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Soulbury, Viscount (UK, 1954)


Creation: let. pat. 16 Jul 1954


Family name: Ramsbotham




Sable on a Chevron Or between three Plates each charged with a Cross Patty Gules a Ram's Head erased of the first


A Plate charged with a Ram's Head erased per pale Gules and Sable


On either side a Raven proper charged with a Plate thereon a Cross Patty Gules


Non Vi Sed Virtute (Not by force but by virtue)



Herwald [Ramsbotham], 1st Baron Soulbury later 1st Viscount Soulbury, GCMG GCVO OBE MC PC

1st son of Herwald Ramsbotham, of Crowborough Warren, co. Sussex, by his wife Ethel Margaret Bevan, 3rd dau. of Thomas Bevan, of Stone Park, co. Kent


6 Mar 1887

mar. (1)

11 Nov 1911 Doris Violet de Stein (d. 20 Feb 1954), dau. of Sigmund de Stein, of Palace Gate, South Kensington, London

children by first wife

1. Hon James Herwald Ramsbotham, later 2nd Viscount Soulbury

2. Hon Sir Peter Edward Ramsbotham GCMG GCVO DL, later 3rd Viscount Soulbury

1. Enid Gladys Ramsbotham (b. 9 Sep 1912; dvp. 12 Jan 1914)

2. Hon Joan Eleanor Ramsbotham (b. 6 Sep 1917), mar. 16 Dec 1950 Maj Robert Hardress Standish O'Grady MC, of Addison Avenue, London, only son of Lt Col P J Standish O'Grady, of Abingdon, Shankhill, co. Dublin, and has issue

mar. (2)

10 Nov 1962 Ursula Wakeham (widow of Frederick Wakeham;  d. 12 Nov 1964), dau. of Armand Jerome


30 Jan 1971


6 Aug 1941 Baron Soulbury, of Soulbury in the County of Buckingham

16 Jul 1954 Viscount Soulbury, of Soulbury in the County of Buckingham

suc. by



OBE 1919; Member of Parliament (Conservative) for Lancaster 1929-41; Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Education 1931-35 and Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries 1935-36; Minister of Pensions 1936-1939;  Privy Councillor 1939; First Commissioner of Works 1939-40;  President of the Board of Education 1940-41; Governor-General of Ceylon 1949-54; GCMG 1949; GCVO 1954


James Herwald [Ramsbotham], 2nd Viscount Soulbury


21 Mar 1915


5 Apr 1949 Anthea Margaret Wilton (d. 26 Jun 1950), only dau. of David Wilton


Dec 2004

suc. by



Peter Edward [Ramsbotham], 3rd Viscount Soulbury, GCMG GCVO DL


8 Oct 1919

mar. (1)

30 Aug 1941 Frances Marie Massie Blomfield (d. 2 Dec 1982), dau. of Hugh Massie Blomfield

children by first wife

1. Hon Oliver Peter Ramsbotham, later 4th Viscount Soulbury

2. Hon Simon Edward Ramsbotham, of Bensham Lane, Croydon, co. Surrey (b. 23 Sep 1949), mar. 1976 Sandra Cayley, and has issue

1. Hon Mary Frances Ramsbotham (b. 23 Nov 1945; dvp. 1 Dec 1994), mar. (1) 1981 Charles Gray (d. 1982), and (2) 1993 Christopher Coulston

mar. (2)

1985 Dr Zaida Mary Hall (widow of Ruthven Hall)


CMG 1964; British High Commissioner in Cyprus 1969-71; Ambassador to Tehran 1971-73; KCMG 1972; Ambassador to Washington 1974-77; KStJ 1976; GCVO 1976; Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Bermuda 1977-80; GCMG 1978; Deputy Lieutenant of Hampshire 1992


Oliver Peter [Ramsbotham], 4th Viscount Soulbury


27 Oct 19436


4 Sep 1965 Meredith Anne Jones, only dau. of Brian Jones, of The White House, Easton Royal, co. Wiltshire


1. Hon Edward Herwald Ramsbotham (b. 8 Jul 1966)

2. Hon Benedict Oliver David Ramsbotham (b. 8 Oct 1967)

3. Hon Alexander Meredith Ramsbotham (b. 7 Jun 1969)


 Last updated 26 Jun 2010




4th Viscount Soulbury, of Soulbury in the County of Buckingham

(United Kingdom, let. pat. 16 Jul 1954)

4th Baron Soulbury, of Soulbury in the County of Buckingham

(United Kingdom, let. pat. 6 Aug 1941)



Melbourne Terrace, Bradford, West Yorkshire



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