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Life Peerages - O


Oakeshott of Seagrove Bay, Baron, of Seagrove Bay in the County of Isle of Wight

Matthew Alan Oakeshott

created: 1 May 2000


Oakshott, Baron, of Bebbington in the County Palatine of Cheshire

Sir Hendrie Dudley Oakshott, 1st Bt.

created: 21 Aug 1964

extinct: 2 Feb 1975


Oates, Baron, of Denby Grange in the County of West Yorkshire

Jonathan Oates

created: 5 Oct 2015


O'Brien of Lothbury, Baron, of the City of London

Rt Hon Sir Leslie Kenneth O'Brien GBE

created: 14 Mar 1973

extinct: 24 Nov 1995

Arms: Gules bezanty three lions passant guardant in pale each per pale Or and Argent; Crest: In front of two Keys in saltire Azure a Needle point downwards proper threaded Gules; Supporters: On either side a Lion guardant per fess Or and Argent in the mouth a Key Or standing upon a Heap of Coins Or and Argent; Motto: Calm in Adversity


O'Cathain, Baroness, of The Barbican in the City of London

Detta O'Cathain OBE

created: 21 Jun 1991

No arms


O'Donnell, Baron, of Clapham in the London Borough of Wandsworth

Sir Augustine (Gus) Thomas O'Donnell GCB

created: 10 Jan 2012


Olivier, Baron, of Brighton in the County of Sussex

Sir Laurence Kerr Olivier OM

created: 5 Mar 1971

extinct: 11 Jul 1989

Arms: Argent on a Mount in base Vert charged with a Plough Or an Olive Tree fructed proper over all two Bars gemel in fess each engrailed on the upper edge and invected on the lower edge Azure; Crest: A Swan rousant Argent membered Or gorged with a Baron's Coronet proper affixed thereto a Chain reflexed over the back the Terminal Ring encircling the sinister leg Or and holding in the beak an Olive Branch leaved and fructed proper; Motto: Sicut Oliva Virens Laetor In Aede Dei (I rejoice in the House of the Lord even as the olive tree flourishes)


O'Loan, Baroness, of Kirkinriola in the County of Antrim

Dame Nuala Patricia O'Loan DBE

created:  11 Sep 2009


O'Neill of Bengarve, Baroness, of The Braid in the County of Antrim

Miss Onora Sylvia O'Neill CBE

created: 25 Feb 1999


O'Neill of Clackmannan, Baron, of Clackmannan in Clackmannanshire

Martin John O'Neill

created: 14 Jun 2005


O'Neill of Gatley, Baron, of Gatley in the City of Greater Manchester

Terence James O'Neill

created: 28 May 2015



O'Neill of the Maine, Baron, of Ahoghill in the County of Antrim

Rt Hon Terence Marne O'Neill

created: 23 Jan 1970

extinct: 12 Jun 1990

Arms: Quarterly: 1st and 4th, per fess wavy the Chief Argent and the base representing Waves of the Sea in chief a Dexter Hand couped at the wrist Gules in base a Salmon naiant proper (O'Neill); 2nd and 3rd, checky Or and Gules a Chief Vair (Chichester); Crests: 1st, an Arm embowed in Armour the Hand grasping a Sword all proper; 2nd, a Stork rising with a Snake in its beak all proper; Supporters: Dexter: a Lion Gules gorged with an Eastern Crown Argent pendent therefrom by a Chain Gold an Escutcheon charged with the Arms of O'Neill as in the Arms; Sinister: a Horse Argent collared gemel resting the interior hind foot on a Mascle Azure; Mottoes: Invitum Sequitur Honos (Honours follow us without asking); Lamh Dearg E'rin (The Red Hand of Ireland)


Onslow of Woking, Baron, of Woking in the County of Surrey

Rt Hon Sir Cranley Gordon Douglas Onslow KCMG

created: 31 Oct 1997

extinct: 13 Mar 2001


Oppenheim-Barnes, Baroness, of Gloucester in the County of Gloucestershire

Rt Hon Sally Oppenheim-Barnes

created: 9 Feb 1989

No arms


Oram, Baron, of Brighton in the County of East Sussex

Albert Edward Oram

created: 22 Jan 1976

extinct: 5 Sep 1999

No arms


Orme, Baron, of Salford in the County of Greater Manchester

Rt Hon Stanley Orme

created: 21 Oct 1997

extinct: 28 Apr 2005

No arms


Orr-Ewing, Baron, of Little Berkhamsted in the County of Hertfordshire

Sir (Charles) Ian Orr-Ewing, 1st Bt,  OBE

created: 30 Apr 1971

extinct: 19 Aug 1999

Arms: Argent on a Chevron ensigned with a Banner between in chief two Mullets and in base a Representation of the Path of two Electrons rotating round a Nucleus Gules a Pair of Wings conjoined in lure between two Lymphads Sails furled Pennons and Flags flying Or; Crest: a Demi-Lion rampant Gules holding in the dexter paw a Mullet Azure and resting the sinister paw on a Portcullis chained Or; Motto: Audaciter



O'Shaughnessy, Baron, of Maidenhead in the Royal County of Berkshire

James Richard O'Shaughnessy

created: 1 Oct 2015


Ouseley, Baron, of Peckham Rye in the London Borough of Southwark

Sir Herman George Ouseley

created: 26 Jun 2001


Owen, Baron, of the City of Plymouth

Rt Hon David Anthony Llewellyn Owen CH

created: 30 Jun 1992

No arms


Oxburgh, Baron, of Liverpool in the County of Merseyside

Sir Ernest Ronal Oxburgh KBE

created: 27 Jul 1999




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