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Life Peerages - R


Radice, Baron, of Chester-le-Street in the County of Durham

Rt Hon Giles Heneage Radice

created: 16 Jul 2001


Ramsay of Cartvale, Baroness, of Langside in the City of Glasgow

Meta Ramsay

created: 11 Oct 1996

No arms


Ramsbotham, Baron, of Kensington in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

General Sir David John Ramsbotham GCB CBE

created: 17 May 2005


Ramsey of Canterbury, Baron, of Canterbury in Kent

Rt Rev and Rt Hon Arthur Michael Ramsey

created: 18 Nov 1974

extinct: 23 Apr 1988


Rana, Baron, of Malone in the County of Antrim

Dr Diljit Singh Rana MBE

created: 16 Jun 2004

Arms: Argent semy of Flames Gules three Peacocks reguardant in pale Azure; Crest: [Upon a Helm with a Wreath Or and Azure] issuing from a Lotus Argent a Lion's Face Or; Supporters: On either side a Chinkara armed and unguled Or in the mouth a Flax Flower proper slipped and leaved Or; Badge: The Wheel of Ashoka Or encircled by a Garland of Flax Flowers proper slipped and leaved Or


Randall of St Budeaux, Baron, of St Budeaux in the County of Devon

Stuart Jeffrey Randall

created: 25 Sep 1997

extinct: 11 Aug 2012

No arms


Randall of Uxbridge, Baron, of Uxbridge in the London Borough of Uxbridge

Rt Hon Alexander John Randall

created:  25 Jun 2018


Randerson, Baroness, of Roath Park in the City of Cardiff

Jennifer Elizabeth Randerson

created: 27 Jan 2011


Ravensdale of Kedleston, Baroness, of Kedleston in the County of Derbyshire

Mary Irene Curzon (Lady Ravensdale)

created: 6 Oct 1958

extinct: 9 Feb 1966


Rawlings, Baroness, of Burnham Westgate in the County of Norfolk

Patricia Elizabeth Rawlings

created: 5 Oct 1994

Arms: Quarterly barry wavy of six Argent and Azure and Argent on a Cross Gules between in the second and third quarters an Escallop Azure a Seax fesswise point to the sinister surmounted by an Ostrich Plume palewise Argent between in chief and in base a Bee Volant proper on a Bordure Azure twelve Mullets Or; Supporters: Dexter: a Lion rampant Or gorged with a Riband Azure pendant from the knot thereof a Rose Argent barbed and seeded proper; Sinister: an Elephant Ermine gorged with a Chain Or pendant therefrom a Portcullis Sable; Motto: Perserverantia, Integritas Et Fidelitas (Perseverance, integrity and loyalty)


Rawlinson of Ewell, Baron, of Ewell in the County of Surrey

Rt Hon Sir Peter Anthony Grayson Rawlinson QC

created: 17 Apr 1978

extinct: 28 Jun 2006

Arms: Or between three Towers Sable each charged with a Sword point upwards a Pall Reversed Sable thereon in chief a Lymphad Argent and in chevron a Lion's Head erased Or between two Roses Argent barbed and seeded proper; Crest: On a Mount Vert within a Circlet of Acorns and Harps Or a Duck proper holding in the beak an Escallop Argent; Supporters: Dexter: a Pegasus Sable maned hooved and crowned Gold; Sinister: a Llama Or gorged with a Ribbon Bleau Celeste and Argent the ends flottant upwards


Rayne, Baron, of Prince's Meadow in the County of Greater London

Sir Max Rayne

created: 2 Aug 1976

extinct: 10 Oct 2003

Arms: Per fess dancetty Azure and Gules a Caduceus between in chief two Roses Or; Crest: [Upon a Wreath Or and Azure] issuant from a Circlet Or a Mount Vert thereon a Lion passant Gold murally crowned Azure holding in the dexter forepaw a Key erect wards outwards Or; Supporters: Dexter: a Lion Or crowned and gorged with a Chain pendant therefrom two Triangles interlaced Azure; Sinister: a Lion Azure crowned and gorged with a like Chain pendant therefrom a Fleurs-de-lys Gold; Motto: Integrity, Enterprise


Rayner, Baron, of Crowborough in the County of East Sussex

Sir Derek George Rayner

created: 3 Feb 1983

extinct: 26 Jun 1998

No arms


Razzall, Baron, of Mortlake in the London Borough of Richmond

Edward Timothy Razzall CBE

created: 22 Oct 1997

No arms


Rebuck, Baroness, of Bloomsbury in the London Borough of Camden

Dame Gail Ruth Rebuck DBE

created:  18 Sep 2014


Redcliffe-Maud, Baron, of the City and County of Bristol

Sir John Primatt Redcliffe-Maud GCB CBE

created: 6 Jul 1967

extinct: 20 Nov 1982


Redfern, Baroness, of the Isle of Axholme in the County of Lincolnshire

Elizabeth Marie Redfern

created: 7 Oct 2015


Redmayne, Baron, of Rushcliffe in the County of Nottinghamshire

Rt Hon Sir Martin Redmayne, 1st Bt. DSO TD

created: 10 Jun 1966

extinct: 28 Apr 1983


Rees, Baron, of Goytre in the County of Gwent

Rt Hon Peter Wyford Innes Rees QC

created: 16 Nov 1987

extinct: 1 Dec 2008

Arms: Argent two Chevrons Ermines between three Ravens proper; Crest: Upon a Chapeau Gules turned up Ermines a Peacock holding in its beak an Oak Sprig proper; Supporters: On either side a Bengal Tiger rampant, the dexter on a Grassy Mount growing therefrom two Tea Plant Flowers and the sinister on a like Mount growing therefrom as many Lotus Flowers proper; Motto: Si Fueris Felix Multos Numerabis Amices (If you will be happy, you will have many friends)


Rees of Ludlow, Baron, of Ludlow in the County of Shropshire

Prof Sir Martin John Rees OM

created: 6 Sep 2005



Rees-Mogg, Baron, of Hinton Blewitt in the County of Avon

Sir William Rees-Mogg

created: 8 Aug 1988

extinct:  23 Dec 2012

Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Argent on a Fess Pean between three Ermine Spots each surmounted by a Crescent Gules a Cock Or (Mogg); 2nd and 3rd, Gules a Chevron engrailed Erminois between three Swans Argent wings elevated Or (Rees); Crests: 1st, between two Spearheads erect Sable a Cock proper (Mogg); 2nd, a Swan Argent wings elevated Or holding in the beak a Water-Lily slipped proper; Motto: Cura Pii Diis Sunt (The pious are in the care of the Gods)


Reid of Cardowan, Baron, of Stepps in Lanarkshire

Rt Hon Dr John Reid

created: 16 Jul 2010


Reigate, Baron, of Outwood in the County of Surrey

Rt Hon Sir John Kenyon Vaughan-Morgan, 1st Bt. JP

created: 2 Jul 1970

extinct: 26 Jan 1995

Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Or five Lozenges conjoined in fess Gules between three Lymphads Sails furled Sable Colours flying of the second (Morgan); 2nd and 3rd, Sable on a Chevron Or between three Boys' Heads couped at the shoulders proper crined Or enwrapped about the neck with a Snake as many Spear Heads embrued proper (Vaughan)' Crests: 1st, a Cock Gules resting the dexter claw on a Bundle of Twigs banded proper (Morgan); 2nd, in front of a Boy's Head as in the Arms two Spears saltirewise proper (Vaughan); Supporters: Dexter: a Dragon Gules; Sinister: a Camel Or with one hump; Motto: Under


Reilly, Baron, of Brompton in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Sir Paul Reilly

created: 18 Jul 1978

extinct: 11 Oct 1990

No arms


Rendell of Babergh, Baroness, of Aldeburgh in the County of Suffolk

Mrs Ruth Barbara Rendell CBE

created: 24 Oct 1997

extinct: 2 May 2015

Arms: Gules three Chevronels interlaced Argent each ensigned by a Brimstone Butterfly displayed proper; Supporters: On either side a Polar Bear statant erect proper with a Plain Collar gobony Gules and Or fimbriated Gules; Motto: Vixi Scripsi (I have lived, I have written)


Renfrew of Kaimsthorn, Baron, of Hurlet in the District of Renfrew

(Andrew) Colin Renfrew FBA

created: 24 Jun 1991

No arms


Rennard, Baron, of Wavertree in the County of Merseyside

Christopher John Rennard MBE

created: 21 Jul 1999


Renton, Baron, of Huntingdon in the County of Cambridgeshire

Rt Hon Sir David Lockhart-Mure Renton KBE QC TD DL

created: 11 Jul 1979

extinct: 24 May 2007

Arms: Azure a Horse forcene on a Chief Or a Sword point to the dexter Gules between a Portcullis chained and a Hunting Horn stringed Azure; Crest: In front of a Horse's Head erased Or a Hunting Horn stringed Azure; Supporters: Dexter: a Lion guardant Purpure gorged with a Fine Chain pendant therefrom a Millrind Gold; Sinister: a Stag guardant proper gorged with a like Chain pendant therefrom a Fetterlock enclosing a Heart Gold; Motto: Virtus In Actione Est (Virtue in in action)


Renton of Mount Harry, Baron, of Offham in the County of East Sussex

Rt Hon (Ronald) Timothy Renton

created: 9 Jun 1997

No arms


Renwick of Clifton, Baron, of Chelsea in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Sir Robin William Renwick KCMG

created: 26 Sep 1997

Arms: Argent a Husbandman in the act of sowing proper on a Chief Azure a Thunderbolt between two Bulls' Heads caboshed Or; Crest: A Thunderbolt Or; Supporters: Dexter: a Black Poodle proper; Sinister: a Tabby Cat proper; Motto: Laborare Est Orare (To work is to pray)


Rhodes, Baron, of Saddleworth in the West Riding of Yorkshire

Rt Hon Sir Hervey Rhodes KG

created: 14 Sep 1964

extinct: 11 Sep 1987


Rhyl, Baron, of Holywell in the Parish of Swanmore in the County of Southampton

Rt Hon (Evelyn) Nigel Chetwode Birch OBE

created: 7 Jul 1970

extinct: 8 Mar 1981


Ribeiro, Baron, of Achimota in the Republic of Ghana and of Ovington in the County of Hampshire

Sir Bernard Francisco Ribeiro CBE

created: 20 Dec 2010


Richard, Baron, of Ammanford in the County of Dyfed

Rt Hon Ivor Seward Richard QC

created: 14 May 1990

extinct:  18 Mar 2018

No arms


Richards of Herstmonceux, Baron, of Emsworth in the County of Hampshire

General Sir David Julian Richards GCB CBE DSO

created:  24 Feb 2014


Richardson, Baron, of Lee in the County of Devon

Sir John Samuel Richardson, 1st Bt, LVO MD FRCP

created: 2 Feb 1979

extinct: 15 Aug 2004

Arms: Sable on a Fess engrailed Or between in chief an Open Book proper bound Gules edged Or between two Mullets and in base a Swan Argent a Lion passant guardant also Gules; Crest: the Head of a Rhinoceros erased Sable behind the Horn of a Scroll inscribed with the words "Till time ceases" in Letters Gules; Supporters: Two Horses reguardant the dexter a Grey with Saddlecloth of the Metropolitan Police Force the sinister also a Grey with Saddlecloth of the Royal Army Medical Corps both saddled bridled with Headstall Horse-Hair Plume and Breast Girth all with Silver Buckles and Bosses proper; Motto: By friendship and by service


Richardson of Callow, Baroness, of Callow in the County of Derbyshire

Reverend Kathleen Margaret Richardson OBE

created: 3 Aug 1998


Richardson of Duntisbourne, Baron, of Duntisbourne in the County of Gloucestershire

Rt Hon Sir Gordon William Humphrey Richardson KG MBE TD DL

created: 11 Feb 1983

extinct: 22 Jan 2010

Arms: Argent a Fess wavy Bleu Celeste between in chief three Swords in pale points upwards fesswise Gules and in base a Pair of Scales Sable on a Bordure also Gules eight Bezants; Crest: A seated Female Figure representing the Bank of England proper habited Argent crined and murally crowned Or resting the sinister hand on an Oval Cartouche carved Or the Field Argent thereon a Cross Gules and holding in the palm of the extended dexter hand a Terrestrial Globe also proper; Supporters: On either side a Griffin segreant Gules the wings elevated and bezanty gorged with a Coronet of Sword Hilts Gold; Motto: Usque Ad Finem (Right to the end)



Ricketts, Baron, of Shortlands in the County of Kent

Sir Peter Forbes Ricketts GCMG GCVO

created:  17 Oct 2016


Ridley of Liddesdale, Baron, of Willimontswick in the County of Northumberland

Rt Hon Nicholas Ridley

created: 28 Jul 1992

extinct: 4 Mar 1993

Arms: Gules on a Chevron Argent between three Falcons proper as many Pellets; Crest: A Bull passant the tail turned over the back Gules; Motto: Constans Fidei (Constant in loyalty)


Rippon of Hexham, Baron, of Balmashannar in the Royal Burgh of Forfar

Rt Hon (Aubrey) Geoffrey Frederick Rippon QC

created: 5 Oct 1987

extinct: 28 Jan 1997

Arms: Barry wavy of fourteen Argent and Azure a Cross Patonce between in dexter chief and in sinister base a Hunting Horn stringed Sable; Crest: A Stag's Head erased and per fess wavy Gules and Argent in the argent two bars wavy Azure attired Gules each attire charged with two Bars Gold; Supporters: Dexter: on a Mount of Rocky Moorland proper a Bull guardant Gules unguled Or gorged with an Ancient Crown also Or the Horns Gules each charged with two Bars Gold; Sinister: on a like Mount proper a Stag guardant Gules unguled Or gorged with an Ancient Crown also Or attired Gules each attire charged with two Bars Gold; Motto: Frangas Non Flecta


Risby, Baron, of Haverhill in the County of Suffolk

Richard John Grenville Spring

created: 24 Dec 2010


Ritchie of Brompton, Baroness, of Brompton in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Shireen Olive Ritchie

created: 25 Jun 2010

extinct: 24 Apr 2012


Ritchie-Calder, Baron, of Balmashanner in the Royal Burgh of Forfar

Peter Ritchie Ritchie-Calder CBE

created: 5 Jul 1966

extinct: 31 Jan 1982


Rix, Baron, of Whitehall in the City of Westminster and of Hornsea in Yorkshire

Sir Brian (Norman Roger) Rix CBE

created: 27 Jan 1992

extinct:  20 Aug 2016

Arms: Per chevron double arched points upwards Gules and Or in chief a Rose Argent between two Suns in Splendour also Or and in base chevronwise a Greek Mask of Comedy Vert and a like Mask of Tragedy Sable; Crest: The Upper Part of a Ship's Wheel Or standing thereon an Avocet wings elevated proper gorged with a Coronal studded Gold pendant therefrom a Cross Crosslet fitchy Sable; Supporters: On either side a Labrador Dog Or, the whole upon a Compartment comprising of a Grassy Mount proper growing therefrom Roses Argent barbed and seeded proper slipped and seeded Vert; Motto: Tolerate Labores (Put up with the workers)


Robathan, Baron, of Poultney in the County of Leicestershire

Rt Hon Andrew Robert George Robathan

created: 13 Oct 2015


Robbins, Baron, of Clare Market in the City of Westminster

Lionel Charles Robbins CH CB

created: 16 Jun 1959

extinct: 15 May 1984


Robens of Woldingham, Baron, of Woldingham in the County of Surrey

Rt Hon Alfred Robens

created: 28 Jun 1961

extinct: 27 Jun 1999

No arms


Roberthall, Baron, of Silverspear in Queensland and of Trenance in the County of Cornwall

Sir Robert Lowe Hall KCMG CB

created: 28 Oct 1969

extinct: 17 Sep 1988


Roberts of Conwy, Baron, of Talyfan in the County of Gwynedd

Rt Hon Sir (Ieuan) Wyn (Pritchard) Roberts

created: 1 Oct 1997

extinct:  13 Dec 2013

Arms: Paly of six Argent and Vert a Cross Patonce Gules on a Chief engrailed of three arches also Gules three Ancient Lamps Argent; Crest: A Demi Lion with Dragon Wings Gules armed Argent and grasping with both paws a Trumpet palewise the bell downwards Or; Supporters: On either side a Dragon Gules armed Argent dimidiating a Lion Gules armed Argent each supporting with the exterior forefoot a Plain Carynx Argent garnished and the bell downwards Or; Motto: Pleidiol i'm gwlad (Loyal to my country)


Roberts of Llandudno, Baron, of Llandudno in the County of Gwynedd

Rev John Roger Roberts

created: 15 Jun 2004


Robertson of Port Ellen, Baron, of Islay in Argyll and Bute

Rt Hon Sir George Islay MacNeill Robertson KT GCMG

created: 24 Aug 1999


Robson of Kiddington, Baroness, of Kiddington in the County of Oxfordshire

Inga-Stina Robson (née Avvidsson) (Lady Robson)

created: 14 May 1974

extinct: 9 Feb 1999

Arms: Or a Viking Ship oars in action Sable between in pale two Fleurs-de-lys Azure; Supporters: Dexter: a Sea Stag Argent attired and finned Or; Sinister: a Sea Horse also Argent crined and finned Or, the Tails proper and each gorged with a Baron's Coronet also proper


Rock, Baroness, of Stratton in the County of Dorset

Kate Harriet Alexandra Rock

created: 15 Oct 2015


Rodger of Earlsferry, Baron, of Earlsferry in the District of North East Fife

Rt Hon Alan Ferguson Rodger QC FBA

created: 29 Apr 1992

extinct: 26 Jun 2011

No arms


Rodgers of Quarry Bank, Baron, of Kentish Town in the London Borough of Camden

Rt Hon William Thomas Rodgers

created: 12 Feb 1992

No arms


Rogan, Baron, of Lower Iveagh in the County of Down

Dennis Robert David Rogan

created: 16 Jul 1999


Rogers of Riverside, Baron, of Chelsea in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Sir Richard George Rogers

created: 17 Oct 1996

No arms


Roll of Ipsden, Baron, of Ipsden in the County of Oxfordshire

Sir Eric Roll KCMG CB

created: 19 Jul 1977

extinct: 30 Mar 2005

No arms


Rooker, Baron, of Perry Bar in the County of West Midlands

Rt Hon Jeffrey William Rooker

created: 16 Jun 2001


Roper, Baron, of Thorney Island in the City of Westminster

John Francis Hodgess Roper

created: 12 May 2000

extinct: 29 Jan 2016



Rose of Monewden, Baron, of Monewden in the County of Suffolk

Sir Stuart Alan Ransom Rose

created:  17 Sep 2014


Rosenheim, Baron, of the London Borough of Camden

Sir Max Leonard Rosenheim KBE

created: 31 Jul 1970

extinct: 2 Dec 1972


Ross of Marnock, Baron, of Kilmarnock in the District of Kilmarnock and Loudoun

Rt Hon William Ross

created: 24 Jul 1979

extinct: 10 Jun 1988


Ross of Newport, Baron, of Newport in the County of the Isle of Wight

Stephen Sherlock Ross FRICS

created: 4 Nov 1987

extinct: 10 May 1993

No arms


Rosser, Baron, of Ickenham in the London Borough of Hillingdon

Richard Andrew Rosser

created: 14 Jun 2004

Arms: Or on each of three Pallets Azure issuing in base couped and embowed in chief a Sword Blade issuing in base Argent a Chief dancetty throughout of three points upwards Azure; Crest: A Stag lodged reguardant Argent attired and unguled Or supporting with the dexter forefoot a Wheel Azure; Supporters: On the dexter a Unicorn dimidiated with a Lion Argent winged horned armed and unguled Or and on the sinister a Unicorn dimidiated with a Lion Or winged horned armed and unguled Argent: Badge: A Unicorn dimidiated with a Lion winged and sejant Argent horned armed unguled and gorged with a plain Collar attached thereto a Chain reflexed over the back Or; Motto: Per Unitatem Proficimus


Rowe-Beddoe, Baron, of Kilgetty in the County of Dyfed

Sir David Sydney Rowe-Beddoe DL

created: 15 Jun 2006

Arms: Gules papillonny Or on a Pale Argent a Pallet Gules; Crest: A demi Roebuck Gules attired Or and supporting a Welsh Triple Harp Or; Supporters: On either side a Dragon reguardant Gules anciently crowned and gorged with a plain Collar attached thereto a Chain reflexed over the back Or; Motto: Duw A'ch Cynhalio; Badge: Two Welsh Triple Harps addorsed each front pillar terminating in a Roebuck's Head Or


Rowlands, Baron, of Merthyr Tydfil and of Rhymney in the County of Mid-Glamorgan

Edward Rowlands CBE

created: 28 Jun 2004


Rowley, Baron, of Rowley Regis in the County of Staffordshire

Rt Hon Arthur Henderson

created: 27 May 1966

extinct: 28 Aug 1968

No arms


Royall of Blaisdon, Baroness, of Blaisdon in the County of Gloucestershire

Ms Janet Anne Royall

created: 25 Jun 2004


Royle, Baron, of Pendleton in the City of Salford

Charles Royle JP

created: 25 Aug 1964

extinct: 1 Oct 1975


Runcie, Baron, of Cuddesdon in the County of Oxfordshire

Rt Rev & Rt Hon Robert Alexander Kennedy Runcie MC

created: 1 Feb 1991

extinct: 11 Jul 2000

Arms: Argent on a Fess Sable between three Roses Gules barbed and seeded proper as many Crosses Patonce also Argent; Crest: A Horse statant Argent crined maned unguled and the tail Sable gorged with a Chaplet of Roses Gules barbed and seeded proper resting the dexter foreleg upon a Millrind Gold


Runcorn, Baron, of Heswall in the County Palatine of Cheshire

Rt Hon Dennis Forwood Vosper

created: 20 Apr 1964

extinct: 20 Jan 1968

Arms: Per chevron Azure and Gules on a Chevron between in chief two Garbs and in base a Portcullis chained Or a Cross Moline Sable; Crest: Out of a Tower triple towered Or a Stag's Head proper attired of the first in the mouth a Hatchet the Haft Gold the Blade proper; Supporters: On either side a Beaver proper each gorged with a Collar Or attached thereto a Line reflexed over the back Gules ; Motto: Diligence and Service


Russell-Johnston, Baron, of Minginish in Highlands

Sir David Russell Russell-Johnston

created: 21 Jul 1997

extinct: 27 Jul 2008

No arms


Ryder of Eaton Hastings, Baron, of Eaton Hastings in the County of Oxfordshire

Sir Sydney Thomas Franklin (Don) Ryder

created: 15 Jul 1975

extinct: 12 May 2003

No arms


Ryder of Warsaw, Baroness, of Warsaw in Poland and of Cavendish in the County of Suffolk

Mrs (Margaret) Susan Cheshire CMG OBE (née Ryder)

created: 31 Jan 1979

extinct: 2 Nov 2000

No arms


Ryder of Wensum, Baron, of Wensum in the County of Norfolk

Rt Hon Richard Ryder OBE

created: 22 Nov 1997

No arms




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