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Widdrington, Baron (E, 1643 - 1716)


Creation: let.pat. 2 Nov 1643


Attainted: 9 Feb 1715/6


Family name: Widdrington




Quarterly Argent and Gules a Bend Sable


On a Chapeau Gules turned up Ermine a Bull's Head Sable spotted Argent


On either side a White Buck proper powdered with Ermine Spots Sable attired Or





William [Widdrington], 1st Baron Widdrington

1st son and heir of Sir Henry Widdrington, of Widdrington and of Swinburne Castle, co. Northumberland, by his wife Mary Curwen, dau. of Sir Nicholas Curwen, of Workington, co. Cumberland


11 Jul 1610


10 Jan 1629/30 Mary Thorold (bur. 20 Jan 1675/6 at Blankney, co. Lincoln), only dau. and sole hrss. of Sir Anthony Thorold, of Blankney, co. Lincoln, by his wife Elizabeth Molyneux, dau. of Thomas Molyneux, of Haughton, co. Nottingham


1. Hon William Widdrington, later 2nd Baron Widdrington

2. Hon Henry Widdrington (d. unm.)

3. Capt Hon Edward Widdrington (d. 11 Jul 1691), mar. 25 Feb 1650 Dorothy Lisle (widow of Robert Lisle, of Felton Park, co. Northumberland; bur. 22 Jul 1679), dau. and cohrss. of Sir Thomas Horsley, of Long Horsley, co. Northumberland, and had issue:

1a. Edward Widdrington, of Felton Park, co. Northumberland (b. 1658; d. 1705), mar. Hon Elizabeth Molyneux (bur. 17 Jun 1730), 4th dau. of Caryll [Molyneux], 3rd Viscount Molyneux, by his wife Mary Barlow, dau. by his second wife of Sir Alexander Barlow, of Barlow, co. Lancaster, and had issue:

1b. Edward Horsley Widdrington, of Felton Park, co. Northumberland (d. 1763), mar. Mary Weld, dau. of Humphrey Weld, of Lulworth Castle, co. Dorset, by his wife Margaret Simeon, only dau. of Sir James Simeon, 1st Bt., of Chilworth, and had issue:

1c. Elizabeth Margaret Widdrington, mar. Thomas Riddell, of Swinburne Castle, co. Northumberland (d. 1777), 1st son and heir of Thomas Riddell, of Swinburne Castle, co. Northumberland, by his wife Mary Margaret Widdrington, sister and cohrss. of Ralph Widdrington, of Cheesburn Grange, Stamfordham, nr. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, co. Durham, and dau. of William Widdrington, of Cheesburn Grange, co. Durham, and had issue

2b. Mary Widdrington (bur. 16 Jan 1711/2)

1a. Eleanor Widdrington, mar. Richard Forster, of Newham

2a. Teresa Widdrington, mar. 15 Jan 1695/6 Sir William Wheler, of Leamington, Hastings, co. Sussex, and had issue

4. Hon Ephraim Widdrington (d. unm.)

5. Hon John Widdrington (d. unm.)

6. Hon Anthony Widdrington (d. unm.)

7. Hon Ralph Widdrington (dsp. 22 Jun 1718), mar. c. 1703 Anne Fanning (widow of John Fanning, of Sandall, co. York), dau. of John Thimelby

8. Hon Roger Widdrington (d. 1676)

1. Hon Mary Widdrington, mar. Francis Crane, of Woodrising, co. Norfolk

2. Hon Jane Widdrington mar. Feb 1653/4 Sir Charles Stanley, of Chelsea, co. Middlesex, 1st son and heir of Hon Sir Robert Stanley (by his wife Elizabeth Gorges, dau. of Sir Arthur Gorges), 2nd son of William [Stanley], 6th Earl of Derby, and had issue


25 Aug 1651


9 Jul 1642 a Baronet of England, styled "of Widdrington, co. Northumberland"

2 Nov 1643 Baron Widdrington, of Blankney in the County of Lincoln

suc. by



knighted 1631/2; a Commissioner for the Borders 1635; Sheriff of Northumberland 1636-37; Member of Parliament for Northumberland 1640-42; a supporter of the King in the Civil War; Commander-in-Chief of the King's forces in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland 1643; defeated by the Parliamentary forces at Winceby 1643 ; after the Battle of Marston Moor 1644 he retired to the Continent to attend on the Prince of Wales, later King Charles II; traveled to Scotland 1650 and joined in the 1651 expedition into England; he was mortally wounded and taken prisoner after the defeat of the Royalists at the Battle of Wigan and died the same day


William [Widdrington], 2nd Baron Widdrington



12 Jan 1653/4 Elizabeth Bertie (d. after 23 Jun 1715), dau. and hrss. of Hon Sir Peregrine Bertie, of Evedon, co. Lincoln (by his wife Anne Hardeby, dau. and cohrss. of Daniel Hardeby, of Evedon, co. Lincoln), 3rd son of Robert [Bertie], 1st Earl of Lindsey


1. Hon William Widdrington, later 3rd Baron Widdrington

2. Hon Roger Widdrington, of Blankney, co. Lincoln (d. 1715)

3. Father Henry Widdrington SJ (bapt. 1668; d. 16 Nov 1729)

4. Hon Edward Widdrington (d. Oct 1699)

1. Hon Mary Widdrington, mar. Richard Forster

2. Hon Elizabeth Widdrington, Abbess of Pontoise (b. c. 1659; d. 9 Nov 1730)

3. Hon Anne Widdrington, mar. John Clavering, of Callaly, co. Northumberland, and had issue

4. Hon Jane Widdrington (d. after 1676)

5. Hon Dorothy Widdrington, a nun

6. Hon Catherine Widdrington (d. 1758), mar. Edmund Southcote, of Blyborough


Dec 1675 (bur. at Widdrington, co. Northumberland)

suc. by



Col of a Regiment of Foot Guards 1660; Governor of Berwick with Holy Island and Farne Island 1660-75; Capt of a Troop of Horse Guards 1667; Col of Hamilton's Regiment 1673


William [Widdrington], 3rd Baron Widdrington


26 Jan 1655/6


c. Jan 1676/7 Hon Alathea Fairfax (d. bef. 10 Feb 1694/5), dau. and hrss. in her issue of Charles [Fairfax], 5th Viscount Fairfax, by his wife Abigail Yate, dau. of Sir John Yate, 2nd Bt., of Buckland, co. Berkshire


1. Hon William Widdrington, later 4th Baron Widdrington

2. Hon Charles Widdrington, took part in the 1715 Jacobite Rising (d. 1756)

3. Hon Peregrine Widdrington, took part in the 1715 Jacobite Rising (bapt. 20 May 1692; dsp. 4 Feb 1748/9), mar. Nov 1733 Mary Maria Winifred Francisca Howard (b. 26 Nov 1692; widow of Thomas [Howard], 8th Duke of Norfolk; d. 24 Sep 1754), dau. of Sir Nicholas Sherburne, 1st Bt., of Stonyhurst, co. Lancaster, by his wife Catherine Charleton, 3rd dau. and cohrss. of Sir Edward Charleton, 1st Bt., of Hesleyside, co. Northumberland

1. Hon Apollonia Widdrington, a nun

2. Hon Mary Widdrington (bur. Jul 1731), mar. 15 Apr 1713 Richard Towneley, of Towneley, co. Lancaster

3. Hon Elizabeth Widdrington (bapt. 30 Mar 1689; d. 7 Jan 1765), mar. Marmaduke [Langdale], 4th Baron Langdale, and had issue


10 Feb 1694/5 (bur. at Blankney, co. Lincoln)

suc. by



Ensign in his father's regiment 1673; Governor of Berwick and Holy Island 1686-88


William [Widdrington], 4th Baron Widdrington


mar. (1)

13 Apr 1700 Janes Tempest (d. 9 Sep 1714), 1st dau, and eventual hrss. of Sir Thomas Tempest, 4th Bt., of Stella, co. Durham, by his wife Margaret Haggerston, only dau. of Sir Thomas Haggerston, 2nd Bt., of Haggerston Castle, co. Northumberland

children by first wife

1. Hon Henry Francis Widdrington, self styled 5th Baron Widdrington (b. 4 Dec 1701; dsp. 27 Aug 1774; bur. in St Pancras Church, co. Middlesex), mar. 27 Jan 1733/4 Ann Gatenby (bur.sp. 22 Dec 1780 in Bath Abbey)

2. Hon Francis Widdrington (d. young; bur. 23 Oct 1713 at Widdrington)

3. Hon William Tempest Widdrington, of Stanley, co. Durham, and Easton Grey, co. Wiltshire (b. 21 May 1712; dsp. 25 Jan 1753), mar. Anne Phillips, dau. of ..... Phillips

1. Hon Alathea Widdrington, a nun (b. 21 Apr 1705)

2. Hon Mary Gertrude Widdrington (bur. 26 Sep 1708)

3. Hon Elizabeth Widdrington (bapt. and bur. 1709)

4. Hon Anne Widdrington (bur. 2 Feb 1711)

5. Hon Mary Teresa Widdrington (bapt. 11 Oct 1713 ; d. 1758), mar. Rowland Eyre, of Hassop, co. Derby, and had issue:

1a. Thomas Eyre, of Hassop, co. Derby, inherited the remaining Widdrington estates at Stella and Stanley, co. Durham, on the death of his uncle in 1774

mar. (2)

c. Jul 1718 Hon Catherine Graham (bapt. 18 Sep 1677; dsp. 11 Dec 1757; bur. at Nunnington, co. York), 3rd dau. and hrss. in her issue of Richard [Graham], 1st Viscount Preston, by his wife Lady Anne Howard, 2nd dau. of Charles [Howard], 2nd Earl of Carlisle


19 Apr 1743 (bur. at Nunnington, co. York)


took a leading but ineffectual part with his brothers, Charles and Peregrine, in the 1715 Jacobite Rising and was captured after the Battle of Preston; taken to the Tower of London, tried before the House of Lords, found guilty of high treason and condemned to die on the 24 Jan 1715/6; following his attainder his estates and both the Barony and Baronetcy of Widdrington were forfeited; his life was reprieved a few hours before he was due to be executed and he was set free under the Act of Grace and Liberty 1717; his estates, however, were not restored to him but were sold, and by an Act of Parliament in 1722 he was granted £12,000 from the proceeds of sale


Following the attainder of the 4th Baron Widdrington both the Barony and Baronetcy of Widdrington was forfeited and ceased to exist. Even without the attainder the Barony and Baronetcy would only have lasted one more generation and would have become extinct on the death without issue of Hon Henry Francis Widdrington, self styled 5th Baron Widdrington, the last male heir of the 1st Baron Widdrington, in 1774. The family of Widdrington, of Newton Hall, Morpeth, co. Northumberland, bear the same name, arms and crest as the extinct Barons Widdrington - in 1857 Shalcross Fitzherbert Jacson assumed the name of Widdrington on succeeding to the estates of his maternal uncle, Capt Samuel Edward Cook later Widdrington RN, who himself had only a maternal descent from a junior branch of the Widdrington family through the Cook and Browne families.


 First written 29 May 2007



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