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Mount Edgcumbe, Earl of (GB, 1789)


Creation: let. pat. 31 Aug 1789


Family name: Edgcumbe




Gules on a Bend Ermines cotised Or three Boars' Heads couped Argent


A Boar statant Argent gorged with a Wreath  of Oak-leaves fructed Or


On either side a Greyhound Argent guttée-de-poix gorged with a Collar dovetailed Gules


Au Plaisir Fort de Dieu (At the disposal of God)



George [Edgcumbe], 3rd Baron Edgcumbe later 1st Viscount Mount Edgcumbe and Valletort later 1st Earl of Mount Edgcumbe, PC

2nd son of Richard [Edgcumbe], 1st Baron Edgcumbe, by his wife Matilda Furnese, only child by his second wife of Sir Henry Furnese, 1st Bt. of Waldershare, co. Kent


3 Mar 1720


16 Aug 1761 Emma Gilbert (b. 28 Jul 1729; d. 26 Dec 1807), only child of Most Rev John Gilbert DD, Archbishop of York, by his wife Margaret Sherard, sister of Philip [Sherard], 2nd Earl of Harborough, and dau. of Bennet Sherard MP, of Whissendine, co. Rutland (by his wife Hon Dorothy Fairfax, 2nd dau. of Henry [Fairfax], 4th Lord Fairfax of Cameron), 1st son and heir of Hon Philip Sherard, of Whissendine, co. Rutland, 2nd son of William [Sherard], 1st Baron Sherard

only child

1. Hon Richard Edgcumbe, later 2nd Earl of Mount Edgcumbe


4 Feb 1795


5 Mar 1781 Viscount Mount Edgcumbe and Valletort

31 Aug 1789 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe

suc. by



entered the Royal Navy and served under Hawke and Boscawen; Member of Parliament (Whig) for Fowey 1746-61; Clerk of the Council of the Duchy of Lancaster 1747-62; suc. his brother 10 May 1761 as 3rd Baron Edgcumbe; Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall 1761-95; Treasurer of the Household 1765-66; Privy Councillor 1765; Commander-in-Chief at Plymouth 1765-71; Joint Vice-Treasurer of Ireland 1770-72 and 1784-91; Captain of the Gentlemen Pensioners 1772-82; Admiral of the White 1782; Vice-Admiral of Cornwall 1782; FRS 1784


Richard [Edgcumbe], 2nd Earl of Mount Edgcumbe, PC


13 Sep 1764


21 Feb 1789 Lady Sophia Hobart (b. 5 Apr 1768; d. 17 Aug 1806; bur. at Mount Edgcumbe, co. Devon), 3rd dau. and cohrss. of John [Hobart], 2nd Earl of Buckinghamshire, by his first wife Mary Anne Drury, 1st dau. and cohrss. of Lt Gen Sir Thomas Drury, 1st Bt., of Overstone, co. Northampton


1. Hon William Richard Edgcumbe, styled Viscount Valletort (b. 19 Nov 1794; dvp. 29 Oct 1818)

2. Hon Ernest Augustus Edgcumbe, later 3rd Earl of Mount Edgcumbe

3. Hon George Edgcumbe (b. 23 Jun 1800; d. 18 Feb 1882), mar. 19 May 1834 Fanny Lucy Shelley (d. 11 May 1899), 1st dau. of Sir John Shelley, 6th Bt., of Michelgrove, co. Sussex, by his wife Frances Winckley, only dau. and hrss. of Thomas Winckley, of Brockholes, co. Lancaster, and had issue:

1a. Capt Richard John Frederick Edgcumbe MVO, Serjeant-at-Arms 1880-1921 (b. 12 Aug 1843; d. 3 Nov 1937), mar. (1) 26 Nov 1872 Mary Louisa Monck (d. 2 Sep 1923), 2nd dau. of John Bligh Monck, of Coley Park, co. Berkshire, by his wife Elizabeth Margaret Yates, dau. of Rev Samuel Wildman Yates, Vicar of St Mary's, Reading, and had issue:

1b. Kenelm William Edward Edgcumbe, later 6th Earl of Mount Edgcumbe

Capt Richard Edgcumbe mar. (2) 21 Jul 1926 Henrietta Constance Jones, 1st dau. of John Jones, of Mere House, Newton-le-Willows, co. Lancaster

2a. Lieut Edward Mortimer Edgcumbe (b. 30 Aug 1847; d. 29 Jun 1890), mar. 30 Jun 1868 Constance Bevin Burrowes (d. 1922), yst. dau. of Rev Robert Burrowes, of Auckland, New Zealand, and had issue:

1b. George Valletort Edgcumbe (b. 26 Jan 1869; d. 6 Aug 1947), mar. 1897 Georgina Mildred Bell (b. 9 Apr 1867; d. 27 Oct 1941), dau. of Thomas Aubrey Bell, of Auckland, New Zealand, and had issue:

1c. Edward Piers Edgcumbe, later 7th Earl of Mount Edgcumbe

2c. George Aubrey Valletort Edgcumbe (b. 15 Sep 1907; d. 1977), mar. (1) 6 Apr 1935 (div. 1943) Meta Lhoyer, dau. of Charles Robert Lhoyer, of Nancy, France, and had issue:

1d. Richard Valletort Edgcumbe (b. 3 Jan 1936; dvp. May 1943)

2d. Robert Charles Edgcumbe, later 8th Earl of Mount Edgcumbe

George Edgcumbe mar. (2) 15 Feb 1944 Una Pamela George (mar. (2) 1989 Kenneth Baron), dau. of Edward Lewis George, of Perth, Western Australia, Australia, and had issue:

3d. Piers Valletort Edgcumbe, heir presumptive to the Earldom of Mount Edgcumbe (b. 23 Oct 1946), mar. 1971 (div. 19...) Hilda Warn, and has issue:

1e. Prudence Edgcumbe (b. 1972)

2e. Angela Edgcumbe (b. 1975)

4d. Christopher George Mortimer Edgcumbe (b. 1950), mar. 1985 (div. 1991) Marian Frances Stevenson, dau. of Murray Stevenson, and has issue

1c. Erina Shelley Edgcumbe (b. 1898; d. 19...), mar. 1930 John Richard Sutton, and had issue

2c. Ernestine Cecilia Edgcumbe (b. 8 Aug 1899; d. 19...), mar. 4 Apr 1929 Edwin Clay, 4th son of Thomas Benjamin Clay, of Sowerby Bridge, co. York, and Auckland, New Zealand, and had issue

3c. Frances Huia Edgcumbe, mar. 1920 Harold Stott, and had issue

2b. Ernest Athole Valletort Edgcumbe, of Cotehele, Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand (b. 25 Jul 1870; d. 19...), mar. 19 Nov 1896 Louisa Charlotte Martin, dau. of William Martin, of Adelaide, New Zealand, and had issue

3b. Richard Gerald Valletort Edgcumbe (b. 15 Aug 1871; d. 6 Nov 1908), mar. 2 Oct 1900 Annie Broughton, yst. dau. of Maj ..... Broughton, and had issue

1b. Florence Violet Edgcumbe

1a. Emma Frances Edgcumbe (b. 13 Mar 1854)

2a. Caroline Cecilia Edgcumbe (b. 1839; dsp. 23 Feb 1909), mar. (1) 19 May 1866 Athole Charles John [Liddell], 3rd Earl of Ravensworth, and (2) 21 Apr 1906 as his second wife her cousin William Henry [Edgcumbe], 4th Earl of Mount Edgcumbe

3a. Elizabeth Catherine Edgcumbe (dsp. 5 Oct 1918), mar. 1 Jul 1874 Col Albert Thornton-Wodehouse (b. 5 Feb 1840; dsp. 16 Feb 1914), 1st son of Hon Edward Wodehouse later Thornton-Wodehouse (by his wife Diana Thornton, only dau. of Col Thornton, of Falconer's Hall, co. York), 2nd son of John [Wodehouse], 2nd Baron Wodehouse

4a. Emily Fanny Georgiana Edgcumbe (dsp. 8 Jun 1915), mar. (1) 13 Apr 1871 George Edward Earle, and (2) 4 Jun 1879 Lt Gen James Sinclair Thomson (d. 1893)

1. Lady Emma Sophia Edgcumbe, a Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Adelaide 1830-49 (b. 28 Jul 1791; dsp. 28 Jan 1872). mar. 24 Jul 1826 as his third wife John [Cust], 1st Earl Brownlow

2. Lady Caroline Edgcumbe (d. 10 Apr 1824), mar. 13 Feb 1812 Reginald George Macdonald JP DL MP, 19th of Clanranald and Benbecula (b. 29 Aug 1788; d. 11 Mar 1873), 2nd but 1st surv. son and heir of Capt John Macdonald of Clanranald and Benbecula by his first wife Katherine Macqueen, dau. of Rt Hon Robert Macqueen of Braxfield, and had issue


26 Sep 1839 (bur. at Petersham, co. Surrey)

suc. by



Member of Parliament (Tory) for Loswithiel 1790-91 and for Fowey 1791-95; Lord Lieutenant and Vice-Admiral of Cornwall 1795-1839; Captain of the Gentlemen Pensioners 1808-12; Privy Councillor 1808; High Steward of Plympton


Ernest Augustus [Edgcumbe], 3rd Earl of Mount Edgcumbe


23 Mar 1797


6 Dec 1831 Caroline Augusta Feilding VA, a Lady of the Bedchamber 1840-54 and 1863-65 and an Extra Lady of the Bedchamber 1854-63 and 1865-81 (b. 22 Jan 1808; d. 2 Nov 1881), 1st dau. and cohrss. of Rear Adm Charles Feilding, by his wife Lady Elizabeth Theresa Fox-Strangways, 1st dau. by his first wife of Henry Thomas [Fox-Strangways], 2nd Earl of Ilchester


1. Hon William Henry Edgcumbe, later 4th Earl of Mount Edgcumbe

2. Lt Col Hon Charles Ernest Edgcumbe (b. 23 Oct 1838; d. 14 Sep 1915)

1. Lady Ernestine Emma Horatia Edgcumbe (d. 20 May 1925)


3 Sep 1861

suc. by



an officer in the 1st Regiment of Foot Guards 1814-19 and fought at the Battle of Waterloo 1815; Member of Parliament (Tory) for Fowey 1819-26, for Loswithiel 1826-30 and 1830-32 and for Plympton 1830; Militia ADC to William IV 1830-37 and to Queen Victoria 1837-57; Vice-Chamberlain to Queen Adelaide 1831; Special Deputy Warden of the Stannaries 1852; Vice-Admiral of Cornwall


William Henry [Edgcumbe], 4th Earl of Mount Edgcumbe, GCVO


5 Nov 1833

mar. (1)

26 Oct 1858 Lady Katherine Elizabeth Hamilton (b. 9 Jan 1840; d. 3 Sep 1874), 4th dau. of James [Hamilton], 1st Duke of Abercorn, by his wife Lady Louisa Jane Russell, 2nd dau. by his second wife of John [Russell], 6th Duke of Bedford

children by first wife

1. Hon Piers Alexander Hamilton Edgcumbe, later 5th Earl of Mount Edgcumbe

1. Lady Victoria Frederica Caroline Edgcumbe (d. 20 Feb 1920), mar. 3 Aug 1880 Lt Col Lord Algernon Malcolm Arthur Percy MP, 2nd son of Algernon George [Percy], 6th Duke of Northumberland, by his wife Louisa Drummond, dau. and hrss. of Henry Drummond MP, of Albury Park, co. Surrey, and has issue

2. Lady Alberta Louisa Florence Edgcumbe (d. 25 Mar 1941), mar. 10 Oct 1891 Henry Yarde Buller [Lopes], 1st Baron Roburgh, and has issue

3. Lady Edith Hilaria Edgcumbe (d. 3 Apt 1931), mar. 23 Jun 1892 as his first wife John Townshend [St Aubyn], 2nd Baron Saint Leven, and has issue

mar. (2)

21 Apr 1906 his cousin Caroline Cecilia Liddell (b. 1839; widow of Athole Charles John [Liddell], 3rd Earl of Ravensworth;  dsp. 23 Feb 1909; bur. at Whittingham, co. Northumberland), 2nd dau. of Hon George Edgcumbe (by his wife Fanny Lucy Shelley, 1st dau. of Sir John Shelley, 6th Bt.), 3rd son of Richard [Edgcumbe], 2nd Earl of Mount Edgcumbe


25 Sep 1917 (bur. at Maker, co. Cornwall)

suc. by

son by first wife


an Extra Equerry to the Prince of Wales 1858; Member of Parliament (Conservative) for Plymouth 1859-61; a Lord of the Bedchamber to the Prince of Wales 1862-66 and an Extra Lord of the Bedchamber to the Prince 1866-79; Provincial Grand Master of Freemasons, Cornwall 1872; Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall 1877-1917; Privy Councillor 1879; Lord Chamberlain of the Household 1879-80; a Councillor of the Duchy of Cornwall 1882; Lord Steward of the Household 1885-86 and 1886-92; Militia ADC to Queen Victoria 1887-97; Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England 1891-96; GCVO 1897; Vice-Admiral of Cornwall 1897-1917; Privy Seal to the Prince of Wales 1907-10


Piers Alexander Hamilton [Edgcumbe], 5th Earl of Mount Edgcumbe


2 Jul 1865


15 May 1911 Lady Edith Villiers (b. 8 Nov 1878; dsp. 1 Aug 1935; bur. at Maker, co. Cornwall), only dau. of Edward Hyde [Villiers], 5th Earl of Clarendon, by his first wife Lady Caroline Elizabeth Agar, 1st dau. of James Charles Herbert Welbore Ellis [Agar], 3rd Earl of Normanton


s.p. 18 Apr 1944

suc. by



Kenneth William Edward [Edgcumbe], 6th Earl of Mount Edgcumbe


9 Oct 1873


19 Jul 1906 Lilian Agnes Arkwright (d. 28 Sep 1964), only dau. of Col Arthur Chandos Arkwright, of Hatfield Place, Witham, co. Essex, by his wife Agnes Mary Tufnell, only dau. of William Michael Tufnell, of Hatfield Place, Witham, co. Essex


1. Lieut Piers Richard Edgcumbe (b. 22 Oct 1914; dvp. 27 May 1940)

1. Lady Hilaria Agnes Edgcumbe (b. 16 Jan 1908; d. 19 Nov 2009), mar. 17 Oct 1933 Lt Col Denis Lucius Alban Gibbs, of Deer Park Lane, Tavistock, co. Devon, and had issue

2. Lady Katherine Lilian Edgcumbe (b. 1 May 1910; d. 19...). mar. (1) 1 Aug 1936 (div. 1957) G/Capt Francis Campbell de la Poer Beresford-Peirce RAF, and (2) Cdr R Gabbett Mulhallen CBE RN, and had issue by her first husband

3. Lady Margaret Louisa Edgcumbe (b. 21 Mar 1912; d. 19...), mar. 6 Jun 1932 Lt Col Connolly Robert McCausland (d. 22 Apr 1968), only son of Rt Hon Maurice Marcus McCausland, and had issue


10 Feb 1965

suc. by



Edward Piers [Edgcumbe], 7th Earl of Mount Edgcumbe


13 Jul 1903


1944 Victoria Effie Warbrick Campbell (d. 1979), 2nd dau. of Robert Campbell, of Northern Ireland and New Zealand


s.p. 9 Dec 1962

suc. by



Robert Charles [Edgcumbe], 8th Earl of Mount Edgcumbe


1 Jun 1939


1960 (div. 1988) Joan Ivy Wall, dau. of Ernest Wall, of Otorohanga, New Zealand


1. Lady (Valerie) Denise Edgcumbe (b. 1960)

2. Lady Megan Frances Edgcumbe (b. 1962)

3. Lady Tracy Anne Edgcumbe (b. 1966), mar. 1988 Colin Rush, of 323 Caroline Drive, Bonshaw Park, Taupo, New Zealand, and has issue

4. Lady Vanessa Erina Michelle Edgcumbe (b. 1969)

5. Lady Alison Nicole Edgcumbe (b. 1971)


The heir presumptive to the Earldom of Mount Edgcumbe is Piers Valletort Edgcumbe, first son by his second wife of Mr George Edgcumbe and half-brother of the present Earl.


Last updated 8 Feb 2010




8th Earl of Mount Edgcumbe

(Great Britain, let. pat. 31 Aug 1789)

8th Viscount Mount Edgcumbe and Valletort

(Great Britain, let. pat. 5 Mar 1781)

10th Baron Edgcumbe, of Mount Edgcumbe in the County of Devon

(Great Britain, let. pat. 20 Apr 1742)



Empacombe House, Cremyll, Mount Edgcumbe, Cornwall PL10 1HZ

Tel:  01752 822311



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