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Life Peerages - H


Habgood, Baron, of Calverton in the County of Buckinghamshire

Rt Rev & Rt Hon John Stapylton Habgood

created: 8 Sep 1995


Hague of Richmond, Baron, of Richmond in the County of North Yorkshire

Rt Hon William Jefferson Hague

created: 9 Oct 2015


Hailsham of Kettlethorpe, Baron, of Kettlethorpe in the County of Lincolnshire

Rt Hon Douglas Martin [Hogg], 3rd Viscount Hailsham QC

created: 12 Oct 2015


Hailsham of St Marylebone, Baron, of Hurstmonceaux in the County of Sussex

Rt Hon Sir Quintin McGarel Hogg KG CH FRS (formerly 2nd Viscount Hailsham)

created: 30 Jun 1970

extinct: 12 Oct 2001

Arms: Argent three Boars' Heads erased Azure langued Gules between two Flaunches azure each charged with a Crescent of the field; Crest: Out of an Eastern Crown Argent an Oak Tree fructed proper and pendent therefrom an Escutcheon Azure charged with a Dexter Arm embowed in Armour the hand grasping an Arrow in bend sinister the point downwards also proper; Supporters: In either side a Ram Argent armed and unguled Or gorged with a Baron's Coronet the dexter supporting a representation of the Lord High Chancellor's Mace and the sinister a representation of the Lord High Chancellor's Purse with the Iniitals of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II proper; Motto: Dat Gloria Vires


Hain, Baron, of Neath in the County of West Glamorgan

Rt Hon Peter Gerald Hain

created: 22 Oct 2015


Haire of Whiteabbey, Baron, of Newtown Abbey in the County of Antrim

John Edwin Haire

created: 13 May 1965

extinct: 7 Oct 1966

No arms


Hale, Baron, of Oldham in the County Palatine of Lancaster

(Charles) Leslie Hale

created: 24 Apr 1972

extinct: 9 May 1985


Hall of Birkenhead, Baron, of Birkenhead in the County of Cheshire

Anthony William Hall CBE

created: 19 Mar 2010


Hambro, Baron, of Dixton and Dumbleton in the County of Gloucestershire

Charles Eric Alexander Hambro

created: 26 Sep 1994

extinct: 7 Nov 2002

No arms


Hameed, Baron, of Hampstead in the London Borough of Camden

Khalid Hameed CBE

created: 27 Mar 2007


Hamilton of Epsom, Baron, of West Anstey in the County of Devon

Rt Hon Sir Archibald Gavin Hamilton

created: 17 Jun 2005


Hamlyn, Baron, of Edgeworth in the County of Gloucestershire

Paul Bertrand Hamlyn CBE

created: 23 Feb 1998

extinct: 31 Aug 2001

Arms:  Lozengy fesswise Gules and Azure the gules fimbriated on the upper side Or and the upper sinister side Argent in the azure a Roundel Or;  Crest:  A Bear sejant Azure grasping in the dexter forepaw a Rose slipped and leaved Or;  Supporters:  On either side a Blue and Yellow Macaw proper;  Motto:  There Must Be Another Way;  Badge:  On a Sun in Splendour Or an Octopus Azure


Hamnett, Baron, of Warrington in the County Palatine of Lancaster

Cyril Hamnett

created: 6 Jul 1970

extinct: 17 Mar 1980


Hamwee, Baroness, of Richmond upon Thames in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

Sally Rachel Hamwee

created: 6 Jun 1991

No arms


Hanham, Baroness, of Kensington in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Mrs Joan Brownlow Hanham CBE

created: 15 Jul 1999


Hannay of Chiswick, Baron, of Bedford Park in the London Borough of Ealing

Sir David Hugh Alexander Hannay GCMG

created: 19 Jun 2001


Hanningfield, Baron, of Chelmsford in the County of Essex

Paul Edward Winston White DL

created: 31 Jul 1998


Hanson, Baron, of Edgerton in the County of West Yorkshire

Sir James Edward Hanson

created: 30 Jun 1983

extinct: 1 Nov 2004

Arms:  Vert in fess point a Rose Argent barbed and seeded proper between six like Roses three and three in pale;  Crest:  [On a Wreath Or and Vert] a Demi Chestnut Horse proper charged on the shoulder with a Rose Argent barbed seeded slipped and leaved proper;  Supporters:  Dexter:  a Bulldog in trian aspect with a Viking Helmet of the seventh century gilded and verde antico on his head proper;  Sinister:  an American Bald Eagle also proper;  Motto:  Prima Peto (I seek what is foremost)


Hardie, Baron, of Blackford in the City of Edinburgh

Rt Hon Andrew Rutherford Hardie QC

created: 21 May 1997

No arms


Harding of Winscombe, Baroness, of Nether Compton in the County of Dorset

Hon Diana Mary Harding

created:  15 Sep 2014


Hardy of Wath, Baron, of Wath upon Dearne in the County of South Yorkshire

Peter Hardy DL

created: 27 Sep 1997

extinct: 16 Dec 2003

No arms


Harmar-Nicholls, Baron, of Peterborough in the County of Cambridgeshire

Sir Harmar Harmar-Nicholls 1st Bt JP

created: 10 Jan 1975

extinct: 15 Sep 2000

Arms: Per pale and per chevron Gules and Sable two Arrows with broad heads pilewise the Shafts Argent the Feathers and Heads Or overall a Chevron engrailed Gold; Crest: Two Keys Gold and Sable in saltire wards upwards Argent supporting a Davey Lamp proper all tied about with a Stafford Knot the strands Gules and Sable the Tassels also Gules; Motto: Perseverantia Vincit (Succeed by perseverance)


Harries of Pentregarth, Baron, of Ceinewydd in the County of Dyfed

Rt Rev Richard Douglas Harries DD

created: 30 Jun 2006


Harris of Greenwich, Baron, of Greenwich in the County of Greater London

John Henry Harris

created: 26 Mar 1974

extinct: 11 Apr 2001

No arms


Harris of Haringey, Baron, of Hornsey in the London Borough of Haringey

Jonathan Toby Harris

created: 5 Aug 1998


Harris of High Cross, Baron, of Tottenham in the County of Greater London

Ralph Harris

created: 19 Jul 1979

extinct: 19 Oct 2006

No arms


Harris of Peckham, Baron, of Peckham in the London Borough of Southwark

Sir Philip (Charles) Harris

created: 11 Jan 1996

Arms: Vert a chevron Argent between in chief two Rolls of Carpet in cross section Or and Gules and in base a Horse statant Argent; Crest: [On a Wreath Or and Vert] a Demi Horse rampant Argent on its head a Plume of three Feathers Vert and resting its sinister forefoot on a Tenterhook erect Gules; Supporters: On either side a Horse Sable standing on a Mount of Grass proper issuing therefrom Sprigs of Broom Vert flowering Or and grasping in the mouth a like sprig of Broom; Motto: Caritas Fructum Habet (Charity bears fruit)


Harris of Richmond, Baroness, of Richmond in the County of Yorkshire

Mrs Angela Felicity Harris DL

created: 6 Aug 1999


Harrison, Baron, of Chester in the County of Chester

Lyndon Henry Arthur Harrison

created: 28 Jul 1999


Hart of Chilton, Baron, of Chilton in the County of Suffolk

Garry Richard Rushby Hart

created: 4 Jun 2004

extinct: 3 Aug 2017

Arms: Or three Cross Crosslets fitchy in fess Sable the lower limb of each surmounted by a Rose Gules seeded Or; Crest: A Dragon sejant Gules armed langued and supporting with the dexter foreclaws a Sword point downwards Or; Supporters: On either side a Suffolk Punch Gules the tail and mane plaited and tied with Ribbons Or; Badge: A Suffolk Punch's Head caboshed Gules holding in the mouth a Rose to the sinister Gules barbed seeded leaved and slipped Or; Motto: Risus Sapientiam Effecit


Hart of South Lanark, Baroness, of Lanark in the County of Lanark

Rt Hon Dame Judith Constance Mary Hart DBE

created: 8 Feb 1988

extinct: 8 Dec 1991

No arms


Hartwell, Baron, of Peterborough Court in the City of London

Hon Sir (William) Michael Berry, 3rd Bt, MBE TD (formerly 3rd Viscount Camrose)

created: 19 Jan 1968

extinct: 3 Apr 2001

Arms: Argent three Bars Gules overall a Pile Ermine; Crest: A Griffin sejant reguardant Sable collared Or; Supporters: Dexter: a Stag; Sinister: a Wolf proper, both collared Or, the whole standing on a Compartment with a Well between Paving to the dexter and Grass to the sinister proper


Harvey of Prestbury, Baron, of Prestbury in the County Palatine of Chester

Sir Arthur Vere Harvey CBE

created: 1 May 1971

extinct: 5 Apr 1994

Arms: Per pale Argent and Sable a Chevron counterchanged between two Lions passant respectant the dexter Azure the sinister Or in chief and a Tun counterchanged in base on a Chief Vert a Garb between two Fleurs-de-lis Or; Crest: A Roundel Gules charge with a Roundel Argent thereon a Roundel Azure charged with two Fleurs-de-lis in fess Or; Supporters: On either side a Rabbit Argent charged on the shoulder with a Fleur-de-lis Vert; Motto: Je N'Oublieray Jamais (I never forget)


Harvington, Baron, of Nantwich in the County of Cheshire

Rt Hon Sir Robert Grant-Ferris

created: 24 Jun 1974

extinct: 1 Jan 1997

Arms: Gules three Antique Crowns Or within an Orle of eight Horseshoes Argent; Crest: A Comb fesswise Argent between two Hazel Branches fruited proper; Supporters: Dexter: a Knight Grand Cross of Magistral Grace of the Sovereign and Military Order of Malta in Choir Dress proper; Sinister: a representation of a Pilot of the Royal Air Force in Service Dress circa 1942 also proper about his neck a Scarf Gules spotted Argent; Motto: I Never Give Up


Haskel, Baron, of Higher Broughton in the County of Greater Manchester

Simon Haskel

created: 4 Oct 1993


Haskins, Baron, of Skidby in the County of the East Riding of Yorkshire

Christopher Robin Haskins

created: 25 Jul 1998

No arms


Haslam, Baron, of Bolton in the County of Greater Manchester

Sir Robert Haslam

created: 13 Aug 1990

extinct: 2 Nov 2002

No arms


Hastings of Scarisbrick, Baron, of Scarisbrick in the County of Lancaster

Michael John Hastings CBE

created: 12 Oct 2005


Hatch of Lusby, Baron, of Oldfield in the County of West Yorkshire

John Charles Hatch

created: 5 May 1978

extinct: 11 Oct 1992

No arms


Hattersley, Baron, of Sparkbrook in the County of West Midlands

Rt Hon Roy Sydney George Hattersley

created: 24 Nov 1997

No arms


Haughey, Baron, of Hutchesontown in the City of Glasgow

Sir William Haughey OBE

created: 18 Sep 2013


Havers, Baron, of St Edmundsbury in the County of Suffolk

Rt Hon Sir (Robert) Michael Oldfield Havers QC

created: 22 Jun 1987

extinct: 1 Apr 1992

No arms


Haworth, Baron, of Fisherfield in Ross and Cromarty

Alan Robert Haworth

created: 28 Jun 2004


Hay of Ballyore, Baron, of Ballyore in the City of Londonderry

William Alexander Hay

created:  16 Dec 2014


Hayhoe, Baron, of Isleworth in the London Borough of Hounslow

Rt Hon Sir Bernard (Barney) John Hayhoe

created: 21 Aug 1992

extinct:  7 Sep 2013

No arms


Hayman, Baroness, of Dartmouth Park in the London Borough of Camden

Rt Hon Dame Helene (Valerie) Hayman GBE

created: 2 Jan 1996

No arms


Hayter of Kentish Town, Baroness, of Kentish Town in the London Borough of Camden

Dr Dianne Hayter

created:  22 Jun 2010


Hayward, Baron, of Cumnor in the County of Oxfordshire

Robert Antony Hayward OBE

created:  28 Sep 2015


Healey, Baron, of Riddlesden in the County of West Yorkshire

Rt Hon Denis Winston Healey CH MBE

created: 29 Jun 1992

extinct: 3 Oct 2015

No arms


Healy of Primrose Hill, Baroness, of Primrose Hill in the London Borough of Camden

Anna Mary Healy

created: 19 Jul 2010


Helic, Baroness, of Millbank in the City of Westminster

Arminka Helic

created:  18 Sep 2014


Helsby, Baron, of Logmore in the County of Surrey

Sir Laurence Norman Helsby GCB KBE

created: 21 May 1968

extinct: 5 Dec 1978


Henderson of Brompton, Baron, of Brompton in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and of Brough in the County of Cumbria

Sir Peter Gordon Henderson KCB

created: 1 Feb 1984

extinct: 13 Jan 2000

No arms


Henig, Baroness, of Lancaster in the County of Lancaster

Dr Ruth Beatrice Henig CBE

created: 8 Jun 2004


Hennessy, Baron, of Windlesham in the County of Surrey

Rt Hon David James George [Hennessy], 3rd Baron Windlesham, CVO PC

created: 16 Nov 1999

Arms: See Baron Windlesham


Hennessy of Nympsfield, Baron, of Nympsfield in the County of Gloucestershire

Professor Peter John Hennessy

created:  8 Nov 2010


Heseltine, Baron, of Thenford in the County of Northamptonshire

Rt Hon Michael Ray Dibdin Heseltine CH

created: 12 Jul 2001


Hewlett, Baron, of Swettenham in the County of Derbyshire

Sir Thomas Clyde Hewlett CBE

created: 26 Apr 1972

extinct: 2 Jul 1999


Heycock, Baron, of Taibach in the Borough of Port Ellen

Llewellyn Heycock CBE

created: 11 Jul 1967

extinct: 14 Mar 1990

Arms: Or an a Chevron Gules between three Wheels winged Sable two Chevronels Argent on a Chief Azure between two Cockatrices' Heads erased Or an Open Book proper bearing the word "Scientia" in Letters Sable ; Crest: On a Cap of Maintenance Gules turned up Ermine a Demi Dragon Gules holding a Wheel Or charged in the centre with a Rose Gules thereon a Rose Argent barbed and seeded proper; Supporters: Dexter: a Dragon Gules gorged with a Baron's Coronet proper pendent therefrom by a Ring Or a Winged Wheel Sable; Sinister: a Cockatrice Gules gorged with a Baron's Coronet proper pendent therefrom by a Ring Or a Portcullis chained of the last; Motto: Semper Civibus Meis Servio


Heyhoe Flint, Baroness, of Wolverhampton in the County of West Midlands

Rachael Heyhoe Flint OBE

created: 21 Jan 2011

extinct: 18 Jan 2017


Higgins, Baron, of Worthing in the County of West Sussex

Rt Hon Sir Terence Langley Higgins KBE DL

created: 28 Oct 1997

No arms


Hill of Luton, Baron, of Harpenden in the County of Hertfordshire

Rt Hon Charles Hill

created: 13 Jun 1963

extinct: 22 Aug 1989

No arms


Hill of Oareford, Baron, of Oareford in the County of Somerset

Jonathan Hopkin Hill CBE

created: 27 May 2010


Hill of Wivenhoe, Baron, of Wivenhoe in the County of Essex

Edward (Ted) James Hill

created: 21 Sep 1967

extinct: 14 Dec 1969

No arms


Hill-Norton, Baron, of South Nutfield in the County of Surrey

Admiral of the Fleet Sir Peter John Hill-Norton GCB

created: 5 Feb 1979

extinct: 16 May 2004

Arms: Argent on a Bend Gules between in chief a Terrestrial Sphere proper and in base three Cannon Balls Sable within an Annulet Azure four Anchors Or; Crest: Out of a Naval Crown Or on a Mount Vert a Springbok trippant proper; Supporters: On either side a Hippocampus holding in the tail an Anchor proper; Motto: Try Harder


Hilton of Eggardon, Baroness, of Eggardon in the County of Dorset

Jennifer Hilton QPM

created: 14 Jun 1991

Arms: Azure between two Bees in fess and volant upwards and outwards proper growing from a Grassy Mount in base and protected by Palings about its trunk an Oak Tree also proper and fructed Gold; Supporters: Dexter: on a Grassy Mount growing therefrom two Dog Roses proper a Crested Newt statant erect Vert holding by its inner forefoot a Tipstaff proper; Sinister: on a Grassy Mount growing therefrom two Dog Roses proper a Griffin statant erect Argent armed winged and Tail tufted Or grasping by its inner foreclaw a Serpent entwined about the foreleg also proper; Motto: Poursuivre Raison Avec Resolution (To follow right with resolution)


Hilton of Upton, Baron, of Swaffham in the County of Norfolk

Albert Victor Hilton JP

created: 11 May 1965

extinct: 3 May 1977


Hinton of Bankside, Baron, of Dulwich in the County of London

Sir Christopher Hinton KBE OM

created: 28 Jan 1965

extinct: 22 Jun 1983


Hirshfield, Baron, of Holborn in Greater London

Desmond Barel Hirschfield

created: 30 Aug 1967

extinct: 6 Dec 1993

Arms: Azure a Menorah between two Flaunches Or on each an Oak Leaf Vert charged with a Bezant on a Chief Or a Dexter Hand apaumé couped at the wrist articulated of Steel proper representing the Hand of an Automaton between two Cog Wheels Gules each charged with a Human Heart Argent; Crest: On a Mount Vert a Demi Lion guardant and a Demi Hart at gaze proper supporting between them a Balance Argent; Supporters: Dexter: a Lion rampant guardant proper crowned with an Ancient Crown Or; Sinister: a Hart at gaze proper gorged with an Eastern Crown Or, the whole upon a Compartment comprising a Grassy Mount with two Madonna Lilies slipped and leaved proper; Motto: Come, Let Us Reason Together


Hobson, Baron, of Brent in the County of Middlesex

Charles Rider Hobson

created: 20 Jan 1964

extinct: 17 Feb 1966

No arms


Hodgson of Abinger, Baroness, of Abinger in the County of Surrey

Fiona Ferelith Hodgson CBE

created:  16 Sep 2013


Hodgson of Astley Abbotts, Baron, of Nash in the County of Shropshire

Robin Granville Hodgson CBE

created: 7 Jun 2000

Arms: Or three Piles reversed each terminating in a Trefoil Sable and charged with a Pile Argent thereon a Dove wings elevated and addorsed Azure; Crest: A Wolf statant Sable grasping in the dexter forepaw a Covered Cup Or; Supporters: On either side a Flamingo reguardant Or beaked and legged Azure; Motto: Maiore Cura Quam Ingenio; Badge: A Wolf statant Sable grasping in the dexter forepaw a Covered Cup Or


Hogan-Howe, Baron, of Sheffield in the County of South Yorkshire

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe QPM

created: 7 Nov 2017


Hogg, Baroness, of Kettlethorpe in the County of Lincolnshire

Hon Mrs Sarah Elizabeth Mary Hogg

created: 3 Feb 1995

No arms


Hogg of Cumbernauld, Baron, of Cumbernauld in the County of North Lanarkshire

Norman Hogg

created: 24 Sep 1997

extinct: 8 Oct 2008

No arms


Holderness, Baron, of Bishop Wilton in the County of Humberside

Rt Hon Richard Frederick Wood DL

created: 7 Aug 1979

extinct: 11 Aug 2002

Arms: Quarterly: 1st and 4th, Azure three Naked savages ambulant in fess proper in the dexter hand of each a Shield Argent charged with a Cross Gules and in the sinister a Club resting on the shoulder also proper on a Canton Ermine three Lozenges conjoined in fess Sable (Wood); 2nd, Or three Torteaux a Label Azure (Courtenay); 4th, Or a Lion rampant Azure; overall on the centre for difference a Mullet Gules; Crest: A Savage as in the Arms the Shield Sable charged with a Griffin's Head erased Argent; Supporters: Dexter: an Officer of the King's Royal Rifle Corps circa 1904; Sinister: a Boar Sable armed unguled and bristled Or gorged with a Collar Argent thereon Cornish Choughs proper and pendant therefrom a Cinquefoil Argent resting the inner rear leg upon an Anchor bendwise Gold; Motto: I Still Like My Choice


Holford, Baron, of Kemp Town in the County of Sussex

Sir William Graham Holford

created: 29 Jan 1965

extinct: 17 Oct 1975


Hollick, Baron, of Notting Hill in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Clive Richard Hollick

created: 20 Jun 1991

No arms


Hollins, Baroness, of Wimbledon in the London Borough of Merton and of Grenoside in the County of South Yorkshire

Professor Sheila Clare Hollins

created: 15 November 2010


Hollis of Heigham, Baroness, of Heigham in the City of Norwich

Rt Hon Mrs Patricia Lesley Hollis DL

created: 1 Jun 1990

No arms


Holme of Cheltenham, Baron, of Cheltenham in the County of Gloucestershire

Rt Hon Richard Gordon Holme CBE

created: 29 May 1990

extinct: 4 May 2008

No arms


Holmes of Richmond, Baron, of Richmond in the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames

Christopher Holmes MBE

created:  13 Sep 2013


Home of the Hirsel, Baron, of Coldstream in Berwickshire

Rt Hon Sir Alexander Frederick Douglas-Home KT (formerly 14th Earl of Home)

created: 19 Dec 1974

extinct: 9 Oct 1995

Arms: See Earl of Home


Hooper, Baroness, of Liverpool and St James's in the City of Westminster

Gloria Dorothy Hooper

created: 10 Jun 1985

No arms


Hooson, Baron, of Montgomery in the County of Powys and Colomendy in the County of Clwyd

(Hugh) Emlyn Hooson QC

created: 26 Jul 1979

extinct: 21 Feb 2012

No arms


Hope of Thornes, Baron, of Thornes in the County of West Yorkshire

Rt Rev and Rt Hon David Michael Hope KCVO

created: 31 Mar 2005


Horam, Baron, of Grimsargh in the County of Lancashire

John Rhodes Horam

created:  4 Sep 2013


Hornsby-Smith, Baroness, of Chislehurst in Kent

Rt Hon Dame (Margaret) Patricia Hornsby-Smith DBE

created: 13 May 1974

extinct: 3 Jul 1985


Horsburgh, Baroness, of Horsburgh in the County of Peebleshire

Rt Hon Dame Florence Gertrude Horsburgh GBE

created: 16 Dec 1959

extinct: 6 Dec 1969

No arms


Houghton of Richmond, Baron, of Richmond in he County of North Yorkshire

General Sir John Nicholas Reynolds Houghton GCB CBE

created: 20 Nov 2017


Houghton of Sowerby, Baron, of Sowerby in the County of West Yorkshire

Rt Hon (Arthur Leslie Noel) Douglas Houghton CH

created: 20 Jun 1974

extinct: 2 May 1996

Arms: Or issuant from a Barrulet wavy Azure a Stone Bridge of three arches throughout proper in chief a Rose Gules barbed slipped with two Sprigs leaved proper charged with another Rose Argent seeded proper in base a Barn Owl statant also proper; Crest: [On a Cap of Maintenance Gules turned up Ermine] a representation of the Ruins of the Church of St Thomas of Canterbury, Heptonstall, proper; Supporters: On either side a Badger proper gorged with a Collar Or charged with a Barrulet wavy Azure; Motto: Bear No Base Mind


Howard of Lympne, Baron, of Lympne in the County of Kent

Rt Hon Michael Howard CH QC

created: 13 Jul 2010


Howard of Rising, Baron, of Castle Rising in the County of Norfolk

Greville Patrick Charles Howard

created: 4 Jun 2004


Howard of Henderskelfe, Baron, of Henderskelfe in the County of North Yorkshire

George Anthony Geoffrey Howard

created: 1 Jul 1983

extinct: 27 Nov 1984


Howarth of Breckland, Baroness, of Parson Cross in the County of South Yorkshire

Valerie Georgina Howarth OBE

created: 25 Jun 2001


Howarth of Newport, Baron, of Newport in the County of Gwent

Rt Hon Alan Thomas Howarth CBE

created:  15 Jun 2005


Howe of Aberavon, Baron, of Tandridge in the County of Surrey

Rt Hon Sir (Richard Edward) Geoffrey Howe CH QC

created: 30 Jun 1992

extinct: 9 Oct 2015

Arms: Chequy Or and Azure on a Chief per pale Vert and Gules a Portcullis chained Or; Crest: Upon a Howe turfed proper a Wolf courant Sable mantled with a Fleece of a Sheep sans head holding in its mouth a Remnant of Cloth Gules; Supporters: Dexter: a Dragon Gules armed and langued Azure gorged with a Collar compony Sable and Argent the sable charged with a Crescent Ermine the Argent with a Rose Gules barbed and seeded proper holding in its exterior foreclaw a Sword erect Argent Hilt Pommel and Quillons Or; Sinister: a winged Lion Or armed and langued Gules similarly gorged and resting its interior hind leg upon a Clarion also Gold; Motto: Tibi Fidelis (To yourself be true)


Howe of Idlicote, Baroness, of Shipston-on-Stour in the County of Warwickshire

Elspeth Rosamund Morton CBE (Lady Howe of Aberavon)

created: 29 Jun 2001


Howell, Baron, of Aston Manor in the City of Birmingham

Rt Hon Denis Herbert Howell

created: 2 Jul 1992

extinct: 19 Apr 1998

Arms: Quarterly Or and Gules a Pale raguly per pale counterchanged in the first quarter a Lion rampant contourny Azure armed and langued Gules in the second quarter a Bear statant erect Or in the third quarter a like Bear also contourny Or in the fourth quarter a Lion rampant Azure armed and langued Gules overall on a Fess Ermine a Portcullis Or between two Squirrels respectant each holding a Nut proper; Crest: A Mural Crown per pale Gules and Or issuing therefrom an Arm embowed vested palewise Or and Gules the hand grasping a hammer proper; Motto: Exaltavit Humiles


Howell of Guildford, Baron, of Penton Mewsey in the County of Hampshire

Rt Hon David Arthur Russell Howell

created: 6 Jun 1997

No arms


Howells of St Davids, Baroness, of Charlton in the London Borough of Greenwich

Mrs Rosalind Patricia-Anne Howells OBE

created: 21 Jul 1999


Howie of Troon, Baron, of Troon in the District of Kyle and Carrick

William Howie

created: 21 Apr 1978

extinct: 26 May 2018

No arms


Hoy, Baron, of Leith in the County of the City of Edinburgh

Rt Hon James Hutchinson Hoy

created: 4 Jul 1970

extinct: 7 Aug 1976


Hoyle, Baron, of Warrington in the County of Cheshire

(Eric) Douglas (Harvey) Hoyle

created: 14 May 1997

No arms


Hughes, Baron, of Hawkhill in the County of the City of Dundee

Rt Hon William Hughes CBE DL

created: 7 Feb 1961

extinct: 31 Dec 1999

No arms


Hughes of Stretford, Baroness, of Ellesmere Port in the County of Cheshire

Rt Hon Beverley June Hughes

created: 15 Jul 2010


Hughes of Woodside, Baron, of Woodside in the City of Aberdeen

Robert Hughes

created: 27 Sep 1997

No arms


Humphreys, Baroness, of Llanrwst in the County of Conwy

Christine Mary Humphreys

created: 18 Sep 2013


Hunt, Baron, of Llanvair Watersdine in the County of Shropshire

Sir (Henry Cecil) John Hunt KG CBE DSO

created: 4 Jul 1966

extinct: 8 Nov 1998

Arms: Argent a Himalayan Black Bear passant proper a Chief dancetty Azure; Crest: [Upon a Wreath Argent and Azure] on two Mountain Peaks the first higher than the second a Chamois statant regardant proper; Supporters: Dexter: on a mount of Grass and Reedmace proper issuant from Water barry wavy Argent and Azure a Swan wings elevated and addorsed proper; Sinister: on a rock a Buzzard wings also elevated and addorsed proper; Motto: Endeavour


Hunt of Chesterton, Baron, of Chesterton in the County of Cambridgeshire

Julian Charles Roland Hunt CB

created: 5 May 2000


Hunt of Fawley, Baron, of Fawley in the County of Buckinghamshire

John Henderson Hunt CBE

created: 25 Jun 1973

extinct: 28 Dec 1987


Hunt of Kings Heath, Baron, of Birmingham in the County of West Midlands

Philip Alexander Hunt OBE

created: 20 Oct 1997

No arms


Hunt of Tanworth, Baron, of Stratford-on-Avon in the County of Warwickshire

Sir John Joseph Benedict Hunt GCB

created: 8 Feb 1980

extinct: 17 Jul 2008

No arms


Hunt of Wirral, Baron, of Wirral in the County of Merseyside

Rt Hon David James Fletcher Hunt MBE

created: 20 Oct 1997

Arms: Azure a Stag's Head caboshed Argent on a Chief Or a Rose Gules barbed and seeded proper between two Ostrich Feathers Sable; Crest: Statant upon a Portcullis chained Or an Oyster Catcher wings elevated and addorsed proper holding in its beak by the Strings Gules a Bugle Horn Or garnished Gules; Supporters: Dexter: a Lion Azure resting the dexter forepaw on an Anchor Or; Sinister: a Dragon Azure resting the sinister foreclaws on a Pickaxe head downwards Or; Motto: Pro Deo et Civitate (For God and state)


Hunter of Newington, Baron, of Newington in the District of the City of Edinburgh

Sir Robert Brockie Hunter MBE FRCP

created: 17 Jul 1978

extinct: 24 Mar 1994

Arms: Vert two Greyhounds courant in pale Argent collared of the first on a Chief Or a Book expanded proper binding and fore-edges Gules between two Hunting Horns of the first stringed of the Fourth; Crest: A Peregrine Falcon with wings expanded proper; Supporters: On either side a Bay Stallion Hunter proper


Hurd, Baron, of Newbury in the Royal County of Berkshire

Sir Anthony Richard Hurd

created: 24 Aug 1964

extinct: 12 Feb 1966

No arms


Hurd of Westwell, Baron, of Westwell in the County of Oxfordshire

Rt Hon Douglas Richard Hurd CH CBE

created: 13 Jun 1997

No arms


Hussain, Baron, of Luton in the County of Bedfordshire

Qurban Hussain

created: 20 Jan 2011


Hussein-Ece, Baroness, of Highbury in the London Borough of Islington

Mrs Meral Hussein Ece OBE

created: 25 Jun 2010


Hussey of North Bradley, Baron, of North Bradley in the County of Wiltshire

Marmaduke James Hussey

created: 11 Sep 1996

extinct: 27 Dec 2006

No arms


Hutchinson of Lullington, Baron, of Lullington in the County of East Sussex

Jeremy Nicholas Hutchinson QC

created: 16 May 1978

extinct: 13 Nov 2017

No arms


Hutton of Furness, Baron, of Aldingham in the County of Cumbria

Rt Hon John Matthew Patrick Hutton

created: 27 Jun 2010


Hylton-Foster, Baroness, of the City of Westminster

Hon Dame Audrey Pellew Hylton-Foster DBE (Lady Hylton-Foster)

created: 7 Dec 1965

extinct: 31 Oct 2002

No arms




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