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Charlotte de la Trémoille, Countess of Derby


1A. Charlotte de la Trémoille (d. 21 Mar 1663/4), mar. 26 Jun 1626 James [Stanley], 7th Earl of Derby



1B. Claude de la Trémoille, 2nd Duke of Thouars, Prince of Taranto (b. 1566; d. 25 Oct 1604), mar.,

2B. Charlotte Brabantine of Nassau-Dillenburg (b. 17 Sep 1580; d. Aug 1631)



1C. Louis III de la Trémoille, 1st Duke of Thouars, Prince of Taranto (b. 1521; d. 25 Mar 1577), mar. 1549,

2C. Jeanne de Montmorency (b. 1528; d. 1596)

3C. William I the Silent, Prince of Orange and Stadtholder of Holland 1579-1584 (b. 24 Apr 1533; d. 10 Jul 1584), mar. (3),

4C. Charlotte of Bourbon-Montpensier (b. 1547; d. 1582)



1D. Francis II de la Trémoille, Vicomte de Thouars (b. 1505; d. 1541), mar. 23 Jan 1521,

2D. Anne of Laval, de jure Princess of Taranto (b. 1505; d. 1554)

3D. Anne de Montmorency, 1st Duke of Montmorency (b. 15 Mar 1493; d. 12 Nov 1567), mar.,

4D. Madeleine of Savoy-Tende (b. c. 1510; d. c. 1586)

5D. William I the Elder, Count of Nassau-Dillenburg 1516-1559 (b. 10 Apr 1487; d. 6 Oct 1559), mar. 20 Sep 1531,

6D. Juliana of Stolberg (b. 16 Feb 1506; d. 18 Jun 1580)

7D. Louis of Bourbon, 2nd Duke of Montpensier (bi 10 Jun 1513; d. 23 Sep 1582), mar. 1538,

8D. Jacqueline de Longwy (d. 1561)



1E. Charles I de la Trémoille, Vicomte de Thouars (d. 1515), mar.,

2E. Louise de Coetivy

3E. Guy XVI, Count of Laval (b. Oct 1476; d. 20 May 1531), mar. (1) 27 Jan 1500,

4E. Charlotte of Naples, Princess of Taranto (d. 1506)

5E. William de Montmorency, Lord of Montmorency

6E. Anne Pot (b. 11453; d. 24 Sep 1510)

7E. René of Savoy, Count of Tende (illegit.) (b. 1473; d. 31 Mar 1525), mar. 28 Jan 1501,

8E. Anne de Laskaris, suo jure Countess of Tende (b. Nov 1487; d. Jul 1554)

9E. John V, Count of Nassau-Dillenburg 1475-1516 (b. 1455; d. 30 Jul 1516), mar.,

10E. Elizabeth of Hesse-Marburg (b. 1466; d. 1523)

11E. Botho VIII, Count of Stolberg 1511-1538 (b. 4 Jun 1467; d. 18 Jun 1538), mar.,

12E. Anna of Eppstein zu Königstein (b. 1482; d. 1538)

13E. Louis of Bourbon, Prince of La Roche-sur-Yon (b. 1473; d. 1520), mar.,

14E. Louise of Bourbon, 1st Duchess of Montpensier 1538-1561 (b. 1482; d. 5 Jul 1561)

15E. John IV de Longwy, Lord of Pagny, mar.,

16E. Jeanne of Angoulême (illegit.), Countess of Bar-sur-Seine 1522-1535 (b. 1490; d. 1535)



1F. Louis II de la Trémoille, Vicomte de Thouars

2F. Gabrielle of Bourbon-Montpensier, dau. of Louis I of Bourbon, Count of Montpensier 1403-1412

3F. Charles de Coetivy


5F. John of Laval, Lord of La Roche-Bernard

6F. Jeanne du Perrier

7F. Frederick IV, King of Naples 1496-1501

8F. Anne of Savoy, dau. of Amadeus IX, Duke of Savoy 1465-1472



11F. Guy Pot

12F. Marie of Villiers De L'Isle Adam

13F. Philip II, Duke of Savoy 1496-97

14F. Libera Portoneria

15F. John Anthony II de Lascaris, Count of Tende

16F. Isabelle d'Anglure

17F. Jan IV, Count of Nassau

18F. Maria van Loon-Heinsberg

19F. Henry III, Landgrave of Hesse-Marburg 1458-1483

20F. Anna of Katzenelnbogen, dau. of Philip, Count of Katzenelnbogen

21F. Henry the Elder, Count of Stolberg

22F. Margaret of Mansfeld, dau. of Volrad, Count of Mansfeld

23F. Philip, Lord of Eppstein zu Königstein

24F. Louise de La Marck-Rochefort, dau. of Louis de La Marck, Lord of Rochefort

25F. John II of Bourbon, Count of La Marche & Vendôme 1446-1478

26F. Isabelle de Beauvieu, dau. of Louis de Beauvieu, Seneschal of Anjou

27F. Gilbert of Bourbon, Count of Montpensier 1486-1496

28F. Clara Gonzaga, dau. of Federico I Gonzaga, Marquis of Mantua 1478-1484

29F. Philip de Longwy, Lord of Givry

30F. Jeanne de Bouffremot, dau. of Peter de Bouffremot, Count of Charny

31F. Charles of Orleans, Count of Angoulême 1467-1496

32F. Antoinette de Polignac, dau. of Foucarde de Polignac


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