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Abercorn, Duke of (I, 1868)


Creation: let. pat. 10 Aug 1868


Family name: Hamilton





Quarterly:  1st and 4th, Gules three Cinquefoils pierced Ermine (Hamilton);  2nd and 3rd, Argent a Lymphad with one mast the sail furled and oars out Sable (Arran)


Out of a Ducal Coronet Or an Oak Tree proper fructed and penetrated through the stem transversely by a Frame-Saw proper framed Gold the blade inscribed with the word "Through"


On either side an Antelope Argent horned unguled ducally gorged hoofed and the Chain reflexed over the back Or


Sola Nobilitas Virtus (Virtue is the only nobility)



James [Hamilton], 2nd Marquess of Abercorn later 1st Duke of Abercorn, KG PC

1st son of Lord James Hamilton, styled Viscount Hamilton (by his wife Lady Harriet Douglas, sister of George Sholto [Douglas], 17th Earl of Morton), 1st son and heir ap. by his first wife of John James [Hamilton], 1st Marquess of Abercorn


21 Jan 1811


25 Oct 1832 Lady Louisa Jane Russell VA (b. 8 Jul 1812;  d. 31 Mar 1905), 2nd dau. of John [Russell], 6th Duke of Bedford, by his second wife Lady Georgiana Gordon, 5th dau. of Alexander [Gordon], 4th Duke of Gordon


1. Lord James Hamilton, later 2nd Duke of Abercorn

2. Capt Rt Hon Lord Claud John Hamilton, Member of Parliament for Londonderry 1865-68, for King's Lynn 1869-80, for Liverpool 1880-88 and for South Kensington 1910-18, a Lord of the Treasury 1868, ADC to Queen Victoria 1887-97, KJStJ (b. 20 Feb 1843;  d. 26 Jan 1925), mar. 20 Jul 1878 Carolina Chandos-Pole (b.19 Jul 1857;  d. 21 Sep 1911), dau. of Edward Sacheverell Chandos-Pole, of Radbourne Hall, co. Derby, and had issue

3. Rt Hon Lord George Francis Hamilton GCSI, Member of Parliament for Middlesex 1868-85 and for Ealing 1885-1906, Under Secretary of State for India 1874-78, First Lord of the Admiralty 1885-86 and 1886-92, Secretary of State for India 1895-1903, Captain of Deal Castle 1899-1923, Mayor of Deal 1909 (b. 17 Dec 1845;  d. 22 Sep 1927), mar. 28 Nov 1871 Lady Maud Caroline Lascelles CI (b. 26 Nov 1846;  d. 14 Apr 1938), 6th dau. of Henry [Lascelles], 3rd Earl of Harewood, and had issue

4. Lord Ronald Douglas Hamilton (b. 17 Mar 1849;  d. 6 Nov 1867)

5. Lord Cosmo Hamilton (b. and d. 16 Apr 1853)

6. Lord Frederick Spencer Hamilton, Member of Parliament for South West Manchester 1885-86 and for North Tyrone 1892-95 (b. 13 Oct 1856;  d. 11 Aug 1928)

7. Capt Lord Ernest William Hamilton, Member of Parliament for North Tyrone 1885-92 (b. 5 Sep 1858;  d. 14 Dec 1939), mar. 2 Jun 1891 Pamela Campbell (b. 18 May 1869;  d. 11 May 1931), dau. of Capt Frederic Augustus Campbell, and had issue

1. Lady Harriet Georgina Louisa Hamilton (b. 6 Jul 1834;  d. 23 Apr 1913), mar. 10 Apr 1855 Thomas George [Anson], 2nd Earl of Lichfield, and had issue

2. Lady Beatrix Frances Hamilton (b. 21 Jul 1835;  d. 21 Jan 1871), mar. 23 May 1854 George Frederick D'Arcy [Lambton], 2nd Earl of Durham, and had issue

3. Lady Louisa Jane Hamilton VA, Mistress of the Robes to Queen Victoria 1885-92 and 1895-1901 and to Queen Alexandra 1901-12 (b. 26 Aug 1836;  d. 17 Mar 1912), mar. 22 Nov 1859 William Henry Walter [Montagu-Douglas-Scott], 6th Duke of Buccleuch, and had issue

4. Lady Katherine Elizabeth Hamilton (b. 9 Jan 1840;  d. 3 Sep 1874), mar. 26 Oct 1858 as his first wife William Henry [Edgcumbe], 4th Earl of Mount Edgcumbe, and had issue

5. Lady Georgiana Susan Hamilton (b. 7 Jul 1841;  d. 23 Mar 1913), mar. 16 Mar 1882 Edward [Turnour], 5th Earl Winterton, and had issue

6. Lady Albertha Frances Anne Hamilton (b. 29 Jul 1847;  d. 7 Jan 1932), mar. 8 Nov 1869 (div. 20 Nov 1883) as his first wife George Charles [Spencer-Churchill], 8th Duke of Marlborough, and had issue

7. Lady Maud Evelyn Hamilton CI GBE VA CH DGStJ, Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Alexandra 1905-09 and Extra Lady  of the Bedchamber 1910-25 (b. 17 Dec 1850;  d. 21 Oct 1932), mar. 8 Nov 1869 Henry Charles Keith [Petty-Fitzmaurice], 5th Marquess of Lansdowne, and had issue


31 Oct 1885


10 Aug 1868 Marquess of Hamilton and Duke of Abercorn

suc. by



suc. his grandfather 27 Jan 1818 as 2nd Marquess of Abercorn;  Lord Lieutenant of co. Donegall 1844;  Knight of the Garter 1844;  Privy Councillor 1846;  Groom of the Stole to the Prince Consort 1846-59;  Maj Gen of the Royal Archers, the King's Bodyguard of Scotland;  in 1864 he established his claim to the French Dukedom of Châtellérhault (cr. 1548), and assumed the title of Duke of Châtellérhault which had been abeyant since 1651, and his right was not contested before the French tribunals, but Napoleon III granted a new creation of the same title to the 12th Duke of Hamilton;  Lord Lieutenant of Ireland 1866-68 and 1874-76;  Grand Master of Freemasons of Ireland 1874-85;  Chancellor of the University of Ireland 1881


James [Hamilton], 2nd Duke of Abercorn, KG CB PC


24 Aug 1838


7 Jan 1869 Lady Mary Anna Curzon-Howe (b. 23 Jul 1848;  d. 10 May 1929), only dau. of Richard William Penn [Curzon-Howe], 1st Earl Howe, by his second wife Anne Gore, 2nd dau. of Admiral Sir John Gore KCB


1. Lord James Albert Edward Hamilton, later 3rd Duke of Abercorn

2. Lord Claud Penn Alexander Hamilton (b. and dvp. 18 Oct 1871)

3. Lord Charles Hamilton (b. and dvp. 10 Apr 1874)

4. Lord Claud Francis Hamilton (b. 25 Oct 1878;  dvp. 25 Dec 1878)

5. Capt Lord Arthur John Hamilton, Deputy Master of the Household 1913-14 (b. 20 Aug 1883;  d. 6 Nov 1914)

6. Lord ..... Hamilton (b. and dvp. 31 Oct 1886)

7. Capt Lord Claud Nigel Hamilton GCVO CMG DSO, Extra Equerry to Edward, Prince of Wales 1919, Deputy Master of the Household 1921-22, Extra Equerry to George V 1922-24, Equerry-in-Ordinary to George V 1924-36, Comptroller, Treasurer and Extra Equerry to Queen Mary 1936-53, and Extra Equerry to Elizabeth II 1953 (b. 10 Nov 1889;  dsp. 22 Aug 1975), mar. 11 Jul 1933 Violet Ruby Newall (former wife of Lieut Cmdr Keith Newall RN;  dsp. 1984), dau. of James Ashton, of London

1. Lady Alexandra Phyllis Hamilton (b. 23 Jan 1876;  d. 10 Oct 1918)

2. Lady Gladys Mary Hamilton (b. 10 Dec 1880;  d. 12 Mar 1917), mar. 14 Jan 1902 as his first wife Ralph Francis [Howard], 7th Earl of Wicklow, and had issue


3 Jan 1913

suc. by



Member of Parliament (Cons.) for co. Donegall 1860-80;  Sheriff of co. Tyrone 1863;  a Lord of the Bedchamber to the Prince of Wales 1866-85 and Groom of the Stole 1886-91;  CB (civil) 1865;  Lord Lieutenant of co. Donegall 1885-1913;  Grand Master of Freemasons of Ireland 1886-1913;  Knight of the Garter 1892;  Lord High Constable of Ireland at the Coronations of Edward VII 1902 and George V 1911;  Ensign of the Royal Company of Archers, the King's Bodyguard for Scotland 1908-12


James Albert Edward [Hamilton], 3rd Duke of Abercorn, KG KP PC


30 Nov 1869


1 Nov 1894 Lady Rosalind Cecilia Caroline Bingham DBE (b. 26 Feb 1869;  d. 18 Jan 1958), only dau. of George [Bingham], 4th Earl of Lucan, by his wife Lady Cecilia Catherine Gordon-Lennox, 3rd dau. of Charles [Gordon-Lennox], 5th Duke of Richmond


1. Lord James Edward Hamilton, later 4th Duke of Abercorn

2. Capt Lord Claud David Hamilton (b. 13 Feb 1907;  dsp. 15 Feb 1968), mar. 21 Feb 1946 Genesta Mary Long (former wife of (1) Arthur McNeill Farquhar, and (2) Capt E Caswell Long;  b. 5 May 1899;  dsp. 20 Dec 1990), only dau. of Cuthbert Eden Heath OBE, of Anstie Grange, Holmwood, co. Surrey

1. Lady Mary Cecilia Rhodesia Hamilton (b. 21 Jan 1896;  d. 5 Sep 1984), mar. (1) 24 May 1917 (div. 1930) Capt Robert Orlando Rudolph Kenyon-Slancy, of Hatton Grange Shropshire (b. 13 Jan 1892;  d. 14 Jan 1965), and (2) 26 Nov 1930 Sir John Little Gilmour, 2nd Bt. (b. 5 Jun 1899;  d. 13 Feb 1977), and had issue by both her husbands

2. Lady Cynthia Elinor Beatrix Hamilton DCVO OBE, Lady of the Bedchamber to HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (b. 16 Aug 1897;  d. 4 Dec 1972), mar. 26 Feb 1919 Albert Edward John [Spencer], 7th Earl Spencer, and had issue

3. Lady Katherine Hamilton CVO, Woman of the Bedchamber to HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother and to HM Queen Mary 1927-30, Extra Woman of the Bedchamber 1930-53 (b. 25 Feb 1900;  d. 28 Apr 1985), mar. 6 Aug 1930 Lt Col Sir Reginald Seymour KCVO (b. 1 Aug 1878;  d. 2 Oct 1938), 2nd son of George Evelyn Seymour, and had issue


12 Sep 1953

suc. by



Member of Parliament for Londonderry City 1900-13;  Treasurer of the Household 1903-05;  first Governor of Northern Ireland 1922-45;  Privy Councillor [NI] 1922;  Knight of St Patrick 1922;  Knight of the Garter 1928;  Privy Councillor [UK] 1945;  received Royal Victorian Chain 1945


James Edward [Hamilton], 4th Duke of Abercorn


29 Feb 1904


9 Feb 1928 Lady  Mary Kathleen Crichton GCVO (b. 8 Jul 1905;  granted the style and precedence of the daughter of an Earl by Royal Warrant 29 Sep 1920;  d. 2 Feb 1990), only dau. of Hon Henry William Crichton, styled Viscount Crichton (by his wife Lady Mary Cavendish Grosvenor, 1st dau. by his second wife of Hugh Lupus [Grosvenor], 1st Duke of Westminster), 1st son and heir ap. of John Henry [Crichton], 4th Earl Erne, by his wife Lady Florence Mary Cole, 2nd dau. by his first wife of William Willoughby [Cole], 3rd Earl of Enniskillen


1. Lord James Hamilton, later 5th Duke of Abercorn

2. Lord Claud Anthony Hamilton (b. 8 Jul 1939), mar. 7 Apr 1982 Catherine Janet Faulkner, 1st dau. of Dennis Faulkner CBE, of Ringhaddy House, Killinchy, co. Down, and has issue

1. Lady Moyra Kathleen Hamilton CVO, Maid of Honour to Queen Elizabeth II at her Coronation 1953, temporary Lady-in-Waiting 1954-64, Lady-in-Waiting 1964-66 and Extra Lady-in-Waiting 1966-69 to HRH Princess Alexandra of Kent (b. 22 Jul 1930), mar. 12 Nov 1966 Cmdr Peter Colin Drummond Campbell LVO RN, of Hollybrook House, Ramalton, co. Antrim (b. 24 Oct 1927), son of Maj Gen Sir Alexander Douglas Campbell KBE CB DSO MC, and has issue


4 Jun 1979

suc. by



High Sheriff of co. Tyrone 1946;  Co Councillor for Tyrone 1946-79;  a Senator of Northern Ireland 1949-62;  Lord Lieutenant of co. Tyrone 1950-79;  Chancellor of New University of Ulster 1970-79


James [Hamilton], 5th Duke of Abercorn, KG


4 Jul 1934


20 Oct 1966 Alexandra Anastasia Phillips (b. 27 Feb 1946; d. 10 Dec 2018), 1st dau. of Lt Col Harold Pedro Joseph Phillips, of Checkendon Court, Reading, co. Berkshire, by his wife Georgina Wernher, 1st dau. of Sir Harold Augustus Wernher, 3rd. Bt GCVO, of Luton Hoo Park, co. Bedford, by his wife Countess Anastasia Michailovna de Torby styled Lady Zia Wernher, 1st dau. of HIH Grand Duke Michael Mikailovitch of Russia


1. Lord James Harold Charles Hamilton, styled Marquess of Hamilton (b. 19 Aug 1969), a Page of Honour to HM The Queen 1982-84, mar. 7 May 2004 Tanya Nation, dau. of Douglas Nation, and has issue:

1a. Lord (James) Alfred Nicholas Hamilton, styled Viscount Strabane (b. 30 Oct 2005)

2a. Lord Claud Douglas Harold Hamilton (b. 12 Dec 2007)

2. Lord Nicholas Edward Claud Hamilton (b. 5 Jul 1979)

1. Lady Sophia Alexandra Hamilton (b. 8 Jun 1973), mar. 7 Sep 2002 Anthony Loyd, war reporter, only son of William Loyd


Member of Parliament (Ulster Un.) for Fermanagh and South Tyrone 1964-70;  High Sheriff of Co. Tyrone 1970;  Lord Lieutenant of Co. Tyrone 1987-2009;  Knight of the Garter 1999; Lord Steward of the Household -2009


 Last updated 29 Jun 2019




5th Duke of Abercorn

(Ireland, let. pat. 10 Aug 1868)

6th Marquess of Abercorn

(Great Britain, let. pat. 15 Oct 1790)

5th Marquess of Hamilton

(Ireland, let. pat. 10 Aug 1868)

14th Earl of Abercorn

(Scotland, let. pat. 10 Jul 1606)

9th Viscount Strabane

(Ireland, let. pat. 2 Sep 1701)

7th Viscount Hamilton

(Great Britain, let. pat. 8 Aug 1786)

14th Lord Paisley

(Scotland, let. pat. 29 Jul 1587)

14th Lord of Abercorn

(Scotland, let. pat. 5 Apr 1603)

14th Lord of Paisley, Hamilton, Mountcastell and Kilpatrick

(Scotland, let. pat. 10 Jul 1606)

15th Lord Hamilton, Baron of Strabane in the County of Tyrone

(Ireland, let. pat. 8 May 1617)

9th Baron Mountcastle

(Ireland, let. pat. 2 Sep 1701)

15th Baronet, styled "of Dunalong"

(Ireland, let. pat. c.1660)



Barons Court, Newtownstuart, Omagh, Co. Tyrone BT78 4EZ

Tel:  016626 61470  Fax:  016626 62231

Office Tel:  016626 61683  Office Fax:  016626 62059



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