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Lucas of Shenfield, Baron (E, 1645 - 1705)


Creation: let.pat. 3 Jan 1644/5


Extinct: 31 Jan 1704/5


Family name: Lucas




Argent a Fess between six Annulets Gules


Out of a Ducal Coronet Or a Dragon's Head and Shoulders Wings erect Gules


On either side a Dragon Argent Wings elevated Gules ducally gorged Or



Sir Thomas Lucas, of St John's, near Colchester, co. Essex, Sheriff of Essex 1617 (d. 25 Sep 1625), mar. Elizabeth Leighton, dau. and cohrss. of John Leighton, of London, and had issue:

1. Sir Thomas Lucas, of Lexden, Essex, knighted 1628 (b. bef. his parents' marriage c. 1597/8; d. in or shortly before 1650), mar. after 27 Jan 1628/9 Anne Byron (b. c. 1612/3; d. after Aug 1650), dau. of Sir John Byron, by his wife Anne Molineux, and had issue:

1. Charles Lucas, later 2nd Baron Lucas of Shenfield

2. Robert Lucas, later 3rd Baron Lucas of Shenfield

2. John Lucas, later 1st Baron Lucas of Shenfield

3. Sir Charles Lucas, knighted 1639 (d. 28 Aug 1648, being shot, together with Sir George Lisle, after the surrender of Colchester, by order of Fairfax, the Parliamentary General, for having broken his parole)

1. Mary Lucas, mar. Sir Peter Killigrew (b. c. 1593; bur. Jul 1668), 5th son of John Killigrew, of Arwennack, co. Cornwall, Captain of Pendennis Castle, by his wife Dorothy Monck, only dau. by his second wife of Thomas Monck, of Potheridge, co. Devon, and had issue


John [Lucas], 1st Baron Lucas of Shenfield


23 Oct 1606


after 17 Dec 1628 Anne Nevill (b. c. 1611; d. 22 Aug 1660; bur. in St Giles's Church, Colchester, co. Essex), only dau. of Sir Christopher Nevill, of Newton St Loe, co. Somerset (by his wife Mary Darcy, dau. and cohrss. of Thomas Darcy, of Tolleshunt Darcy. co. Essex), 2nd son of Edward [Nevill], 1st Baron Bergavenny

only child

1. Hon Mary Lucas, later suo jure Baroness Lucas of Crudwell


s.p.m.s. 2 Jul 1671 (bur. in St Giles's Church, Colchester, co. Essex)


3 Jan 1644/5 Baron Lucas of Shenfield, of Shenfield in the County of Essex, with remainder, in default of male heirs of his body, to Sir Charles Lucas, his brother, failing which to Sir Thomas Lucas, an illegitimate brother, in like manner

suc. by



having early espoused the Royalist cause, he was imprisoned, but escaped, and fought at the Battle of Newbury, etc.; his house at St John's, Colchester, was plundered by the rabble in 1642, and partly blown up in the siege of 1648; in the chapel adjoining the house the Parliamnentary soldiery broke open the tombs of "Lady Lucas and Lady Killigrew", Lord Lucas's mother and sister, scattered the bones and wore the remains of their hair in their hats; among the Cavaliers imprisoned in 1655; FRS 1663


Charles [Lucas], 2nd Baron Lucas of Shenfield



Lady Penelope Leke (d. after 1705), 6th dau. of Francis [Leke], 1st Earl of Scarsdale, by his wife Anne Cary, sister of Henry [Cary], 1st Viscount of Falkland, and 6th dau. of Sir Edward Cary, of Aldenham, co. Hertford, Master and Treasurer of the King's Jewels, by his wife Katherine Paget, widow of Henry [Paget], 2nd Baron Paget, and dau. of Sir Henry Knyvett, of Charlton, co. Wiltshire, a Gentleman of the Privy Chamber


1. Hon Anne Lucas, mar. (1) her second cousin Edward Cary, of Caldicote, co. Monmouth, High Bailiff of Westminster (bapt. 25 Apr 1656; d. bef. 24 Nov 1692), 2nd but 1st surv. son of Hon Patrick Cary, of Dublin (by his wife Susan Uvedale, dau. of Francis Uvedale, 3rd son of Sir William Uvedale, of Wickham, co. Hertford), 5th son of Henry [Cary], 1st Viscount of Falkland, by his wife Elizabeth Tanfield, only dau. and hrss. of Sir Laurence Tanfield, Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer 1607-25, and (2) as his first wife Capt Lord Archibald Hamilton of Riccartoun and Pardovan MP RN, of Confey Castle, co. Kildare, Governor of Greenwich Hospital and Governor of Jamaica (bapt. 17 Feb 1673;  d. 5 Apr 1754), 7th son of Lady Anne Hamilton, suo jure Duchess of Hamilton, and had issue by her first husband

2. Hon Penelope Lucas (b. c. 1663/4; d. 10 Feb 1701/2), mar. 17 Jul 1690 Isaac Selfe, and had issue


s.p.m. about 28 Nov 1688

suc. by




Robert [Lucas], 3rd Baron Lucas of Shenfield


c. 1649/50


31 Jan 1704/5


a Capt of Foot in Ireland; Constable of the Tower of London 1688-1702; Elder Brother of the Trinity House 1692-1704/5; Master of the Trinity House 1697-99; Col, 34th Regiment of Foot 1702-04/5


On the death of the 3rd Baron Lucas of Shenfield the Barony of Lucas of Shenfield became extinct.


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