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Strabolgi, Baron (E, 1318)


Creation: writ sum. 20 Oct 1318


Family name: de Strabolgi later Burgh later Kenworthy




Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Argent an Eagle displayed Gules surmounted by a Bend Vert thereon three Fleur-de-lis Or (Kenworthy); 2nd, Per saltire Argent and Sable on a Chief of the last two Plates each charged with a Saltire Gules (Leatham); 3rd, Per chevron Or and Gules in chief two Lions passant of the last in base a Rose Argent barbed and seeded proper (Lund)


An Eagle displayed Argent collared Gules holding in either claw a Fleur-de-lis Gold




Sans Bruit (Without noise)



David [de Strabolgi], 11th Earl of Atholl and 1st Baron Strabolgi

son of John [de Strabolgi], 10th Earl of Atholl


by writ of summons 20 Oct 1318 Baron Strabolgi


The Barony of Strabolgi was held by the Earls of Atholl from 20 Oct 1318 until 10 Oct 1375, when on the death of David [de Strabolgi], 13th Earl of Atholl and 3rd Baron Strabolgi, the Earldom of Atholl ceased to be an English title and the Barony of Strabolgi fell into abeyance between his two daughters:  (1) Lady Elizabeth Percy, wife of Sir Thomas Percy, of Athol;  and (2) Lady Philippa Percy, firstly wife of Sir Ralph Percy (yr. bro. of her brother-in-law Sir Thomas Percy) and later wife of Sir John Halsham, of Coombs, co. Surrey.  Following the death on 8 Apr 1496 of Henry [de Grey], 4th Baron Grey of Codnor, the right to the Barony of Strabolgi vested in:


Edward [Burgh], 2nd Baron Burgh and de jure 4th Baron Strabolgi

1st son of Thomas [Burgh], 1st Baron Burgh (by his wife Margaret de Ros, dau. of Thomas [de Ros], 8th Baron Ros), son and heir of Thomas Burgh, of Gainsborough, co. Lincoln, by his wife Elizabeth Percy, 1st dau. and cohrss. of Sir Henry Percy, of Atholl (by his wife Elizabeth Bardolf, dau. of William [Bardolf], 4th Baron Bardolf), son of Sir Thomas Percy, of Atholl (2nd son by his first wife of Henry [de Percy], 1st Earl of Northumberland), by his wife Lady Elizabeth de Strabolgi, 1st dau. and cohrss. of David [de Strabolgi], 12th Earl of Atholl and 3rd Baron Strabolgi


suc. his father 18 Mar 1495/6 as 2nd Baron Burgh and following the death of his cousin on 8 Apr 1496 became de jure 4th Baron Strabolgi


The right to the Barony of Strabolgi was vested in the Barons Burgh from 8 Apr 1496 until 26 Feb 1601/2, when on the death of Robert [Burgh], 6th Baron Burgh and de jure 8th Baron Strabolgi, the Baronies of Burgh and Strabolgi fell into abeyance between his three sisters: (1) Hon Elizabeth Burgh, wife firstly of Rev George Brooke (4th son of William [Brooke], 10th Baron Cobham) and secondly of Francis Reade, 2nd son of Sir William Reade, of Osterley, co. Middlesex;  (2) Hon Anne Burgh, wife of Sir Drue Drury;  and (3) Hon Katherine Burgh, wife of Sir Thomas Knyvet.  In 1915 the Rev Cuthbert Matthias Kenworthy, a descendant of Hon Elizabeth Brooke later Reade, was found to be a junior coheir to the Baronies of Strabolgi, Cobham and Burgh by the Committee for Privileges of the House of Lords.  On 9 May 1916 the 312 year abeyance of the Barony of Strabolgi was terminated in his favour:


Rev Cuthbert Matthias [Kenworthy], 9th or 1st Baron Strabolgi

only surv. son of Rev Joseph Kenworthy, Rector of Ackworth, Pontefract, co. York, by his wife Harriett Elizabeth Leatham, only dau. and hrss. of Capt William Henry Cockerell Leatham, of Kirkham Abbey, co. York, by his wife Lucy Lund, 2nd dau. and eventual sole hrss. of Rev Thomas Lund, Rector of Barton-le-Street, co, York, by his first wife Lucy Disney, 3rd dau. and cohrss. of Gervase Disney, of Nottingham and of Pontefract, co. York, by his wife Mary Thorp, only child of William Thorp, of St Peter's, Nottingham, by his wife Frances Boothby, dau. of Sir William Boothby, 3rd Bt. (by his wife Frances Williams, dau. of Sir Trevor Williams, 1st Bt.), 3rd son of Sir William Boothby, 1st Bt., by his second wife Hill Brooke, 1st dau. of Sir William Brooke, of Sterborough, co. Surrey, and Cooling, co. Kent, de jure 12th Baron Cobham (by his second wife Penelope Hill, dau, of Sir Moyses Hill, of Hillsborough, co. Down), only son of Rev George Brooke, by his wife Hon Elizabeth Burgh, 1st dau. of Thomas [Burgh], 5th Baron Burgh and de jure 7th Baron Strabolgi


24 Feb 1853


15 Aug 1884 Elizabeth Florence Cooper (d. 23 Oct 1951), 5th dau. of George Buchanan Cooper, of Sacramento City, California, USA, by his wife Elizabeth Mackenzie, dau. and cohrss. of Jean de Beverley Mackenzie, of Braemar, co. Aberdeen


1. Hon Joseph Montague Kenworthy, later 10th or 2nd Baron Strabolgi

2. Rev Hon Cuthbert Reginald Leatham Kenworthy, midshipman RN, Rector of West Winch, co. Norfolk 1932-47 (b. 20 Apr 1889; d. 7 May 1963), mar. 19 Aug 1913 Amy Catherine Evitt, 6th dau. of Frederick Evitt, of Rook Hall, Maldon, co. Essex, and had issue:

1a. Maj Cuthbert Reginald D'Isney Kenworthy (b. 12 May 1914; d. 1987), mar. (1) Jan 1941 (div. 1947) Patricia Kathleen Fetherston-Godfrey, only dau. of Brig Sir Francis William Crewer Fetherston-Godfrey OBE DL, of Jersey, Channel Islands, and had issue:

1b. David Patrick Francis Kenworthy later Malcolm, heir presumptive to the Barony of Strabolgi (b. 17 Sep 1942), mar. Jennifer Shirley Willcox, dau. of Albert Edward Willcox, of Rotorua, New Zealand, and has issue:

1c. Hamish Kenworthy Malcolm (b. 31 Oct 1971)

2c. Angus Jonathan Kenworthy Malcolm (b. 20 Oct 1972)

Maj Cuthbert Kenworthy mar. (2) 9 Aug 1947 (div. 1958) Joan Mary Stewart, 1st dau. of Lt Col Rupert Alexander Gaskion Stewart RM, of Winthorpe House, Newark, co. Nottingham, and had further issue:

2b. Duncan Alexander D'Isney Kenworthy, of 3 Grasslees, Rickleton, Washington, co. Tyne and Wear (b. 1950), mar. 1975 Alwyn Jean Flack, and has issue

Maj Cuthbert Kenworthy mar. (3) 4 Jun 1960 Margaret ("Peggy") Elizabeth Owtram (b. 16 Aug 1911; former wife of Godfrey H Owtram; d. 23 Dec 2002), dau. of ..... Hamerton


12 Feb 1934

suc. by



the Complete Peerage considers the summons on 9 May 1916 not to be the termination of the abeyance of the Barony of Strabolgi but in fact the creation of a new barony by the same name


Joseph Montague [Kenworthy], 10th or 2nd Baron Strabolgi


7 Mar 1886

mar. (1)

4 Dec 1913 (div. 1941) Doris Whitley Whitley-Thomson (d. 1988), only child of Sir Frederick Whitley Whitley-Thomson MP

children by first wife

1. Hon David Montague de Burgh Kenworthy, later 11th or 3rd Baron Strabolgi

2. Rev Hon (Jonathan) Malcolm Atholl Kenworthy, Curate, St Mary's Hornsey Rise 1941-43, Chaplain to the Forces 1944-47, Rector of St Clement's, Oxford 1947-54, Vicar of Hoddesdon, co. Hertford 1954-63, Vicar of All Saints, Burton-on-Trent 1963-65, Presbyter-in-Charge, St John's Bangalore 1965-66, Vicar of Christ Church with Holy Trinity, Penge 1966-75, Rector of Yelverton, co. Northampton 1975-91 (b. 16 Sep 1916 ; d. 1991), mar. (1) 27 Nov 1943 Joan Marion Gaster (d. 23 Jan 1963), dau. of Claude Gilbert Gaster, of Tunbridge Wells, co. Kent, and had issue:

1a. Elizabeth Joan Kenworthy (b. 19 Dec 1944), mar. (1) 29 Aug 1964 (div. 1977) Geoffrey Greetham, son of Thomas Greetham, of Harden, co. York, and (2) 1978 (div. 1986) David Woodman, and has issue by both husbands

2a. Brenda Marion Kenworthy (b. 10 Jun 1946), mar. 1 Jun 1974 Geoffrey Collins, of Sandy, co. Bedford, son of Leonard George Collins, of Cowbridge, South Glamorgan, and has issue

Rev Hon Malcolm Kenworthy mar. (2) 14 Sep 1963 Victoria Hewitt Budd, dau. of Ernest Budd, of Henley-on-Thames, co. Oxford, and had further issue:

1a. Andrew David Whitley Kenworthy, later 12th or 4th Baron Strabolgi

2a. James Atholl Kenworthy (b. 19 Jul 1971; d. 1993)

3a. Penelope Ruth Kenworthy (b. 14 Sep 1964), mar. 1986 Dr Samuel B P Bass, son of P A Bass, and has issue

3. Capt Hon Basil Frederick de la Pole Kenworthy (b. 24 Mar 1920 ; d. 15 Feb 1998), mar. 18 Mar 1948 (div. 1965) Chloe Sandeman, 2nd dau. of Henry Gerard Walter Sandeman, of The Old Mill House, Melton, co. Suffolk, by his wife Hon Phyllis Elinor Legh, 3rd dau. of Thomas Wodehouse [Legh], 2nd Baron Newton, and had issue:

1a. Forflissa Viola Kenworthy (b. 23 Sep 1949), mar. 1970 William John Healey, of White Lodge, Whydown, Bexhill, co. East Sussex, yst. son of John Healey, and has issue

2a. Nicolette Elizabeth Kenworthy (b. 14 Aug 1950), mar. 1972 Prof John Russell Vincent, of 8 Charlotte Street South, Bristol, only son of Prof John Joseph Vincent, of Wilmslow, co. Chester, and has issue

3a. Emma ("Dizzy") Yseult Kenworthy (b. 28 Feb 1958), mar. 1988 P Sebastian Kent, of The Old Rectory, Fonthill Gifford, co. Wiltshire, only son of Maj Leonard Kent, of Amesbury, co. Wiltshire, and has issue

1. Hon Ferelith Rosemary Florence Kenworthy (b. 31 May 1918), mar. 30 Apr 1946 Sir Harold Joseph Hood, 2nd Bt., and has issue

mar. (2)

1 Feb 1941 Geraldine Mary Hamilton (widow of ..... Hamilton;  d. 1970), only dau. of Maurice Francis, of Kensington, London


8 Oct 1953

suc. by

son by first wife


David Montague de Burgh [Kenworthy], 11th or 3rd Baron Strabolgi


1 Nov 1914

mar. (1)

22 Jul 1939 (div. 1946) Denise Godefroi, 2nd dau. of Jocelyn William Godefroi MVO

mar. (2)

20 Sep 1947 (div. 1951) Angela Street, only child of George Victor Street, of Barton Lawn, co. Hertford

mar. (3)

5 Nov 1955 (div. 1961) Myra Sheila Litewka, dau. of Jack Litewka

mar. (4)

3 Jun 1961 Doreen Margaret Morgan, 2nd dau. of Alexander Morgan, of Ashton-under-Lyne, co. Lancaster


24 Dec 2010

suc. by



elected hereditary peer (Deputy Speaker - Labour), House of Lords 1999


Andrew David Whitley [Kenworthy], 12th or 4th Baron Strabolgi


25 Jan 1967


The heir presumptive to the Barony of Strabolgi is David Patrick Francis Malcolm, a great-grandson of the 9th or 1st Baron Strabolgi and a second cousin of the present Baron.


Last updated 8 Jan 2011




12th or 4th Baron Strabolgi

(England, writ sum. 20 Oct 1318 or 9 May 1916)



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