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Walpole, Baron (GB, 1756)


Creation: let.pat. 4 Jun 1756


Family name: Walpole




See Baron Walpole



Horatio [Walpole], 1st Baron Walpole, PC

2nd surv. son of Col Robert Walpole MP, of Houghton, co. Norfolk, by his wife Mary Burwell, only dau. and hrss. of Sir Geoffrey Burwell, of Rougham, co. Suffolk


8 Dec 1678


21 Jul 1720 Mary Magdalen Lombard (b. c. 1695; d. 9 Mar 1783), dau. and cohrss. of Peter Lombard, of Burnham Thorpe, co. Norfolk, by his second wife Marianne Ernault


1. Hon Horatio Walpole, later 2nd Baron Walpole (of Wolterton) later 4th Baron Walpole (of Walpole) later 1st Earl of Orford

2. Hon Thomas Walpole MP (b. 6 Oct 1727; d. Mar 1803), mar. 14 Nov 1753 Elizabeth Vanneck (d. 9 Jun 1760), sister of Joshua [Vanneck], 1st Baron Huntingfield, and 1st dau. of Sir Joshua Vanneck, 1st Bt, and had issue:

1a. Thomas Walpole, of Stagbury Park, co. Surrey, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to Munich (b. 23 May 1755; d. 3 Nov 1840), mar. 1 Dec 1803 Lady Margaret Perceval (d. 12 Dec 1854), 4th dau. of John [Perceval], 2nd Earl of Egmont, by his second wife Catherine Compton, suo jure Baroness Arden, 3rd dau .of Hon Charles Compton (by his wife Mary Lucy, only child of Sir Berkeley Lucy, 3rd Bt., of Broxburne, co. Hertford), 3rd son by his first wife of George [Compton], 4th Earl of Northampton, and had issue:

1b. Rev Thomas Walpole, Rector of Alverstoke, co. Hampshire (b. 30 Sep 1805; d. 8 Feb 1881), mar. 15 Jan 1833 Margaret Harriet Isabella Mitchell (d. 29 Jun 1876), 1st dau. of Col Henry Hugh Mitchell, and had issue:

1c. Henry Spencer Walpole later Vade-Walpole, of Stagbury Park, co. Surrey, and Freethorpe, co. Norfolk (b. 10 Mar 1837; d. 1 Mar 1913), mar. 19 Jul 1877 Frances Selina Chamberlayne (widow of Denzil Thomas Chamberlayne; d. 17 Sep 1924), 2nd dau. of Thomas Bourke, and had issue:

1d. Lt Thomas Henry Bourke Walpole (b. 2 Sep 1879; d. 20 Sep 1915)

2d. Horatio Spencer Walpole later Vade-Walpole later Walpole (b. 19 Jun 1881; d. 9 Apr 1918), mar. 3 Jul 1906 Dorothea Frances Montgomerie (d. 10 Jan 1971), only dau. of Frederick Molyneux Montgomerie, of South Kensington, London, and had issue:

1e. Robert Henry Montgomerie Walpole, later 7th Baron Walpole (of Wolterton) and 9th Baron Walpole (of Walpole)

1e. Hon Pamela Frances Walpole OBE, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of a Baron by Royal Licence 1939 (b. 22 Feb 1908 ; d. 19...)

2c. Lt Col Horatio John Thomas Walpole (b. 26 Jul 1842; d. 28 Feb 1924)

3c. Ralph Charles Walpole, Librarian of the House of Commons (b. 5 Jun 1844; dsp. 20 Feb 1928), mar. 21 Jun 1924 Emily Fraser Le Merchant, widow of Latimer T Le Merchant

1c. Henrietta Elizabeth Walpole (d. 17 Jan 1916), mar. 15 Apr 1856 Maj John James Charles Irby, and had issue

2b. Rt Hon Spencer Horatio Walpole, Member of Parliament for Cambridge University 1856-82, Home Secretary 1852, 1858 and 1866 (b. 11 Sep 1806; d. 22 May 1898), mar. 6 Oct 1835 his cousin Isabella Perceval (d. 16 Aug 1886), 2nd dau. of Rt Hon Spencer Perceval, First Lord of the Treasury (Prime Minister) 1809-12 (by his wife Jane Wilson, 2nd dau. of Lt Gen Sir Thomas Spencer Wilson, 6th Bt.), 2nd son by his second wife of John [Perceval], 2nd Earl of Egmont, and had issue

3b. Lt Gen Sir Robert Walpole KCB (b. 1 Dec 1808; d. 12 Jul 1876), mar. 29 Jan 1846 Gertrude Ford (d. 22 Nov 1903), yst. dau. of Gen William H Ford, and had issue

4b. John Walpole later Vade-Walpole, Assistant Secretary, Government Emigration Board (b. 23 Apr 1810; d. 30 Jan 1892), mar. 17 May 1841 Henrietta Smith (d. 8 Jan 1899), dau. of Col Henry Browne Smith, and had issue

5b. Charles Walpole later Vade-Walpole CB (b. 16 Aug 1813; d. 2 Nov 1891), mar. 13 May 1846 Annette Provost (d. 3 Apr 1885), dau. of Rear-Admiral James Provost RN, and had issue

1b. Catharine Margaret Walpole (d. 18 Mar 1876), mar. 8 Apr 1861 Baron de Teissier

2b. Sophia Frances Walpole (dsp. 8 Feb 1900), mar. 21 Aug 1849 Rev Edward Riou Berens (dsp. 31 Jul 1867)

2a. Lt Col Lambert Theodore Walpole (b. 28 Dec 1757; dspm. 1798), mar. 11 Jan 1788 Hon Margaret Clive (d. Jun 1814), 3rd dau. of Robert [Clive], 1st Baron Clive, and had issue

3. Hon Richard Walpole, Member of Parliament for Yarmouth (b. 5 Dec 1728; d. 18 Aug 1789), mar. 22 Nov 1757 Margaret Vanneck (d. 9 May 1818), sister of Joshua [Vanneck], 1st Baron Huntingfield, and 4th dau. of Sir Joshua Vanneck, 1st Bt, and had issue

4. Hon Robert Walpole, Clerk to the Privy Council, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to Lisbon (b. 3 May 1736; d. 19 Apr 1810), mar. (1) 8 May 1780 Diana Grosset (d. 24 Jul 1784), dau. of Walter Grosset, and (2) 10 May 1785 Sophia Stert (d. 12 Jun 1829), dau. of Richard Stert, of Lisbon, Portugal, and had issue by both wives

1. Hon Mary Walpole (b. 25 Feb 1725/6), mar. Capt Maurice Suckling RN


5 Feb 1757


4 Jun 1756 Baron Walpole, of Wolterton in the County of Norfolk

suc. by



Member of Parliament (Whig) for Lostwithiel 1710, for Castle Rising 1710-15, for Beeralston 1715-17, for East Looe 1718-22, for Great Yarmouth 1722-34 and for Norwich 1734-56; Under-Secretary of State for the North 1708-10 and 1714-15; Corporal and Exon of the Yeomen of the Guard 1711; a Commissioner of Revenue for Ireland 1714-16; Minister Plenipotentiary to The Hague 1715, 1715-16 and 1722; Secretary of the Treasury 1715-17 and 1721; Surveyor and Auditor-General of American Revenues 1717-57; Secretary of State for Ireland 1720-21; Privy Councillor [I] 1720; Envoy Extraordinary to Paris 1721 and 1723/4; Ambassador to Paris 1724-27 and 1727-30 and to The Hague 1734-39; Privy Councillor [GB] 1730; Cofferor of the Household 1730-41; a Teller of the Exchequer 1741-57


Horatio [Walpole], 2nd Baron Walpole later 4th Baron Walpole (of Walpole) later 1st Earl of Orford


10 Apr 1806 Earl of Orford


suc. his cousin 2 Mar 1797 as 4th Baron Walpole (of Walpole)


Both Baronies of Walpole were held by the Earls of Orford from 10 Apr 1806 until 27 Sep 1931, when on the death of Robert Horace [Walpole], 5th Earl of Orford, 8th Baron Walpole (of Walpole) and 6th Baron Walpole (of Wolterton), the Earldom of Orford became extinct and the two baronies devolved on his kinsman, Robert Henry Montgomerie Walpole.


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