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Life Peerages - P


Paddick, Baron, of Brixton in the London Borough of Lambeth

Brian Leonard Paddick

created: 12 Sep 2013


Paget of Northampton, Baron, of Lubenham in the County of Leicestershire

Reginald Thomas Guy Des Voeux Paget QC

created: 2 Jan 1975

extinct: 2 Jan 1990

Arms: Sable a Cross engrailed between in the 1st and 4th quarters an Escallop Argent; Crest: A Lion rampant Sable collared Or supporting an Antique Shield Argent charged with an Escallop Sable; Motto: Espere et Persevere


Paisley of St George's, Baroness, of St George's in the County of Antrim

Mrs Eileen Emily Paisley

created: 14 Jun 2006

Arms: Azure three Pallets wavy Argent enfiling five Mural Crowns in cross Or; Supporters: On either side a Dragon the dexter argent wings feathered Or the sinister Or wings feathered Argent: Motto: Crowned with loving kindness


Pakenham of Cowley, Baron, of Cowley in the County of Oxfordshire

Rt Hon Francis Aunger [Pakenham], 7th Earl of Longford, KG

created: 16 Nov 1999

extinct: 3 Aug 2001

Arms: See Earl of Longford


Palmer of Childs Hill, Baron, of Childs Hill in the London Borough of Barnet

Monroe Edward Palmer OBE

created: 17 Jan 2011


Palumbo, Baron, of Walbrook in the City of London

Peter Garth Palumbo

created: 4 Feb 1991

Arms: Vert a Pale Or over all an Escarbuncle counterchanged; Crest: The Top of a Dovecote Or perched on its Comical Roof Vert a Dove wings elevated and addorsed Gold; Supporters: Dexter: an Alsatian Dog ; Sinister: a Fox proper, each resting the exterior foreleg on a Rectangular Plinth Gold, the whole upon a Compartment comprising of a Circle of Paving Stones proper; Motto: Loyauté me lie


Palumbo of Southwark, Baron, of Southwark in the London Borough of Southwark

Hon James Rudolph Palumbo

created: 2 Oct 2013


Pannell, Baron, of the City of Leeds

Rt Hon (Thomas) Charles Pannell

created: 21 Jun 1974

extinct: 23 Mar 1980


Pannick, Baron, of Radlett in the County of Hertfordshire

David Philip Pannick QC

created:  3 Nov 2008


Parekh, Baron, of Kingston upon Hull in the East Riding of Yorkshire

Prof Bhikhu Chotalal Parekh

created: 10 May 2000


Pargiter, Baron, of Southall in the London Borough of Ealing

George Albert Pargiter CBE DL

created: 9 Jun 1966

extinct: 16 Jan 1982


Park of Monmouth, Baroness, of Broadway in the County of Hereford and Worcester

Daphne Margaret Sybil Desiree Park CMG OBE

created: 27 Feb 1990

extinct: 24 Mar 2010

No arms


Parkinson, Baron, of Carnforth in the County of Lancashire

Rt Hon Cecil Edward Parkinson

created: 29 Jun 1992

extinct: 22 Jan 2016

Arms: Quarterly Gules and Azure a Fret throughout Argent on a Chief per pale Azure and Gules a Hart's Head caboshed between two Lion's Heads guardant Or langued argent all within a Bordure Ermine; Crest: A Crown Palisado therein a Grassy Mount and thereon a Crane statant proper holding in its beak a Rose Gules barbed and seeded slipped and leaved proper; Supporters: Dexter: a Crane statant reguardant proper; Sinister: a Hart rampant reguardant also proper attired Or, the whole upon a Compartment comprising a Grassy Mount proper with on each side and growing therefrom three Roses Gules barbed and seed slipped and leaved all proper


Parminter, Baroness, of Godalming in the County of Surrey

Kathryn Jane Parminter

created: 15 Jul 2010


Parry, Baron, of Neyland in the County of Dyfed

Gordon Samuel David Parry DL

created: 21 Jan 1976

extinct: 1 Sep 2004

No arms


Patel, Baron, of Dunkeld in Perth and Ross

Sir Narendra Babubhai Patel KT

created: 1 Mar 1999


Patel of Blackburn, Baron, of Langho in the County of Lancashire

Adam Hafejee Patel

created: 14 Feb 2000


Patel of Bradford, Baron, of Bradford in the County of West Yorkshire

Kamlesh Kumar Patel

created: 8 Jun 2006

Arms: Quarterly Gules and Azure a Rose Argent barbed seeded and issuing from each barb a Protea slipped Or; Crest: Out of a Lotus Or a Peacock's Head Azure beaked Or; Supporters: On the dexter an Elephant Azure the Trappings Gules fringed and tasselled Or and on the sinister an Elephant Gules the Trappings Azure fringed and tasselled and both armed Or; Motto: Qui Volet Semper Valet; Badge: A Rose Argent barbed and seeded and issuing from each barb a Protea slipped Or


Patten, Baron, of Wincanton in the County of Somerset

Rt Hon John Haggitt Charles Patten

created: 17 Jun 1997

Arms: Vert a Chief per fess Vert and vairy Argent and Sable; Crest: Rising from a Mount Vert a Buzzard Sable grasping in the dexter claw a Long Cross Or; Supporters: On either side a Horse Sable langued Vert standing upon a Compartment of Grass Vert growing therefrom two Madonna Lilies slipped and leaved proper; Motto: Curriculum Curre; Badge: A Horse rampant Sable langued Vert supporting between the forelegs a Long Cross Or


Patten of Barnes, Baron, of Barnes in the London Borough of Richmond

Rt Hon Christopher Francis Patten CH

created:  11 Jan 2005


Paul, Baron, of Marylebone in the City of Westminster

Swraj Paul

created: 9 Oct 1996

Arms: Azure on each of three Piles rayonny Or one issuing from the dexter and two from the sinister a Pile Gules; Crest: Issuing from a Lotus Or a Girl Child proper vested Azure holding aloft in the dexter hand a Dove wings elevated Argent; Supporters: On either side an Indian Elephant Azure tusked unguled and grasping with the trunk a Torch enflamed Or; Badge: Five Lotuses Or the slips inwards and surmounted by a Tiger's Face Or striped Sable; Motto: Truth, freedom and compassion


Pearson of Rannoch, Baron, of Bridge of Gaur in the District of Perth and Kinross

Malcolm Everard MacLuren Pearson

created: 18 Jun 1990

No arms


Peart, Baron, of Workington in the County of Cumberland

Rt Hon (Thomas) Frederick Peart

created: 23 Sep 1976

extinct: 26 Aug 1988


Peddie, Baron, of the City and County of Kingston upon Hull

James Mortimer Peddie MBE

created: 9 Feb 1961

extinct: 13 Apr 1978


Pendry, Baron, of Stalybridge in the County of Greater Manchester

Rt Hon Thomas Pendry

created: 4 Jul 2001


Penney, Baron, of East Hendred in the Royal County of Berkshire

Sir William Gordon Penney OM KBE

created: 7 Jul 1967

extinct: 3 Mar 1991

Arms: Argent a Fess invected the upper edge embattled Vert between three Representations of the Symbol for the Paramagnetic Electron those in chief being in the orbit of the third harmonic and that in base of the second harmonic Azure; Crest: A Demi-Pantheon Gules semy of Mullets of six points unguled and about the neck a Crown Palisado Or resting the dexter hoof on a Pile Sable; Supporters: On either side a Horse Argent unguled Gules gorged with a Collar invected the upper edge embattled Vert the interior hoof resting on a Pile Sable; Motto: Science and the Useful Arts


Pennock, Baron, of Norton in the County of Cleveland

Sir Raymond William Pennock

created: 16 Jul 1982

extinct: 23 Feb 1993

No arms


Perry of Southwark, Baroness, of Charlbury in the County of Oxfordshire

Mrs Pauline Perry (neé Welch)

created: 16 Jul 1991

Arms: Sable in dexter chief a Sun in Splendour issuant and in base a Pear slipped and leaved Gold (Perry), on an Escutcheon of Pretence Argent a Cross of Lozenges in the first quarter a Crescent enclosing a Quaver and in the fourth quarter a Cinquefoil Gules (Welch); Supporters: Dexter: a Marmalade Tom Cat proper; Sinister: upon a Pile of three Books the spines visible bound Gules the Pages edged Gold a Persian Cat Sable the Nose Breast and Feet Argent, each supporting between the forepaws a Quill Argent penned Or; Motto: Ancilla Domini (The handmaid of the Lord)


Perry of Walton, Baron, of Walton in the County of Buckinghamshire

Sir Walter Laing Macdonald Perry OBE FRSE FRS

created: 9 Feb 1979

extinct: 18 Jul 2003

No arms


Peston, Baron, of Mile End in Greater London

Prof Maurice Harry Peston

created: 24 Mar 1987

extinct: 23 Apr 2016

No arms


Peyton of Yeovil, Baron, of Yeovil in the County of Somerset

Rt Hon John Wynne William Peyton

created: 5 Oct 1983

extinct: 22 Nov 2006

Arms: Sable a Cross engrailed in the first quarter a Mullet Or; Crest: A Griffin segreant Or; Supporters: Dexter: On a Mount Vert with four Oak Sprigs growing therefrom fructed Or a Bull rampant reguardant in trian aspect Sable armed membered the tail tuft and muzzle Or unguled Gules holding in the mouth an Oak Sprig fructed Or and a Shamrock slipped Vert; Sinister: on a Mount Vert growing therefrom four Shamrocks slipped proper a Griffin segreant reguardant Or grasping in the beak a Shamrock slipped proper and an Oak Sprig fructed proper; Motto: Patior Potior (I endure, I obtain)


Phillips, Baroness, of Fulham in the County of Greater London

Mrs Norah Phillips JP

created: 21 Dec 1964

extinct: 14 Aug 1992

No arms


Phillips of Ellesmere, Baron, of Ellesmere in the County of Shropshire

Sir David Chilton Phillips KBE FRS

created: 14 Jul 1994

extinct: 23 Feb 1999

No arms


Phillips of Sudbury, Baron, of Sudbury in the County of Suffolk

Andrew Wyndham Phillips OBE

created: 25 Jul 1998


Pidding, Baroness, of Amersham in the County of Buckinghamshire

Emma Samantha Pidding CBE

created: 8 Oct 2015


Pike, Baroness, of Melton in the County of Leicestershire

Dame (Irene) Mervyn (Parnicott) Pike DBE

created: 15 May 1974

extinct: 11 Jan 2004

Arms: Or on a Cross Gules a Churchwarden's Staff headed of a Mire Or on a Chief Sable a Castleford Fine Stoneware Teapot proper; Supporters: On either side a Fox, that on the dexter gorged with a Wreath of Ivy and that on the sinister with a Wreath of Rosemary proper and each resting the interior hind foot on a Portcullis Or, the whole upon a Compartment comprising a Grassy Mount proper; Motto: Faithful Endeavour


Pilkington, Baron, of St Helens in the County Palatine of Lancaster

Sir (William Henry) "Harry" Pilkington DL

created: 18 Jan 1968

extinct: 22 Dec 1983


Pilkington of Oxenford, Baron, of West Dowlish in the County of Somerset

Rev Canon Peter Pilkington

created: 12 Jan 1996

extinct: 14 Feb 2011

No arms


Pinnock, Baroness, of Cleckheaton in the County of West Yorkshire

Kathryn Mary Pinnock

created:  23 Sep 2014


Pitkeathley, Baroness, of Caversham in the Royal County of Berkshire

Mrs Jill Elizabeth Pitkeathley OBE

created: 6 Oct 1997

No arms


Pitt of Hampstead, Baron, of Hampstead in Greater London and of Grenada

David Thomas Pitt MB ChB

created: 3 Feb 1975

extinct: 18 Dec 1994

No arms


Plant, Baron, of Benenden in the County of Kent

Cyril Thomas Howe Plant CBE

created: 9 May 1978

extinct: 9 Aug 1986


Plant of Highfield, Baron, of Weelsby in the County of Humberside

Prof Raymond Plant

created: 24 Jul 1992

No arms


Platt, Baron, of Grindleford in the County of Derbyshire

Sir Robert Platt, 1st Bt. MSc MD FRCP

created: 16 Jan 1967

extinct: 30 Jun 1978


Platt of Writtle, Baroness, of Writtle in the County of Essex

Mrs Beryl Catherine Platt CBE DL

created: 28 May 1981

extinct: 1 Feb 2015

Arms: Vert four Seaxes in cross their blades outwards proper Hilts Quillons and Pommels Or and as many Aerofoils in saltire Argent all between four Plates; Supporters: Dexter: perched upon the Stock of an Anchor a Kingfisher wings elevated and addorsed proper; Sinister: a Lion the wings also elevated and addorsed supporting a Patriarchal Cross Gules, the whole upon a Compartment comprising a Grassy Mount springing therefrom Founts of Water proper; Motto: Aime Dieu Et Tous (Love God and everyone)


Plowden, Baron, of Plowden in the County of Salop

Sir Edwin Noel Plowden GBE KCB

created: 17 Feb 1959

extinct: 15 Feb 2001

Arms: Azure a Fess dancetty the upper points terminating in Fleurs-de-lys Or; Crest: A Buck passant Sable attired Or


Plumb, Baron, of Coleshill in the County of Warwickshire

Sir (Charles) Henry Plumb DL

created: 6 Apr 1987

No arms


Plummer, Baroness, of Toppesfield in the County of Essex

Mrs Beatrice Plummer

created: 10 May 1965

extinct: 13 Jun 1972


Plummer of St Marylebone, Baron, of the City of Westminster

Sir (Arthur) Desmond (Herne) Plummer TD DL

created: 29 May 1981

extinct: 2 Oct 2009

Arms: Barry wavy Argent and Azure on a Chief Vert three Stirrups Argent; Crest: On the Battlements of a Tower proper two Surveyor's Ranging Rods in saltire compony Argent and Gules enfiling a Stirrup argent; Supporters: On either side a Heron proper standing on a Grassy Mount proper and extending the inner leg above a Portcullis chained Gold and set amid Madonna Lilies growing from each mount also proper; Motto: Erectus Non Elatus (Exalted but not haughty)


Plurenden, Baron, of Plurenden Manor in the County of Kent

Sir Rudy Steinberg

created: 28 Jan 1975

extinct: 4 Jan 1978


Polak, Baron, of Hertsmere in the County of Hertfordshire

Stuart Polak CBE

created: 2 Oct 2015


Ponsonby of Roehampton, Baron, of Shulbrede in the County of West Sussex

Rt Hon Frederick Matthew Thomas [Ponsonby], 4th Baron Ponsonby of Shulbrede

created: 19 Apr 2000

Arms: See Baron Ponsonby of Shulbrede


Popat, Baron, of Harrow in the London Borough of Harrow

Dolar Amarshi Popat

created: 10 Jul 2010


Popplewell, Baron, of Sherburn in Elmet in the West Riding of the County of Yorkshire

Ernest Popplewell CBE JP

created: 6 Jun 1966

extinct: 10 Aug 1977


Porritt, Baron, of Wanganui in New Zealand and of Hampstead in Greater London

Sir Arthur (Espie) Porritt, 1st Bt, GCMG GCVO CBE

created: 5 Feb 1973

extinct: 1 Jan 1994

Arms: Or a Serpent in bend Vert between two Lions' Heads erased Gules on a Chief of the last two Swords points upwards in saltire of the first between as many Roses Argent both surmounted by another Gules barbed and seeded proper; Crest: [On a Wreath Or and Gules] a Demi Heraldic Antelope Gules armed Azure collared Or holding a Torch of the last enflamed proper between two Fern Fronds Vert; Supporters: Dexter: an Eagle; Sinister: a Tui Bird, both proper; Motto: Sapienter Et Fortiter Ferre


Porter of Luddenham, Baron, of Luddenham in the County of Kent

Sir George Porter OM FRS

created: 16 Jul 1990

extinct: 31 Aug 2002

No arms


Porter of Spalding, Baron, of Spalding in the County of Lincolnshire

Gary Andrew Porter CBE

created: 15 Oct 2015


Powell of Bayswater, Baron, of Canterbury in the County of Kent

Sir Charles David Powell KCMG

created: 15 Feb 2000


Prashar, Baroness, of Runnymede in the County of Surrey

Miss Usha Kumari Prashar CBE

created: 15 Jul 1999


Prentice, Baron, of Daventry in the County of Northamptonshire

Rt Hon Sir Reginald (Ernest) Prentice

created: 30 Jan 1992

extinct: 18 Jan 2001

No arms


Prescott, Baron, of Kingston upon Hull in the County of East Yorkshire

Rt Hon John Leslie Prescott

created: 7 Jul 2010


Price, Baron, of Sturminster Newton in the County of Dorset

Mark Ian Price CVO

created:  29 Feb 2016


Primarolo, Baroness, of Windmill Hill in the City of Bristol

Rt Hon Dame Dawn Primarolo DBE

created: 26 Oct 2015


Prior, Baron, of Brampton in the County of Suffolk

Rt Hon James Michael Leathes Prior

created: 14 Oct 1987

extinct: 12 Dec 2016

No arms


Prior of Brampton, Baron, of Swannington in the County of Norfolk

David Gifford Leathes Prior

created: 29 May 2015


Pritchard, Baron, of West Haddon in the County of Northamptonshire

Sir Derek Wilbraham Pritchard

created: 30 Jan 1975

extinct: 16 Oct 1995

Arms: Argent five Roses in chevron barbed and seeded proper; Crest: A Talbot rampant Sable in the mouth a Rose Gules barbed seeded slipped and leaved proper; Supporters: On either side a Talbot reguardant Sable in the mouth a Rose Gules barbed seeded slipped and leaved proper; Motto: Fais ce que dois adviegne qui peut


Prosser, Baroness, of Battersea in the London Borough of Wandsworth

Ms Margaret Theresa Prosser OBE

created: 11 Jun 2004


Prys-Davies, Baron, of Llanegryn in the County of Gwynedd

Gwilym Prys Prys-Davies

created: 9 Feb 1983

extinct: 28 Mar 2017

No arms


Purvis of Tweed, Baron, of East March in the Scottish Borders

Jeremy Purvis

created:  13 Sep 2013


Puttnam, Baron, of Queensgate in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Sir David (Terence) Puttnam CBE

created: 27 Oct 1997


Pym, Baron, of Sandy in the County of Bedfordshire

Rt Hon Francis Leslie Pym MC DL

created: 9 Oct 1987

extinct: 7 Mar 2008

Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Sable on a Fess engrailed between three Owls Or a Trefoil slipped Vert between two Cross Crosslets of the first all within a Bordure of the second (Pym); 2nd, Vert on a Cross engrailed Ermine a Lion rampant reguardant Sable in the dexter Canton a Mullet Or (Kingsley); 3rd, Sable three Salmon haurient per pale Argent and Or (Orde); Crest: Upon a Mount Vert a Hind's Head erased Or gorged with a Collar nebuly Azure and holding in the mouth a Trefoil slipped Vert; Supporters: Dexter: rampant upon a Sandy Mount with Tussocks of Grass proper a Warhorse in trian aspect Sable Mane Tail and Hooves Or on its head a Chanfron and on the neck a Crinet both Argent gorged with a Double Chain pendent therefrom a Portcullis Gold; Sinister: rampant upon a like Mount a Bull in trian aspect Sable armed and unguled Or also gorged with a Double Chain and pendent therefrom a Portcullis Gold; Motto: Ubi Seritur Ibi Floreat (Bloom where you are planted)




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