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Winterton, Earl (I, 1766)


Creation: let. pat. 12 Feb 1766


Family name: Garth later Garth-Turnour later Turnour




Ermines on a Cross quarter pierced Argent four Fers-de-Moulin Sable


A Lion passant guardant Argent holding in the dexter paw a Fer-de-Moulin Sable


On either side a Lion Argent semée of Fers-de-Moulin Sable


Esse Quam Videri (To be, rather than seem to be)



Edward Turnour [Garth later Garth-Turnour], 1st Baron Winterton later 1st Earl Winterton

only son and heir of Joseph Garth, of Shillinglee Park, co. Sussex, by his wife Sarah Gee, only surv. dau. of Francis Gee, by his wife Sarah Turnour, sister and hrss. in her issue of Charles Turnour, of Shillinglee Park, co. Sussex, and only dau. of Sir Edward Turnour MP, of Great Hallingbury, co. Essex, a Gentleman of the Privy Chamber 1680-85 (by his wife Lady Isabel Keith, 4th dau. and cohrss. by his first wife of William [Keith], 6th Earl Marischal), 1st son and heir of Sir Edward Turnour MP, of Little Pandon, co. Essex, Speaker of the House of Commons 1661-71 and Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer 1671-76, by his first wife Sarah Gore, dau. and hrss. of Alderman Gerard Gore, merchant taylor, of London and Shillinglee Park, co. Sussex



mar. (1)

13 Mar 1756 Hon Anne Archer (d. 20 Jun 1775), dau. of Thomas [Archer], 1st Baron Archer, by his wife Catharine Tipping, sister and cohrss. of Sir Thomas Tipping, 2nd Bt., and yst. dau. of Sir Thomas Tipping, 1st Bt., of Wheetfield, co. Oxford, by his wife Anne Cheek, dau. of Thomas Cheek, of Pirgo, co. Essex, by his wife Letitia Russell, sister of Edward [Russell], 1st Earl of Orford, and dau. and event. sole hrss. of Hon Edward Russell (by his wife Penelope Brooke, widow of Sir William Brooke, and dau. of Sir Moyses Hill, of Hillsborough, co. Down), 4th son of Francis [Russell], 4th Earl of Bedford

children by first wife

1. Hon Edward Turnour, later 2nd Earl Winterton

2. Hon Gerard Turnour, naval officer (d. 21 Jun 1824)

3. Hon George Turnour (b. 4 Feb 1768; d. 1813), mar. Emilie de Beaussett (d. Aug 1846), niece of Cardinal Duc de Beaussett, and had issue

4. Hon Henry Turnour, naval officer (b. 1769; d. Sep 1805)

5. Lt Hon Charles Turnour (b. 1775; d. 23 Feb 1816)

1. Lady Anne Turnour (d. 1824), mar. (1) George Gordon Brown, and (2) Dr F Remington

2. Lady Catherine Turnour (d. 1778), mar. 1778 William Bacon Foster

3. Lady Sarah Turnour (d. unm.)

4. Lady Isabella Turnour (d. 1827)

5. Lady Maria Turnour (d. unm.)

6. Lady Frances Turnour (d. 14 May 1842), mar. John Allen

7. Lady Sybella Turnour (d. unm.)

8. Lady Lydia Turnour (d. 1823)

mar. (2)

18 Feb 1778 Elizabeth Armstrong (b. c. 1757; mar. (2) 30 Mar 1791 William Richardson, Accountant-General to the East India Company;  d. 1 Dec 1841), dau. of John Armstrong, of Godalming, co. Surrey

children by second wife

6. Rev Hon Edward John Turnour (b. 8 Nov 1778; d. 10 May 1844), mar. (1) 16 Nov 1799 his step-sister Elizabeth Richardson, dau. of his step-father William Richardson, and (2) 21 May 1825 Rebecca Jones (b. c. 1795; d. 11 Aug 1887), 1st dau. and cohrss. of Rev David Jones, of Longhope, co. Gloucester, and had issue by both wives

9. Lady Elizabeth Turnour (d. 1818), mar. 1798 her fstep-brother Francis Richardson, son of her ftep-father William Richardson


20 Aug 1788


10 Apr 1761 Baron Winterton, of Gort in the County of Galway

12 Feb 1766 Viscount Turnour, of Gort in the County of Galway, and Earl Winterton

suc. by

son by first wife


inherited Shillinglee Park, co. Sussex, from his mother 1744; Member of Parliament for Bramber 1761-69


Edward [Turnour], 2nd Earl Winterton


11 May 1758

mar. (1)

6 Nov 1781 Jane Chapman (d. 18 Jun 1792), dau. of Richard Chapman, of London, by his wife Jane Collin, dau. of Josiah Collin

children by first wife

1. Hon Edward Turnour, later 3rd Earl Winterton

2. Cdr Hon Arthur Richard Turnour RN (b. 14 Jan 1787; d. 20 Aug 1853), mar. 1 Sep 1829 Charlotte FitzHerbert Daysh (d. 12 Feb 1871), dau. of George Daysh, of Petworth, co. Sussex, and had issue:

1a. Garth Edward George Turnour (b. 9 Mar 1831; dsp. 7 Mar 1903), mar. 20 Jul 1852 Emily Jane Baker, of Brighton, co. Sussex (d. 6 Nov 1903)

1a. Georgiana Charlotte Daysh Turnour (b. 1835; d. 29 Feb 1884), mar. 27 Jul 1854 William Powell Murray (d. 20 Aug 1885)

3. Rev Hon Adolphus Augustus Turnour, Vicar of Beesthorpe and Rector of Tatterset, co. Norfolk (b. 3 Aug 1789; d. 5 Mar 1857), mar. 9 Nov 1812 Jessie Dewar (d. 25 Aug 1877), dau. of John Dewar, and had issue:

1a. Charles Chad Turnour (b. 21 Nov 1815 ; d. 21 Mar 1878), mar. 4 Jan 1848 Frances Louisa Master (d. 9 Mar 1865), yst. dau. of Lt Col Harcourt Master, of Catton, co. Norfolk, and had issue:

1b. Charles Chad Turnour (b. 2 Jun 1853; d. 30 Jun 1885), mar. 11 Nov 1879 Elizabeth Ethel Downer, dau. of William Downer, of Petworth, co. Sussex, and had issue:

1c. Cecil Turnour (b. 1880; d. 1953), mar. 1913 Effie Annie McMillan (d. 1956), dau. of Robert McMillan, of London, Ontario, Canada, and had issue:

1d. Robert Chad Turnour, later 7th Earl Winterton

2d. F/Lt (Cecil) Noel Turnour DFM CD RD RCAF (b. 11 Dec 1919 ; d. 1987), mar. 16 Jul 1941 Evelyn Isobel Oulton, dau. of Dr C A Oulton, of Saskatoon, Canada, and had issue:

1e. (Donald) David Turnour, later 8th Earl Winterton

2e. Robert Charles Turnour, heir presumptive to the Earldom of Winterton, of 553 Duke Street, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada (b. 30 Jan 1950), mar. (1) 1974 (div. 1976) Sheila Stocking, dau. of Garth H Stocking, of Brampton, Ontario, Canada, and (2) 1983 Patricia Ann Avery, dau. of William Avery, of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, and has issue by his second wife:

1f. Sarah Elizabeth Turnour (b. 1983)

2f. Meagan Ann Turnour (b. 1985)

3e. Dr Murray John Turnour, of 4 Lansdowne South, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada (b. 6 Feb 1961), mar. 1980 Brenda Jill Behan, dau. of Dr James Alexander Tremayne Behan, and has issue

1d. Margaret Ethel Turnour (b. 1917), mar. 1939 Donald S McGeary, of 58 St Andrews Court, Aurora, Ontario, Canada, and has issue

2c. Noel Charles Turnour (b. 1882; d. 27 Mar 1920), mar. 1904 Sarah Maria Hawthorne (d. 13 May 1955), dau. of W Hawthorne, of Deloraine, Manitoba, Canada, and had issue

1b. Jessie Sophia Turnour (d. 1879)

2b. Frances Anne Turnour (d. 16 Apr 1934), mar. 25 Apr 1871 Rev Henry Nelson, Vicar of Legsby, co. Lincoln (d. 1881), and had issue

2a. Dr Arthur Edward Turnour (b. 31 Jan 1819; d. 7 Aug 1894), mar. 1 Jun 1861 his first cousin once removed Frances Helen Turnour (d. 20 Dec 1867), only dau. by his second wife of Rev Hon Edward John Turnour, and had issue

3a. Admiral Edward Winterton Turnour CB RN (b. 18 Sep 1821; dsp. 8 Oct 1901), mar. 4 Jan 1866 Emma Elizabeth Hodgson (d. 18 Feb 1891), yst. dau. of R W Hodgson, of North Dene, Gateshead

4a. Rev Adolphus Augustus Turnour, Vicar of Ellenhall, co. Stafford (b. 22 Apr 1823; d. 7 Jul 1888), mar. 26 Sep 1850 Mary Anne Elizabeth Grace (d. 1 Dec 1909), only child of Alexander Pearson, of Park House, Stainmore, co. Westmorland, and had issue

5a. John Horatio Turnour (b. 17 Oct 1830; d. 11 Dec 1904), mar. (1) 28 Jul 1853 Marianne Wilson, 1st dau. of Robert R Wilson, and (2) 1896 Sarah Margaret Brown (d. 20 Dec 1919), dau. of Dr John Brown, of Langholm, co. Dumfries, and had issue by his first wife

1a. Anne Chad Turnour (d. 17 Sep 1853), mar. 31 Oct 1844 Rev William Dack Daniel

1. Lady Jane Turnour (d. 17 Mar 1847)

2. Lady Anne Turnour (d. 1832), mar. Sir Charles Chad, 2nd Bt.

3. Lady Isabella Elizabeth Turnour (d. 1838)

mar. (2)

30 May 1795 Harriet Bodicote (b. c. 1754; widow of Rev John Bodicote, of Westerham, co. Kent;  d. 25 Apr 1831), 1st dau. of William Board, of Pax Hill Park, co. Sussex


23 Apr 1831

suc. by

son by first wife


Edward [Turnour], 3rd Earl Winterton


13 Jun 1784


28 May 1809 Lucy Louisa Heys (b. c. 1790; d. 26 Oct 1846), dau. of Dr John Heys, of Upper Sunbury, co. Middlesex, by his wife Anne Rigge, dau. of Roger Rigge


1. Hon Edward Turnour, later 4th Earl Winterton

2. Hon Heys Turnour (b. 31 Dec 1813; d. 27 Aug 1882), mar. 15 Jun 1837 Anne Barker (d. 31 Jan 1857), dau. of Augustus Barker, and had issue:

1a. Edward Heys Turnour (b. 4 Feb 1839 ; d. 24 Feb 1885)

2a. Charles Bulkeley Turnour (b. 31 May 1843; d. 23 Dec 1889)

1a. Louisa Anne Turnour (d. Dec 1926), mar. 4 Apr 1888 Rev Frederick Augustus Bright, Rector of Caterham, co. Surrey (d. 2 Apr 1907)

2a. Frances Jane Turnour (d. 8 Sep 1911)

3a. Emily Isabella Turnour (d. 16 Jul 1922), mar. 21 Sep 1870 Capt William George England RN (d. 1905), only child of William England, of Hindringham, co. Norfolk, by his wife Helen Maria Plunkett, dau. of Luke Plunkett, of Portmaqrmock, and had issue

1. Lady Charlotte Emily Harriet Anne Turnour (d. 24 Apr 1892), mar. 4 Jul 1840 Rev James Beckford Nevill Heard, Rector of Caterham, co. Surrey

2. Lady Lucy Louisa Maria Turnour (d. 26 Nov 1879), mar. 12 Sep 1835 Cdr George William Rabett RN, and had issue


6 Jan 1833

suc. by



Edward [Turnour], 4th Earl Winterton


18 May 1810


19 Jan 1832 Maria Pole (b. 9 May 1811; d. 25 Jun 1904), 3rd dau. of Sir Peter Pole, 2nd Bt., by his wife Ann Guilhelmina Buller, 1st dau. of Richard Buller, of Cumberland Street, Marylebone, co. Middlesex


1. Hon Edward Turnour, later 5th Earl Winterton

2. Lt Col Hon Keith Turnour later Turnour-Fetherstonhaugh (b. 23 Feb 1848; d. 16 Dec 1930), mar. 23 Dec 1879 Caroline Chester Bethune (d. 4 Mar 1920), 2nd dau. of Strachan Bethune KC, of Montreal, Canada, and had issue:

1a. Henry Keith Turnour (b. 23 Jun 1885; dvp. 11 Feb 1892)

1a. Beatrice Winterton Turnour (b. 31 Oct 1881; d. 2 Nov 1965)

3. Hon Archer Turnour (b. 11 Nov 1852; d. 27 Apr 1905), mar. 10 Apr 1877 Florence Emma Bryant (d. 24 May 1925), dau. of John Bryant, of South Kensington, London, and had issue:

1a. Maj Gerard Archer Turnour (b. 30 Jan 1878; dsp. 18 Sep 1957), mar. 8 Jun 1905 Amy Woodfull (dsp. 16 Feb 1953), dau. of Col S P Woodfull

1a. Muriel Audrey Turnour (b. 1 Sep 1886)

1. Lady Maria Turnour

2. Lady Emily Turnour (d. 21 Apr 1920)

3. Lady Georgiana Turnour (d. 19 Aug 1891), mar. 2 Oct 1862 George Hanbury Field, of Ashurst Park, co. Kent (d. 24 Jul 1901), and had issue

4. Lady Catherine Turnour

5. Lady Jane Turnour (d. 14 Mar 1922)

6. Lady Sybella Turnour (d. 14 Apr 1912)


1 Mar 1879

suc. by



Edward [Turnour], 5th Earl Winterton


15 Aug 1837


16 Mar 1882 Lady Georgiana Susan Hamilton, a bridesmaid to Queen Alexandra 1863 (b. 7 Jul 1841; d. 23 Mar 1913), 5th dau. of James [Hamilton], 1st Duke of Abercorn, by his wife Lady Louisa Jane Russell, 2nd dau. by his second wife of John [Russell], 6th Duke of Bedford

only child

1.Hon Edward Turnour, later 6th Earl Winterton


5 Sep 1907

suc. by



Edward [Turnour], 6th Earl Winterton, PC


4 Apr 1883


28 Feb 1924 Hon (Cecilia) Monica Wilson (b. 6 Jun 1902 ; dsp. 9 Nov 1974), only dau. of Charles Henry Wellesley [Wilson], 2nd Baron Nunburnholme, by his wife Lady Marjorie Cecilia Wynn-Carrington, 1st dau. of Charles Robert [Carington later Wynn-Carrington], 1st Marquess of Lincolnshire


s. p. 26 Aug 1962


15 Feb 1952 Baron Turnour, of Shillinglee in the County of Sussex

suc. by

fourth cousin once removed


Member of Parliament (Conservative) for Horsham 1904-18 and 1945-51 and for Horsham and Worthing 1918-45; Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Financial Secretary to the Admiralty 1905 and to Joseph Chamberlain 1906-08; served in World War I: Captain, Sussex Yeomanry, in Gallipoli and Egypt 1915-16, Major, imperial Camel Corps, in Egypt 1916-18, and with "Lawrence of Arabia" in the Hedjaz 1918; Under Secretary of State for India 1922-24 and 1924-29; Privy Councillor 1924; British Delegate, Burma Round Table Conference 1931 and Third India Round Table Conference 1932; Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster with a seat in Cabinet, 1938-39; Deputy Secretary of State for Air and Vice-President of the Air Council 1938; Assistant to the Home Secretary 1938-39; Chairman and British Government Representative on the Inter-Governmental Committee for Refugees 1938-45; Paymaster-General 1939; Chairman of the Select Committee for rebuilding the House of Commons 1944; "Father" of the House of Commons 1945-51; on his death the Barony of Turnour became extinct


Robert Chad [Turnour], 7th Earl Winterton


13 Sep 1915

mar. (1)

1941 Kathleen Ella Whyte (d. 30 Apr 1969), dau. of D B Whyte, of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

mar. (2)

1971 Marion Eleanor Phillips, dau. of Arthur Phillips, of Stirling, Ontario, Canada


s. p. 2 Jun 1991

suc. by



Donald David [Turnour], 8th Earl Winterton


13 Oct 1943


14 Sep 1968 Jill Pauline Esplen, dau. of John Geddes Esplen, of Bala, Ontario, Canada


1. Lady Michelle Susan Turnour (b. 25 Apr 1973)

2. Lady Amy Elizabeth Turnour (b. 28 Mar 1976)


The heir presumptive to the Earldom of Winterton is Robert Charles Turnour, younger brother of the present Earl.


 Last updated 31 Aug 2003




8th Earl Winterton

(Ireland, let. pat. 12 Feb 1766)

8th Viscount Turnour, of Gort in the County of Galway

(Ireland, let. pat. 12 Feb 1766)

8th Baron Winterton, of Gort in the County of Galway

(Ireland, let. pat. 10 Apr 1761)



6672 Mockingbird Lanes, Mississauga, Ontario L5N 5K1, Canada



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