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Leinster, Duke of (I, 1766)


Creation: let. pat. 26 Nov 1766


Family name: FitzGerald





Argent a Saltire Gules


A Monkey statant proper environed about the middle with a Plain Collar and chained Or


On either side a Monkey environed and chained as in the Crest


Crom a Boo



James [FitzGerald], 20th Earl of Kildare later 1st Marquess of Kildare later 1st Duke of Leinster, PC

1st son of Robert [FitzGerald], 19th Earl of Kildare, by his wife Lady Mary O'Brien, 1st dau. of William [O'Brien], 3rd Earl of Inchiquin


29 May 1722


7 Feb 1746/7 Lady Emilia Mary Lennox (b. 6 Oct 1731;  mar. (2) 1774 William Ogilvie;  d. 27 Mar 1814), 2nd dau. of Charles [Lennox], 2nd Duke of Richmond, by his wife Lady Sarah Cadogan, 1st dau. and cohrss. of William [Cadogan], 1st Earl Cadogan


1. Lord George FitzGerald, styled Earl of Offaly (b. 15 Jan 1747/8;  dvp. 26 Sep 1765)

2. Lord William Robert FitzGerald, later 2nd Duke of Leinster

3. Rear Adm Lord Charles James FitzGerald MP, later 1st Baron Lecale

4. Lord Henry FitzGerald (b. 30 Jul 1761;  d. 8 Jul 1829). mar. 3 Aug 1791 Charlotte [Boyle], suo jure Baroness de Ros, and had issue

5. Lord Edward FitzGerald (b. 15 Oct 1763;  d. 4 Jun 1798), mar. 27 Dec 1792 Stephanie Caroline Anne Syms (the actress "Pamela";  mar. (2) ..... Pitcairn, US Consul at Hamburg), and had issue

6. Lord Robert Stephen FitzGerald (b. 1765;  d. 2 Jan 1833), mar. 1792 Sophia Charlotte Fielding, dau. of Capt Fielding RN, and had issue

7. Lord Gerald FitzGerald, officer in the Royal Navy (b. c. 1766; d. at sea 1788)

1. Lady Emily Maria Margaret FitzGerald (b. 15 Mar 1751;  d. 8 Apr 1818), mar. 20 Aug 1774 Charles [Coote], 1st Earl of Bellomont, and had issue

2. Lady Charlotte Mary Gertrude FitzGerald, later Baroness Rayleigh

3. Lady Sophia Sarah Mary FitzGerald (d. 21 Mar 1845)

4. Lady Lucy Anne FitzGerald (d. 1851), mar. 31 Jul 1802 Sir Thomas Foley (d. 1833)


19 Nov 1773


21 Feb 1747 Viscount Leinster, of Taplow in the County of Buckingham (Peerage of Great Britain)

19 Mar 1761 Earl of Offaly and Marquess of Kildare (Peerage of Ireland)

26 Nov 1766 Duke of Leinster (Peerage of Ireland)

suc. by



Member of Parliament for Athy 1741-44;  suc. his father 20 Feb 1744 as 20th Earl of Kildare;  Privy Councillor [I] 1744/5;  a Lord Justice Vice-Regent [I] 1756-57;  Master General of the Ordnance [I] 1758-66;  Col of the Royal Irish Artillery 1760-66, Maj Gen 1761 and Lieut Gen 1770;  Governor of co. Kildare 1761


William Robert [FitzGerald], 2nd Duke of Leinster, KP


13 Mar 1748/9


7 Nov 1775 Hon Emilia Olivia Usher-St George (d. 23 Jun 1798), only dau. and hrss. of St George [Usher-St George], 1st Baron St George, by his wife Elizabeth Dominick, dau. and hrss. of Christopher Dominick, of Dublin


1. Lord George FitzGerald, styled Marquess of Kildare (b. 20 Jun 1783; dvp. Feb 1784)

2. Lord Augustus Frederick FitzGerald, later 3rd Duke of Leinster

3. Lord William Butler, mar., and had issue

1. Lady Mary Rebecca FitzGerald (b. 6 May 1777; d. 28 Feb 1842), mar. 15 Apr 1799 as his second wife Sir Charles Lockhart-Ross of Balnagown, 7th Bt. of Carstairs, and had issue

2. Lady Emily Elizabeth FitzGerald, mar. 1801 John Joseph Henry

3. Lady Cecilia Olivia Geraldine FitzGerald (b. 3 Mar 1786;  d. 27 Jul 1863), mar. 18 Aug 1806 Thomas [Foley], 3rd Baron Foley, and had issue

4. Lady Olivia Letitia Catherine FitzGerald (b. 9 Sep 1787;  d. 29 Feb 1858), mar. 8 May 1806 Charles [Kinnaird], 8th Lord Kinnaird, and had issue

5. Lady Isabella Charlotte FitzGerald, mar. 1 Jun 1809 Maj Gen Louis Guy Charles Gullaume de Rohan-Chabot, Comte de Jarnac (b. 1780;  d. 1875), and had issue

6. Lady Elizabeth Mary FitzGerald (d. 28 Feb 1857), mar. 22 Jul 1805 Lt Col Sir Edward Littlehales later Baker, 1st Bt., of Ranston, co. Dorset (d. 4 Mar 1825), and had issue


20 Oct 1804

suc. by



Member of Parliament for the City of Dublin 1767-73;  Grand Master of Freemasons [I] 1770-72 and 1777-78;  Sheriff of co. Kildare 1772;  a Governor of co. Kildare 1773;  Privy Councillor [I] 1777;  Founder Knight of St Patrick 1783;  Master of the Rolls [I] 1788-89 and Clerk of the Crown and Hanaper [I] 1795-97


Augustus Frederick [FitzGerald], 3rd Duke of Leinster, PC


21 Aug 1791


16 Jun 1818 Lady Charlotte Augusta Stanhope (b. 15 Feb 1793;  d. 15 Feb 1859), 3rd dau. of Charles [Stanhope], 3rd Earl of Harrington, by his wife Jane Fleming, 1st dau. and cohrss. of Sir John Fleming, 1st and last Bt., of Brompton Park, co. Middlesex


1. Lord Charles William FitzGerald, later 1st Baron Kildare later 4th Duke of Leinster

2. Capt Lord Gerald FitzGerald (b. 6 Jan 1821;  d. 23 Sep 1886), mar. 9 Jun 1862 Anne Agnes Barker (d. 6 Jun 1913), dau. of James Barker, and had issue

3. Rt Hon Lord Otho Augustus FitzGerald, Member of Parliament for co. Kildare 1865-74, Treasurer of the Household 1866 and Comptroller of the Household 1868-74 (b. 10 Oct 1827;  d. 19 Nov 1882), mar. 14 Dec 1861 Ursula Lucy Grace Denison (widow of Albert Denison [Conyngham later Denison], 1st Baron Londesborough;  d. 12 Nov 1883), 1st dau. of Vice Adm Hon Charles Orlando Bridgeman, and had issue

1. Lady Jane Seymour FitzGerald (d. 3 Nov 1898), mar. 5 Sep 1848 George William John Repton MP (d. 30 Aug 1906), only son of George Stanley Repton, and had issue


10 Oct 1874

suc. by



Grand Master of Freemasons [I] 1815-74;  Lord Lieutenant of co. Kildare 1831-74;  Privy Councillor [I] 1831 and [GB] 1831;  Lord High Constable of Ireland at the Coronations of William IV 1831 and Victoria 1838;  Commissioner of National Education [I] 1836-41


Charles William [FitzGerald], 1st Baron Kildare later 4th Duke of Leinster, PC


30 Mar 1819


13 Oct 1847 Lady Caroline Sutherland-Leveson-Gower (b. 15 Apr 1827;  d. 13 May 1887), 3rd dau. of George Granville [Sutherland-Leveson-Gower], 2nd Duke of Sutherland, by his wife Lady Harriet Elizabeth Georgiana Howard, 3rd dau. of George [Howard], 6th Earl of Carlisle


1. Lord Gerald FitzGerald, later 5th Duke of Leinster

2. Lord Maurice FitzGerald, Lord Lieutenant of co. Wexford (b. 16 Dec 1852;  d. 24 Apr 1901), mar. 13 Apr 1880 Lady Adelaide Jane Frances Forbes (d. 18 Nov 1942), 1st dau. by his first wife of George Arthur Hastings [Forbes], 7th Earl of Granard, and had issue

3. Maj Lord Frederick FitzGerald, Commissioner of National Education in Ireland (b. 18 Jan 1857;  d. 8 Mar 1924)

4. Capt Lord Walter FitzGerald (b. 22 Jan 1858;  d. 31 Jul 1923)

5. Lord Charles FitzGerald (b. 20 Aug 1859;  d. 28 Jun 1928), mar. Nov 1887 Anne Sidonia Claudius (d. Jul 1909), dau. of Pericles Claudius, and had issue

6. Lord George FitzGerald, Private Secretary to the Governor of Jamaica (b. 16 Feb 1862;  d. 23 Feb 1924)

7. Capt Lord Henry FitzGerald, of Stansted House, Stansted, co. Essex (b. 9 Aug 1863;  d. 31 May 1955), mar. 21 Jan 1891 Inez Charlotte Grace Boteler (d. 1967), 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Cmdr William John Casberd Boteler RN, and had issue

8. Lord Robert FitzGerald (b. and d. 23 Dec 1868)

1. Lady Geraldine FitzGerald (d. 15 Nov 1867)

2. Lady Mabel FitzGerald (d. 13 Sep 1850)

3. Lady Alice FitzGerald (d. 16 Dec 1941), mar. 2 May 1882 Col Sir Charles John Oswald FitzGerald KCB (d. 28 Feb 1912), and had issue

4. Lady Eva FitzGerald (d. 13 Feb 1931)

5. Lady Mabel FitzGerald (d. 8 Dec 1939)

6. Lady Nesta FitzGerald (d. 7 Dec 1944)

7. Lady Margaret FitzGerald (d. 26 Oct 1867)


10 Feb 1887


v.p. 3 May 1870 Baron Kildare (Peerage of the United Kingdom)

suc. by



a Commissioner of National Education [I] 1841-87;  High Sheriff of co. Kildare 1843;  Member of Parliament (Liberal) for co. Kildare 1847-52:  Chancellor of the Queen's University of Ireland 1870-81;  Privy Councillor [I] 1879


Gerald [FitzGerald], 5th Duke of Leinster, PC


16 Aug 1851


17 Jan 1884 Lady Hermione Wilhelmina Duncombe (b. 30 Mar 1864;  d. 19 Mar 1895), 1st dau. of William Ernest [Duncombe], 1st Earl of Feversham, by his wife Mabel Violet Graham, 2nd dau. of Rt Hon Sir James Robert George Graham, 2nd Bt. GCB, of Netherby, co. Cumberland


1. Lord Maurice FitzGerald, later 6th Duke of Leinster

2. Maj Lord Desmond FitzGerald MC (b. 21 Sep 1888;  d. 3 Mar 1916)

3. Lord Edward FitzGerald, later 7th Duke of Leinster

1. Lady ..... FitzGerald (b. and d. 5 Feb 1886)


1 Dec 1893

suc. by



Privy Councillor 1888;  Lord Lieutenant of co. Kildare 1892-93


Maurice [FitzGerald], 6th Duke of Leinster


1 Mar 1887


4 Feb 1922

suc. by



Edward [FitzGerald], 7th Duke of Leinster


6 May 1892

mar. (1)

12 Jun 1913 (div. 1930) the actress May Etheridge (d. 11 Feb 1935), dau. of Jesse Etheridge

only child by first wife:

1. Lord Gerald FitzGerald, later 8th Duke of Leinster

mar. (2)

1 Dec 1932 (div. 1946) Agnes Raffaelle Van Neck (former wife of Clare Van Neck;  d. 1993), dau. of Robert Davidson Kennedy

mar. (3)

11 Mar 1946 Jessie Denise Orme Wessel (former wife of (1) John Reginald Lopes [Yarde-Buller], 3rd Baron Churston, and (2) Theodore William Wessel;  d. 20 Oct 1960), dau. of Alfred Smither

mar. (4)

1965 Vivien Irene Conner (former wife of George William Conner;  d. 1992), dau. of Thomas Albert Felton, of London


8 Mar 1976

suc. by

son by first wife


Gerald [FitzGerald], 8th Duke of Leinster


27 May 1914

mar. (1)

17 Oct 1936 (div. 1946) Joane Kavanagh, 1st dau. of Maj Arthur McMorrough Kavanagh MC, of Borris House, co. Carlow

children by first wife:

1. Lady Pamela Hermione FitzGerald (b. 6 Nov 1937;  d. 3 Apr 1938)

2. Lady Rosemary Anne FitzGerald (b. 4 Aug 1939), m. 9 Feb 1963 (div. 1967) Mark Killigrew Wait, only son of Peter Lothian Killigrew Wait, of Kensington, London

3. Lady Nesta FitzGerald (b. 8 Jan 1942), mar. 1977 Philip Charles Seppings Tirard, of Coolnabrune, Borris, co. Carlow (d. 1993), and has issue

mar. (2)

12 Jun1946 Anne Smith (b. c. 1922; d. 4 Dec 2016), 2nd dau. of Lt Col Philip Eustace Smith MC, of Rothley Crag, Cambo, Morpeth, co. Northumberland, by his wife Eleanor Clayton

children by second wife:

1. Lord Maurice FitzGerald, later 9th Duke of Leinster

2. Capt Lord John FitzGerald, racehorse trainer (b. 3 Mar 1952; d. 3 Aug 2015), mar. 11 Dec 1982 (div. 2012) Barbara Zindel (mar. (2) Sir Lester Piggott, the jockey), dau. of Andreas Zindel, of St Moritz, Switzerland, and had issue:

1a. Edward FitzGerald, heir presumptive to the Dukedom of Leinster (b. 1988), mar. Laura Caroline Tellwright (b. 1987), 2nd dau. of (William) Kirkland Tellwright, by his wife Hon Caroline Fiona Fitzherbert, 2nd dau. of Basil Francis Nicholas [Fitzherbert], 14th Baron Stafford, and has issue:

1b. Eve FitzGerald (b. 24 Mar 2020)

1a. Hermione FitzGerald,professional golfer (b. 1985)


3 Dec 2004

suc. by

son by second wife


Maurice [FitzGerald], 9th Duke of Leinster


7 Apr 1948


19 Feb 1972 Fiona Mary Francesca Hollick, dau. of Harry Hollick, of Long Barn, Sutton Courtenay, co. Oxford, by his wife Margaret Francesca Mary Purcell


1. Lord Thomas FitzGerald, styled Earl of Offaly (b. 12 Jan 1974; dvp. 9 May 1997)

1. Lady Francesca Emily Purcell FitzGerald (b. 6 Jul 1976), mar. (?) Stephen Thompstone, and has issue

2. Lady Pollyanna Louisa Clementine FitzGerald (b. 9 May 1982)


The heir presumptive to the Dukedom of Leinster is Edward FitzGerald, a grandson of the 8th Duke of Leinster and nephew of the present Duke.


Last updated 6 Apr 2021




9th Duke of Leinster

(Ireland, let. pat. 26 Nov 1766)

9th Marquess of Kildare

(Ireland, let. pat. 19 Mar 1761)

28th Earl of Kildare

(Ireland, let. pat. 14 May 1316)

9th Earl of Offaly

(Ireland, let. pat. 19 Mar 1761)

9th Viscount Leinster, of Taplow in the County of Buckingham

(Great Britain, let. pat. 21 Feb 1747)

14th Baron Offaly

(Ireland, let. pat. 29 Jul 1620)

6th Baron Kildare

(United Kingdom, let. pat. 3 May 1870)

Premier Duke, Marquess and Earl in the Peerage of Ireland



Courtyard House, Oakley Park, Frilford Heath, Oxfordshire OX13 6QW



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