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Roberts, Earl (UK, 1901 - 1955)


Creation: let.pat. 11 Feb 1901


Extinct: 21 Feb 1955


Family name: Roberts later Lewin




Azure three Estoiles Or on a Chief wavy Or an Eastern Crown Gules


A Lion rampant Or armed and langued Gules charged on the shoulder with an Eastern Crown as in the arms and holding in the dexter paw a Sword Blade wavy Argent Pommel and Hilt Gold


Dexter: A Highlander of the 92nd Regiment;  Sinister: A Gurkha, both habited and holding in their exterior hands a Rifle all or


 Virtute et valore



Frederick Sleigh [Roberts], 1st Baron Roberts later 1st Earl Roberts, VC KG KP GCB GCSI GCIE OM PC

only son of Gen Sir Abraham Roberts GCB by his second wife Isabella Maxwell, widow of Maj H G Maxwell, of Ardwell, and dau. of Maj Abraham Bunbury, of Kilfeacle, co. Tipperary


30 Sep 1832


17 May 1859 Nora Henrietta Bews CI (b. 17 Mar 1858; d. 21 Dec 1920), dau. of Capt John Bews, by his wife Mary Elizabeth .....


1. Frederick Henry Roberts (b. 27 Jul 1860; dvp. 20 Aug 1869)

2. Lieut Hon Frederick Hugh Sherston Roberts VC, served on the Waziristan Expedition 1894-95 as ADC to Sir William Lockhart, the Chitral Relief Force 1895, the Nile Expedition and the Battle of Khartoum 1898 and in the South African War 1899 where he died of wounds received at the Battle of Colenso and was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross (b. 8 Jan 1872; dvp. 17 Dec 1899)

1. Nora Frederica Roberts (b. 10 Mar 1860; dvp. 3 Mar 1861)

2. Eveleen Sautelle Roberts (b. 18 Jul 1868; dvp. 8 Feb 1869)

3. Lady Aileen Mary Roberts, later suo jure Countess Roberts

4. Lady Ada Ewina Stewart Roberts, later suo jure Countess Roberts


14 Nov 1914


15 Jun 1881 a Baronet of the United Kingdom, styled "of The Army"

20 Feb 1892 Baron Roberts, of Kandahar in Afghanistan and of the City of Waterford

11 Feb 1901 Viscount St Pierre and Earl Roberts, of Kandahar in Afghanistan and of Pretoria in the Transvaal Colony and of the City of Waterford, with special remainder in default of male issue to his elder daughter, Aileen Mary, and the heirs male of her body, failing which to his younger daughter, Ada Edwina Stewart, and the heirs male of her body, failing which to every other younger daughter successively and the heirs male of their bodies

suc. by



2nd Lieut, Bengal Infantry 1851; served in the Army throughout the Indian Mutiny 1857-58; VC 1858; on the North West Frontier 1863; in the Abyssinian War 1867-68; with the Lushai Expeditionary Force 1871-72; CB 1872; Deputy Quartermaster-General, Bengal, 1872-75; Quartermaster-General, Bengal 1875-78; Maj-Gen 1878; commanded the Kabul Field Force, which captured Kabul 1879; received the thanks of Parliament and KCB 1879; commanded the Kabul and Kandahar Field Force 1879-80; received the thanks of Parliament and GCB 1880; CIE 1880; Governor of Natal and Commander-in-Chief of the Forces in South Africa 1881; Commander-in-Chief of Madras 1881-85; Lieut-Gen 1883; Commander-in-Chief in India 1885-93; personally commanded the Army in Burma and received the thanks of the Governor-General in Council 1886; KCIE and GCIE 1887; General 1890; GCSI 1893; Field Marshal 1895; Privy Councillor [I] 1895; Commander-in-Chief in Ireland 1895-99; Col Commandant of the Royal Artillery 1896; Knight of St Patrick 1897; Commander-in-Chief of the Forces in South Africa 1899-1900; Col Commandant of the Irish Guards 1900; Knight of the Garter 1901; Commander-in-Chief 1901-04; Order of Merit 1902; Special Ambassador to the Courts of Prussia, Saxony, Russia Roumania and Serbia to announce the accession of King George V 1910; Col, National Reserve 1911


On the death of the 1st Earl Roberts the baronetcy created in 1881 and the Barony of Roberts became extinct, but the Earldom of Roberts passed to his eldest surviving daughter,


Lady Aileen Mary Roberts, suo jure Countess Roberts, DBE


20 Sep 1870


9 Oct 1944

suc. by



DBE 1918; Chairman, Lord Roberts Memorial Workshops


Lady Ada Edwina Stewart Roberts later Lewin, suo jure Countess Roberts, OBE


28 Mar 1875


26 Feb 1913 Brig-Gen Henry Frederick Elliott Lewin CB CMG (d. 1 Dec 1946), son of Cmdr W H Lewin RN

only child

1. Lieut Frederick Roberts Alexander Lewin, served in World War II 1939-40 and killed in action in Norway (b. 18 Jan 1915; dvm. May 1940)


21 Feb 1955


Acting Commandant, Ascot Auxiliary Military Hospital during World War I 1914-19; OBE 1918; Vice President, Wiltshire Red Cross, and a Member of Committee, Lord Robert's Memorial Workshops during World War II 1939-45


On the death of the Countess Roberts the Earldom of Roberts and the Viscountcy of St Pierre became extinct.


 First written 10 Apr 2005



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