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Life Peerages - N


Naseby, Baron, of Sandy in the County of Bedfordshire

Rt Hon Michael Wolfgang Laurence Morris

created: 28 Oct 1997

Arms:  Azure a Pall Argent cotized Or between three Lotuses the corollas outwards Argent;  Crest:  Behind and grasping tow Pikes in saltire Or beribboned Azure an Eagle displayed Argent beaked and legged Or;  Supporters:  On either side a Horse statant erect reguardant Argent maned tailed and unguled and supporting between the forelegs a Mace Or;  Motto:  Cogito Ergo Sum (I think, therefore I am)Badge:  A Horse's Head caboshed Argent maned Or encircled by six Portcullises chains linked and points outwards also Or


Neill of Bladen, Baron, of Briantspuddle in the County of Dorset

Sir Francis Patrick Neill QC

created: 28 Nov 1997

extinct:  28 May 2016

No arms


Neuberger, Baroness, of Primrose Hill in the London Borough of Camden

Rabbi Dame Julia Babette Sarah Neuberger DBE

created: 15 Jun 2004


Neville-Jones, Baroness, of Hutton Roof in the County of Cumbria

Dame Lilian Pauline Neville-Jones DCMG

created: 15 Oct 2007


Neville-Rolfe, Baroness, of Chilmark in the County of Wiltshire

Dame Lucy Jeanne Neville-Rolfe DBE CMG

created:  10 Sep 2013


Newby, Baron, of Rothwell in the County of West Yorkshire

Richard Mark Newby OBE

created: 25 Sep 1997

No arms


Newlove, Baroness, of Warrington in the County of Cheshire

Helen Margaret Newlove

created: 14 Jul 2010


Newton of Braintree, Baron, of Coggleshall in the County of Essex

Rt Hon Antony Harold Newton OBE

created: 31 Oct 1997

extinct: 25 Mar 2012

No arms


Nicholson of Winterbourne, Baroness, of Winterbourne in the Royal County of Berkshire

Emma Harriet Nicholson (Lady Caine) MEP

created: 3 Nov 1997

No arms


Nickson, Baron, of Renagour in the District of Stirling

Sir David Wigley Nickson KBE

created: 22 Mar 1994

Arms:  Azure a Cross Flory Or between four Bezants on a chief Argent a Wolf's Head erased proper;  Crest:  A Lion rampant proper supporting a Tilting Spear Argent point downwards;  Supporters:  On either side a Salmon proper charged with a Hurt thereon a Cross Flory Or;  Motto:  Pedem Prolatum Refero Nunquam (Having put my foot forward, there I keep it)


Nicol, Baroness, of Newnham in the County of Cambridge

Mrs Olive Mary Wendy Nicol (ne Rowe-Hunter)

created: 20 Jan 1983

extinct: 15 Jan 2018

No arms


Noakes, Baroness, of Goudhurst in the County of Kent

Dame Sheila Valerie Masters DBE

created: 7 Jun 2000


Noel-Baker, Baron, of the City of Derby

Rt Hon Philip John Noel-Baker

created: 20 Jul 1977

extinct: 8 Oct 1982


Noon, Baron, of St John's Wood in the London Borough of Camden

Sir Gulam Kaderbhoy Noon MBE

created: 27 Jan 2011

extinct: 27 Oct 2015


Northchurch, Baroness, of Chiswick in the County of Middlesex

Dame Frances Joan Davidson DBE (Viscountess Davidson)

created: 13 Jan 1964

extinct: 25 Nov 1985


Northfield, Baron, of Telford in the County of Shropshire

(William) Donald Chapman

created: 20 Jan 1976

extinct:  26 Apr 2013

No arms


Northover, Baroness, of Cissbury in the County of West Sussex

Lindsay Patricia Granshaw, Mrs Northover

created: 1 May 2000


Norton of Louth, Baron, of Louth in the County of Lincolnshire

Professor Philip Norton

created: 1 Aug 1998

Arms: Paly of four Argent and Or issuing in base a Pile throughout the sides embowed inwards Azure over all three Fleurs-de-lys those in chief Azure and that in base per pale Argent and Or; Crest: A Church Tower Argent with a Spire Azure set thereon a Bee Or the Wings displayed Argent veined Azure: Supporters: On either side an Owl Azure armed Or in the beak a Quill the nib outwards Argent spined Or; Motto: Scholarship, Endeavour, Integrity; Badge: Enclosed by three Open Books in pairle the Spines and Bindings outwards Or the Pages inwards Argent an Owl's Face Azure armed Or


Nugent of Guildford, Baron, of Dunsfold in the County of Surrey

Rt Hon Sir George Richard Hodges Nugent, 1st Bt.

created: 31 May 1966

extinct: 16 Mar 1994

Arms: Ermine two Bars Gules a Canton of the last; Crest: A Cockatrice with wings expanded Vert charged with a Rose Argent barbed and seeded proper; Supporters: Dexter: a Cockatrice wings addorsed Vert beaked combed and wattled Gules; Sinister: a Swan wings addorsed Argent, each gorged with a Collar Or charged with thee Crescents Sable; Motto: Degrevi (I have resolved)


Nye, Baroness, of Lambeth in the London Borough of Lambeth

Mrs Susan Jane Nye

created: 19 Jul 2010




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