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Life Peerages - T


Tangley, Baron, of Blackheath in the County of Surrey

Sir Edwin Savory Herbert KBE

created: 22 Jan 1964

extinct: 5 Jun 1973


Tanlaw, Baron, of Tanlawhill in the County of Dumfries

Simon Brooke Mackay

created: 21 May 1971

Arms: Per chevron Azure and Argent in chief two Lymphads of the second and in base a Tiger's Face affrontée proper on a Chief Or a Cross engrailed per cross indented Azure and Sable; Crest: A Falcon proper hooded Gules issuant out of a five pointed Eastern Crown Or; Supporters: Dexter: a Prejevalski's Mare proper; Sinister: a Roe Deer also proper; Motto: Pro Vita Vivo (I live for life)


Taverne, Baron, of Pimlico in the City of Westminster

Dick Taverne QC

created: 5 Feb 1996

No arms


Taylor, Baron, of Harlow in the County of Essex

Stephen James Lake Taylor

created: 7 Aug 1958

extinct: 1 Feb 1988


Taylor of Blackburn, Baron, of Blackburn in the County of Lancaster

Thomas Taylor CBE FRGS DL

created: 4 May 1978

extinct: 25 Nov 2016

Arms:  Argent a Bar wavy cottised wavy Sable between three Roses Gules barbed and seeded proper all within a Bordure Vert thereon eight Bees volant proper;  Crest:  Statant on a Grass Mount proper a Lion Or supporting with the dexter forepaw at its base growing from the front of the mount a Rose Branch proper reflexed over the lion's back and ending in three Roses Gules barbed and seeded proper on the mid-most a Bee also proper;  Supporters:  Dexter:  a Dragon statant erect Gules eyed langued clawed and the Barb of its tail Or gorged with a Bar wavy Sable fimbriated Argent and in its jaws an Olive Branch proper;  Sinister:  a Bull statant erect in trian aspect Gules armed and unguled and the Tuft of its tail Or also gorged with a Bar wavy Sable fimbriated Argent and also holding in its mouth an Olive Branch proper;  Motto:  Laborare Et Arte Ad Finem (By hard work and skill to the end)


Taylor of Bolton, Baroness, of Bolton in the County of Greater Manchester

Rt Hon (Winifred) Ann Taylor

created: 13 Jun 2005


Taylor of Gosforth, Baron, of Embleton in the County of Northumberland

Rt Hon Sir Peter Murray Taylor, Lord Chief Justice of England

created: 27 Apr 1992

extinct: 28 Apr 1997

No arms


Taylor of Goss Moor, Baron, of Truro in the County of Cornwall

Matthew Owen John Taylor

created: 16 Jul 2010


Taylor of Gryfe, Baron, of Bridge of Weir in the County of Renfrewshire

Thomas Johnston Taylor DL

created: 29 Jan 1968

extinct: 13 Jul 2001

No arms


Taylor of Hadfield, Baron, of Hadfield in the County of Derbyshire

Sir Francis (Frank) Taylor

created: 27 Jan 1983

extinct: 15 Feb 1995

Arms: Argent in front of Representation of Aitoff's Projection of the Globe Azure the Land Masses Argent a Mullet of four points gyronny of eight Argent and Sable the fesswise points extended on a Chief Argent four Workmen hauling on a rope Argent; Crest: In front of a Representation of Aitoff's Projection of the Globe a Mullet as in the Arms; Supporters: Dexter: a Surveyor supporting by the exterior hand a Theodolite; Sinister: a Carpenter holding in the exterior hand a Tenon Saw, each wearing a Safety Helmet all proper; Motto: Conjuncti Laboramus


Taylor of Holbeach, Baron, of South Holland in the County of Lincolnshire

John Derek Taylor CBE

created: 31 May 2006


Taylor of Mansfield, Baron, of Mansfield in the County of Nottingham

Harry Bernard Taylor CBE JP

created: 1 Jun 1966

extinct: 11 Apr 1991

No arms


Taylor of Warwick, Baron, of Warwick in the County of Warwickshire

John David Beckett Taylor

created: 2 Oct 1996

No arms


Tayside, Baron, of Queen's Well in the Royal Burgh of Forfar and the County of Angus

David Lauchlan Urquhart OBE JP

created: 14 Sep 1967

extinct: 12 Mar 1975


Tebbit, Baron, of Chingford in the London Borough of Waltham Forest

Rt Hon Norman Beresford Tebbit CH

created: 6 Jul 1992

No arms


Temple-Morris, Baron, of Llandaff in the County of South Glamorgan and of Leominster in the County of Herefordshire

Peter Temple-Morris

created: 22 Jun 2001

extinct:  1 May 2018

Arms: Per fess dancetty of two points downwards and one point upwards enhanced Argent and Vert a Pale counterchanged three Welsh Triple Harps two and one Gules; Crest: An Ibex salient Gules armed unguled and winged Or; Supporters: Dexter: A Dragon Vert armed and langued Gules dimidiating a Lion also Gules armed Vert holding with the interior forefoot a Sword point upwards Argent Hilt Pommel and Quillons Or; Sinister: A Dragon Gules armed and langued Vert dimidiating a Lion also Vert armed Gules holding with the interior forefoot a Sword point upwards Argent Hilt Pommel and Quillons Or; Motto: Semper integritas; Badge: Statant upon a chained Portcullis a Classical Persian Winged Lion Or


Teverson, Baron, of Tregony in the County of Cornwall

Robin Teverson

created: 1 Jun 2006


Thatcher, Baroness, of Kesteven in the County of Lincolnshire

Rt Hon Lady Margaret Hilda Thatcher LG OM FRS

created: 26 Jun 1992

extinct:  8 Apr 2013

Arms: Per chevron Azure and Gules in chief two Lions rampant guardant the dexter contourny supporting between them a Double Warded Key wards upward Or and in base a Tower also Or its Portal Sable therein a Portcullis Gold; Supporters: Dexter: on a Mount of Tussocks of Grass proper a Male Figure representing an Admiral of the Fleet on active service holding in his exterior hand a Pair of Binoculars all proper; Sinister: on a Grassy Mount Vert a Male Figure representing Sir Isaac Newton holding in his exterior hand a Pair of Scales all proper; Motto: Cherish freedom


Thomas, Baron, of Remenham in the Royal County of Berkshire

Sir (William) Miles (Webster) Thomas

created: 29 Jan 1971

extinct: 8 Feb 1980


Thomas of Cwmgiedd, Baron, of Cwmgiedd in the County of Powys

Rt Hon Sir Roger John Laugharne Thomas

created: 4 Oct 2013


Thomas of Gresford, Baron, of Gresford in the County Borough of Wrexham

(Donald) Martin Thomas OBE QC

created: 30 Sep 1996

No arms


Thomas of Gwydir, Baron, of Llanrwst in the County of Gwynedd

Rt Hon Peter John Mitchell Thomas QC

created: 7 Oct 1987

extinct: 4 Feb 2008

Arms:  Per pale Vert and Gules in pale a Sword point upwards Argent Hilt Pommel and Quillons Or between in chief two Portcullises also Or all within a Bordure engrailed of the last thereon eight Pellets;  Crest:  A Grassy Mount proper statant thereon a Stag armed and unguled Or resting the dexter foreleg upon a Staff raguly also Or and between the attires a Cross engrailed Gold:  Supporters:  Dexter:  a Dragon statant erect tail nowed Gules gorged with a Crown Rayonny Gold;  Sinister:  a Lamb statant erect Or gorged with a Crown Rayonny Gules;  Motto:  Nac Anobeithier (Never despair)


Thomas of Macclesfield, Baron, of Prestbury in the County of Cheshire

Terence James Thomas CBE

created: 5 Nov 1997

extinct:  1 Jul 2018

No arms


Thomas of Swynnerton, Baron, of Notting Hill in Greater London

Hugh Swynnerton Thomas

created: 16 Jun 1981

extinct:  7 May 2017

Arms: Quarterly Argent and Or a Cross Formy flory Sable surmounted of a Dragon's Heard erased Gules; Crest: Upon a Helm with Chapeau Gules turned up Ermine issuant from the top of a Representation of the Torre d'Arnolfo on the Palazzo Vicariale at Scarperia in Italy Argent a Bull's Head Sable armed Or; Supporters: Upon a Compartment composed of a Grassy Mound proper thereon a Bar embowed proper Or charged with a like Barrulet wavy Azure a pair of Falcons wings expanded and addorsed Argent beaked armed and belled Or legged Gules gorged with a Torse Or and Gules and holding in the beak a Quill Argent penned Or; Motto: Late but in time


Thomas of Walliswood, Baroness, of Dorking in the County of Surrey

Mrs Susan Petronella Thomas OBE DL

created: 6 Oct 1994

No arms


Thomas of Winchester, Baroness, of Winchester in the County of Hampshire

Miss Celia Marjorie Thomas CBE

created: 26 May 2006


Thomson of Monifieth, Baron, of Monifieth in the District of the City of Dundee

Rt Hon Sir George Morgan Thomson KT DL

created: 23 Mar 1977

extinct: 3 Oct 2008

No arms


Thorneycroft, Baron, of Dunton in the County of Staffordshire

Rt Hon (George Edward) Peter Thorneycroft CH

created: 4 Dec 1967

extinct: 4 Jun 1994

No arms


Thornhill, Baroness, of Watford in the County of Hertfordshire

Dorothy Thornhill MBE

created: 21 Oct 2015


Thornton, Baroness, of Manningham in the County of West Yorkshire

Mrs Dorothea Glenys Thornton

created: 23 Jul 1998


Todd, Baron, of Trumpington in the County of Cambridgeshire

Sir Alexander (Robert) Todd OM FRS

created: 16 Apr 1962

extinct: 10 Jan 1997

Arms: Gules a chevron between in chief two Foxes' Masks and in base a Serpent embowed biting the tail Or; Crest: In front of an Open Book proper bound Or a Fox passant guardant Gules; Supporters: Dexter: an Ounce; Sinister: a Fox, each Sable bezanty and gorged with a Ducal Coronet with Chain reflexed over the back Or pendant from the coronet by a like Chain an Escutcheon Bleu Celeste; Motto: Faire Sans Dire


Tombs, Baron, of Brailes in the County of Warwickshire

Sir Francis Leonard Tombs

created: 28 Feb 1990

Arms: Azure on a Saltire Azure fimbriated Argent a Sun its four rays in saltire extended and tipped with Flame all Gold; Crest: Out of a Crown Rayonny Or each straight ray ending in a Mullet Or a Dexter Arm embowed vested Azure the Hand proper holding two Keys in saltire bows upwards Gold; Supporters: Dexter: a Unicorn Argent armed unguled bearded maned and tufted Or sejant erect upon a Grassy Mount proper between two Double Roses growing therefrom Argent on Gules and both barbed and seeded stalked and leaved proper; Sinister: a Bear proper clawed and muzzled Or sejant erect upon a like Mount between two Thistles growing therefrom also proper; Motto: Work and pray


Tomlinson, Baron, of Walsall in the County of West Midlands

John Edward Tomlinson MEP

created: 21 Jul 1998


Tonge, Baroness, of Kew in the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames

Dr Jennifer Louise Tonge

created: 23 Jun 2005


Tope, Baron, of Sutton in the London Borough of Sutton

Graham Norman Tope CBE

created: 4 Oct 1994

No arms


Tordoff, Baron, of Knutsford in the County of Cheshire

Geoffrey Johnson Tordoff

created: 11 May 1981

extinct:  22 Jun 2019

No arms


Touhig, Baron, of Islwyn and Glansychan in the County of Gwent

Rt Hon James Donnelly Touhig

created: 28 Jun 2010


Trafford, Baron, of Falmer in the County of East Sussex

Sir (Joseph) Anthony Porteous Trafford

created: 3 Apr 1987

extinct: 16 Sep 1989

No arms


Tranmire, Baron, of Upsall in the North Riding of Yorkshire

Rt Hon Sir (Robert) "Robin" Hugh Turton KBE MC

created: 9 May 1974

extinct: 17 Jan 1994

Arms: Ermine nine Trefoils slipped four three and two alternately Vert and Azure in base a Cross Crosslet fitchée Sable a Canton Gules; Crest: Out of a Park Pales Gules a Dexter Cubit Arm vested Vert cuffed Argent the hand grasping a Flag-Staff proper therefrom flowing a Flag per pale Argent and Azure fringed Or charged with a Trefoil slipped fesswise counterchanged; Motto: Formosa Quae Honesta


Trees, Baron, of The Ross in Perth and Kinross

Professor Alexander John Trees

created: 3 Jul 2012


Trend, Baron, of Greenwich in Greater London

Rt Hon Sir Burke St John Trend GCB CVO

created: 7 Mar 1974

extinct: 25 Jul 1987


Trevelyan, Baron, of Saint Veep in the County of Cornwall

Sir Humphrey Trevelyan KG GCMG CIE OBE

created: 12 Feb 1968

extinct: 9 Feb 1985


Treverson, Baron, of Tregony in the County of Cornwall

Robin Treverson

created: 1 Jun 2006


Triesman, Baron, of Tottenham in the London Borough of Haringey

David Maxim Triesman

created: 9 Jan 2004


Trimble, Baron, of Lisnagarvey in the County of Antrim

Rt Hon (William) David Trimble

created: 2 Jun 2006


Trotman, Baron, of Osmotherley in the County of North Yorkshire

Sir Alexander James Trotman

created: 2 Mar 1999

extinct: 25 Apr 2005


True, Baron, of East Sheen in the County of Surrey

Nicholas Edward True CBE

created: 23 Dec 2010


Trumpington, Baroness, of Sandwich in the County of Kent

Rt Hon Mrs Jean Alys Barker

created: 4 Feb 1980

extinct:  26 Nov 2018

Arms: Gyronny of eight Ermine and Azure three Hedgehogs two and one Or; Supporters: Dexter: a Boxer Bitch; Sinister: a Bay Colt, both proper; Motto: Gagne Tout Sans Atouts (Win all with no trumps)


Truscott, Baron, of St James's in the City of Westminster

Dr Peter Derek Truscott

created: 10 Jun 2004

Arms: Sable two Pallets nebuly Argent between six pairs of Keys bows interlaced the three in chief wards downwards and outwards and those in base wards upwards and outwards Or; Crest: A demi double-headed Eagle displayed Sable holding in each Beak Or a Quill Argent spined Or; Supporters: On the dexter side a Bear Or gorged with a Coronet Argent in the mouth a Rose Or slipped and leaved Argent and on the dexter a Lion Or gorged with a Coronet Argent in the mouth a Sprig of Birch also Argent; Motto: Cogita Piscem; Badge: A Sailfish embowed Argent issuing from the beak a Line reflexed over the boy Or


Tyler, Baron, of Linkinhorne in the County of Cornwall

Paul Archer Tyler CBE

created:  15 Jun 2005


Tyrie, Baron, of Chichester in the County of West Sussex

Rt Hon Andrew Guy Tyrie

created:  12 Jun 2018


Tugendhat, Baron, of Widdington in the County of Essex

Sir Christopher (Samuel) Tugendhat

created: 15 Oct 1993

No arms


Tunnicliffe, Baron, of Bracknell in the Royal County of Berkshire

Denis Tunnicliffe CBE

created: 2 Jun 2004

Arms: Or an Orle enclosing a Saltire and a Cross all conjoined Sable and each conjoinment surmounting an Annulet Gules; Crest: A Cat sejant Sable winged Or; Supporters: On either side a mole statant erect Sable in the mouth a Black-eyed Susan Or eyed Sable slipped and leaved Gules; Motto: Love, support, direct; Badge: An Isosceles Triangle Or fimbriated Sable the base bendwise issuing from the apex an Isosceles Triangle Or fimbriated Sable the base bendwise sinister

The arms allude to the London Underground, where lord Tunnicliffe was managing director for 10 years. The mole supporters are a further reference to London Underground and the flower is a pun on his wife's name of Susan. The badge is derived from BOAC's "speedbird" device.


Turnberg, Baron, of Cheadle in the County of Cheshire

Sir Leslie Arnold Turnberg

created: 4 May 2000


Turnbull,  Baron, of Enfield in the London Borough of Enfield

Sir Andrew Turnbull KCB CVO

created: 11 Oct 2005


Turner of Camden, Baroness, of Camden in Greater London

Mrs Muriel Winifred Turner (née Price)

created: 29 May 1985

No arms


Turner of Ecchinswell, Baron, of Ecchinswell in the County of Hampshire

(Jonathan) Adair Turner

created: 7 Sep 2005


Tweedsmuir of Belhelvie, Baroness, of Potterton in the County of Aberdeenshire

Priscilla Jean Fortescue Buchan (née Thomson) (The Lady Tweedsmuir)

created: 1 Jul 1970

extinct: 11 Mar 1978


Twining, Baron, of Tanganyika and Godalming in the County of Surrey

Sir Francis Edward Twining GCMG

created: 18 Aug 1958

extinct: 21 Jun 1967


Tyler of Enfield, Baroness, of Enfield in the London Borough of Enfield

Claire Tyler

created: 28 Jan 2011




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