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Life Peerages - K


Kaberry of Adel, Baron, of Adel in the City of Leeds

Sir Donald Kaberry, 1st Bt, TD

created: 23 Sep 1983

extinct: 13 Mar 1991

Arms: Per fess Argent and Azure and a Pile reverses counterchanged three Double-Warded Keys wards upwards also Azure each enfiled by a Chaplet of Holly fructed proper and of Roses Argent barbed and seeded also proper; Crest: [On a Wreath Or Sable and Azure] a Weeping Willow Tree proper pendent from the trunk thereof by a Ring a Fleece Or; Motto: Laboro Fide (I labour with faith)


Kadoorie, Baron, of Kowloon in Hong Kong and of the City of Westminster

Sir Lawrence Kadoorie CBE

created: 22 Sep 1981

extinct: 25 Aug 1993

Arms: Per fess Gules and Vert in chief a Flower of Bauhinia Blakeana and the Chinese Character denoting double happiness Or and in base a Demi Bengal Tiger (felis tigris) couped guardant proper gorged with a Collar Gemel Sable between the paws a Cinquefoil Gules; Crest: A Candlestick of seven branches Or between two Cinquefoils Gules; Supporters: On either side a Chinese Unicorn proper rampant on the outer slope of a Steep Mount with a Shere Inner Face Vert growing therefrom a Bauhinia Balkeana Flower Gold and between the mounts a Waterway barry wavy of four Argent and Azure; Motto: Adhere and Prosper


Kagan, Baron, of Elland in the County of West Yorkshire

Sir Joseph Kagan (knighthood cancelled and annulled 1981)

created: 30 Jun 1976

extinct: 17 Jan 1995

Arms: Per chevron Vert and Gules a Chevron rompu Or fretted with Barbed Wire Sable between in chief two pairs of the Text Letter K each pair addorsed and in base two Triangles interlaced Gold on a Bordure Argent eight Martlets Gules; Crest: [Upon a Helm with a Wreath Or Vert and Gules] issuant from a Circlet of Barbed Wire meshed Sable and from Flames proper a Phoenix Or charged on the breast with two Triangles interlaced Sable: Supporters: Dexter: an Artisan wearing a Gannex Apron and Bib holding in the exterior hand a Shuttle proper; Sinister: a Hebrew Scholar of circa 1550 habited in a Long Gown and wearing a Skull Cap Sable holding in front of him in the exterior hand an Open Book proper bound Gules edged Or having on the dexter page the Roman Numerals XV and III and on the sinister page the Numerals MCDLXI Sable; Motto: (In Hebrew) Knowledge, Work, Compassion


Kahn, Baron, of Hampstead in the London Borough of Camden

Richard Ferdinand Cahn CBE

created: 6 Jul 1965

extinct: 6 Jun 1989

No arms


Kakkar, Baron, of Loxbeare in the County of Devon

Professor Ajay Kumar Kakkar

created: 22 Mar 2010


Kaldor, Baron, of Newham in the City of Cambridge

Miklos (Nicholas) Kaldor

created: 9 Jul 1974

extinct: 30 Sep 1986


Kalms, Baron, of Edgware in the London Borough of Barnet

Sir Harold Stanley Kalms

created: 1 Jun 2004


Kearton, Baron, of Whitchurch in the County of Buckingham

Sir (Christopher) Frank Kearton OBE FRS

created: 5 Feb 1970

extinct: 2 Jul 1992

No arms


Keith of Castleacre, Baron, of Swaffham in the County of Norfolk

Sir Kenneth Alexander Keith

created: 6 Feb 1980

extinct: 1 Sep 2004

Arms: Paly of six Or and Gules on a Chief Argent three Stags' Heads caboshed proper; Crest: A Garb Or supported by two Stags respectant proper; Supporters: Dexter: a Foreman proper his Overall Argent charged on the breast pocket with a Monogram composed of the Letters RR superimposed one above the other with above the word Rolls and beneath the word Royce all in capital letters Gules the Collar Azure holding in his outer hand a Worksheet in its Folder proper; Sinister: a Farmer in Plus-Four Suit and Cap of Brown Tweed with heather mixture Stockings and Brown Boots holding in the crook of his outer arms a Shot Gun proper; Motto: Veritas Vincit (Truth conquers)


Kelvedon, Baron, of Ongar in the County of Essex

Rt Hon (Henry) Paul Guinness Channon

created: 11 Jun 1997

extinct: 27 Jan 2007

No arms


Kennedy of Cradley, Baroness, of Cradley in the Metropolitan Borough of Dudley

Alicia Pamela Kennedy

created: 19 Sep 2013


Kennedy of Southwark, Baron, of Newington in the London Baron of Southwark

Roy Francis Kennedy

created:  21 Jun 2010


Kennedy of The Shaws, Baroness, of Cathcart in the City of Glasgow

Helena Ann Kennedy QC

created: 27 Oct 1997

No arms


Kerr of Kinlochard, Baron, of Kinlochard in Perth and Kinross

Sir John Olav Kerr GCMG

created: 30 Jun 2004


Kerr of Monteviot, Baron, of Monteviot in Roxburghshire

Most Hon Michael Andrew Foster Jude [Kerr], 13th Marquess of Lothian

created: 22 Nov 2010


Kestenbaum, Baron, of Foxcote in the County of Somerset

Jonathan Andrew Kestenbaum

created: 24 Jan 2011


Kidron, Baroness. of Angel in the London Borough of Islington

Ms Beeban Tania Kidron OBE

created: 25 Jun 2012


Kilclooney, Baron, of Armagh in the County of Armagh

Rt Hon Sir John David Taylor

created: 17 Jul 2001

Arms: Azure issuing in base three Representations of the Scrabo Tower Argent with windows framed and Pinnacles Or each ensigned by a Viking Helm Argent horned Or; Crest: A Tailor Bird Or grasping a Bush eradicated Azure enflamed Or; Supporters: On either side an Irish Elk Gules unguled and attired Or resting the exterior forehoof upon an Ulster Gatepost Argent; Motto: A While Fer Wark An A While Fer Spoartin; Badge: An Irish Elk's Head caboshed Gules attired Or


Kilmany, Baron, of Kilmany in the County of Fifeshire

Rt Hon Sir William John St Clair Anstruther-Gray, 1st Bt. DL

created: 2 Jun 1966

extinct: 6 Aug 1985


Kilpatrick of Kincraig, Baron, of Dysart in the District of Kirkcaldy

Sir Robert Kilpatrick CBE

created: 16 Feb 1996

extinct: 16 Sep 2015

No arms


Kimball, Baron, of Easton in the County of Leicestershire

Sir Marcus Richard Kimball DL

created: 9 May 1985

extinct:  26 Mar 2014

Arms: Argent a Pale Gules charged with a Lion rampant of the field on a Chief Sable a Bezant between two Crescents Or; Crest: In front of two Arrows points downwards saltirewise Gules a Bull's Head erased Sable armed Or ducally gorged also Gules between two Branches of Laurel fructed proper; Supporters: On either side a Wild Turkey proper; Motto: Strive for the gain of all


King of Bow, Baroness, of Bow in the London Baron of Tower Hamlets

Oona Tamsyn King

created: 26 Jan 2011


King of Bridgwater, Baron, of Bridgwater in the County of Somerset

Rt Hon Thomas Jeremy King CH

created: 9 Jul 2001


King of Lothbury, Baron, of Lothbury in the City of London

Sir Mervyn Alistair King KG GBE

created:  19 Jul 2013


King of Wartnaby, Baron, of Wartnaby in the County of Leicestershire

Sir John Leonard King

created: 15 Jul 1983

extinct: 12 Jul 2005

Arms: Or five Piles two reversed Vert each charge with an Acorn slipped of the field; Crest: An Otter sejant Vert holding in the dexter paw a Sceptre Or; Supporters: On either side a Horse reguardant Sable unguled Or in the mouth of each a Sprig of Oak Vert fructed Gold; Motto: La Fortune Passe Par Tout (The vicissitudes of fortune are common to all)


King of West Bromwich, Baron, of West Bromwich in the County of West Midlands

Tarsem King

created: 22 Jul 1999

extinct:  9 Jan 2013


King-Hall, Baron, of Headley in the County of Hampshire

Sir William Stephen King-Hall

created: 15 Jan 1966

extinct: 21 Jun 1966

No arms


Kingsdown, Baron, of Pemberton in the County of Lancashire

Rt Hon Sir Robert (Robin) Leigh-Pemberton KG

created: 14 Jul 1993

extinct:  24 Nov 2013

Arms: Ermine an Estoile Or between three Buckets Sable hoops and Handles of the second; Crest: A Dragon's Head Ermine erased Gules ducally gorged Or and transfixed by an Arrow fesswise proper; Motto: Ut Tibi Sic Alteri (Do to others as you would to yourself)


Kingsland, Baron, of Shrewsbury in the County of Shropshire

Rt Hon Sir Christopher James Proust TD QC DL

created: 7 Oct 1994

extinct: 12 Jul 2009


Kingsmill, Baroness, of Holland Park in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Denise Patricia Byrne Kingsmill

created: 1 Jun 2006


Kings Norton, Baron, of Wotton Underwood in the County of Buckinghamshire

Sir Harold Roxbee Cox

created: 22 Jun 1965

extinct: 21 Dec 1997

Arms: Azure a Chevron Or between in chief two Jet Engines palewise flames downward and in base a Balloon with Car proper; Crest: A Rabbit sejant erect proper in front of two Sceptres in saltire each terminating in a Fleur-de-lys Or; Supporters: On either side a Cock standing on a Rock proper; Motto: Precision and Tolerance


Kinnock, Baron, of Bedwellty in the County of Gwent

Rt Hon Neil Gordon Kinnock

created: 28 Jan 2005


Kinnock of Holyhead, Baroness, of Holyhead in the County of Ynys Môn

Glenys Elizabeth Kinnock (Lady Kinnock)

created: 30 Jun 2009


Kirkham, Baron, of Old Cantley in the County of South Yorkshire

Sir Graham Kirkham CVO

created: 23 Jul 1999

Arms:  Argent on each of three Chevronnels interlaced their apexes terminating in a Trefoil Vert a Chevronel Or;  Crest:  A Dalmation sejant Argent semy of Roundels Vert gorged with a Plain Collar attached thereto a Chain reflexed over the back and grasping in the sinister paw a Horseshoe reversed Or;  Supporters:  On either side a Chameleon that on the dexter Vert eyed and gorged with a Plain Collar attached thereto a Chain reflexed over the back and terminating in a Ring Or and that on the sinister Or eyed and gorged with a Plain Collar attached thereto a Chain reflexed over the back and terminating in a Ring Vert;  Motto:  Per Laborem Ad Honorem;  Badge:  A Cross Bottony surmounted by and conjoined to a Roundel Vert charged with a Roundel Argent thereon a Boar's Head caboshed Vert armed Or


Kirkhill, Baron, of Kirkhill in the District of the City of Aberdeen

John Farquharson Smith

created: 17 Jul 1975

No arms


Kirkhope of Harrogate, Baron, of Harrogate in the Count of North Yorkshire

Timothy John Robert Kirkhope

created:  1 Sep 2016


Kirkwood of Kirkhope, Baron, of Kirkhope in Scottish Borders

Sir Archibald Johnstone Kirkwood

created: 10 Jun 2005


Kissin, Baron, of Camden in Greater London

Harry Kissin

created: 27 Jun 1974

extinct: 22 Nov 1997

Arms: Or between two Chevronels three Mullets of six points Gules on a Chief checky Argent and Gules a Pale Gules charged with a Pair of Scales Gold; Crest: A Lion sejant erect Or winged Gules on the breast the Hebrew Letter X Gules reposing the sinister paw upon a Cornucopia head downwards discharging Fruit all Gold; Supporters: Dexter: a Lion rampant guardant Or maned and tail tufted Gules; Sinister: a Bulldog guardant proper, both crowned with a Mural Crown checky Gules and Argent issuing therefrom a Mullet of six points Gules; Motto: Tout Passe


Knight of Collingtree, Baroness, of Collingtree in the County of Northamptonshire

Dame Joan Christabel Jill Knight

created: 23 Sep 1997

No arms


Knight of Weymouth, Baron, of Weymouth in the County of Dorset

Rt Hon James Philip Knight

created: 23 Jun 2010


Knights, Baron, of Edgbaston in the County of West Midlands

Sir Philip Douglas Knights CBE QPM DL

created: 22 Jul 1987

extinct: 11 Dec 2014

No arms


Kramer, Baroness, of Richmond Park in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

Susan Veronica Kramer

created: 22 Dec 2010


Krebs, Baron, of Wytham in the County of Oxfordshire

Professor Sir John Richard Krebs

created: 28 Mar 2007




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