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O'Neill, Baron (UK, 1868)


Creation: let. pat. 18 Apr 1868


Family name: O'Neill




Quarterly:  1st and 4th, per fess wavy the chief Argent and the base representing Waves of the Sea in chief a Dexter Hand couped at the wrist Gules in base a Salmon naiant proper (O'Neill); 2nd and 3rd, checky Or and Gules a Chief Vair (Chichester)


1st: an Arm embowed in Armour the Hand grasping a Sword all proper;  2nd:  a Stork rising with a Snake in its beak all proper


On either side a Lion Gules gorged with an Antique Crown Argent pendant therefrom an Escutcheon the dexter charged with the Arms of O'Neill and the sinister with those of Chichester


Above the Crests:  Invitum Sequitur Honos;  Below the Arms:  Lamh Dearg Eirin (The Red Hand of Ireland)



Rev William [Chichester later O'Neill], 1st Baron O'Neill

1st son and hr. of Rev Edward Chichester, Rector of Kilmore, co. Armagh (by his wife Catharine Young, dau. of Robert Young, of Culdaff House, co. Donegal), 2nd son of Rev William Chichester DD, Rector of Clonmany (by his second wife Mary Anne Hart, dau. of Rev Edward Hart, of Kilderry), 1st son of Rev Arthur Chichester by his wife Mary O'Neill, only child and hrss. of Henry O'Neill, elder brother of Charles O'Neill, of Shane's Castle, co. Antrim, father of John [O'Neill], 1st Viscount O'Neill


4 Mar 1813

mar. (1)

3 Jan 1839 Henrietta Torrens (d. 17 Jan 1857), 1st dau. of Robert Torrens, a Judge of the Common Pleas of Ireland

children by first wife

1. Hon Edward Chichester later O'Neill, later 2nd Baron O'Neill

2. Hon Arthur Chichester later O'Neill (b. 13 Sep 1843; d. 12 Jan 1870)

3. Maj Hon Robert Torrens Chichester later O'Neill JP DL, High Sheriff of co. Antrim 1871, Member of Parliament for Mid-Antrim 1885-1910 (b. 10 Jan 1845; d. 25 Jul 1910)

1. Hon Anne Chichester later O'Neill (b. 1848; d. 23 Feb 1934)

mar. (2)

8 Apr 1858 Elizabeth Grace Torrens, dau. of Ven John Torrens DD, Archdeacon of Dublin


18 Apr 1883


18 Apr 1868 Baron O'Neill, of Shane's Castle in the County of Antrim

suc. by

son by first wife


Prebendary of Christ Church, Dublin 1848-59;  took the name of O'Neill in lieu of that of Chichester by Royal Licence in 1855 on succeeding to the O'Neill estates on the death of his kinsman, John Bruce Richard [O'Neill], 3rd Viscount O'Neill


Edward [Chichester later O'Neill], 2nd Baron O'Neill, JP DL


31 Dec 1839


30 Jun 1873 Lady Louisa Katherine Emma Cochrane (b. 1 Sep 1848; d. 10 Aug 1942), 1st dau. of Thomas Barnes [Cochrane], 11th Earl of Dundonald, by his wife Louisa Harriet Mackinnon, 2nd dau. of William Alexander Mackinnon of Mackinnon, 33rd Chief of Mackinnon


1. William Thomas Cochrane O'Neill (b. 16 Nov 1874; dvp. 24 Jul 1882)

2. Capt Hon Arthur Edward Bruce O'Neill JP DL, Member of Parliament for Mid-Antrim 1910-14 (b. 19 Sep 1876; killed in action v.p. 6 Nov 1914), mar. 21 Jan 1902 Lady Annabel Hungerford Crewe-Milnes (mar. (2) 9 Feb 1922 Maj James Hugh Hamilton Dodds later Crewe-Dodds CMG, Consul-General at Nice; d. 14 Jun 1948), 1st dau. and cohrss. of Robert Offley Ashburton [Milnes later Crewe-Milnes], 1st Marquess of Crewe, by his first wife Sibyl Marcia Graham, 4th dau. of Sir Frederick Ulric Graham, 3rd Bt., of Netherby, co. Cumberland, by his wife Lady Jane Hermione St Maur, 1st dau. and cohrss. of Edward Adolphus [Seymour later St Maur], 12th Duke of Somerset, and had issue:

1a. Shane Edward Robert O'Neill, later 3rd Baron O'Neill

2a. Capt Hon Brian Arthur O'Neill, granted the style and precedence of the younger son of a Baron by Royal Warrant 1929 (b. 31 Mar 1911; killed in action in Norway 1940)

3a. Hon Terence Marne O'Neill, granted the style and precedence of the younger son of a Baron by Royal Warrant 1929, later Baron O'Neill of the Maine (Life Peer)

1a. Hon Sibyl O'Neill, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of a Baron by Royal Warrant 1929 (b. 15 Dec 1902; d. 26 Jul 1946), mar. 6 Jun 1924 as his first wife Lt Col Edward Noel buxton MC, and had issue

2a. Hon Mary ('Midi') Louisa Hermione O'Neill, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of a Baron by Royal Warrant 1929 (b. 19 Aug 1905; d. 19...), mar. 3 Apr 1934 Lt Col Derick Ernest Frederick Orby Gascoigne (d. 11 Aug 1972), 2nd son of Brig Gen Sir (Ernest) Frederick Orby Gascoigne KCVO CMG DSO JP DL, and had issue

3. Hon (Robert William) Hugh O'Neill, later 1st Baron Rathcavan

1. Hon Louisa Henrietta Valdivia O'Neill (d. 14 Jan 1965), mar. 22 Jul 1907 Charles Edward Norman Leith-Hay of Rannes DL, of Leith Hall, co. Aberdeen (d. 25 May 1939), and had issue

2. Hon Rose Anne Mary O'Neill (d. Sep 1976), mar. 15 Jan 1920 Vice Admiral John William Leopold McClintock CB DSO (d. 23 Mar 1929), son of Admiral Sir Francis Leopold McClintock, and had issue

3. Hon Alice Esmaralda O'Neill, mar. 29 Nov 1909 John Randal Parsons


19 Nov 1928

suc. by



Shane Edward Robert [O'Neill], 3rd Baron O'Neill


6 Feb 1907


6 Oct 1932 Anne Geraldine Mary Charteris (mar. (2) 28 Jun 1945 (div. 1952) Esmond Cecil [Harmsworth], 2nd Viscount Rothermere; mar. (3) 24 Mar 1952 Ian Lancaster Fleming; d. 1981), 1st dau. of Hon Guy Lawrence Charteris, of Old House, Didbrook, Winchecombe, co. Gloucester (by his wife Frances Lucy Tennant, 1st dau. of Frances John Tennant, of Innes, co. Moray), 2nd son of Hugo Richard [Charteris], 9th Earl of Wemyss


1. Hon Raymond Arthur Clanaboy O'Neill, later 4th Baron O'Neill

1. Hon Fionn Frances Bride O'Neill (b. 9 Mar 1936), mar. 26 Jul 1961 (div. 1975) Sir John Albert Keigh Morgan KCMG, Ambassador to Mexico, and had issue


Oct 1944

suc. by



Lord Leutenant of Co. Antrim


Raymond Arthur Clanaboy [O'Neill], 4th Baron O'Neill, KCVO


1 Sep 1933


10 Jun 1963 Georgina Mary Montagu-Douglas-Scott (b. 28 Nov 1940; d. 29 Aug 2017), 1st dau. of Lt Col Lord George Francis John Montagu-Douglas-Scott (by his wife Mary "Molly" Wina Mannin Bishop, only dau. of Lt Col Harry Oswald Bishop, of Harewood, Andover, Hampshire), 3rd son of John Charles [Montagu-Douglas-Scott], 7th Duke of Buccleuch


1. Hon Shane Sebastian Clanaboy O'Neill (b. 25 Jul 1965), mar. 4 Oct 1997 Celia Hickman, 1st dau. of Peter Hickman. of Kensington, London

2. Hon Tyrone Alexander O'Neill (b. 24 Jun 1966)

3. Hon Rory St John O'Neill (b. 20 Dec 1968)


Lord Lieutenant of Co. Antrim; KCVO 2008


 Last updated 24 Nov 2017




4th Baron O'Neill, of Shane's Castle in the County of Antrim

(United Kingdom, let. pat. 18 Apr 1868)



Shane's Castle, Co. Antrim BT41 4NE

Tel:  01849 463264   Office:  01849 428216



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