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Life Peerages  - L


Laidlaw, Baron, of Rothiemay in Banffshire

Irvine Alan Stewart Laidlaw

created: 14 Jun 2004


Laing of Dunphail, Baron, of Dunphail in the County of Moray

Sir Hector Laing

created: 8 Feb 1991

extinct: 21 Jun 2010

Arms: Per pale Or and Gules a Chief counterchanged; Crest: A Dexter Cubit Arm issuant cuffed as in the Arms grasping a Dagger proper hilted and pommelled Or all palewise; Supporters: On either side a Pekinese Dog guardant proper; Motto: I Stand


Laird, Baron, of Artigarvan in the County of Tyrone

John Dunn Laird

created: 16 Jul 1999


Laming, Baron, of Tewin in the County of Hertfordshire

Sir William Herbert Laming CBE

created: 27 Jul 1998


Lamont of Lerwick, Baron, of Lerwick in the Shetland Islands

Rt Hon Norman Stewart Hughson Lamont

created: 24 Jul 1998


Lane of Horsell, Baron, of Woking in the County of Surrey

Sir Peter Stewart Lane FCA

created: 17 Jul 1990

extinct: 9 Jan 2009

Arms: Per pale and per chevron Azure and Or counterchanged on a Chevron Gules three Leopards' Heads Or langued Azure all between as many Mullets of six points also counterchanged and pierced of the field; Crest: A Demi Lion Azure Head and Mane Or charged on the body with pierced Mullets each of six points also Or and supporting by both forepaws a Branch of Oak fructed of five Acorns Gold; Supporters: Dexter: A Male Griffin reguardant Argent its Head Neck Mane and Forelegs Or rayed also Or beaked Argent and holding in the beak a Double Warded Key bow downwards Gold; Sinister: a Strawberry Road horse proper maned and hooved Or its head elevated and reguardant holding in its jaws a Double Warded Key bow downwards Gold, the whole upon a Compartment comprising of a Grassy Mount raised on each side and growing therefrom two Sprigs of Oak each fructed of an Acorn Gold: Motto: Garde Le Droit (Maintain the right)


Lane-Fox, Baroness, of Bramham in the County of West Yorkshire

Felicity Lane-Fox OBE

created: 19 May 1981

extinct: 17 Apr 1988


Lane-Fox of Soho, Baroness, of Soho in the City of Westminster

Martha Lane-Fox CBE

created: 25 Mar 2013


Lang of Monkton, Baron, of Merrick and the Rhinns of Kells in Dumfries and Galloway

Rt Hon Ian Bruce Lang

created: 29 Sep 1997

Arms: Tierced per fess Vert Azure and Vert two Thistle Stalks slipped and leaved fesswise and conjoined at the bases Argent at the centre point between two Acorns slipped and leaved Or in chief and a Three Masted Sailing Ship sails furled in base Or and at the honour point a Fleur-de-lys of the last: Crest: A Stock Dove holding in the beak an Olive Branch slipped and leaved proper; Motto: Sois Vrai (Be true)


Lansley, Baron, of Orwell in the County of Cambridgeshire

Rt Hon Andrew David Lansley CBE

created: 5 Oct 2015


Lawrence of Clarendon, Baroness, of Clarendon in the Commonwealth Realm of Jamaica

Doreen Delceita Lawrence OBE

created:  6 Sep 2013


Lawson of Blaby, Baron, of Newnham in the County of Northamptonshire

Rt Hon Nigel Lawson

created: 1 Jul 1992

No arms


Layard, Baron, of Highgate in the London Borough of Haringey

Prof Peter Richard Grenville Layard

created: 3 May 2000


Lea of Crondall, Baron, of Crondall in the County of Hampshire

David Edward Lea OBE

created: 20 Jul 1999


Leach of Fairford, Baron, of Fairford in the County of Gloucestershire

Charles Guy Rodney Leach

created: 6 Jun 2006

extinct: 12 Jun 2016


Leatherland, Baron, of Dunton in the County of Essex

Charles Edward Leatherland OBE MSM

created: 16 Dec 1964

extinct: 18 Dec 1992

Arms: Gules a Pen point downwards and a Sword point upwards proper Hilt and Pommel Or in saltire between in pale two Open Books proper edged Or bound Azure and in fess two Roses Argent barbed and seeded proper; Crest: [On a Chapeau Gules turned up Ermine] in front of a an Arm embowed vested Azure cuffed Gules the Hand proper grasping a Trumpet Or a Seax fesswise proper Hilt and Pommel Or; Supporters: On either side an Heraldic Antelope Sable armed crined and unguled Or and gorged with a Baron's Coronet proper with the Chain reflexed over the back Or pendent from the coronet a Seax as in the Crest; Motto: To thine own self be true


Lee of Ashridge, Baroness, of the City of Westminster

Rt Hon (Janet) "Jennie" Bevan (ne Lee)

created: 5 Nov 1970

extinct: 16 Nov 1988


Lee of Newton, Baron, of Newton in Merseyside

Rt Hon Frederick Lee

created: 1 Jul 1974

extinct: 4 Feb 1984


Lee of Trafford, Baron, of Bowdon in the County of Cheshire

John Robert Louis Lee DL

created: 26 May 2006

Arms: Paly of sic Gules and Sable on a Bend wavy Argent three Bulls' Heads caboshed per pale Sable and Gules armed Or; Crest: [On a Helm with a Wreath Argent and Gules] a Male Griffin sejant erect Sable beaked forelegged and rayed Or supporting a Staff also Or attached thereto a triangular Pennon Argent; Supporters: On either side a Salmon Argent enfiling an Ancient Crown Or; Motto: Equity; Badge: Two Salmon in saltire Argent anciently crowned Or


Leigh of Hurley, Baron, of Hurley in the Royal County of Berkshire

Howard Darryl Leigh

created:  16 Sep 2013


Leitch, Baron, of Oakley in Fife

Alexander Park Leitch

created: 7 Jun 2004


Lennie, Baron, of Longsands Tynemouth in the County of Tyne & Wear

Christopher John Lennie

created:  22 Sep 2014


Leonard, Baron, of the City of Cardiff in the County of South Glamorgan

John Denis Leonard OBE

created: 2 May 1978

extinct: 17 Jul 1983


Lester of Herne Hill, Baron, of Herne Hill in the London Borough of Southwark

Anthony Paul Lester QC

created: 13 Oct 1993

No arms


Lestor of Eccles, Baron, of Tooting Bec in the London Borough of Wandsworth

Joan Lestor

created: 4 Jun 1997

extinct: 27 Mar 1998


Levene of Portsoken, Baron, of Portsoken in the City of London

Sir Peter Keith Levene KBE

created: 22 Jul 1997

Arms: Per pale Gules and Azure between three Swords palewise in fess the outer two with their points downwards all three Argent their Hilts Pommels and Quillons Or two Towers also Argent masoned proper in front of the portal of each tower a Cartwheel Gules and on a Chief per pale Azure and Gules a Boar's Head couped Or langued Gules tusked Argent between two Loving Cups of Silver; Crest: A Mail Gauntlet clenched Argent in front of two Vine Branches in saltire leaved and fructed proper; Supporters: Dexter: a Scorpion Or the Stinger Azure; Sinister: a Scorpion Or the Stinger Gules; Motto: Industria Atque Fortuna (By industry and fortune)


Lever, Baron, of Ardwick in the City of Manchester

Sir Leslie Maurice Lever

created: 10 Jul 1975

extinct: 26 Jul 1977


Lever of Manchester, Baron, of Cheetham in the City of Manchester

Rt Hon (Norman) Harold Lever

created: 3 Jul 1979

extinct: 6 Aug 1995

No arms


Levy, Baron, of Mill Hill in the London Borough of Barnet

Michael Abraham Levy

created: 23 Sep 1997

No arms


Lewin, Baron, of Greenwich in Greater London

Admiral of the Fleet Sir Terence Thornton Lewin KG GCB LVO DSC

created: 19 Nov 1982

extinct: 23 Jan 1999

Arms: Quarterly Gules and Azure three Boars' Heads two and one couped Or tusked Argent on a Chief barry wavy of four Bleu Celeste and Argent a Naval Gun circa 1800 proper mounted on its Carriage Gold; Crest: Out of a Naval Crown Azure a Lion rampant in trian aspect Or on its head a Baron's Coronet and Cap of Estate proper brandishing in the dexter paw a Sword proper Hilt Knuckle Guard and Pommel in the form of an eagle's head Gold; Supporters: Dexter: an Able Seaman of Her Majesty's Ship Victory; Sinister: a Royal Marine, both wearing the South Atlantic Medal, the whole upon a Compartment comprising a Grassy Mount with Outcrops of Rock proper and having on each side a Sea Inlet barry wavy Argent and Azure; Motto: Flexible but firm of purpose


Lewis of Newnham, Baron, of Newnham in the County of Cambridgeshire

Prof Sir Jack Lewis FRS

created: 8 Feb 1989

extinct:  17 Jul 2014

No arms


Lexden, Baron, of Lexden in the County of Essex and of Strangford in the County of Down

Alistair Basil Cooke OBE

created: 23 Dec 2010


Liddell of Coatdyke, Baroness, of Airdrie in Lanarkshire

Rt Hon Helen Lawrie Liddell

created: 7 Jul 2010


Liddle, Baron, of Carlisle in the County of Cumbria

Roger John Liddle

created:  19 Jun 2010


Lindgren, Baron, of Welwyn Garden City in the County of Hertfordshire

George Samuel Lindgren JP DL

created: 9 Feb 1961

extinct: 8 Sep 1971


Lingfield, Baron, of Lingfield in the County of Surrey

Sir Robert George Alexander Balchin

created: 17 Dec 2010


Linklater of Butterstone, Baroness, of Riemore in Perth and Kinross

Mrs Veronica Linklater

created: 1 Nov 1997

No arms


Lipsey, Baron, of Tooting Bec in the London Borough of Wandsworth

David Lawrence Lipsey

created: 30 Jul 1999


Lister of Burtersett, Baroness, of Nottingham in the County of Nottinghamshire

Margot Ruth Aline Lister CBE

created: 31 Jan 2011


Lisvane, Baron, of Blakemere in the County of Herefordshire and of Lisvane in the City and County of Cardiff

Sir Robert James Rogers KCB

created:  11 Dec 2014


Livermore, Baron, of Rotherhithe in the London Borough of Southwark

Spencer Elliot Livermore

created: 21 Oct 2015


Livingston of Parkhead, Baron, of Parkhead in the City of Glasgow

Ian Livingston

created:  12 Jul 2013


Livsey of Talgarth, Baron, of Talgarth in the County of Powys

Richard Arthur Lloyd Livsey CBE

created: **31/08/01**

extinct: 15 Sep 2010


Llewellyn of Steep, Baron, of Steep in the County of Hampshire

Rt Hon Edward David Gerard Llewellyn OBE

created:  20 Oct 2016


Llewelyn-Davies, Baron, of Hastoe in the County of Hertfordshire

Richard Llewellyn-Davies

created: 16 Jan 1964

extinct: 27 Oct 1981


Llewelyn-Davies of Hastoe, Baroness, of Hastoe in the County of Hertfordshire

Rt Hon Annie Patricia Llewellyn-Davies (Lady Llewellyn-Davies)

created: 29 Aug 1967

extinct: 6 Nov 1997

No arms


Lloyd of Hampstead, Baron, of Hampstead in the London Borough of Camden

Dennis Lloyd QC

created: 14 May 1965

extinct: 31 Dec 1992

No arms


Lloyd of Highbury, Baroness, of Highbury in the London Borough of Islington

Dame June Kathleen Lloyd DBE

created: 19 Aug 1996

extinct: 28 Jun 2006

No arms


Lloyd of Kilgerran, Baron, of Llanwenog in the County of Cardigan

Rhys Gerran Lloyd CBE QC JP

created: 29 Jun 1973

extinct: 30 Jan 1991

No arms


Lloyd-Webber, Baron, of Sydmonton in the County of Hampshire

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber

created: 18 Feb 1997


Lockwood, Baroness, of Dewsbury in the County of West Yorkshire

Mrs Betty Hall DL (ne Lockwood)

created: 27 Feb 1978

No arms


Lofthouse of Pontefract, Baron, of Pontefract in the County of West Yorkshire

Sir Geoffrey Lofthouse

created: 11 Jun 1997

extinct: 1 Nov 2012

Arms: Azure on a Pale between and conjoined to two Grills throughout Or the whole surmounted by three Chevronels Argent overall on a Pale Sable three Ellipses palewise Or; Crest: A Canary Or holding in the dexter foot a Miner's Lamp Sable glazed proper; Supporters: On either side a Mole sejant erect Sable holding in the mouth a Rose Argent barbed leaved and slipped Or; Motto: Stick and lift


Loomba, Baron, of Moor Park in the County of Hertfordshire

Rajinder Paul Loomba CBE

created: 12 Jan 2011


Lovell-Davis, Baron, of Highgate in the County of Greater London

Peter Lovell Davis

created: 26 Jun 1974

extinct: 6 Jan 2001

No arms


Low, Baron, of Bispham in the County of Lancashire

Rt Hon Toby Austin Richard William [Low], 1st Baron Aldington

created: 16 Nov 1999

extinct: 7 Dec 2000

Arms: See Baron Aldington


Low of Dalston, Baron, of Dalston in the London Borough of Hackney

Colin MacKenzie Low CBE

created: 13 Jun 2006


Lowry, Baron, of Crossgar in the County of Down

Rt Hon Sir Robert Lynd Erskine Lowry

created: 18 Jul 1979

extinct: 15 Jan 1999

No arms


Luce, Baron, of Adur in the County of West Sussex

Rt Hon Sir Richard Napier Luce KG GCVO DL

created: 2 Oct 2000


Ludford, Baroness, of Clerkenwell in the London Borough of Islington

Sarah Ann Ludford MEP

created: 30 Sep 1997


Lupton, Baron, of Lovington in the County of Hampshire

James Roger Crompton Lupton CBE

created: 6 Oct 2015


Lyell of Markyate, Baron, of Markyate in the County of Hertfordshire

Rt Hon Sir Nicholas Walter Lyell QC

created: 27 Jun 2005

extinct: 30 Aug 2010


Lyons of Brighton, Baron, of Brighton in the County of East Sussex

Dennis Lyons (n Braham Jack Lyons)

created: 22 Jan 1975

extinct: 18 Jan 1978


Lyttleton of Aldershot, Baron, of Aldershot in the County of Hampshire

Rt Hon Thomas Orlando [Lyttleton], 3rd Viscount Chandos

created: 19 Apr 2000

Arms: See Viscount Chandos




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