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Tennyson, Baron (UK, 1884)


Creation: let. pat. 24 Jan 1884


Family name: Tennyson




Gules a Bend nebuly Or thereon a Chaplet in the chief point Vert between three Leopards' Faces jessant de lys of the second


A Dexter Arm in Armour the hand in a Gauntlet Or grasping a Broken Tilting Spear enfiled with a Garland of Laurel


On either side a Leopard rampant guardant Gules semy de lys and ducally crowned Or


Respiciens Prospiciens (Look backward and forward)



Alfred [Tennyson], 1st Baron Tennyson

3rd son of Rev George Clayton Tennyson, Rector of Somersby, co. Lincoln, by his wife Elizabeth Fytche, dau. of Rev Stephen Fytche, Vicar of Louth, co. Lincoln


6 Aug 1809


13 Jun 1850 Emily Sellwood (d. 10 Aug 1896), dau. of Henry Sellwood, of Berkshire, by his wife Sarah Franklin, dau. of Willingham Franklin, of Spilsby, co. Lincoln


1. Hon Hallam Tennyson, later 2nd Baron Tennyson

2. Hon Lionel Tennyson (b. 10 Mar 1854; d. 20 Apr 1886), mar. 25 Feb 1878 Eleanor Mary Bertha Locker-Lampson (mar. (2) 5 May 1888 Rt Hon Augustine Birrell KC; d. 10 Mar 1915), dau. of Frederick Locker later Locker-Lampson, by his first wife Lady Charlotte Christian Bruce, 1st dau. of Thomas [Bruce], 7th Earl of Elgin, by his second wife Elizabeth Oswald, yst. dau. of James Townsend Oswald of Dunnikeir MP, Auditor of the Exchequer, and had issue:

1a. Alfred Browning Stanley Tennyson (b. 20 Nov 1878; d. 28 Feb 1952), mar. 17 Dec 1912 Margaret Cicely Drummond (b. 13 Feb 1880; d. 9 Jun 1963), 3rd dau. of Vice Admiral Hon Edmund Rupert Drummond CB CVO DL RN (by his wife Lady Evelyn Frances Butler, 1st dau. of James Arthur Wellington Foley [Butler], 4th Marquess of Ormonde), 3rd son by his second wife of James David [Drummond], 8th Viscount of Strathallan, and had issue:

1b. James Alfred Tennyson DSC, specialist in navigation on loan to Royal New Zealand Navy 1953-56, Assistant Queen's Harbour Master at Sheerness Dockyard 1957-59, New Zealand Government Service 1959-74 (b. 26 Nov 1913; d. 24 Oct 2001), mar. 11 Dec 1954 Beatrice Aventon Young, 1st dau. of Alexander Tolhurst Young, barrister, of Wellington, New Zealand, and had issue:

1c. David Harold Alexander Tennyson, later 6th Baron Tennyson

2c. Alan James Drummond Tennyson, heir presumptive to the Barony of Tennyson, of 1 Lincoln Street, Brooklyn, Wellington, New Zealand (b. 28 Jan 1965)

2b. Capt Aubrey Drummond Tennyson, of Urb el Salze 3, Els Plans, La Massan, Andorra (b. 26 Mar 1920), mar. 24 Jun 1966 Mai Chun Yau, of Canton, China, and has issue

1b. Eleanor Rachel Tennyson, Professor of Art at Baylor University, Waco, Texas, USA (b. 1915), mar. (1) 11 Sep 1945 (div. 1955) Maj David Rainsford Moore, 2nd son of Canon Thomas Cumming Rainsford Moore, and (2) 29 Mar 1967 (div. 19...) William Charles Bigg RAF, 1st son of Capt William Charles Bigg OBE

2a. Sir Charles Bruce Locker Tennyson CMG, Legal Assistant to Colonial Office 1911-19, Deputy Director FBI 1919-28, Secretary Dunlop Rubber Co Ltd 1928-48 (b. 8 Nov 1879 ; d. 22 Jun 1977), mar. 29 Jul 1909 Ivy Gladys Pretious OBE (d. 27 Apr 1958), dau. of Walter J Pretious, and had issue

3a. Michael Sellwood Tennyson (b. 10 Dec 1883 ; d. 1954)


6 Oct 1892


24 Jan 1884 Baron Tennyson, of Aldworth in the County of Sussex and of Freshwater in the Isle of Wight

suc. by



Poet Laureate 1850-92


Hallam [Tennyson], 2nd Baron Tennyson, GCMG PC


11 Aug 1852

mar. (1)

25 Jun 1884 Audrey Georgiana Florence Boyle (d. 7 Dec 1916), only surv.dau. of Charles John Boyle (by his wife Zacyntha Moore, dau. of Gen Sir Lorenzo Moore), 2nd son of Vice Adm Hon Sir Courtenay Boyle KGH RN (by his wife Caroline Amelia Poyntz, dau. of William Poyntz, of Midgham, co. Berkshire), 3rd son by his first wife of Edmund [Boyle], 7th Earl of Cork

children by first wife

1. Hon Lionel Hallam Tennyson, later 3rd Baron Tennyson

2. Capt Hon Alfred Aubrey Tennyson (b. 2 May 1891; dvp. Mar 1918)

3. Sub Lieut Hon Harold Courtenay Tennyson RN (b. 27 Apr 1896; dvp. 29 Jan 1916)

mar. (2)

27 Jul 1918 Mary Emily Hichens (widow of Andrew Kinsman Hichens, of Monk's Hatch, Compton, Guildford, co. Surrey; d. 20 Jul 1931), 2nd dau. of Charles Robert Prinsep, of Rothbury House, Chiswick, and of Prinsep Park, Perth, Western Australia, Advocate-General of Calcutta, by his wife Louisa Anne White, dau. of Col H L White


2 Dec 1928

suc. by

son by first wife


Governor and Commander-in-Chief of South Australia 1899-1902; KCMG 1899; Governor-General of Commonwealth of Australia 1902-04; GCMG 1903; Privy Councillor 1905; Deputy-Governor and Steward of the Isle of Wight 1913-28


LionelHallam [Tennyson], 3rd Baron Tennyson


7 Nov 1889


27 Mar 1918 (div. 1928) Hon Clarissa Madeline Georgiana Felicité Bethell (b. 13 Jul 1896; former wife of Capt William Adrian Vincent Bethell; d. 3 Sep 1960), only dau. of Edward Priaulx [Tennant], 1st Baron Glenconner, by his wife Pamela Genevieve Adelaide Wyndham, 3rd dau. of Capt Hon Percy Scawen Wyndham MP

children by first wife

1. Hon Harold Christopher Tennyson, later 4th Baron Tennyson

2. Hon Mark Aubrey Tennyson, later 5th Baron Tennyson

3. Lionel Tennyson (b. 1 Aug 1925; dvp. 15 Aug 1925)


14 Apr 1934 (div. 1943) Carroll Donner (widow of Joseph William Donner,of Buffalo, USA), dau. of Howard Elting, of Chicago, USA


6 Jun 1951

suc. by

son by first wife


Harold Christopher [Tennyson], 4th Baron Tennyson


25 Mar 1919


19 Oct 1991

suc. by



Aubrey [Tennyson], 5th Baron Tennyson, DSC


28 Mar 1920


1964 Deline Celeste Budler (d. 7 Mar 1995), dau. of Arthur Harold Budler, of Cradock, South Africa


s.p.3 Jul 2006

suc. by

second cousin once removed


served in the Royal Navy 1937-60 (retired as Cdr)


David Harold Alexander [Tennyson], 6th Baron Tennyson


4 Jun 1960


The heir presumptive to the Barony of Tennyson is Alan James Drummond Tennyson, a great-great-grandson of the 1st Baron Tennyson and brother of the present Baron


Last updated 6 Mar 2017




6th Baron Tennyson, of Aldworth in the County of Sussex and of Freshwater in the Isle of Wight

(United Kingdom, let. pat. 24 Jan 1884)



Flat 3, 165 Clarence Street, Riccarton, Christchurch, New Zealand



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