffrey William Lloyd

created: 6 May 1974

extinct: 12 Sep 1984


George, Baron, of St Tudy in the County of Cornwall

Rt Hon Sir Edward Alan John George GBE

created: 29 Jun 2004

Arms: Paly of four Or and Argent a Barrulet dancetty of two points upwards and one point downwards each point terminating in a Cinquefoil pierced Sable interlaced with a Barrulet dancetty of two points downwards and one point upwards each point terminating in a Cinquefoil pierced Gules; Crest: A Dragon sejant erect Gules holding between the forefeet a Bezant; Supporters: On either side a Vanessid Butterfly Or the wings Argent the outer margins Or; Motto: Stability; Badge: A Sword point downwards Gules the blade surmounted by a Vanessid Butterfly Or the wings displayed Argent the outer margins Or

The barrulets in the arms suggest graphs of credit and debit, appropriate for a former Governor of the Bank of England , and set on the metallic tinctures of gold and silver for coinage . The dragon is not only appropriate for the guardianship of treasure but is also associated with the name George. The Vanessid butterflies are a punning allusion on Vanessa, the name of Lord George's wife. In the badge the butterfly surmounts a red sword for the City of London.


George-Brown, Baron, of Jevington in the County of Sussex

Rt Hon George Alfred Brown later George-Brown

created: 6 Nov 1970

extinct: 2 Jun 1985


Geraint, Baron, of Ponterwyd in the County of Dyfed

Geraint Wyn Howells

created: 18 Jul 1992

extinct: 17 Apr 2004

No arms


German, Baron, of Llanfrechfa in the County Borough of Torfaen

Michael James German OBE

created: 24 Jun 2010


Gibson, Baron, of Penn's Rocks in the County of East Sussex

(Richard) Patrick Tallentyre Gibson

created: 31 Jan 1975

extinct: 20 Apr 2004

Arms: Per pale Azure and Argent three Acorns slipped and leaved in fess between as many Storks rising all counterchnaged; Crest: A stork rising Argent between two Acorns slipped and leaved and holding in the beak an Acorn slipped all proper; Supporters: On either side a Nightingale holding in the beak a Scroll of Music all proper; Motto: Per Ardua Ad Alta (Through hardships to the heights)


Gibson of Market Rasen, Baroness, of Market Rasen in the County of Lincolnshire

Anne Gibson OBE

created: 9 May 2000

extinct:  20 Apr 2018


Gibson-Watt, Baron, of the Wye in the District of Radnor

Rt Hon (James) David Gibson-Watt MC

created: 7 Sep 1979

extinct: 7 Feb 2002

No arms


Giddens, Baron, of Southgate in the London Borough of Enfield

Professor Anthony Giddens

created: 16 Jun 2004


Gilbert, Baron, of Dudley in the County of West Midlands

Rt Hon John (William) Gilbert

created: 16 May 1997

extinct:  2 Jun 2013

No arms


Gilbert of Panteg, Baron, of Panteg in the County of Monmouthshire

Stephen Gilbert

created: 30 Sep 2015


Gillmore of Thamesfield, Baron, of Putney in the London Borough of Wandsworth

Sir David Howe Gillmore GCMG

created: 21 Feb 1996

extinct: 20 Mar 1999


Gilmour of Craigmillar, Baron, of Craigmillar in the District of the City of Edinburgh

Rt Hon Sir Ian Hedworth John Little Gilmour, 3rd Bt.

created: 25 Aug 1992

extinct: 21 Sep 2007

Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Azure three Writing Pens Argent (Gilmour); 2nd and 3rd, Sable in a Saltire Argent a Crescent Gules (Little); Crest: A Dexter Hand holding a Scroll of Paper within a Garland of Laurel proper; Motto: Nil Penna Sed Usus (Not the pen, but custom)


Gladwin of Clee, Baron, of Great Grimsby in the County of Humberside

Derek Oliver Gladwin CBE

created: 28 Sep 1994

extinct: 10 Apr 2003

No arms


Glasman, Baron, of Stoke Newington and of Stamford in the London Borough of Hackney

Maurice Mark Glasman

created: 4 Feb 2011


Glenamara, Baron, of Glenridding in the County of Cumbria

Rt Hon Edward Watson Short CH

created: 28 Jan 1977

extinct: 4 May 2012

Arms:  Sable four Portcullises each dimidiating a Covered Cup two in chief one in base that in fess between two Bars Gemel Gold;  Crest:  Out of the Top of a Tower proper two Trefoils Vert  volant therefrom a Bee proper;  Supporters:  Dexter:  a Stag guardant proper the dexter foreleg supporting a Board Vert;  Sinister:  a Sea-Horse proper;  Motto:  Levavi Oculos Meos (I have lifted up mine eyes)


Glendonbrook, Baron, of Bowdon in the County of Cheshire

Sir Michael David Bishop CBE

created: 1 Feb 2011


Glenkinglas, Baron, of Cairndow in the County of Argyllshire

Rt Hon Michael Anthony Cristobal Noble

created: 3 May 1974

extinct: 15 May 1984


Godber of Willington, Baron, of Willington in the County of Bedfordshire

Rt Hon Joseph Bradshaw Godber DL

created: 12 Jul 1979

extinct: 25 Aug 1980


Goddard of Stockport, Baron, of Stockport in the County of Greater Manchester

David Goddard

created:  15 Sep 2014


Gold, Baron, of Westcliff-on-Sea in the County of Essex

David Laurence Gold

created: 1 Feb 2011


Goldie, Baroness, of Bishopton in the County of Renfrewshire

Annabel MacNicholl Goldie

created: 3 Oct 2013


Golding, Baroness, of Newcastle-under-Lyme in the County of Staffordshire

Mrs Llinos Golding

created: 13 Jul 2001


Goldsmith, Baron, of Allerton in the County of Merseyside

Rt Hon Peter Henry Goldsmith QC

created: 29 Jul 1999

Arms: Argent on each of two Bars Sable between six Hearts three tow and one Gules two Swordblades issuing fesswise Or; Crest: A Male Griffin sejant Sable beaked forelegged rayed and grasping in the dexter forefoot a Hammer bendwise sinister Or; Supporters: On either side a Cormorant proper beaked and legged Or beneath the exterior wing a Scroll that on the dexter bendwise and that on the sinister bendwise sinister Argent; Motto: Ad aurum industria et fortuna; Badge: A Cormorant proper beaked and legged Or beneath the sinister wing a Scroll bendwise sinister Argent


Goodhart, Baron, of Youlbury in the County of Oxfordshire

Sir William (Howard) Goodhart QC

created: 23 Oct 1997

extinct: 10 Jan 2017

No arms


Goodlad, Baron, of Lincoln in the County of Lincolnshire

Rt Hon Sir Alastair Robertson Goodlad KCMG

created: 19 Jul 2005


Goodman, Baron, of the City of Westminster

Arnold Abraham Goodman CH

created: 20 Jul 1965

extinct: 12 May 1995

Arms: Azure a Chevron wavy between in chief two Lyres and in base a Torch Or enflamed proper; Crest: On a Cap of Maintenance Gules turned up Ermine two Hands couped at the wrists and clasped proper; Supporters: Dexter: a Carrier Pigeon proper; Sinister: a Seagull proper, about the neck of each a Chain suspended therefrom a Lyre Or; Motto: Tout Comprendre C'Est Tout Pardonner (To understand all is to pardon all)


Goold, Baron, of Waterfoot in the District of Eastwood

Sir James Duncan Goold

created: 8 Apr 1987

extinct: 27 Jul 1997

Arms: Per chevron Argent and chequy Azure and of the first on a Chevron embattled Gules between two Trefoils Vert in chief and a Hurt charged with a Crescent of the first in base two Silver Fern Leaves also of the first; Crest: A Demi Lion rampant charged on the shoulder of a Trefoil Vert; Motto: Build For The Right


Gordon of Strathblane, Baron, of Deil's Craig in Stirling

James Stuart Gordon CBE

created: 4 Oct 1997

No arms


Gordon-Walker, Baron, of Leyton in Essex

Rt Hon Patrick Christian Gordon-Walker CH

created: 4 Jul 1974

extinct: 2 Dec 1980


Gore-Booth, Baron, of Maltby in the West Riding of Yorkshire

Sir Paul Henry Gore-Booth GCMG KCVO

created: 2 Jul 1969

extinct: 29 Jun 1984


Gormley, Baron, of Ashton-in-Makerfield in Greater Manchester

Joseph Gormley OBE

created: 20 Jul 1982

extinct: 27 May 1993

No arms


Goronwy-Roberts, Baron, of Caernarvon and of Ogwen in the County of Caernarvon

Rt Hon Goronwy Owen Roberts

created: 25 Mar 1974

extinct: 22 Jul 1981


Goudie, Baroness, of Roundwood in the London Borough of Brent

Mrs Mary Theresa Goudie

created: 21 Jul 1998


Gould of Brookwood, Baron, of Brookwood in the County of Surrey

Philip Gould

created: 7 Jun 2004

extinct: 6 Nov 2011

Arms: Azure on a Bend nowy lozengy per bend Argent and Or a Bendlet Azure; Crest: A Badger sejant erect Azure head and chest Argent eyes striped Azure gorged with a plain Collar studded Or and grasping in the dexter forepaw a Quill palewise Argent spined Or; Supporters: On either side a Badger Azure the head and chest Argent eyed striped Azure gorged with a plain Collar studded Or and holding in the mouth a Rose Gules barbed seeded slipped and leaved Or; Motto: Crede Populo; Badge: A Roundel set with ten Acorns leaved Or and charged with a Badger's Face Argent eyes striped Azure


Gould of Potternewton, Baroness, of Leeds in the County of West Yorkshire

Mrs Joyce Brenda Gould

created: 6 Oct 1993

No arms


Grabiner, Baron, of Aldwych in the City of Westminster

Anthony Stephen Grabiner QC

created: 26 Jul 1999


Grade, Baron, of Elstree in the County of Hertfordshire

Sir Lew Grade (né Winogradsky)

created: 22 Jun 1976

extinct: 13 Dec 1998

Arms: Per chevron grady Vert and Or in chief two Mullets Or pierced of the field and in base a Bear's Jamb erased Sable armed Gules; Crest: A Sinister Cubit Arm erect vested Vert cuffed Argent charged with a Mask of Comedy Or the Hand proper holding a Balalaika Or sound box to the sinister; Supporters: Dexter: upon a Lightning Flash Or a Lion proper gorged with a Cord pendent therefrom a Representation of itself all Or; Sinister: upon a Lightening Flash Or a Horse Sable gorged with a Cord pendent therefrom a Representation of itself all Or; Motto: Quod Promitio Perfecto (What I promise I carry out)


Grade of Yarmouth, Baron, of Yarmouth in the County of Isle of Wight

Michael Ian Grade CBE

created: 25 Jan 2011


Graham of Edmonton, Baron, of Edmonton in Greater London

(Thomas) Edward Graham

created: 12 Sep 1983

No arms


Granville of Eye, Baron, of Eye in the County of Suffolk

Edgar Louis Granville

created: 12 Sep 1967

extinct: 14 Feb 1998

Arms: Tierced in pairle Vert Purpure and Azure in chief two Sea Gulls volant proper and in base a Sun in Splendour charged with an Eye and on a Bordure Or eight Beech Leaves proper in aestival and autumnal tints alternately; Crest: In front of a Mount Vert thereon a Beech Tree proper a Chaplet of Roses Argent barbed and seeded proper; Supporters: Dexter: a Bay Horse proper; Sinister: a Kangaroo proper; Motto: Pariter Opus Perseverantia


Granville-West, Baron, of Pontypool in the County of Monmouthshire

Daniel Granville-West

created: 6 Aug 1958

extinct: 23 Sep 1984


Gray of Contin, Baron, of Contin in the District of Ross and Cromarty

Rt Hon Hamish James Hector Northey Gray

created: 4 Jul 1983

extinct: 14 Mar 2006

No arms


Greaves, Baron, of Pendle in the County of Lancashire

Anthony Robert Greaves

created: 4 May 2000


Green of Deddington, Baron, of Deddington in the County of Oxfordshire

Sir Andrew Fleming Green KCMG

created:  28 Nov 2014


Green of Hurstpierpoint, Baron, of Hurstpierpoint in the County of West Sussex

Stephen Keith Green

created: 16 Nov 2010


Greene of Harrow Weald, Baron, of Harrow in the County of Greater London

Sir Sidney Francis Greene CBE

created: 21 Jan 1975

extinct: 26 Jul 2004

No arms


Greenfield, Baroness, of Ot Moor in the County of Oxfordshire

Prof Susan Adele Greenfield CBE

created: 18 Jun 2001


Greengross, Baroness, of Notting Hill in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Sally Ralea Greengross OBE

created: 10 Feb 2000


Greenhill of Harrow, Baron, of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Sir Denis Arthur Greenhill GCMG OBE

created: 31 Jan 1974

extinct: 8 Nov 2000

Arms: Vert two Barrulets Ermine in chief a Lion passant Or a Bordure Argent; Crest: A Demi-Griffin Gules semée of Mullets Or holding between the claws a Mullet also Or; Supporters: On either side a Griffin Gules semée of Mullets Or langued and armed Azure; Motto: Honos Alit Artes


Greenwood of Rossendale, Baron, of East Mersea in the County of Essex

Rt Hon (Arthur William James) "Antony" Greenwood

created: 22 Sep 1970

extinct: 12 Apr 1982


Gregson, Baron, of Stockport in the County of Greater Manchester

John Gregson DL

created: 11 Jul 1975

extinct: 12 Aug 2009

No arms


Grender, Baroness, of Kingston-upon-Thames in the London Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames

Rosalind Mary Grender MBE

created:  4 Sep 2013


Grenfell of Kilvey, Baron, of Kilvey in the County of Swansea

Rt Hon Julian Pascoe Francis St Leger [Grenfell], 3rd Baron Grenfell

created: 17 Apr 2000

Arms: See Baron Grenfell


Grey of Naunton, Baron, of Naunton in the County of Gloucestershire

Sir Ralph Francis Alnwick Grey GCMG GCVO OBE

created: 17 Sep 1968

extinct: 17 Oct 1999

Arms: Bendy Argent and Azure two Lions' Faces in pale issuing from either flank of the shield a Cross Formy flory dimidiated Gules; Crest: A Sheathed Sword erect Gules garnished Hilt and Pommel Or each quillon ending in a Kiwi's Head erased Gold the scabbard supported by two Lions' Gambs erased Gules winged Azure semy of Bees volant Or; Supporters: Dexter: a Lion Or; Sinister: a Crested Crane proper, each gorged with an Ancient Crown flowing therefrom a Mantle Gules lined Vair; Motto: Servir De Bon Gré


Grey-Thompson, Baroness, of Eaglescliffe in the County of Durham

Dame Carys Davina "Tanni" Grey-Thompson DBE

created: 23 Mar 2010


Griffiths of Burry Port, Baron, of Pembrey and Burry Port in the County of Dyfed

Rev Dr Leslie John Griffiths

created: 30 Jun 2004

Arms: Gyronny Argent and Vert on a Celtic Cross between four Escallops flukes inwards five Roundels Or; Crest: Entwined about a Bottle Kiln Or a Dragon wings displayed the body reflexed over the sinister side with the tail to the dexter Gules langued Or; Supporters: On either side a male Griffin Gules armed langued rayed and holding in the interior forefoot a Conch Shell Or; Motto: In Fide Fiducia


Griffiths of Fforestfach, Baron, of Fforestfach in the County of West Glamorgan

Brian Griffiths

created: 5 Feb 1991

Arms: Paly of four Vert and Argent per fess enhanced indented of two points upwards each point double barbed throughout issuing in base a Pile double barbed throughout all counterchanged; Crest: [Upon a Helm with a Wreath Argent and Vert] a Bear sejant erect Gules holding in the forepaw a Leek proper; Supporters: On either side statant upon a Stack of two closed Books Vert garnished Or a Male Gryphon reguardant Gules beaked forelegged and rayed Or; Motto: Ofn Yr Arglwydd Ydyw Doethineb; Badge: In front of an Osprey statant to the sinister Vert the crest and throat Argent beaked and legged Or an Osprey statant Gules the crest and throat Argent beaked and legged Or


Grimond, Baron, of Firth in the County of Orkney

Rt Hon Joseph Grimond TD

created: 12 Oct 1983

extinct: 24 Oct 1993

No arms


Grocott, Baron, of Telford in the County of Shropshire

Bruce Joseph Grocott

created: 2 Jul 2001


Gueterbock, Baron, of Cranford in the London Borough of Hillingdon

Rt Hon Anthony Fitzhardinge [Gueterbock], 18th Baron Berkeley, OBE

created: 18 Apr 2000


Guthrie of Craigiebank, Baron, of Craigiebank in the City of Dundee

Gen Sir Charles Ronald Llewelyn Guthrie GCB LVO OBE

created: 27 Jun 2001




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