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Stirling, Earl of (S, 1633 - dormant 1739)


Creation: let.pat. 14 Jun 1633


Dormant: 4 Dec 1739


Family name: Alexander




Quarterly:  1st and 4th, per pale Argent and Sable a Chevron and in base a Crescent all counterchanged (Alexander);  2nd and 3rd, Or a Galley oars in action Sable sails furled flagged Gules between three Cross Crosslets of the last (Macdonald);  over all on an Escutcheon Argent charged with a Saltire Gules, an Inescutcheon crowned Or charged with a Lion rampant within a Double Tressure flory counterflory Gules (Nova Scotia)


A Beaver proper


Dexter: A Red Indian girt about the head and middle with Feathers proper and holding in his right hand a Dart feathered Argent and tipped Azure;  Sinister: A Mermaid proper holding in her right hand a Mirror Argent


 Per mare per terras



William [Alexander], 1st Viscount of Stirling later 1st Earl of Stirling, PC

only son and heir of Alexander Alexander, of Menstrie in Logie, co. Clackmannan, by his wife Marion Graham, dau. of Gilbert Graham of Gartavertane, in Menteith


c. 1576


after 3 Jan 1601 Janet Erskine (d. after 10 May 1649), only dau. of Sir William Erskine, Commendator of the Bishopric of Glasgow (by his wife Joanna Erskine), 2nd son of Hon James Erskine of Little Sauchie (by his wife Christine Stirling), 3rd son of Robert [Erskine], 4th Lord Erskine and de jure 15th Earl of Mar


1. Hon Sir William Alexander, styled Lord Alexander, knighted 1627, Burgess of Glasgow 1627 and of Edinburgh 1636, founded the colony of Fort Royal in Nova Scotia 1628, Councillor for New England 1634, Privy Councillor [S] 1635, an Extra Lord of Session 1635, received a large grant of lands in New England, to be called the County of Canada, including Long Island, to be called the Isle of Stirling 1635, Secretary Depute [S] 1637 (b. c. 1604; dvp. 18 May 1638), mar. c. 1629 Lady Margaret Douglas (b. c. 1611; d. 1 Jan 1660), 1st dau. of William [Douglas], 1st Marquess of Douglas, by his first wife Hon Margaret Hamilton, 2nd dau. of Claud [Hamilton], 1st Lord Paisley, and had issue:

1a. Hon William Alexander, later 2nd Earl of Stirling

1a. Lady Catherine Alexander (dspm. bef. 13 Feb 1686), mar. 28 Apr 1657 as his second wife Walter [Sandilands], 6th Lord Torphichen, and had issue

2a. Lady Jean Alexander

3a. Lady Margaret Alexander, mar. 1672 Sir Robert Sinclair of Longformachus, Bt., and had issue

4a. Lady Lucy Alexander (d. bef. 24 Mar 1645), mar. Edward Harrington, a Page of Honour to the Prince of Orange 1630

2. Hon Sir Anthony Alexander, Joint Master of Works to the King 1629, knighted 1635 (dsp. 17 Sep 1637), mar. Elizabeth Wardlaw, dau. of Sir Henry Wardlaw of Pitreavie, Bt.

3. Hon Henry Alexander, later 3rd Earl of Stirling

4. Hon John Alexander of Gartmore, Master of the Scottish Mint 1634-41, Joint Master of Minerals and Metals with his father 1635 (d. c. 1641), mar. Agnes Graham, only dau. of Robert Graham of Gartmore, and had issue

5. Hon Charles Alexander (d. bef. 30 Mar 1663), mar. bef. 24 Mar 1645 Anna Drurie, and had issue:

1a. Charles Alexander (d. after 23 May 1655)

2a. James Alexander (d. after 1670)

6. Hon Robert Alexander (dvp. bef. Jun 1638)

7. Hon Ludovic Alexander (d. young)

8. Lt Col Hon James Alexander (bur. spm. 9 Dec 1671), mar. (1) 16 Aug 1656 Margaret Scrymgeour (bur. Jan 1662), 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Capt Hon David Scrymgeour (by his wife Jean Cockburn), 3rd son of John [Scrymgeour], 1st Viscount Dudhope, and (2) c. 1668 Grizel Hay, dau. of Hon James Hay, 2nd son of George [Hay], 2nd Earl of Kinnoull, and had issue by his second wife:

1a. Margaret Alexander (bapt. 23 Jun 1669)

1. Lady Jean Alexander (d. 1670), mar. (1) 3 Aug 1620 Hugh [Montgomery], 2nd Viscount Montgomery, and (2) as his second wife Maj Gen Robert Munro, 2nd son of George Munro of Obsdale, and had issue by her first husband

2. Lady Margaret Alexander, mar. 20 Jul 1620 Sir William Murray of Dunearn, 1st Bt. (d. 1646)

3. Lady Elizabeth Alexander (d. Dec 1642)


12 Feb 1639/40


4 Sep 1630 Lord Alexander of Tullibody and Viscount of Stirling, with remainder to his heirs male bearing the name and arms of Alexander

14 Jun 1633 Viscount of Canada and Earl of Stirling, with a similar remainder

suc. by



Gentleman of the Privy Chamber Extraordinary to Henry, Prince of Wales 1607; knighted c. 1608; granted joint right to work silver mines at Hilderston, co. Linlithgow, 1613; Master of Requests in Scotland 1614; Privy Councillor (S) 1615; a Burgess of Edinburgh 1617; a Lord of the Articles 1621; granted the whole of Nova Scotia 1621 and made hereditary Lieut General of Nova Scotia; empowered 1624 to divide Nova Scotia into 100 parcels and dispose of each together with the rank of Baronet; resigned the Barony of Nova Scotia to the Crown and received a novodamus 1625 and in 1628 a grant of the Lordship of Canada (both Nova Scotia and Canada were surrendered to the French by the Treaty of St Germain-en-laye 1632); Secretary of State for Scotland 1626; Member of the Scottish Council of War 1626; Principal Secretary 1627; a Commissioner of the Scottish Exchequer 1628; an Extra Lord of Session 1631-35; Councillor for New England 1634; Commissioner for Foreign Plantations 1634; Joint Master of Minerals and Metals in Scotland with his son John 1635; with the King in the First Bishops' War and a signatory of the Treaty of Berwick 1639


William [Alexander], 2nd Earl of Stirling


c. 1632


May 1640

suc. by



Henry [Alexander], 3rd Earl of Stirling



10 Dec 1637 Mary Vanlore (mar. (2) bef. 13 Apr 1654 as his first wife Lt Col John Blount, 2nd son of Sir Walter Blount, 1st Bt., of Sodington; d. bef. 27 Jun 1660), 3rd dau. and cohrss. of Sir Peter Vanlore, 1st Bt., of Tileshurst, co. Berkshire, by his wife Susan Becke, dau. of Lawrence Becke, of Antwerp, Holland


1. Hon Henry Alexander, later 4th Earl of Stirling

1. Lady Mary Alexander (dsp. bef. 12 Apr 1662), mar. Robert Lee, of Binfield, co. Berkshire, son of Robert Lee, of Binfield, co. Berkshire, by his wife Elizabeth Archdale, dau. of Richard Archdale, merchant, of London

2. Lady Jane Alexander (d. betw. 14 Jan and 1 Mar 1707)


bef. 11 Jun 1649

suc. by



granted jointly the sole right to export goods from Scotland to Africa for 31 years 1634; Burgess of Stirling and of Edinburgh 1636; Agent for the Convention of Royal Burghs; fined 2,000 by the English Parliament 1645


Henry [Alexander], 4th Earl of Stirling


c. 1639

mar. (1)

4 Jan 1663/4 Judith Lee (b. c. 1646; d. 15 Dec 1681), dau. of Robert Lee, of Binfield, co. Berkshire, by his wife Elizabeth Archdale, dau. of Richard Archdale, merchant, of London

children by first wife

1. Hon Henry Alexander, later 5th Earl of Stirling

2. Hon William Alexander (b. 28 Dec 1665; dvp. 7 Mar 1665/6)

3. Hon William Alexander (bapt. 6 Jun 1667; d. 24 Oct 1699)

4. Hon Robert Alexander (bapt. 9 Sep 1673; d. Oct 1710)

5. Hon Peter Alexander (bapt. 10 May 1677; dvp. 1678)

6. Hon Peter Alexander (bapt. 23 Mar 1679; d. Nov 1729)

1. Lady Mary Alexander (bur. 27 Mar 1721), mar. John Philips, and had issue

2. Lady Judith Alexander (d. 8 Jul 1704), mar. Oct 1706 as his second wife Sir William Trumbull, of Easthampstead Park, co. Hertford (d. 14 Dec 1716), and had issue

mar. (2)

20 Nov 1683 Priscilla Reynolds (b. 16 May 1626 ; widow of Sir Robert Reynolds, of Elvesham, co. Hampshire, Solicitor-General and Attorney-General to the Commonwealth; d. bef. 24 Nov 1691), dau. of Sir Hugh Wyndham, 1st Bt., of Pilsdon Court, co. Dorset, by his wife Mary Alanson, dau. of Christopher Alanson, of London


5 Feb 1690/1

suc. by

son by first wife



Henry [Alexander], 5th Earl of Stirling


7 Nov 1664


after 5 May 1690 Elizabeth Hoby (b. 4 Aug 1667; widow of John Hoby MP; d. 10 Oct 1694), only surv. dau. and hrss. of Sir Edward Hoby, 1st Bt., of Bisham, co. Berkshire, by his wife Elizabeth Styles, dau. and cohrss. of Francis Styles, of Little Missenden, co. Buckingham


s. p. 4 Dec 1739


With the death of the 5th Earl of Stirling the male issue of the 1st Earl of Stirling appears to have become extinct; as the remainder in the original grant of the Earldom of Stirling was to "heirs male bearing the name and arms of Alexander" the Earldom is regarded as being dormant rather than extinct, it being open to a male line descendant of the father or more distant ancestor of the 1st Earl of Stirling to prove his descent and claim the Earldom.


 First written 1 Sep 2004



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