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Nelson, Viscount (UK, 1801 - 1805)


Creation: let.pat. 22 May 1801


Extinct: 21 Oct 1805


Family name: Nelson




See Earl Nelson



Horatio [Nelson], 1st Baron Nelson later 1st Viscount Nelson, KB

5th son of Rev Edmund Nelson, Rector of Hilborough and Burnham Thorpe, co. Norfolk, by his wife Catherine Suckling, only dau. of Rev Maurice Suckling DD, Rector of Barsham, co. Suffolk, and Prebendary of Westminster


29 Sep 1758


11 Mar 1787 Frances Herbert Nisbet (b. 1758; widow of Dr Josiah Nisbet, of Nevis, West Indies; d. 6 May 1831), dau. and hrss. of William Woolward, Senior Judge on the Island of Nevis, by his wife Mary Herbert, sister of John Richardson Herbert, President of the Nevis Council, and dau. of Thomas Herbert


s. p. legit. 21 Oct 1805


6 Nov 1798 Baron Nelson, of the Nile and of Burnham Thorpe in the County of Norfolk

9 Jan 1801 Duke of Brontė (Two Sicilies - permission to use this title in Great Britain granted to himself and his heirs by Royal Licence Sep 1801)

22 May 1801 Viscount Nelson, of the Nile and of Burnham Thorpe in the County of Norfolk

18 Aug 1801 Baron Nelson, of the Nile and of Hilborough in the County of Norfolk, with remainder, failing heirs male of his body lawfully begotten, to his father and the heirs male of his body, whom failing to the heirs male of the bodies severally and successively of his two sisters, "Susanna, wife of Thomas Bolton, Esq., and Catherine, wife of George Matcham, Esq."


enter the Royal Navy 1770; joined HMS Raissonable, commanded by his uncle Capt Maurice Suckling, 1771; Col of Marines 1795-97; took part 1797 in the Battle of Cape St Vincent and later in an engagement off Teneriffe, where he lost his right arm; Rear-Admiral 1797; Knight of the Bath 1797; defeated the French Egyptian fleet at the Battle of Aboukir or the Nile 1798; on being created Baron Nelson he was voted thanks and £2,000 a year for live and the lives of his two immediate successors in the title by the Great Britain Parliament, £1,000 a year by the Irish Parliament and £10,000 by the Honourable East India Company; Vice-Admiral 1801; effected the restoration of King Ferdinand of the Two Sicilies 1801; defeated the Danes at the Battle of Copenhagen 1801 and received the thanks of both Houses of Parliament ; defeated the combined French and Spanish fleets at the Battle of Trafalgar 1805, where he lost his life ; following his death a pension of £2,000 a year was settled on his widow by Parliament 1806


On the death of Admiral the Viscount Nelson the 1798 Barony of Nelson and the 1801 Viscountcy of Nelson became extinct, but the 1801 Dukedom of Bronte and the 1801 Barony of Nelson passed to his elder brother, Rev William Nelson, who a few months later was also created Earl Nelson.


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