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Monck, Viscount (I, 1801)


Creation: let. pat. 5 Jan 1801


Family name: Monck




Gules a Chevron between three Lions' Heads erased Argent


A Dragon passant wings elevated Sable


Dexter:  a Dragon;  Sinister:  a Lion; both Argent and holding in the forepaw a Branch of Laurel resting on the shoulder fructed proper


Portiter Fideliter Feliciter (Boldly, faithfully, successfully)



Charles Stanley [Monck], 1st Baron Monck later 1st Viscount Monck

1st son of Thomas Monck MP, of Old Leighlin, by his wife Judith Mason, dau. of Robert Mason, of Mason Brook


c. 1754


1784 his cousin Anne Quinn (mar. (2) before 1811 as his fourth wife Sir John Craven Carden, 1st Bt.;  d. 20 Dec 1823), dau. of Henry Quinn MD, of Dublin, by his wife Anne Monck, 1st dau. of Charles Monck, of Grange Gorman, co. Dublin


1. Hon Henry Stanley Monck, later 2nd Viscount Monck later 1st Earl of Rathdowne

2. Hon Charles Joseph Kelly Monck, later 3rd Viscount Monck

1. Hon Anne Wilhelmina Monck, mar. 1812 Daniel James Webb

2. Hon Isabella Monck (d. 1830), mar. 6 Sep 1815 Thomas Maunsell Wilson


9 Jun 1802


23 Nov 1797 Baron Monck, of Ballytrammon in the County of Wexford

5 Jan 1801 Viscount Monck, of Ballytrammon in the County of Wexford

suc. by



inherited the estates of Charleville, co. Wicklow, and Grange Gorman, co. Dublin, on the death of his uncle, Henry Monck, in 1787; Member of Parliament for Newborough (Gorey) 1790-97


Henry Stanley [Monck], 2nd Viscount Monck later 1st Earl of Rathdowne


26 Jul 1785


28 Jul 1806 Lady Frances Trench (b. Oct 1787; d. 22 Nov 1843), 5th dau. of William Power Keating [Trench], 1st Earl of Clancarty, by his wife Anne Gardiner, 1st dau. of Rt Hon Charles Gardiner MP, of Dublin


1. Lady Anne Florinda Monck (d. 29 Oct 1876)

2. Lady Frances Isabella Monck (d. 9 Jun 1871), mar. 25 Aug 1834 Owen Blayney Cole DL, of Brandrum, co. Monaghan, High Sheriff of co. Monaghan 1835 (d. 26 Nov 1886), and had issue

3. Lady Elizabeth Louise Mary Monck (b. 1 Mar 1814; d. 16 Jun 1892), mar. 22 Jul 1844 her cousin Charles Stanley [Monck], 4th Viscount Monck, and had issue

4. Lady Emily Monck (d. 22 Nov 1837), mar. 7 Feb 1837 William Barlow Smythe, of Barbavilla, co. Westmeath

5. Lady Louisa Dorothea Monck (d. 16 May 1870)

6. Lady Georgiana Ellen Monck (d. 20 Mar 1887), mar. 17 May 1841 Edward Croker, of Ballynagarde, co. Limerick, and had issue

7. Lady Caroline Letitia Monck (b. c. 1823; d. 1 Mar 1890)

8. Lady Henrietta Margaret Monck (d. 8 Apr 1899)

9. Lady Mary Monck (d. 3 Jun 1881)


s.p.m.s. 20 Sep 1848


12 Jan 1822 Earl of Rathdowne (Peerage of Ireland)

suc. by



on his death the Earldom of Rathdowne became extinct


Charles Joseph Kelly [Monck], 3rd Viscount Monck


12 Jul 1791


29 Nov 1817 Bridget Willington (b. 1790; d. 22 Jan 1843; bur. at Templemore, co. Tipperary), dau. of John Willington, of Killoskehane, co. Tipperary, by his second wife Bridget Butler, dau. of Theobald Butler, of Knocka Castle, co. Tipperary


1. Hon Charles Stanley Monck, later 4th Viscount Monck

2. Hon John Willington Monck (b. 1820; d. 12 Jul 1850)

3. Capt Hon William Monck (b. 28 Feb 1823; killed at the Battle of Alma 20 Sep 1854)

4. Lt Gen Hon Richard Monck (b. 23 Oct 1829; d. 7 Oct 1904), mar. 13 Aug 1861 Frances Elizabeth Owen Cole (d. 31 Jul 1919), 1st dau. of Owen Blayney Cole, of Brandrum, co. Monaghan, and had issue

1. Hon Anne Monck (d. 23 Sep 1853), mar. May 1841 her cousin James Napier Webb, son of Daniel James Webb by his wife Hon Anne Wilhelmina Monck, 1st dau. of Charles Stanley [Monck], 1st Viscount Monck

2. Hon Isabella Bridget Monck (d. 16 Sep 1866)

3. Hon Henrietta Monck (d. 6 May 1911), mar. 18 Nov 1848 Francis Richard Brooke, of Summerton. co. Dublin (b. 24 Aug 1817; d. 2 Mar 1867), only son and heir of George Frederick Brooke, of Summerton, co. Dublin, and Coolgreany, co. Wexford, by his wife Jane Grace, sister of Sir William Grace, 2nd Bt., of Grace Castle, co. Kilkenny, and 1st dau. of Richard Grace MP, of Boley in the Queen's County, and had issue

4. Hon Elizabeth Monck (b. c. 1829; d. 5 Jan 1888)



20 Apr 1849 (bur. at Templemore, co. Tipperary)

suc. by



Lieut, 43rd Light Infantry, being present at the Battles of Vittoria, Nive, Nivelle, Pyrenees and Toulouse


Charles Stanley [Monck], 4th Viscount Monck, GCMG PC


10 Oct 1819


23 Jun 1844 his cousin Lady Elizabeth Louise Mary Monck (b. 1 Mar 1814; d. 16 Jun 1892; bur. at Powerscourt), 2nd dau. of Henry Stanley [Monck], 1st Earl of Rathdowne, by his wife Lady Francis Trench, 5th dau. of William Power Keating [Trench], 1st Earl of Clancarty


1. Hon Henry Power Charles Stanley Monck, later 5th Viscount Monck

2. Lieut Hon Richard Charles Stanley Mountjoy Monck (b. 2 Aug 1858; dsp. 13 Dec 1892), mar. 15 Nov 1879 Alice Ann Lymer (d. 11 Apr 1905), yst. dau. of T E Lymer, of Wolverhampton

1. Hon Frances Mary Monck (d. 30 Oct 1930), mar. 26 Apr 1888 Rev Richard Aslatt Pearce (d. 1928), 1st son of R S Pearce

2. Hon Elizabeth Louise Mary Monck (d. 16 May 1913), mar. 25 Sep 1875 John Macdonald Royse JP (d. 25 Aug 1910), 2nd son of T H Royse, of Nanteenan, co. Limerick, and had issue


29 Nov 1894 (bur. at Powerscourt)


12 Jul 1866 Baron Monck, of Ballytrammon in the County of Wexford [Peerage of the United Kingdom]

suc. by



barrister 1841; Member of Parliament (Liberal) for Portsmouth 1852-57; Privy Seal to the Prince of Wales 1855-58; a Lord of the Treasury 1855-58; first Captain-General and Governor-in-Chief of Canada 1861-67; Governor-General of Canada 1867-1868; Privy Councillor 1869; GCMG 1869; First Commissioner of the Irish Church Temporalities 1869-81; Commissioner of National Education 1872-94; one of the Lords Justices of Ireland 1873; Lord Lieutenant of Co. Dublin 1874-92


Henry Power Charles Stanley [Monck], 5th Viscount Monck


8 Jan 1849


23 Jul 1874 Lady Edith Caroline Sophia Scott (b. 27 Sep 1852; d. 1 Aug 1929), 4th dau. of John Henry [Scott], 3rd Earl of Clonmell, by his wife Hon Anne de Burgh, 1st dau. and cohrss. by his first wife of Ulysses [de Burgh], 2nd Baron Downes


1. Capt Hon Charles Henry Stanley Monck, served in the South African War 1899-1902 and World War I 1914 (b. 9 Nov 1876; dvp, being killed in action 21 Oct 1914 at St Julien, France), mar. 16 Feb 1904 Mary Florence Portal (d. 12 Feb 1918), 2nd dau. of Sir William Wyndham Portal, 2nd Bt., by his wife Florence Elizabeth Mary Glyn CBE, 2nd dau. of Hon St Leger Richard Glyn (by his wife Florence Elizabeth Williams, dau. of James Wilmot Williams, of Herringston, co. Dorset), 2nd son of George Carr [Glyn], 1st Baron Wolverton, and had issue:

1a. Henry Wyndham Stanley Monck, later 6th Viscount Monck

1a. Hon Elisabeth Noel Monck, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of a Viscount by Royal Warrant 1928 (b. 25 Dec 1908; d. 19...), mar. 12 Jul 1928 Maj William Frederick Batt MBE JP DL, 1st son of Lt Col Reginald Crossley Batt CBE MVO, of Gresham Hall, Norwich, co. Norfolk, and had issue

2a. Hon Mary Patricia Monck, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of a Viscount by Royal Warrant 1928 (b. 20 Jun 1911; d. 14 Nov 1996), mar. 28 Nov 1935 Brig (Charles) Hilary Vaughan Pritchard later Vaughan DSO JP DL (d. 28 Mar 1976), only son of Lt Col Charles Hamerton Pritchard CSI, and had issue

2. Lieut Hon George Scott Stanley Monck (b. 3 Nov 1888; dvp. Jul 1912)

1. Hon Annette Louise Monck GBE DGStJ (b. 23 May 1875; dsp. 25 May 1948), mar. 27 Jul 1897 Arthur William de Brito Savile [Foljambe], 2nd Earl of Liverpool


18 Aug 1927 (bur. at Powerscourt)

suc. by



joined the Coldstream Guards 1871, serving in the Egyptian Campaign 1882 and the Suskin Expedition 1885; retired as Capt, 1885; High Sheriff of co. Wicklow 1887


Henry Wyndham Stanley [Monck], 6th Viscount Monck, OBE JP DL


11 Dec 1905

mar. (1)

7 Jul 1937 (div. 1951) Baroness Eva Maria Vreto (former wife of Baron ..... Vreto), 2nd dau. of Prof Zaunmuller-Freudenthaler, of Vienna, Austria

mar. (2)

14 Dec 1951 Brenda Mildred Adkins (mar. (2) 1985 as his second wife Brig Gerald Michael Palmer MC), only dau. of George William Adkins, of Bowers Close, Harpenden, co. Hertford

children by second wife

1. Hon Charles Stanley Monck, later 7th Viscount Monck

2. Hon George Stanley Monck, heir presumptive to the Viscountcy of Monck (b. 12 Apr 1957), mar. 1986 Camilla E V Naylor, 2nd dau. of John Naylor, of The Mill House, Bramley, co. Hampshire, and has had issue:

1a. Henry Monck (b. and dvp. 1991)

3. Hon James Stanley Monck (b. 5 Jul 1961)


21 Jun 1982

suc. by

son by second wife


Lieut, Coldstream Guards; Vice-Chairman, National Association of Boys' Clubs 1938-78; Justice of the Peace, co. Hampshire 1944; OBE 1961; Member, Southern Gas Board 1965-72; Deputy Lieutenant, co. Hampshire 1973


Charles Stanley [Monck], 7th Viscount Monck


2 Apr 1953


does not use the title of Viscount Monck


The heir presumptive to the Viscountcy of Monck is Hon George Stanley Monck, second son of the 6th Viscount Monck and younger brother of the present Viscount


 Last updated 6 Jun 2010




7th Viscount Monck, of Ballytrammon in the County of Wexford

(Ireland, let. pat. 5 Jan 1801)

7th Baron Monck, of Ballytrammon in the County of Wexford

(Ireland, let. pat. 23 Nov 1797)

4th Baron Monck, of Ballytrammon in the County of Wexford

(United Kingdom, let. pat. 12 Jul 1866)



[Not known]


Editor's Note:  A pre-publication proof of this article was sent as a courtesy to Mr Charles Monck prior to the first edition of Cracroft's Peerage.  He replied by e-mail that there were several errors in the article but he would not be pointing out exactly where these errors were.



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