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Mancroft, Baron (UK, 1937)


Creation: let. pat. 23 Dec 1937


Family name: Samuel later Mancroft




Gules a Chevron chequy Argent and Sable between in chief two Portcullises chained and in base a Castle (Farnham) triple towered Or on a Chief of the last a Lion passant guardant of the third


In front of a Castle (Norwich) with three Cupolas issuant from each a Staff proper flying therefrom a Banner Argent charged with a Cross Gules a Sword sheathed also Gules garnished Or pommelled and hilted of the last and a Mace Gold in saltire (i.e. a representation of the ancient Crystal Mace and the Sword in the Regalia of the Corporation of the City of Norwich)


In either side a Whiffler of the Corporation of the City of Norwich


Courage, Patience



Arthur Michael [Samuel], 1st Baron Mancroft

1st son of Benjamin Samuel, of Norwich, co. Norfolk, by his wife Rosetta Haldinstein, 1st dau. of Philip Haldinstein, of Norwich, co. Norfolk, by his wife Rachel Soman, dau. of David Soman, of Norwich, co. Norfolk


6 Dec 1872


19 Dec 1912 Phoebe Fletcher (d. 18 Dec 1969), 2nd dau. of Dr George Alfred Chune Fletcher, of London


17 Aug 1942


15 Jan 1932 Baronet of the United Kingdom, styled "of Mancroft"

23 Dec 1937 Baron Mancroft, of Mancroft in the City of Norwich

suc. by



Stormont Mancroft [Samuel later Mancroft], 2nd Baron Mancroft, KBE


27 Jul 1914


8 May 1951 Diana Elizabeth Quarry (former wife of Richard Bridges St John Quarry, of Padworth House, co. Buckingham), only dau. of Lt Col Horace Lloyd DSO


14 Sep 1987

suc. by



Benjamin Lloyd Stormont [Mancroft], 3rd Baron Mancroft


16 May 1957


20 Sep 1990 Emma Louisa Peart, 1st dau. of Thomas Peart, of Addison Road, Kensington, London


1. Hon Arthur Louis Stormont Mancroft (b. 3 May 1995)

2. Hon Maximillian Michael Mancroft (b. 3 Aug 1998)

1. Hon Georgia Esmé Mancroft (b. 28 Apr 1993)


elected to the House of Lords 1999


 Last updated 31 Jul 2004




3rd Baron Mancroft, of Mancroft in the City of Norwich

(United Kingdom, let. pat. 23 Dec 1937)

3rd Baronet, styled "of Mancroft"

(United Kingdom, let. pat. 15 Jan 1932)



c/o Chichester House, 37 Brixton Road, Kennington Park, London SW9 6DZ



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