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Orford, Earl of (E, 1697 - 1727)


Creation: let.pat. 7 May 1697


Extinct: 26 Nov 1727


Family name: Russell




Argent a Lion rampant Gules on a Chief Sable three Escallops of the first;  a Crescent for difference


A Goat passant Argent armed Or;  a Crescent for difference


Dexter:  a Lion;  Sinister:  an Antelope, both Gules and supporting an Anchor sable


Che sera sera (What will be, will be)



Edward [Russell], 1st Earl of Orford, PC

2nd son of Hon Edward Russell (by his wife Penelope Brooke, widow of Sir Sir William Brooke and dau. of Sir Moyses Hill, of Hillsborough, co. Down), brother of William [Russell], 1st Duke of Bedford, and 4th son of Francis [Russell], 4th Earl of Bedford




12 Nov 1691 his cousin Lady Margaret Russell (b. 31 Aug 1656; bur. sp. 29 Jan 1701/2), 3rd dau. of William [Russell], 1st Duke of Bedford, by his wife Lady Anne Carr, only child and hrss. of Robert [Carr], 1st Earl of Somerset


s.p. 26 Nov 1727


7 May 1697 Baron of Shingay, Viscount Barfleur and Earl of Orford, with a special remainder, failing heirs male of his body, as to the Barony of Shingay only, to Edward Cheeke, of Pirgo, Essex, only son of his sister Laetitia Cheeke, widow


entered the Navy; Lieut of the Advice and the Revenge 1671 and the Prince and the Rupert 1672; Capt of the Phoenix 1672, the Swallow 1673, the Reserve 1675, the Defiance 1677, the Swiftsure 1677/8 and of the Newcastle 1680-82; a Groom of the Bedchamber to the Duke of York 1677 and 1682; quit the Court and the Navy following the execution of his cousin Lord Russell; a supporter of Prince William of Orange; Member of Parliament (Whig) for Launceston 1689-90, for Portsmouth 1690-95 and for Cambridgeshire 1695-97; Privy Councillor 1688/9-1701/2, 1709 and 1714; Treasurer of the Navy 1689-99; an Elder Brother of the Trinity House 1689-1727 and Master 1690-92; Admiral of the Blue 1689; Custos Rotulorum of Cambridgeshire 1689-1727; a Commissioner of the Admiralty 1690-91; one of the Council of Nine 1690; Commander-in-Chief of the Channel Fleet 1690 ; defeated the French at the Battle of La Hogue 1692; Vice-Admiral of England, Captain-General of the Narrow Seas and Admiral of the Fleet 1693; First Commissioner of the Admiralty 1694-99, 1709-10 and 1714-17; Commissioner of Greenwich Hospital 1694; Commander-in-Chief in the Mediterranean 1694-95; Commander-in-Chief in the Channel 1695/6; a Lord Justice of the Realm 1697, 1698 and 1714; High Steward of Cambridge 1699-1727; resigned all offices in 1699; impeached by the House of Commons for his part in the Partition Treaty but acquitted by the House of Lords 1701; on of the English Commissioners for the Union with Scotland 1706; Lord Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire 1714; Master of the Kings Game at Newmarket 1716; Recorder of Harwich


As his nephew Edward Cheeke had died almost exactly 20 years before him, on the death of the 1st Earl of Orford all his titles became extinct


 First written 1 Apr 2003



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