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Miss Catherine Elizabeth Middleton


1A. Catherine Elizabeth ("Kate") Middleton (b. Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading, Berks. 9 Jan 1982), mar. Westminster Abbey, London 29 Apr 2011 HRH Prince William Arthur Philip Louis, 1st Duke of Cambridge



1B. Michael Francis Middleton, airline pilot and businessman (b. Chapel Allerton Nursing Home, Leeds, Yorks. 23 Jun 1949), mar. Dorney Parish Church, Bucks. 21 Jun 1980,

2B. Carole Elizabeth Goldsmith (b. Perivale Maternity Hospital, Perivale, Middlesex 31 Jan 1955)



1C. Peter Francis Middleton, pilot instructor (b. Leeds, Yorks. 1920), mar. Adel Parish Church, Leeds, Yorks. 7 Dec 1946

2C. Valerie Glassborow (b. 3 rue Giay Bompard, Marseille, France 5 Jan 1924; d. Andover, Hants. 13 Sep 2006)

3C. Ronald John James Goldsmith, engineer, road haulier and builder (b. 57 Clarence Street, Hayes, Middlesex 25 Apr 1931; d. Brook Cottage, 14 High Street, Pangbourne, Berks. 10 Sep 2003), mar. Holy Trinity Church, Southall, Middlesex 8 Aug 1953,

4C. Dorothy Harrison (b. 4 Mowbray Terrace, Sunderland, Co. Durham 26 Jun 1935; d. Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading, Berks. 21 Jul 2006)



1D. Richard Noel Middleton, solicitor (b. Otley Road, Far Headingley, Leeds, Yorks. 25 Dec 1878; d. "Fieldhead", Park Avenue, Roundhay, Leeds, Yorks. 2 Jul 1951), mar. Mill Hill Chapel, Leeds, Yorks. 6 Jan 1914,

2D. Olive Christiana Lupton (b. Leeds, Yorks. 1 Apr 1881; d. 22 Clarendon Road, Leeds, Yorks. 27 Sep 1936)

3D. Frederick George Glassborow, bank manager (b. 7 Grange Park Road, Leyton, Essex 17 Dec 1889; d. 12 Cordova Court, Earls Avenue, Folkestone, Kent 10 Jun 1954), mar. Trinity Church, St Marylebone, London 24 Jun 1920,

4D. Constance Robison (b. 8 Addison Road, Walthamstow, Essex 27 Jun 1888; d. Olde House, Church Road, Penn, Beaconsfield, Bucks. 19 Jul 1977)

5D. Stephen Charles Goldsmith, carman and labourer (b. Priory Road, Acton Green, Middlesex 6 Nov 1886; d. 5 Jan 1938), mar. Uxbridge Register Office, Middlesex 27 Mar 1909,

6D. Edith Eliza Chandler (b. New Denham, Bucks. 21 Jan 1889; d. 1971)

7D. Thomas Harrison, carpenter (b. 22 Nicholas Street, Downs, Hetton-le-Hole, Co. Durham 23 Jun 1904; d. 1936), mar. Ludhoe Parish Church, Co. Durham 12 May 1934,

8D. Elizabeth Mary Temple (b. 40 Salvin Street, Mount Pleasant, Tudhoe, Co. Durham 20 May 1903; d. 1991)



1E. John William Middleton, solicitor (b. St George's Terrace, Leeds, Yorks. 14 Feb 1839; d. Fairfield, Far Headingley, Leeds, Yorks. 16 Jul 1887), mar. Leeds Parish Church, Leeds, Yorks. 27 Aug 1863,

2E. Mary Asquith (b. George & Dragon Yard, Briggate, Leeds, Yorks. 15 Dec 1839; d. .....)

3E. Francis Martineau Lupton, woollen manufacturer (b. Potternewton, Yorks. 21 Jul 1848; d. Low Gables, Chapel Allerton, Leeds, Yorks. 5 Feb 1921), mar. Roundhay, Yorks. 6 Apr 1880,

4E. Harriet Albina Davis (b. Roundhay, Yorks. 16 Jul 1850; d. Rocksend, Newton Park, Potternewton, Yorks. 19 Jan 1892)

5E. Frederick John Glassborow, shipping manager (b. 3 Nelson Terrace, Haggerstone, Middlesex 22 Feb 1859; d. Homeleigh, Lismore Road, Beltinge, Kent 21 Dec 1932), mar. Leyton Parish Church, Essex 1 Jun 1886,

6E. Emily Jane Elliott (b. 4 Edward Street, Mile End, Middlesex 2 May 1859; d. .....)

7E. Gavin Fullarton Robison, bank clerk (b. 25 Nelson Street, Mile End, Middlesex 2 Dec 1844; d. 21 Old Dover Road, Canterbury, Kent 4 Mar 1925), mar. St Matthew's Church, Sutton St Matthew, Lincs. 2 Dec 1875,

8E. Sarah Ann Gee (b. Long Sutton, Lincs. 4 Aug 1852; d. .....)

9E. John Goldsmith, labourer (b. 3 Popham Street, Islington, Middlesex 6 Jul 1851; d. .....), mar. St Mary's Church, Paddington, Middlesex 18 Sep 1882,

10E. Jane Dorsett (b. 8 Paradise Row, Hammersmith, Middlesex 9 May 1861; d. .....)

11E. Theophilus Benjamin Chandler, plasterer (b. Malvern, Worcs. 26 May 1848; d. 8 Spencer Street, Norwood, Surrey 4 Mar 1935), mar. Stoke Poges Parish Church, Bucks. 22 Nov 1868,

12E. Amelia White (b. Iver, Bucks. 13 Feb 1846; d. 8 Spencer Street, Norwood, Surrey 22 Nov 1927)

13E. John Harrison, coal miner (b. Barrington Terrace, Hetton-le-Hole, Co. Durham 25 Jul 1874; d. .....), mar. Houghton-le-Spring Register Office, Co. Durham 23 Feb 1897,

14E. Jane Hill (b. Lyons, Hetton-le-Hole, Co. Durham 28 May 1875; d. .....)

15E. Thomas Temple, ironstone miner and gardener (b. Guisborough, Yorks. 23 May 1871; d. .....), mar. Tudhoe Parish Church, Co. Durham 8 Sep 1894,

16E. Elizabeth Myers (b. Hulam Sheraton, Easington, Co. Durham 29 Jan 1868; d. .....)



1F. William Middleton, solicitor, of Wakefield and Leeds, co. York

2F. Mary Ward, dau. of John Ward, hatter

3F. Joseph Asquith, master cloth finisher and dyer, of Leeds, co. York

4F. Ellen Ward, dau. of John Ward, hatter

5F. Francis Lupton, cloth merchant, of Leeds, co. York

6F. Frances Elizabeth Greenhow, dau. of Dr Thomas Michael Greenhow, surgeon, of Leeds, co. York (1)

7F. Rev Thomas Davis, Vicar of Roundhay, co. York

8F. Christiana Maria Hobbes, dau. of Robert Hobbes, attorney, of Stratford-on-Avon, co. Warwick

9F. Edward Thomas Glassborough, insurance company messenger, of Leyton, co. Essex

10F. Charlotte Elizabeth Ablett, dau. of John Joseph Ablett, farrier, of Lambeth, co. Surrey

11F. John Elliott, messenger, of Lambeth, co. Surrey

12F. Elizabeth Powell, dau. of Henry Powell, jeweller

13F. James Cockburn Robison, shipping clerk, of Southwark, co. Surrey

14F. Mary Newbigging, dau. of John Newbigging, of Douglas, co. Lanark

15F. Edward William Gee, draper, of Louth, co. Lincoln

16F. Elizabeth Marshall, dau. of James Marshall, gentleman

17F. John Goldsmith, labourer, of Islington, co. Middlesex

18F. Esther Jones, dau. of John Jones, labourer

19F. James Dorsett, labourer, of Hammersmith, co. Middlesex

20F. Charlotte Mercy Powell, dau. of William Stanford Powell, labourer

21F. Miles Tugwell Chandler, labourer, of Newland, co. Worcester

22F. Eliza Jenkins, dau. of John Jenkins, labourer

23F. Uriah White, baker, of Slough, co. Buckingham

24F. Jane Bowler

25F. John Harrison, coal miner, of Shadforth, Co. Durham

26F. Jane Liddle, dau. of Anthony Liddle, coal miner, of Pittington, Co. Durham (2)

27F. Thomas Hill, joiner, of Sunderland, Co. Durham

28F. Elizabeth Webster, dau. of Thomas Hay Webster, mariner

29F. Joseph Temple, ironstone miner, of Mickleby, co. York

30F. Harriet Stone, dau. of David/Samuel Stone, labourer

31F. Joseph Myers, farm labourer, of Tudhoe, Co. Durham (3)

32F. Ann Swailes, dau. of Robert Swailes, farm labourer


(1) Frances Elizabeth Greenhow was the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter of Sir William Gascoigne V, of Gawthorpe, co. York (d. 1487), who married Lady Margaret Percy, 4th and youngest dau. of Henry [Percy], 2nd Earl of Northumberland. This descent is through the familes of Gascoigne, Fairfax, Meadows, Martineau and Greenhow.  The Earl of Northumberland descended from King Edward III through both his parents. As they both share a descent from Sir William Gascoigne, the Duke of Cambridge and his wife are fourteenth cousins once removed through his late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, and fifteenth cousins through his father, Charles, Prince of Wales. Through her Gascoigne ancestry the Duchess of Cambridge is also an eighth cousin seven times removed to George Washington, first President of the United States, and a thirteenth cousin twice removed to General George Patton, Jr.


A descent from Sir William Gascoigne V is one of the commonest "royal descents" in both Britain and the United States. The New England Historic Genealogical Society has estimated that up to 50 million Americans can trace their ancestry back to King Edward III. All of these people are related (albeit very distantly) to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


(2) Through her maternal great-great-great-grandmother, Jane Liddle, the Duchess of Cambridge has a descent from an illegitimate daughter of King Edward IV through the families of Lumley, Lambton, Blakiston, Conyers of Horden, Hardy and Liddle.  This descent also connects the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they both descend from Sir Thomas Lumley and his wife, Elizabeth Plantagenet.  Sir Thomas Lumley had one line of descent from King Edward III and his wife three lines.  Their closest relationship through this descent is eleventh cousins once removed through a joint descent from Sir William Blakiston, of Wickham, Co. Durham, and his wife Jane Lambton, a great-great-grandaughter of Sir Thomas Lumley.  Jame Lambton herself had five different lines of descent from King Edward III. It should be noted that in an article on the Duchess of Cambridge Wikipedia quotes a typographical error from The Complete Peerage.  There is absolutely no doubt that Sir Thomas Lumley and his wife had several children, two sons and three daughters, all of whom have descendants living today.


Jane Liddle's great-great-grandfather, Sir Thomas Conyers, 9th Bt., was the last of the Horden Conyers.  He had inherited the title but none of the family estates or money and towards the end of his life was living in the workhouse in Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham.  Had he not been rescued by well wishers he would have died there.  He left three daughters, each of whom married local tradesmen, two in Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham,  and one in Sedgefield, Co. Durham.  Jane Conyers, the eldest daughter, married William Hardy, and their eldest daughter, Jane Hardy, married James Liddle, a pitman.  He was the grandfather of Jane Liddle.  The sad story of the Conyers of Horden is a perfect example of the fluidity of the English class system where families can both rise and fall.


(3) In a letter to The Times on 15 June 2013 Michael Cole, the former BBC TV Court Correspondent, said, speaking of the Duchess: "Her mother, Carole Middleton, is the daughter of Ronald Goldsmith and Dorothy Harrison, both Jews.  The parents of Dorothy were Robert Harrison and Elizabeth Temple, both Jews.  Elizabeth was descended from the Myers, a distinguished 19th-century Jewish family.  The Duchess of Cambridge is a Jew on her matriarchal side and therefore her baby will be a Jew, according to Jewish law and tradition."  Ignoring the deplorable tone of the comments, the Editor has found no evidence that the Duchess of Cambridge has any Jewish connections.  Her grandparents, Ronald Goldsmith and Dorothy Harrison, were married in a Church of England ceremony in Holy Trinity Church, Southall, in 1953.  Her great-grandparents, Thomas Harrison and Elizabeth Temple, were married in a Church of England ceremony in Tudhoe Parish Church, Co. Durham, in 1934, and her great-great-grandparents, Thomas Temple and Elizabeth Myers, were also married there in 1894.  None of this suggests a Jewish connection. As far as the Editor is aware "Myer" does occur as a Jewish surname, but the Duchess's ancestors were a poor and very undistinguished family of farm labourers based in Co. Durham and were called "Myers" not "Myer". Speaking to the Editor, a spokesperson from the Jewish Family History Society said that as far as they were concerned the Duchess had no Jewish ancestry.


At the time of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's engagement there were some disparaging comments in the British press about her background. This was totally unfounded. Looking at her paternal ancestry, her four great-great-grandparents on her father's side show a range of what might be called "middle class" employments and the four on her mother's side a range of what might be called "working class"employments. Indeed the Lupton family, very wealthy Yorkshire woollen manufacturers, while not "landed gentry" as such, had sufficient social status to entertain senior members of the British Royal Family at their very grand homes in Leeds.


This pattern is not at all unusual and many, many people in this country have amongst their great-great-grandparents ancestors who come from a variety of social classes. As mentioned above, the Duchess of Cambridge's ancestry proves the fluidity of British society and shows how some families can rise up the social tree and some fall down it, both in a relatively short time.


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