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Egmont, Earl of (I, 1733 - 2011)


Creation: let. pat. 6 Nov 1733


Extinct:  6 Nov 2011


Family name: Perceval




Quarterly:  1st and 4th, Argent on a Chief indented Gules three Crosses Patée of the field (Perceval);  2nd and 3rd, Barry nebuly of six Or and Gules (Lovel)


A Thistle Erect leaved proper


On the dexter side an Antelope Argent attired and unguled Or ducally gorged and chained of the last, and on the sinister a Stag Sable attired and unguled Or ducally gorged and chained of the last, each holding in the mouth a Thistle proper


Sub Cruce Candida (Under the white cross)



John [Perceval], 1st Baron Perceval later 1st Viscount Perceval later 1st Earl of Egmont, PC

2nd son of Sir John Perceval, 3rd Bt., of Lohort Castle, Kanturk, co.Cork, by his wife Catherine Dering, dau. of Sir Edward Dering, 2nd Bt.


22 Jul 1683


10 Jun 1710 Catherine Parker (b. c.1689; d. 22 Aug 1749), 1st dau. and cohrss. in her issue of Sir Philip Parker, 2nd Bt., of Erwarton, co. Suffolk, by his wife Mary Fortray, dau. of Samuel Fortray, of Byall Fen, co. Cambridge


1. Hon John Perceval, later 2nd Earl of Egmont

1. Lady Catharine Perceval, mar. after 14 Apr 1733 Thomas Hanmer MP, of The Fenns, co. Flint (dsp. 1737), 1st son and heir of William Hanmer, of The Fenns, co. Flint, by his wife Esther Jennens, sister and hrss. of Charles Jennens, of Gopsall, co. Leicester

2. Lady Helena Perceval (dspm. . 11 Jun 1746), mar. 10 Nov 1741 as his first wife John [Rawdon], 1st Earl of Moira, and had issue


1 May 1748


21 Apr 1715 Baron Perceval, of Burton in the County of Cork, with remainder to the heirs male of his father

25 Feb 1722/3 Viscount Perceval, of Kanturk in the County of Cork

6 Nov 1733 Earl of Egmont

suc. by



suc. his elder brother 9 Nov 1691 as 5th Baronet of Burton;  FRS 1701; Member of Parliament for Co. Cork 1703-15; Privy Councillor [I] 1704; Member of Parliament (Whig) for Harwich 1727-34; Recorder of Harwich 1728-34; President of Georgia 1732


John [Perceval], 2nd Earl of Egmont, PC


24 Feb 1710/1

mar. (1)

15 Feb 1736/7 Lady Catherine Cecil (b. 6 Aug 1719; d. 16 Aug 1752), 2nd dau. of James [Cecil], 5th Earl of Salisbury, by his wife Lady Ann Tufton, 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Thomas [Tufton], 6th Earl of Thanet

children by first wife

1. Hon John James Perceval, later 3rd Earl of Egmont

2. Hon Cecil Parker Perceval (b. 19 Oct 1739; dvp. 4 Mar 1753)

3. Hon Philip Tufton Perceval (b. 10 Mar 1741; d. 21 Apr 1795)

4. Hon Edward Perceval (b. 21 Apr 1744; dspm. 1829), mar. 1775 Sarah Howarth (dspm. 1808), dau. of John Howarth, and had issue:

1a. Margaret Cecil Perceval (d. 22 Jan 1850)

2a. Mary Cecil (d. 4 Jan 1847)

3a. Isabella Cecil (d. 18...)

5. Hon Frederick Augustus Perceval (b. 11 Feb 1749 ; dvp. 21 Jun 1757)

1. Lady Catherine Perceval (b. 20 Feb 1745/6; d. Jun 1782), mar. 15 Sep 1766 as his first wife Thomas [Wynn], 1st Baron Newborough, and had issue

mar. (2)

26 Jan 1756 Lady Catherine Compton (b. 4 Jun 1731; cr. 23 May 1770 Baroness Arden, of Lohort Castle in the County of Cork;  d. 17 Jun 1784), sister of Spencer [Compton], 8th Earl of Northampton, and 3rd dau .of Hon Charles Compton (by his wife Mary Lucy, only child of Sir Berkeley Lucy, 3rd Bt., of Broxburne, co. Hertford), 3rd son by his first wife of George [Compton], 4th Earl of Northampton

children by second wife

6. Charles George [Perceval], 2nd and 1st Baron Arden (cr. 20 Jul 1802 Baron Arden, of Arden in the County of Warwick), Member of Parliament for Launceston 1780-90, for Warwick 1790-96 and for Totnes 1796-1802, a Lord of the Admiralty 1783-1801, FRS 1786, Registrar of the Court of Admiralty 1790-1840, Privy Councillor 1801, Master of the Mint 1801-02, Commissioner of the India Board 1801-03, a Lord of the Bedchamber 1804-12, Lord Lieutenant of Surrey 1830-40 (b. 1 Oct 1756; d. 5 Jul 1840), mar. 1 Mar 1787 Margaret Elizabeth Wilson (b. 4 Apr 1768; d. 20 May 1851), 1st dau. of Gen Sir Thomas Spencer Wilson, 6th Bt., by his wife Jane Badger-Weller, dau. of John Badger-Weller, of Charlton, co. Kent, and had issue:

1a. Hon Charles Thomas Perceval (b. 20 Nov 1791; dvp. 17 Nov 1793)

2a. Hon John Perceval (b. 13 Apr 1793; dvp. 15 Mar 1818), mar. 20 Aug 1816 Lady Elizabeth Anne Brudenell (b. 6 Mar 1795; mar. (2) as his first wife William John [Brodrick], 7th Viscount Midleton; d. 24 Nov 1824), 1st dau. of Robert [Brudenell], 6th Earl of Cardigan, by his wife Penelope Anne Cooke, 2nd dau. of George John Cooke, of Harefield Park, co. Middlesex, and had issue:

1b. Elizabeth Helena Perceval (d. young 14 Nov 1823)

3a. Hon George James Perceval, later 3rd and 2nd Baron Arden later 6th Earl of Egmont

4a. Hon Edward Perceval (b. 30 Jul 1795; dsps. 10 Mar 1840), mar. 20 Mar 1821 his cousin Jane Perceval (dsps. 13 Jan 1824), 1st dau. of Rt Hon Spencer Perceval MP, First Lord of the Treasury (Prime Minister) 1809-12, by his wife Jane Wilson, 2nd dau. of Gen Sir Thomas Spencer Wilson, 6th Bt.

5a. Rev Hon Charles George Perceval, Rector of Calverton, co. Buckingham (b. 25 Dec 1796 ; d. 26 Jul 1858), mar. (1) 21 Apr 1829 Mary Knapp (d. 6 Nov 1832), only dau. of Rev Primatt Knapp, Rector of Shenley Mansell, and had issue:

1b. Lady Mary Perceval, granted the rank and style of the daughter of an Earl by Royal Warrant (d. 25 Apr 1891), mar. 12 Oct 1865 Rev Richard Norris Russell, Rector of Beachampton, and had issue

Rev Hon Charles Perceval mar. (2) 13 Sep 1842 Frances Agnes Trevelyan (d. 16 Oct 1873), 2nd dau. of Ven George Trevelyan, Archdeacon of Taunton, and had further issue:

1b. Charles George Perceval, later 7th Earl of Egmont

6a. Rev Hon Arthur Philip Perceval, Rector of East Horsley, co. Surrey, Chaplin to Queen Victoria (b. 22 Nov 1799; d. 11 Jun 1853), mar. 15 Dec 1825 Charlotte Anne Legge (d. 21 Jun 1856), 1st dau. of Rev Hon Augustus George Legge, Rector of Wonston and North Waltham, co. Hampshire (by his wife Honora Bagot, 1st dau. of Rev Walter Bagot), 5th son of William [Legge], 2nd Earl of Dartmouth, and had issue:

1b. Augustus George Perceval (b. 2 Mar 1829; dsps. 19 Aug 1896), mar. (1) 12 Aug 1852 Emma Matthews (d. 27 Mar 1873), 2nd dau. of John Matthews, and (2) 6 Feb 1875 Margaret Amelia Frances Clemow (d. 14 Feb 1911), dau. of Capt William John Clemow

2b. Charles John Perceval (b. 19 May 1831; d. 14 Oct 1894), mar. 19 May 1852 Eleanor Matthews (d. 11 Jun 1865), yst. dau. of John Matthews, (2) 19 Jun 1869 Maria Sickler (widow of Alfred Julius Sickler; dsp. 5 Aug 1876), dau. of Dr John Summers, and (3) 19 Nov 1877 Elizabeth Wyer (d. 24 Mar 1828), dau. of William Wyer, of Ripplingdale, co. Lincoln, and had issue by his first wife:

1c. Augustus Arthur Perceval, later 8th Earl of Egmont

2c. Charles John Perceval, later 9th Earl of Egmont

3b. Spencer Arthur Perceval (b. 27 Jun 1832; d. 4 Feb 1910), mar. 2 Jun 1857 (div. 1900) Marianne Dunnage, 1st dau. of Rev George Dunnage, of Papanui, New Zealand, and had issue:

1c. Arthur Philip Charles Perceval (b. 2 Apr 1858; dsp. 11 May 1893), mar. 1879 Elizabeth Sarah Searle (d. 1888), dau. of John Searle

2c. Henry Godfrey Perceval (b. 20 Aug 1861; murdered with his wife and dau. in Nebraska USA 29 Sep 1884), mar. 27 Dec 1882 Mary Cornelia Tanner, dau. of Rev George C Tanner, and had issue:

1d. Ellen Mary Perceval (murdered with her parents 29 Sep 1884)

1c. Mary Henrietta Perceval (d. 22 Nov 1937), mar. (1) 20 Nov 1883 as his third wife her first cousin once removed Rev Gilbert Vyvyan Heathcote, Rector of West Deeping, co. Lincoln (b. 12 Jul 1830; d. 7 Feb 1890), 3rd son of Rt Hon Sir William Heathcote, 5th Bt., of Hursley, by his first wife Hon Caroline Frances Perceval, 2nd dau. of Charles George [Perceval], 2nd and 1st Baron Arden, and (2) 25 Feb 1897 Henry Gourlay JP, of Kempshott Park, co. Hampshire (d. 1915), and had issue by both husbands

2c. Louisa Charlotte Perceval (dvp. 31 Mar 1892)

4b. Cmdr Henry Legge Perceval RN (b. 2 Apr 1836; d. 15 Aug 1869)

1b. Helena Honora Perceval (d. 5 Jul 1913)

2b. Frances Charlotte Perceval (dvp. 3 Sep 1846), mar. 20 Aug 1846 Rev H S Cerjat, Rector of West Horsley, co. Surrey (d. 1894)

3b. Louisa Mary Perceval (d. 23 Apr 1876)

4b. Caroline Adelaide Perceval (d. 23 May 1930), mar. 14 Feb 1865 Rev Edward Henry Landon (d. 1877), and had issue

5b. Charlotte Elizabeth Perceval (d. 15 Aug 1877), mar. 25 Jan 1865 Rev James Stanley Percival, Vicar of St Mark's, Peterborough (d. 22 Dec 1873), 2nd son of Stanley O Percival, of Bridgefoot House, Barnet, and had issue

1a. Hon Catherine Perceval (d. 19 Aug 1850)

2a. Hon Helena Perceval (d. 17 Mar 1881), mar. 9 Jan 1816 Rev Frederic Steuart Trench, 1st son of Very Rev Thomas Trench DD, Dean of Kildare, by his wife Mary Weldon, 1st dau. of Walter Weldon MP, of Rahinderry, and had issue

3a. Hon Caroline Frances Perceval (d. 3 Mar 1835), mar. 8 Nov 1825 as his first wife Rt Hon Sir William Heathcote, 5th Bt., of Hursley, and had issue

7. Rt Hon Spencer Perceval MP, barrister, solicitor, Attorney-General, Chancellor of the Exchequer, First Lord of the Treasury (Prime Minister) 1809-12 (b. 4 Nov 1762; assassinated 11 May 1812 in the lobby of the House of Commons by John Bellingham), mar. 10 Aug 1790 Jane Wilson (mar. (2) 12 Jan 1815 Lt Gen Sir Henry Carr KCB; d. 26 Jan 1844), 2nd dau. of Gen Sir Thomas Spencer Wilson, 6th Bt., by his wife Jane Badger-Weller, dau. of John Badger-Weller, of Charlton, co. Kent, and had issue:

1a. Spencer Perceval MP, of Elm Grove, Ealing (b. 11 Sep 1795; d. 16 Sep 1859), mar. 3 Jul 1821 Anna Eliza Macleod (d. 2 Oct 1889), yst. dau. of Gen Norman Macleod of Macleod, and had issue:

1b. Spencer Perceval, barrister (b. 20 Sep 1828; d. 2 Jan 1890)

2b. Lieut John Spencer Perceval (b. 3 Feb 1833; killed 23 Oct 1863 in a skirmish with Maoris on the Mauka River, New Zealand)

3b. Capt Norman Spencer Perceval (n. 31 Oct 1838; dsp. 1 Oct 1902), mar. 2 Feb 1859 Elizabeth Patmore (d. 4 Dec 1910), dau. of James Patmore

1b. Anna Jane Perceval (d. 23 Oct 1895)

2b. Fanny Sarah Perceval (d. 20 Apr 1850)

3b. Emily Isabella Perceval (d. 18 May 1856)

4b. Louisa Perceval (d. 7 May 1913)

4b. Maria Anne Perceval (dsp. 2 Jun 1895), mar. 12 Aug 1884 Maj Gen Arthur Stevens

6b. Eleanor Irving Perceval (d. 6 Dec 1879), mar. 17 Apr 1860 Sir Alexander Matheson, 1st Bt. MP, and had issue

7b. Jane Perceval (d. 24 Sep 1896), mar. 25 Aug 1870 Dr Howard Marsh, Master of Downing College, Cambridge (d. 24 Jun 1915), and had issue

8b. Helen Margaret Perceval (d. 12 Jan 1891)

2a. Frederick James Perceval (b. 6 Oct 1797; d. 22 Jul 1861), mar. (1) 25 Jul 1827 Mary Barker (d. 24 Apr 1843), 1st dau. of William Barker, of Burn House, co. Derby, and had issue:

1b. Spencer Frederick John Perceval (b. 24 Nov 1829; d. 21 May 1887), mar. 30 Mar 1867 Ellen Anne Norton (d. 10 Oct 1889), 2nd dau. of Owens Norton, of Edgbaston, co. Warwick, and had issue:

1c. Frances Emma Maryon Perceval (d. c.1900), mar. 28 Jan 1890 Dr Roderick Macdonald MP

1b. Frederica Mary Jane Perceval (d. 14 Feb 1903), mar. 18 Apr 1860 William Waterhouse, of West Kensington, London (d. 24 Jan 1890), and had issue

Frederick Perceval mar. (2) 6 Apr 1844 Emma Gilbert (d. 23 Dec 1870), 2nd dau. of Ralph Gilbert, and had further issue:

2b. George Drummond Ince Perceval (b. 7 Mar 1847; d. 19 Jan 1920), mar. 4 Oct 1870 Marianne Baxter, dau. of Edward Baxter, and had issue:

1c. Frederick Joseph Trevelyan Perceval, later de jure 10th Earl of Egmont

2c. George Ernest Spencer Perceval (b. 18 Jul 1874; dsp. 10 Dec 1965), mar. 21 Sep 1910 Margaret Eadington (d. Apr 1946), dau. of Peter Eadington, of Liverpool

3b. Charles Augustus Trevelyan Perceval (b. 19 Jul 1848; d. 5 Jan 1898), mar. 2 Apr 1890 Annie Evison (d. 5 Apr 1932), 3rd dau. of Thomas Evison, of Hornsey, and had issue:

1c. Gordon Lawrence Perceval (b. 19 Dec 1891; dsp. 19...), mar. 15 Jun 1914 Constance Mary Victoria Yelland, 1st dau. of Samuel Ernest Yelland, of Hove, co. Sussex

4b. Montagu William Cairns Perceval MRCP (b. 25 Jan 1850; dspm. 1923), mar. (1) 27 Jun 1871 Elizabeth Anne Middleton (d. 1871), dau. of William Middleton, of Oakley Wood Farm, co. Warwick, and (2) 21 Aug 1879 Jane Teresa Louisa Kendrick (widow of K J A Kendrick; d. 193..), 1st dau. of Bond Coxe, barrister, and had issue by his first wife:

1c. Emma Perceval (b. 1872; d. Jan 1956)

2c. Clara Elizabeth Perceval (b. 1873; d. 9 Aug 1970), mar. 1899 Rev Edward George Higgin, Vicar of West Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia (d. 1934), and had issue

5b. James Wilde Godfroy Perceval (b. 20 Mar 1854; d. 14 Jan 1905), mar. 2 Mar 1882 Jane Milne Louttit (d. 20 Mar 1940), dau. of Dr James Louttit, of Blackheath, London, and had issue:

1c. Spencer Ralph Perceval (b. 7 Sep 1889; dsp. 19...), mar. 23 Mar 1918 Mabel Newbold, dau. of Alfred Annerley Newbold

1c. Emma Johanna Perceval (b. 26 Apr 1884; d. 11 Jun 1965), mar. 23 Dec 1918 Edward Vere Monday (d. 18 Sep 1953), son of Edward Goddard Monday

2c. Christina Jane Perceval (b. 25 Dec 1885; d. 11 Feb 1960), mar. 4 Sep 1923 William Francis Fowke, of Bracton, co. Stafford (d. 2 May 1936)

3a. Rev Henry Perceval, Rector of Elmley Lovett, co. Worcester (b. 2 Aug 1799; d. Apr 1885), mar. 27 Mar 1826 his cousin Catherine Isabella Drummond (d. 12 Feb 1870), 2nd dau. of Andrew Berkeley Drummond, of Cadland, co. Hampshire, banker, by his wife Lady Mary Perceval, 1st dau. by his second wife of John [Perceval], 2nd Earl of Egmont, and had issue:

1b. Henry Spencer Perceval (b. 8 Jan 1827; d. 21 Jan 1876), mar. 11 Jun 1853 Fanny Tayler (d. 27 Aug 1874), 1st dau. of Rev Thomas Tayler, and had issue:

1c. Rev Ascelin Spencer Perceval, Vicar of Mackworth and Headmaster, Malvern House School, Derby (b. 13 Feb 1855; d. 24 Apr 1910)

1c. Amy Perceval (d. 16 Oct 1848)

2c. Lilian Perceval (d. 13 Mar 1942)

1b. Catherine Mary Perceval (b. c.1829; d. 9 Apr 1923)

4a. Dudley Montagu Perceval (b. 22 Oct 1800; d. 2 Sep 1856), mar. 24 Jul 1827 Mary Jane Bourke (d. 21 May 1888), dau. of Gen Sir Richard Bourke KCB, Governor of New South Wales, and had issue:

1b. Charles Spencer Perceval, Secretary to the Commissioners of Lunacy (b. 11 Feb 1829; d. 29 Jan 1889), mar. 2 Jan 1868 Mary Elinor Vere O'Brien (d. 19 Jun 1924), 1st dau. of Hon Robert O'Brien (by his wife Elinor Jane Alicia Lucy de Vere, 1st dau. of Sir Aubrey de Vere, 2nd Bt.), yr. brother of Lucius [O'Brien], 13th Baron Inchiquin, and 4th son of Sir Edward O'Brien, 4th Bt., and had issue:

1c. Dudley Percival (b. 9 Aug 1874; d. 31 Jan 1956), mar. 6 Jul 1914 Hon Mary Elizabeth Massey (d. 16 Dec 1960), only dau. of Lionel Edward [Massey], 5th Baron Clarina, by his first wife Elizabeth Ellen Bannatyne, 1st dau. of Alexander Bannatyne, of Woodsdown, co. Limerick, and had issue:

1d. Dr Philip Edward Perceval (b. 26 Mar 1915; dspm. 23 May 1996), mar. 20 Nov 1945 Joan Margaret Hacking (dspm. 1993), only dau. of Lt Col Alfred Hacking DSO MC, and had issue:

1e. Elizabeth Margaret Perceval (b. 14 Jul 1947)

1d. Mary Leonora Perceval (b. 17 Oct 1916)

2c. Lieut Edward Percival (b. 29 Jan 1877; killed in action in the Boer War 18 Feb 1900)

1c. Ellen Mary Perceval (dvp. an infant 29 May 1869)

2c. Margaret Percival (b. 3 Jun 1870; d. 1943)

3c. Edith Perceval (b. 8 Mar 1872; d. 19...)

1b. Isabel Jane Perceval (b. c.1830; d. 27 Dec 1921), mar. 30 Apr 1851 Arthur Armitage (d. 1892), of Radnor, Ross, co. Hereford, and had issue

5a. Capt John Thomas Perceval (b. 14 Feb 1803; d. 28 Feb 1876), mar. 31 Mar 1834 Anna Gardner (d. 23 Jan 1883), dau. of Thomas Gardner, and had issue:

1b. Jane Beatrice Perceval (d. 9 Oct 1893)

2b. Alice Frederica Perceval (b. 1836; d. 10 Jun 1941)

3b. Selina Maria Perceval (d. 5 Nov 1925), mar. 23 Jun 1870 her cousin Sir Horatio George Walpole KCB, Assistant Under-Secretary of State for India 1883-1907, Secretary of the Royal Commission on Civil Establishments 1886-90 (b. 9 Sep 1843; d. 29 Jun 1923), 2nd son of Rt Hon Spencer Horatio Walpole MP by his wife and cousin Isabella Perceval, 2nd dau. of Rt Hon Spencer Perceval, First Lord of the Treasury (Prime Minister) 1809-12, and had issue

4b. Fanny Louisa Charlotte Perceval (dvp. 12 Nov 1862)

6a. Capt Ernest Augustus Perceval, of Seven House, Henbury, co. Gloucester, and Longwitton Hall, Morpeth, co. Northumberland (b. 17 May 1807; d. 19 Jan 1896), mar. 13 May 1830 his cousin Beatrice Trevelyan (d. 19 Mar 1898), 4th dau. of Sir John Trevelyan, 5th Bt., of Nettlecombe, co. Somerset, by his wife Maria Wilson, 3rd dau. of Gen Sir Thomas Spencer Wilson, 6th Bt., of Charlton, co. Kent, and had issue:

1b. Capt Ernest Augustus Percival, of Longwitton Hall, Morpeth, co. Northumberland (b. 28 Mar 1835; d. 14 Mar 1924)

2b. Spencer George Percival (b. 8 Jul 1838; d. 7 Mar 1922)

3b. Hugh Spencer Perceval (b. 23 Apr 12839; dvp. 28 May 1840)

4b. Alfred Spencer Percival, of Yvery, Knyveton Road, Bournemouth, co. Dorset (b. 14 Jul 1843; dsp. 11 Mar 1935), mar. 8 Sep 1881 Agnes Laura Tharp (d. 1 Nov 1921), 3rd dau. of Rev Augustus James Tharp, Rector of Snailwell with Chippenham, son of John Tharp, of Chippenham Park, co. Cambridge

5b. Edmund Dudley Spencer Percival (b. 1 Mar 1848; dvp. 13 Feb 1869)

6b. Cecil Henry Spencer Percival (b. 8 May 1849; dsp. 8 May 1920), mar. 24 Jan 1895 Henrietta Mary Murray Pratt (d. 11 Apr 1936), 2nd dau. of Rev Jermyn Pratt, of Ryston Hall, co. Norfolk, by his wife Mary Louisa Murray, dau. of Rt Rev George Murray DD, Bishop of Rochester

1b. Beatrice Percival (b. 2 Jul 1831; dvp. 13 Apr 1832)

2b. Jane Maria Percival (d. 9 Oct 1922)

3b. Beatrice Percival (d. 17 Jul 1915)

4b. Frederica Fanny Percival (d. 19...)

5b. Emma Catherine Percival (d. 19...)

6b. Louisa Harriet Percival (d. 19 Jan 1908)

1a. Jane Perceval (dsp. 13 Jan 1824), mar. 20 Mar 1821 her cousin Hon Edward Perceval (b. 30 Jul 1795; dsp. 10 Mar 1840), 3rd son of Charles George [Perceval], 2nd and 1st Baron Arden

2a. Frances Percival (b. c.1792; d. 29 Apr 1877)

3a. Maria Perceval (d. 19 Jan 1877)

4a. Isabella Perceval (b. c.1802; d. 16 Jul 1886), mar. 6 Oct 1835 her cousin Rt Hon Spencer Horatio Walpole QC, Member of Parliament for Cambridge University 1856-82, Home Secretary 1852, 1858 and 1866 (b. 11 Sep 1806; d. 22 May 1898), 2nd son of Thomas Walpole, of Stagbury Park, co. Surrey, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to Bavaria, by his wife Lady Margaret Perceval, 4th dau. by his second wife of John [Perceval], 2nd Earl of Egmont, and had issue

5a. Louisa Perceval (d. 13 Sep 1891)

6a. Frederica Elizabeth Perceval (d. 12 May 1900)

2. Lady Mary Perceval (d. 18 Sep 1839), mar. 2 Apr 1781 Andrew Berkeley Drummond, of Cadland, co. Hampshire, banker (b. 11 Sep 1755; d. 27 Dec 1833), 1st son and heir of Hon Robert Drummond, of Cadland, co. Hampshire, and Charing Cross, London, banker (by his wife Winifred Thompson, dau. of William Thompson, of Ipsden, co. Oxford), 3rd son of William [Drummond], 4th Viscount Strathallan, and had issue

3. Lady Elizabeth Percival (d. 4 Apr 1846)

4. Lady Frances Perceval (b. 4 Dec 1767; d. 22 Aug 1817), mar. 6 Jun 1803 John [Mitford later Freeman-Mitford], 1st Baron Redesdale, and had issue

5. Lady Margaret Perceval (d. 12 Dec 1854), mar. 1 Dec 1803 Thomas Walpole, of Stagbury Park, co. Surrey, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to Bavaria (b. 23 May 1755; d. 3 Nov 1840), 1st son and heir of Hon Thomas Walpole MP (by his wife Elizabeth Vanneck, sister of Joshua [Vanneck], 1st Baron Huntingfield, and 1st dau. of Sir Joshua Vanneck, 1st Bt), 2nd son of Horatio [Walpole], 1st Baron Walpole, and had issue


20 Dec 1770


7 May 1762 Lord Lovel and Holland, Baron Lovel and Holland, of Enmore in the County of Somerset

suc. by

son by first wife


Member of Parliament for Dingle 1731-48, for Westminster 1741-47, for Weobley 1747-54 and for Bridgwater 1754-62; FSA 1736; a Lord of the Bedchamber to the Prince of Wales 1748-51; Privy Councillor 1755; Joint Postmaster General 1762-63; First Commissioner of the Admiralty 1763-66; FRS 1764


John James [Perceval], 3rd Earl of Egmont


23 Jan 1737/8


4 Jun 1765 his cousin Isabella Paullet (b. c.1737; d. 8 Sep 1821), only child and hrss. of Lord Nassau Paulett (by his wife Lady Isabella Tufton, 5th dau. and cohrss. of Thomas [Tufton], 6th Earl of Thanet), only son by his third wife of Charles [Paulett], 2nd Duke of Bolton

only child

1. Hon John Perceval, later 4th Earl of Egmont


25 Feb 1822

suc. by



joined the Army 1760 and served with the allied forces in Germany under Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick; Lt Col, 1st Regiment of Foot Guards; Member of Parliament (Tory) for Bridgwater 1762-69; Lord Lieutenant of Somerset 1773-74


John [Perceval], 4th Earl of Egmont


13 Aug 1767


10 Mar 1792 Bridget Wynn (d. 24 Jan 1826), only dau. of Lt Col Glynn Wynn MP (brother of Thomas [Wynn], 1st Baron Newborough), by his wife Bridget Pugh, 1st dau. of Edward Philip Pugh, of Penrhyn and Coytmore

only child

1. Hon Henry Frederick John James Perceval, later 5th Earl of Egmont


31 Dec 1835

suc. by



Henry Frederick John James [Perceval], 5th Earl of Egmont


3 Jan 1796


c.Nov 1828 Countess Louisa Maria d'Orselet, yst. dau. of Count d'Orselet


s.p.m.s. 23 Dec 1841

suc. by

half-cousin once removed


Member of Parliament (Tory) for East Looe 1826


George James [Perceval], 3rd and 2nd Baron Arden later 6th Earl of Egmont


14 Mar 1794


24 Jul 1819 Jane Hornby (b. 29 Jul 1795; d. 14 Oct 1870), 1st dau. of John Hornby, of Hook House, co. Hampshire, by his wife Jane Wynne, dau. of William Wynne, of Wern, co. Carnarvon


s.p. 2 Aug 1874

suc. by



entered the Navy 1805, serving at the Battle of Trafalgar and in the Egyptian Expedition where he was in command at the Battle of Algiers; suc. his father 24 Nov 1824 as 3rd and 2nd Baron Arden; Member of Parliament (Conservative) for West Surrey 1837-40; President of the Royal Agricultural Society 1847; Rear Admiral 1851; Admiral 1865


Charles George [Perceval], 7th Earl of Egmont


15 Jun 1845


4 May 1869 Lucy King (mar. (2) 12 Dec 1898 Alfred Brisco, yst. son of Sir Robert Brisco, Bt.; d. 1 Jun 1932), 4th dau. of Henry King, of Horndean, co. Hampshire


s.p. 5 Sep 1897

suc. by

first cousin once removed


Student of the Inner Temple 1869; Member of Parliament (Conservative) for Midhurst 1874


Augustus Arthur [Perceval], 8th Earl of Egmont


4 Jun 1856


1881 Kate Howell (d. 6 Nov 1926), dau. of Warwick Howell, of South Carolina, USA


s.p. 11 Aug 1910

suc. by



served as a seaman before the mast; Member, Metropolitan Fire Brigade 1881-87; Keeper of Chelsea Town Hall


Charles John [Perceval], 9th Earl of Egmont


29 Jun 1858


15 Jan 1890 Florence Gibson (d. 31 Dec 1954), dau. of Dr George Gibson MD


s.p. 10 Jan 1929

suc. by

third cousin



Frederick Joseph Trevelyan Perceval, de jure 10th Earl of Egmont


27 Apr 1873


13 Jun 1911 Cecilia Moore (d. 12 Dec 1916), dau. of James Burns Moore, of Montreal, Canada

only child

1. Frederick George Moore Perceval, later 11th Earl of Egmont


16 May 1932

suc. by




Frederick George Moore [Perceval], de jure later de facto 11th Earl of Egmont


14 Apr 1914


31 Aug 1932 Ann Geraldine Moodie (d. 2 Jul 1995), dau. of Douglas Gerald Moodie, of Calgary, Alberta, Canada


1. Hon Thomas Frederick Gerald Perceval, later 12th Earl of Egmont

2. Patrick Perceval (b. 3 Dec 1936; dvp. 22 Feb 1937)

3. Hon Gordon Joseph Perceval (b. 6 Aug 1945 ; dvp. 25 Feb 1949)

1. Lady Geraldine Elizabeth Ursula Perceval (b. 31 Jan 1939), mar. 20 Nov 1976 Roy Victor Lockton


8 Dec 2001

suc. by



established his claim to the title 1939


Thomas Frederick Gerald [Perceval], 12th Earl of Egmont


17 Aug 1934


6 Nov 2011


On the death of the 12th Earl of Egmont the Earldom of Egmont and his other titles all became extinct.


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