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Long ago I decided that if at all possible Cracroft's Peerage should be a web-based genealogical resource that is free to all users. However, it costs over 1,000 a month to keep Cracroft's Peerage going.  The harsh reality is that over the years I have paid out a lot of my own money to fund the website as well as carrying out field visits for on-site research and acting as an unpaid knowledge expert.  There will shortly come a time when I will be forced to consider closing down Cracroft's Peerage due to dwindling resources.  If this happens then an awful lot of dedicated hard work will be lost to you.  So, if your visit has been worthwhile or has been of professional benefit, then please consider making a donation, however small, to The Peerage Research Trust. This is the charitable side of Cracroft's Peerage and exists to sponsor academic research into peerage and related matters as well as to raise funds so that I can continue to maintain and develop Cracroft's Peerage. To make a donation, please click on the "Donate" button below.

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The House of Lords

The House of Lords is the senior of the two Houses of Parliament. The website contains information on administration of the House of Lords, details of Lords' debates, etc.

The College of Arms

The College of Arms is the workplace of the English Kings of Arms, Heralds and Pursuivants. Their heraldic and genealogical records go back many centuries.

The Court of the Lord Lyon

The Scottish equivalent of the College of Arms, the Lyon Court is a working court and is fully part of the Scottish legal system.

Canadian Heraldic Authority

One of the newer heraldic authorities, the CHA carries out in Canada functions very similar to those of the College of Arms and the Lyon Court.

The Society of Genealogists

The SoG houses one of the largest genealogical libraries in the world. Its extensive collection of English genealogical records is second to none.

The Heraldry Society

Founded in 1948 by the late John Brooke-Little, the Society continues to educate and inform through its bi-annual journal, "The Coat of Arms", and its quarterly newsletter, "The Heraldry Gazette".

The Heraldry Society of Scotland

The HSS holds meetings and discussion groups on Scottish armorial matters, and publishes a journal.

Royal Heraldry Society of Canada

The RHSC promotes interest in and study of heraldry and related subjects in the Dominion of Canada.

Hereditary Peerage Association

The association is a discussion and lobbying group for members of the hereditary peerage.

The Standing Council of the Baronetage

Originally founded in 1898 and reconstituted in 1903, the Standing Council deals with all affairs concerning the Baronetage including publishing the Official Roll of the Baronetage.


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