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Lytton, Earl of (UK, 1880)


Creation: let. pat. 28 Apr 1880


Family name: Bulwer-Lytton later Lytton-Milbanke later Lytton




Quarterly:  1st and 4th, Ermine on a Chief dancettée Azure two Ducal Coronets Or a Canton Argent charged with a Rose Gules (Lytton);  2nd and 3rd, Gules on a Chevron Argent between three Eaglets regardant Or as many Cinquefoils Sable (Bulwer)


1st:  A Griffin's Head erased Ermine eared and maned Or;  2nd:  A Bittern in flags all proper;  3rd:  An Eagle regardant Argent holding in the beak a Branch of Laurel Vert


On either side an Angel proper each holding in the exterior hand an Eastern Crown Or


Hoc Virtutis Opus (This is the work of valour)



Edward Robert Lytton [Bulwer-Lytton], 2nd Baron Lytton later 1st Earl of Lytton, GCB GCSI CIE PC

1st son of Edward George Earle Lytton [Bulwer later Bulwer-Lytton], 1st Baron Lytton, by his wife Rosina Doyle Wheeler, only surv. dau. of Francis Massy Wheeler, of Lizzard Connell, co. Limerick


8 Nov 1831


4 Oct 1864 Edith Villiers CI VA, a Lady of the Bedchamber 1895-1905 (b. 15 Sep 1841; d. 17 Sep 1936), 2nd dau. of Hon Edward Ernest Villiers (by his wife Hon Elizabeth Charlotte Liddell, 5th dau. of Thomas Henry [Liddell], 1st Baron Ravensworth), brother of George William [Villiers], 4th Earl of Clarendon, and 4th son of Hon George Villiers (by his wife Hon Theresa Parker, only dau. of John [Parker], 1st Baron Boringdon), 3rd son of Thomas [Villiers], 1st Earl of Clarendon


1. Edward Rowland John Bulwer-Lytton (b. 19 Sep 1865; dvp. 24 Jul 1871)

2. Hon Henry Meredith Edward Bulwer-Lytton (b. 22 Mar 1872; dvp. 1 Mar 1874)

3. Hon Victor Alexander George Robert Bulwer-Lytton, later 2nd Earl of Lytton

4. Hon Neville Stephen Bulwer-Lytton, later 3rd Earl of Lytton

1. Lady Elizabeth Edith Bulwer-Lytton (b. 12 Jun 1867; d. 28 Mar 1942), mar. 21 Dec 1887 Gerald William [Balfour], 2nd Earl of Balfour, and had issue

2. Lady Constance Georgina Bulwer-Lytton, authoress (b. 12 Feb 1869; d. 22 May 1923)

3. Lady Emily Bulwer-Lytton (b. 26 Dec 1874; d. 3 Jun 1964), mar. 4 Aug 1897 Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens OM KCIE, architect (d. 1 Jan 1944), and had issue


24 Nov 1891


28 Apr 1880 Viscount Knebworth, of Knebworth in the County of Hertford, and Earl of Lytton, of Lytton in the County of Derby

suc. by



joined the Diplomatic Service, serving in Washington 1849, Florence 1852 and Paris 1854; paid Attaché at The Hague 1856, St Petersburg 1858, Constantinople 1858 and Vienna 1859; Consul at Belgrade 1860; Secretary of Legation at Copenhagen 1863, Athens 1864, Lisbon 1865 and Madrid 1868; Secretary of Embassy to Vienna 1868 and Paris 1872-74; suc. his father 18 Jan 1873 as 2nd Baron Lytton;  Minister to Lisbon 1874-76; Viceroy and Governor-General of India 1876-80; GCB 1878; GCSI and CIE 1880; Ambassador to Paris 1887-91; Rector of Glasgow University 1887-90; Privy Councillor 1888


Victor Alexander George Robert [Bulwer-Lytton], 2nd Earl of Lytton, KG GCSI GCIE PC DL


9 Aug 1876


3 Apr 1902 Pamela Frances Audrey Chichele-Plowden CI DGStJ (b. c. 1874; d. 6 Jul 1971), dau. of Sir Trevor John Chichele Chichele-Plowden KCSI by his first wife Milicent Frances Foster, 1st dau. of Gen Sir Charles John Foster KCB


1. Hon (Edward) Antony James Bulwer-Lytton, styled Viscount Knebworth, Member of Parliament for Hitchin 1931-33 (b. 13 May 1903; dvp. 1 May 1933)

2. Maj Hon Alexander Edward John Bulwer-Lytton, styled Viscount Knebworth, OStJ, killed at the Battle of El Alamein (b. 11 Mar 1910; dvp. 4 Jul 1942)

1. Lady (Margaret) Hermione Millicent Bulwer-Lytton (b. 31 Aug 1905; d. 27 Oct 2004), mar. 3 Apr 1930 Cameron Fromanteel [Cobbold], 1st Baron Cobbold, and had issue

2. Lady Davidema Katharine Cynthia Mary Millicent Bulwer-Lytton (b. 23 Apr 1909; d. 10 Sep 1995), mar. (1) 15 Jul 1931 John Henry George [Crichton], 5th Earl Erne, and (2) 28 Aug 1945 Christopher Montague [Woodhouse], 5th Baron Terrington, and had issue by both husbands


s.p.m.s. 25 Oct 1947

suc. by



Civil Lord of the Admiralty 1916-17 and 1919-20; additional Parliamentary Secretary to the Admiralty 1917-18; Privy Councillor 1919; Under Secretary of State for India 1920; Governor of Bengal 1922-27; GCIE 1922; temporary Viceroy and Acting Governor-General of India 1925; GCSI 1925; Leader of the Indian Delegation to the League of Nations 1927-28 and British Delegate 1931; Knight of the Garter 1933; KJStJ


Neville Stephen [Bulwer-Lytton later Lytton], 3rd Earl of Lytton, OBE


6 Feb 1879

mar. (1)

2 Feb 1899 (div. 1923) Hon Judith Anne Dorothea Blunt later Blunt-Lytton, suo jure Baroness Wentworth and de jure Baroness le Despencer (b. 1873; d. 8 Aug 1957), only dau. of Wilfrid Scawen Blunt, of Crabbet Park, Crawley, co. Sussex, by his wife Lady Anne Isabella Noel King later King-Noel, suo jure Baroness Wentworth and de jure Baroness le Despencer, only dau. by his first wife of William [King later King-Noel], 1st Earl of Lovelace

children by first wife

1. Hon Noel Anthony Scawen Bulwer-Lytton later Lytton-Milbanke later Lytton, later 4th Earl of Lytton

1. Lady Anne Bulwer-Lytton later Lytton-Milbanke later Lytton (b. 24 Aug 1901; d. 26 Jun 1979)

2. Lady Winifred Bulwer-Lytton (b. 19 Mar 1904), mar. 9 Nov 1921 Claude Tryon (d. 19 Sep 1949), 1st surv. son of John Tryon, of Grove Mill House, Watford, co. Hertford

mar. (2)

1 May 1924 Rosa Alexandrine Fortel (d. 1980), of St Rambert-en-Burgey, Ain, France

only child by second wife

3. Lady Madeleine Elizabeth Lytton, dancer, choreographer and teacher (b. 28 Aug 1921), and has issue


9 Feb 1951

suc. by

son by first wife


portrait and landscape painter; served in World War I as Maj, 11th Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment 1914-18; OBE 1918


Noel Anthony Scawen [Bulwer-Lytton later Lytton-Milbanke later Lytton], 4th Earl of Lytton, OBE


7 Apr 1900


30 Nov 1946 Clarissa Mary Palmer (b. c. 1916; d. 24 Sep 2006), 1st dau. of Brig Gen Cyril Eustace Palmer CB CMG DSO, of Verno, Christchurch, co. Hampshire, by his wife Nina Kathleen Scarlett, only dau. of Henry Scarlett, of Preston, Firle, co. Sussex


1. Hon John Peter Michael Scawen Lytton, later 5th Earl of Lytton

2. Hon (Thomas) Roland Cyril Lytton, of Bratton Court Farm, Minehead, co. Surrey (b. 10 Aug 1954)

1. Lady Caroline Mary Noel Lytton, silversmith (b. 29 Dec 1947; d. 22 Aug 2017)

2. Lady Lucy Mary Frances Lytton (b. 29 Jan 1957)

3. Lady Sarah Teresa Mary Lytton (b. 15 Oct 1959), mar. 1984 P David Nash Sully, yst son of Lt Col R J N Solly, and has issue


18 Jan 1985

suc. by



author; Staff Captain and Deputy Assistant Quartermaster-General War Office 1936-39; served in World War II 1939-45; Chief Staff Officer, British Military Government in Vienna; OBE 1945; suc. his mother as 17th Baron Wentworth and de jure 21st Baron le Despencer 8 Aug 1957


John Peter Michael Scawen [Lytton], 5th Earl of Lytton


7 Jun 1950


26 Apr 1980 Ursula Alexandra Komoloy, dau. of Anton Komoloy, of Vienna, Austria


1. Hon Philip Anthony Scawen Lytton, styled Viscount Knebworth (b. 7 Mar 1989)

2. Hon Wilfrid Thomas Scawen Lytton (b. 8 Jan 1992)

1. Lady Katrina Mary Noel Lytton (b. 1985)


elected to the House of Lords (Cross Bench) 2011


 Last updated 24 Sep 2017




5th Earl of Lytton

(United Kingdom, let. pat. 28 Apr 1880)

5th Viscount Knebworth, of Knebworth in the County of Hertford

(United Kingdom, let. pat. 28 Apr 1880)

de jure 22nd Baron le Despencer

(England, summ. by writ 17 Dec 1387)

18th Baron Wentworth

(England, summ. by writ bef. 2 Dec 1529)

6th Baron Lytton, of Knebworth in the County of Hertford

(United Kingdom, let. pat. 14 Jul 1866)

6th Baronet, styled "of Knebworth"

(United Kingdom, let. pat. 18 Jul 1838



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