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Life Peerages - J


Jackson of Burnley, Baron, of Burnley in the County Palatine of Lancashire

Sir Willis Jackson

created: 19 Jan 1967

extinct: 17 Feb 1970

Arms: Quarterly per fess indented Or and Azure in the 1st and 4th quarters a Rose Gules barbed and seeded proper and in the 2nd and 3rd quarters a Thunderbolt Or; Crest: In front of a Terrestrial Globe proper a Torch erect Or inflamed proper; Supporters: Dexter: An Indian habited in the Court Dress of Mysore; Sinister: A Notable of the Eastern Region of Nigeria habited in Traditional Robes and Headdress both proper; Motto: Towards Understanding


Jackson of Lodsworth, Baroness, of Lodsworth in the County of West Sussex

Dame Barbara Mary Jackson DBE (ne Ward) (Lady Jackson)

created: 18 Oct 1976

extinct: 31 May 1981


Jacobs, Baron, of Belgravia in the City of Westminster

Sir (David) Anthony Jacobs

created: 18 Oct 1997

extinct: 21 Jun 2014

No arms


Jacobson, Baron, of St Albans in the County of Hertfordshire

Sydney Jacobson (n Jacobsohn)

created: 16 Jul 1975

extinct: 13 Sep 1988


Jacques, Baron, of Portsea Island in the County of Southampton

John Henry Jacques

created: 11 Jul 1968

extinct: 20 Dec 1995

No arms


Jakobovits, Baron, of Regent's Park in Greater London

Sir Immanuel Jacobovits

created: 5 Feb 1988

extinct: 31 Oct 1999

No arms


James of Blackheath, Baron, of Wildbrooks in the County of West Sussex

David Noel James CBE

created: 9 Jun 2006

Arms:  Quarterly Or and Argent on a Cross Gules between four Trumpets in saltire bells outwards Gules banded Or a Cross quarterly Argent and Or;  Crest:  Statant upon a Violin Bridge Gules a Cricket Or;  Supporters:  On either side a Greyhound Gules gorged with a plain Collar attached thereto a Chain reflexed over the back Or holding in the mouth a Rose Argent barbed seeded slipped and leaved Or;  Motto:  Numquam Amitto;  Badge:  Three Escallops in pall flukes inwards and abutting Gules each crowned with an Ancient Crown Or


James of Holland Park, Baroness, of Southwold in the County of Suffolk

Phyllis Dorothy James OBE

created: 7 Feb 1991

extinct: 27 Nov 2014

Arms: Vert between two Oak Trees eradicated Or a Bend Sinister wavy argent thereon another Azure charged with a Quill Pen Argent the Quill Or a Chief Azure issuant thereon a Representation of Southwold Lighthouse proper; Supporters: On either side a Tabby Cat salient guardant proper wearing a Collar Vert edged buckled and studded Or reposing the exterior front paw upon an Open Book the pages lettered proper edged Or and bound Gules each upright on a Set of Closed Books edged Or their spines outwards one bound Vert lying on top of the other Azure; Motto: Gratus Erga Deum Beatitudine Vitae (Showing gratitude to God for the blessings of one's work)


James of Rusholme, Baron, of Fallowfield in the County Palatine of Lancashire

Sir Eric John Francis James

created: 19 Feb 1959

extinct: 16 May 1992

No arms


Janke, Baroness, of Clifton in the City and County of Bristol

Barbara Lilian Janke

created:  24 Sep 2014


Janner, Baron, of the City of Leicester

Sir Barnett Janner

created: 20 Jun 1970

extinct: 4 May 1992


Janner of Braunstone, Baron, of Leicester in the County of Leicestershire

Greville Ewan Janner QC

created: 25 Oct 1997

extinct:  19 Dec 2015

Arms: Paly of four Vert and Gules a Pile terminating in a Triangle interlaced with a Triangle reversed between two Piles each terminating in a Fleur-de-lys Argent; Crest: A Hippopotamus statant Gules in the mouth an Orchid Argent; Supporters: On either side a Rabbit sejant erect Argent that on the dexter gorged with a Plain Collar and holding in the interior paw a Top Hat Gules and that on the sinister gorged with a Plain Collar Vert and holding in the exterior paw a Sword point upwards Argent Hilt Pommel and Quillons Vert; Badge: A Triangle the point flory Gules interlaced with a Triangle reversed the points flory Vert


Janvrin, Baron, of Chalford Hill in the County of Gloucestershire

Rt Hon Sir Robin Berry Janvrin GCB GCVO

created:  10 October 2007


Jay, Baron, of Battersea in Greater London

Rt Hon Douglas Patrick Thomas Jay

created: 8 Oct 1987

extinct: 6 Mar 1996

No arms


Jay of Ewelme, of Ewelme in the County of Oxford

Sir Michael Hastings Jay GCMG

created: 18 Sep 2006

Arms: Per saltire Argent and Sable two Clarions in pale each ensigned with an Ancient Crown Sable and two Clarions in fess Argent each ensigned by an Ancient Crown Or; Crest: [Upon a Helm with a Wreath Argent and Or] an Otter sejant erect Sable holding with both forepaws and blowing a Trumpet Or; Supporters: On either side a Manx Shearwater contourny supporting with the wings addorsed and inverted proper beaked and legged Or in the beak a Trefoil slipped also Or; Motto: In Homines Benvolentia; Badge: An Otter's Face Sable anciently crowned Or


Jay of Paddington, Baroness, of Paddington in the City of Westminster

Rt Hon Mrs Margaret Ann Jay

created: 29 Jul 1992

Arms:  Quarterly Vert and Azure in the former a Portcullis Or in the latter a Lymphad with an Anchor at its prow and masted Or the Sail set Argent and Pennants flying Gules overall a Fess Or to the sinister thereof a Grassy Mount with a Hurst of Oak Trees and issuing therefrom passant to the dexter a Wolf proper; Motto: Malo Laborare Quam Languere


Jeger, Baroness, of St Pancras in the County of Greater London

Mrs Lena May Jeger (ne Chilvers)

created: 11 Jul 1979

extinct: 26 Feb 2007

No arms


Jellicoe of Southampton, Baron, of Southampton in the County of Hampshire

Rt Hon George Patrick John Rushworth [Jellicoe], 2nd Earl Jellicoe, KBE DSO MC FRS PC

created: 17 Nov 1999

extinct: 22 Feb 2007

Arms: See Earl Jellicoe


Jenkin of Kennington, Baroness, of Hatfield Peverel in the County of Essex

Anne Caroline Jenkin

created: 26 Jan 2011


Jenkin of Roding, Baron, of Wanstead and Woodford in Greater London

Rt Hon (Charles) Patrick Fleeming Jenkin

created: 3 Nov 1987

extinct: 20 Dec 2016

Arms:  Argent a Lion rampant reguardant Sable armed and langued Gules within a Bordure also Sable:  Crest:  On a Mural Crown per pale Argent and Sable a Lion rampant reguardant Sable armed and langued Gules;  Supporters:  Dexter:  a Seal erect on a Rock;  Sinister:  a Stag erect on a Grassy Mount, all proper;  Motto:  Toujours Fidele (Always faithful)


Jenkins of Hillhead, Baron, of Pontypool in the County of Gwent

Rt Hon Roy Harris Jenkins OM

created: 20 Nov 1987

extinct: 5 Jan 2003

No arms


Jenkins of Putney, Baron, of Wandsworth in Greater London

Hugh Gater Jenkins

created: 14 May 1981

extinct: 26 Jan 2004

No arms


Joffe, Baron, of Liddington in the County of Wiltshire

Joel Goodman Joffe CBE

created: 16 Feb 2000

extinct: 18 Jun 2017


John-Mackie, Baron, of Nazeing in the County of Essex

John Mackie

created: 18 May 1981

extinct: 26 May 1994

No arms


Johnston of Rockport, Baron, of Caversham in the Royal County of Berkshire

Sir Charles Collier Johnston TD

created: 30 Mar 1987

extinct: 30 Apr 2002

No arms


Jolly, Baroness, of Congdon's Shop in the County of Cornwall

Judith Anne Jolly

created: 24 Dec 2010


Jones, Baron, of Deeside in the County of Clwyd

Rt Hon Sir Stephen Barry Jones

created: 6 Jul 2001


Jones of Birmingham, Baron, of Alverchurch and of Bromsgrove in the County of Worcestershire

Sir Digby Merritt Jones

created: 10 Jul 2007


Jones of Cheltenham, Baron, of Cheltenham in the County of Gloucestershire

Nicholas David Jones

created:  20 Jun 2005

Arms:  Per pale Gules and Vert three Mice sejant Argent supporting with the forefeet an Abacus Or;  Crest:  A demi Black Rhinoceros Vert armed and supporting with the feet a Welsh Triple Harp Or;  Supporters:  On either side a Hippopotamus statant erect and with mouth agape that on the dexter Vert and that on the sinister Gules both tusked and gorged with an Ancient Crown attached thereto a Chain reflexed over the back Or;  Motto:  Strength Through Knowledge;  Badge:  The Head of an Hippopotamus caboshed per pale Vert and Gules crowned with an Ancient Coronet Or


Jones of Moulsecoomb, Baroness, of Moulsecoomb in the County of East Sussex

Jennifer Helen Jones

created: 20 Sep 2013


Jones of Whitchurch, Baroness, of Whitchurch in the County of South Glamorgan

Margaret Beryl Jones

created: 5 Jun 2006


Jopling, Baron, of Ainderby Quernhow in the County of North Yorkshire

Rt Hon (Thomas) Michael Jopling DL

created: 5 Jun 1997

No arms


Jordan, Baron, of Bournville in the County of West Midlands

William Brian Jordan CBE

created: 5 Jun 2000


Joseph, Baron, of Portsoken in the City of London

Rt Hon Sir Keith Sinjohn Joseph, 2nd Bt, CH

created: 12 Oct 1987

extinct: 10 Dec 1994

No arms


Jowell, Baroness, of Brixton in the London Borough of Lambeth

Rt Hon Dame Tessa Jane Helen Douglas Jowell DBE

created: 27 Oct 2015


Judd, Baron, of Portsea in the County of Hampshire

Frank Ashcroft Judd

created: 10 Jun 1991

No arms


Judge, Baron, of Draycote in the County of Warwickshire

Rt Hon Sir Igor Judge

created: 1 Oct 2008




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